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(generated from captions) Seven News will have live coverage
of the memorial service in Bali from 11am,
Australian Eastern Daylight time. That's 10am in Queensland,
10:30 in Adelaide and 8am in the West. Back to Kochie and Sam.

The tensions and attacks
in our Federal Parliament show no sign of letting up. In the latest claim
of offensive behaviour, Tony Abbott and his chief of staff,
Peta Credlin, have been the target
of inappropriate comments by a comedian
hired for a union dinner. The dinner was attended
by ALP frontbenchers. The Prime Minister says the comments
were wrong and offensive and has contacted the CFMEU
to express concern. The union has distanced itself
from the comedian. Let's see what our
Big Guns of Politics have to say, Environment Minister Tony Burke
and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. Good morning to you both. Tony, when Alan Jones
made offensive comments at a Young Liberals' dinner, the ALP suggested Liberal MPs
who were there should've walked out. But from all accounts, Wayne Swan was at the union dinner,
and he didn't leave.

I left immediately after that. I was there for that.Wayne Swan stayed? Wayne Swan had to make a speech immediately after. But he is in the papers today saying he believes he should have made comments earlier and is being completely up front about that.OK, this was a comedian. Jow, this has got totally out of hand. What has happened in parliament this year has swung the pendulum of political correctness, both sides are at fault so far the other way. This is a comedian having fun, where do you draw the line? Enough, enough. This is just completely overboard. It is completely out of game. The most passionate speech I've heard from the Prime Minister was about herself. And that was this week. Not about higher interest rates or the challenges of costs of living or the higher unemployment rate. You know, the benchmark the government set they can't keep themselves. This definition of musauchgany, hatred of -- muauchgany, hatred of women. But Tony Abbott stirred the pot with the Government dying of shame. That was appalling, given the environment. Kochie, he said it on numerous occasions.That's right, but shouldn't he be sensitive after the situation going on?Maybe he should have! Maybe he should have! But let's not go completely overboard about all this political correctness and let's get back on the issues that actually matter to Australians, like the cost of living, like the challenges of every day life, fair dinkum, I have had a gutfull of it. I feel like I am in parallel universe totally divorced from what people are living at the moment. It has just got to stop, it is ridiculous.Well, Australians have had a gutfull of it too. How do you bring the debate back to what is important instead of this rubbish? In terms of bringing it back, today, reflecting on Bali, I think today we will see things back to the issues and priorities they should be at. Can I just say though, in defence of any outrage that could have been dealt by Tony Abbott and Peter Credliin on this, that jokex having been there, yes, political correctness, it was completely out of line and the apologys and the comments disancing himself from it... comments disancing himself from it...?Of course it was but do you know what? Tony Abbott hasn't said a word. He hasn't give an speech in parliament about it, Toni Credlin hasn't given a beach about it. Comedians make stupid jokes all the time, people make comments that are taken out of context all the time. Comments made 20 years ago are being repeated today like they are current. I have had enough.I with you on the moving on point but I do have to take issue, when you say the most passion speech you had from the Prime Minister, you were in the chamber after the Queensland floods and from each side of politics, I have never heard more passionate speeches than that day.No, no, it is getting personal. Can we agree the public just wants you to get on with the job.Aman! Aman! -- amend! Are you assuring it, what is the male version, musandry? Muauchgany. Men hate men?No, women hate men. I found that out today. We are going to move on. Put it behind us. Please? Guarantee, guarantee?Move on.Thank you both. Thank you. Here's Nat. Let's all just have a