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This program is captioned live. 10 years on - Australia pauses to remember the victims of the Bali bombings. Wild weather - spring turns nasty with heavy rain, gale-force winds and even snow. Also this morning - Naomi Watts joins us live in our New York studio. We're taking on the world's hottest curry - even the chef wears a mask and gloves. What? And our friends from 'Sesame Street', Elmo and Murray, take the boys on a tour of New York. VOICEOVER: Today live from New York City. Now to Karl and Lisa in Times Square studio. A very good morning to you all across Australia. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, and I think we've made it this week. We've made it to the end of the week, which is saying something. It's great to have your company across Australia on this Friday, our last day here in New York City. Australians here with Today show Ts, they're travelling around the world. It's great to see all the happy people outside. We're a bit sad this week. We've had an amazing week. Great guests, a good feeling everywhere we've gone, seen some amazing things and we'll be sorry to go. We've got a big show lined up. Sorry to go, Ben?Kind of. But in the midst of a slab of Aussies yesterday. I had two Americans asking, "What does this mean?" it's gone global. It's fantastic. I got a free hug out there today, Georgie.There was a lovely guy holding a free hug sign and I tell you what - it was a great hug.He's a lucky boy.It's a beautiful thing. Let's see what the weather is doing around the country for you on this Friday morning.

More Frank Sinatra coming up later but now it's time for the news. Thank you, Karl. Good morning to you. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has arrived in Bali ahead of today's ceremony marking 10 years since twin bombs killed 202 people, including 88 Australians. Despite threats of a terror attack, she joins Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and former prime minister John Howard for the service. Nine's Mark Burrows is in Bali and filed this report.This is Garuda Park in southern Bali, a popular tourist destination, dominated by this enormous statue of Garuda from Hindu mythology. It's also bordered by huge limestone cliffs. The centre here will be the setting for the tenth anniversary ceremony. Speakers will include the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, former prime minister, John Howard - who, of course, was here in 2002 and was able to comfort many of the families who had lost loved ones. There will be representatives from Australian victims as well as Indonesian victims. And among those theeshian victims will be a 12- year-old boy. He lost his father in the Sari Club bombing and he will be delivering a letter that he has written to his father. It takes on a different mood and feel in light of what's happened in recent days with police announcing that there is a terror threat directed at VIPs here, although they haven't given us any more information about how specific that threat actually is. So there will be a lot of security here and the hope is that it won't overwhelm what will be a very emotional morning. And Nine News will have extended coverage of the Bali memorial service today from 11am Australian eastern daylight saving time. Large parts of NSW are bracing for more gale-force winds and heavy rain with the SES already put to the test overnight. But there's more severe weather around the country. Victoria is bracing for a cold and windy weekend, while there's been October snow in the Adelaide Hills for the first time in 100 years. We cross now to Acting Commissioner Steve Pearce from the SES headquarters. Firstly, Steve, the east coast is expected to endure quite a battering today. Tell us what you're expecting. Thanks, Georgie. Today, after enormous amountless of rain last night, we're expecting still a great amount of rain into the Illawarra and southern parts of Sydney today with strong gale-force winds around 90km/h and then into the Sydney metropolitan area later this afternoon. So still pretty wild and woolly today. And what's the forecast for coming days, Steve? And which areas are most at risk of severe weather? We've got a lot of crews at the moment on the South Coast around Nowra where we had some hail last night and a big deluge. The forecast is for that rain to move into the Sydney metropolitan with the strong winds this morning and then this afternoon, late this afternoon, and tonight, it will move out off the east coast. We've got a lot of volunteers on standby. We've already responded to a lot of jobs, around 200 jobs, mainly roof jobs from all this rain. We're waiting to see what the weather brings us today.Alright. We wish you the best with today's conditions. Thank you very much for the latest. Thanks, Georgie. NSW South Coast is one of the worst-affected areas so far with strong winds and heavy rain battering the region over the past 24 hours. Let's go now to Nine's Catalina Florez who joins us from Ulladulla. Catalina, how are things there?Well, Georgie, I can tell you it's very wet, cold and windy right now. I bet it has been a sleepless night for many residents here. Howling wind and heavy rain was pretty much constant throughout the night. In fact, winds reached up to 90km/h just after midnight. We're still seeing that right now. Obviously this is an aggressive low pressure system that we saw come through this area yesterday. It caused flash flooding and dangerous surf conditions and in less than 24 hours, where I am now, Ulladulla on the NSW South Coast, received more than 200mm of rain and, according to the Burrow of meteorology, that is very, very unusual for this time of year. Now, we're also hearing reports of, as we heard there, small hale up north and snow, even, in some parts of the state. We're also heading towards potentially breaking records for the lowest daytime temperatures in October. As for the SES, of course, we've heard that they've received hundreds of calls this morning but that number is expected to rise throughout the morning as people wake up and, obviously, assess the damage. But I guess as we can also expect, the wild conditions are also making the surf quite rough. They've also recorded waves of up to 8m south from here on Batemans Bay. So I guess, Georgie, no signs of letting up just yet. So given that, has there been any advice for residents there today?I guess, Georgie, the advice is to, as always, move cars away from trees, to not drive, walk or ride through flood waters, to keep well away from creeks and to secure any loose items. I guess this storm is not looking like it will let up here on the South Coast. It is tracking north up the coast and is expected to hit Sydney later this morning. We've already heard the Manly ferry service has been cancelled. So the advice is also to stay well away from beaches this morning, here on the South Coast of NSW and also in Sydney. Alright. Catalina, thank you very much for the update. A 25-year-old man is fighting for life in a Sydney hospital after an alleged acid attack at the University of NSW. Police say the man was in a chemistry lab at the Kensington campus when he was attacked with a hammer and then had the chemical thrown on his face. A 26-year-old man received minor burns and was arrested at the scene. He's currently assisting police with their inquiries. Two witnesses were also taken to hospital with superficial burns. A Qantas plane has been forced to make an unscheduled landing in Darwin for a passenger with an unknown medical condition. The A380 was on its way from Sydney to Singapore when it was diverted at about 9:30 last night. The passenger was taken off the plane and the flight continued on its journey. It's the first time an A380 has landed at Darwin airport. Jordan Penpraze, the young soldier killed after an army vehicle rolled at Sydney's Holsworthy barracks is being remembered as a good mate and a hard worker. The 22-year-old trainee combat engineer was critically injured in Monday's crash. Yesterday, his family made the heartbreaking decision to turn off his life support.As you can imagine, this is a shock for his family, his mates and the army. Sapper Penpraze's very sad death is a reminder to us all that being -- being in the ADF is dangerous, whether in Afghanistan or here at home in training. Jordan was due to graduate from the Australian Army School of Military Engineering this week. Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop says Tony Abbott's 1998 suggestion that men are better suited to positions of power is not sexist. The comments were brought up by the Prime Minister in a fiery speech to Parliament this week. Ms Bishop says Mr Abbott was merely posing a question about the different roles of men and women and has called for the PM to apologise to the women in Mr Abbott's life. She also defended Mr Abbott's belief that abortion is the easy way out.He may have a personal view that is different from mine but I respect his views. They happen to be different to those that I hold. That does not make him a sexist at all. Meanwhile, Treasurer Wayne Swan admits it was a mistake not to immediately object to an offensive joke about Tony Abbott and his female adviser at a union dinner this week. Well, a Melbourne Cup day interest rate cut is looking more and more likely with unemployment soaring to its highest level in almost three years. Queensland has been hit hardest with the end of the mining construction boom driving the State's jobless rate up 1%. According to the latest ABS figures, the dole queue has grown by 50,000 people nationwide since the start of the year, lifting unemployment to 5.4%. Now, with all the day's finance news, it's over to Ross. Yes, good morning to you, Georgie. Good morning, everyone. Let's look at the markets now.

Thank you for that, Ross. See you a little bit later. Let's get the weather now with Steve Jacobs. Hey, Stevie. Good morning to you, Karl. We have come to a very special and very sacred place in the United States this morning. Behind me is getties burg, the scene of the bloodiest and biggest -- gets burg, the scene of the bloodiest and biggest battle of the American civil war and where be aham Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg Address. We'll live a bit of America's wild past this morning. First we'll head home where the weather has been particular wild.

Well, it was on this land behind me on July 1 in 1863 where the northern or union troops led by General Mead, some 95,000 men, clashed with the southern troops led by General Robert E. Lee, 75,000 men behind him. 170,000 soldiers shot over a million bullets over this 3-day bullet and left 51,000 casualties lying on the ground behind me. It is a place that is as haunting as it is beautiful, Karl and Lisa, and we'll relive a little bit of the history of the American civil war this morning. Clearly a very sacred place. Stevie, thank you very much for that. Sport and front pages are next. You are watching Today. We're coming to you live from New York City. Great to have your company on this Friday

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It's good to have your company, folks. You're watching us live interest New York City. We could say that forever. If only we could. It's a beautiful thing. We're going to go outside soon and talk to some of the Australians who have come a long way to be with us today but right now it's time for the front page s back home. The Sri Lankan Navy claims middle- class workers looking for a better life in Australia are buying passage on refugee boats to sneak in through the back door, says the 'Daily Telegraph'.The 'Australian' says a massive backlog of asylum seekers has built up inside detention centres because processing has stopped since the Pacific Solution was reinstated. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' devotes a special cover page to remembering the victims of the Bali bombing 10 years ago.The Hobart 'Mercury' says hundreds of Australians have returned to Bali for special memorial services marking the anniversary of the attacks which killed 202 people, including 88 Australians. The 'Age' reports this is Adrian Ernest Bayley, the man accused of raping and murdering Jill Meagher. The paper says it's now allowed to publish his picture for the first time after a court ruling yesterday. In the Adelaide 'Advertiser', the experturbian planner who helped revive New York and London will today unveil a blueprint to transform Adelaide over the next 20 to 30 years.The 'Courier-Mail' says it was lovely weather for ducks yesterday.And finally in the 'Herald Sun', Eddie McGuire was yelled beyond by Molly Meldrum, James Packer and Shane Warne to celebrate 30 years in television. That's a bunch of likely lads if I've ever seen one.Good on you, Eddie.Congratulations. Sport know. Thank you, Karl. The Warriors will announce Matthew Elliott as their new head coach today for the next two seasons. The announcement has caused controversy with current and former Kiwi players slamming the club's decision to overlook the New Zealand and Warriors assistant coach Tony Iro. Two players usually enemies on the football field will be united by grief tomorrow night, Robbie Farah and Matt Scott both losing their mums during this year's Origin series.I think for Matty and myself, we're just trying to forget about that and move forward. We both realise that we've been through the same thing and there's a fair bit of empathy there. You can catch all of the action of the Test. It's going to be a ripper. It's here on Channel Nine. Check your local guides. A-League newcomers we're Sydney Wanderers will be out to prove the critics wrong trying to win their first away match tonight against Adelaide United. The Reds suffered a setback yesterday. Star midfielder Dario Vidosic was ruled out after injuring his hamstring at training. Scans have revealed no serious damage but John Kosmina, the coach, is not taking any chances.We've got a squad of fit and healthy players. Dario couldn't finished training so he's not playing. It's a big blow because he played really well last week.A record crowd of 35,000 is expected for Sydney FC's clash with Newcastle tomorrow night. It will be huge and Italian superstar Alessandro Del Piero, Georgie and Lisa's favourite, lining up against marquee player Emile Heskey. Looking forward to that one. AFL's trade period continues to unfold with Geelong's newest purchase, Josh Caddy, saying he's ready to shine in the Cats midfield next year. The 19-year-old admitted he was home sick playing for the Gold Coast. He says he's lost interest in the game over the past two seasons.Playing AFL footy is hard enough as it is so your heart has to be in it and to be completely honest my heart wasn't completely in playing footy with the Gold Coast because I'd rather be living in Victoria. Despite not being old enough to play in the big league, Melbourne has high hopes for 17-year-old recruit Jesse Hogan, while former Demon Brett Maloney was handed a lifeline by Brisbane, signing on with the Lions for the next two years. And Sally Pearson has capped off a memorable year taking out the Don award at the Australian sport all of fame dinner in Melbourne last night -- Australian Sport Hall of Fame dinner in Melbourne last night. Recognised as the Australian who most inspired in 2012 following her Olympic gold in the 100m hurdles in London. 8-time Olympic swimming medallist Susie O'Neill was elevated to Legend status. Adam Gilchrist, Andrew Johns and Wayne Bennett were among eight former athletes and coaches inducted into the Hall of Fame. It was a great night last night and congratulations to those who walked away with big gongs. All deserving. Great list. Good line-up. Thank you, Fordo.After the break it's time for Hollywood gossip. The boys are in position. What's going on?Good morning, Lisa.Hello. Say good morning! Good morning to you, Richard Reid. Good morning to you, kind Sir. Top of the morning. I'm fabulous. We're in the heart of New York and I've got scoop and scandal.On Ben Affleck, one two many Jennifers in his life.Jenny from the block has come around the block and she's in Ben Affleck's life again. Holy This program is not captioned.

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Get into it! I laboured through that read. We're not labouring through America. We love it. That's the iconic Empire State Building, one of the many sights in this magnificent city. Gorgeous, isn't it?Absolutely is. Beautiful piece of architecture. Right now it's time for a bit of gossip. Let's go out to the boys. Hey, boys. Lisa, thanks very much. We don't have a bit of gossip. We have a whole lot of gossip, don't we?We have so much gossip! But we also have people who want to say hello. How are you?I'm good, Richard. I'm Christa from Sydney.Whereabouts? Campbelltown. I want to wish my friend a happy 30th birthday. We're here on a party trip for her.Is that her over there? There you go. Shot of the birthday girl, Andre. Campbelltown also known as Lisa Wilkinson's hometown.Exactly.We have one of our good friends from Qantas. Hello, Sir. Name?Greg. Hello to my two daughters, Victoria and Georgia. And Hi to work but I'm not missing you!It would be remiss of us if we didn't thank Qantas for getting us here too. Diva bombshell, the prince of pop gets the Prince Harry treatment. Please explain.You knew it had to happen sooner or later. Justin Bieber nude pictures. OK. No. No. No. No. I know. I know. Simmer down. Simmer down! Apparently Justin Bieber's laptop was stolen from his dressing room while he was in Tacoma, Washington. No less than 24 hours later, mysterious pictures of a nude variety appeared of an unclad guy who seemed to have the same little tattoo that Justin has on his torso. So far, Justin's people have not confirmed or denied it. You know when they don't deny, to me that means yes! They are authentic!Boy, oh, boy. You are starting the day on a big roll, Richard Reid. True J-Lo confessions. Ben Affleck is going to be in trouble with the missus today.Ben Affleck used to be half of Bennifer with Jennifer Lopez back in the day. Now he says, "J-Lo is not bad. We send emails and texts all the time. I really like her." Jennifer Gardner, his current wife, and he's like, "Every text and email, I make sure she knows what's going on."So it's all good.I was hoping it was more salacious, but it's not.There's always tomorrow. Ashton Kutcher may have a new girl but he still wants old money.If you're talking Demi's old money, that's correct. Demi is worth about $96 million.How in?!$96 million. She saved her money well. Ashton will not sign the divorce papers until he gets a little bit of a fair settlement. Although he and Demi were probably worth about the same, he's had a good year with that 'Two and a Half Men', he's not hurting for dough, but that's why they're not divorced yet. He won't sign the papers. You were worried, weren't you?I was really worried. Thank you. I appreciate it.Where would I be without you.You should learn from her.I'm learning on the job. The Beckhams. I can't keep up with them. They're on the move again. What now?Posh and Becks are saying, "Goodbye, Hollywood! We're headed back to the old dot!" that would be London town. David's contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy is up very soon. Apparently Victoria said, "David! We are moving back to England! I've had it with Hollywood!"Is that what she said? Yeah! David's like, "I rather like a little bit of star fancy." But apparently they're probably going to move back to London. I like them in America, don't you? Much better. Yeah, right.Do you think David would be good as a gossip reporter? He can move in at my house.She's sassy today! Richard, I'm exhausted after that. Can we leave it there for now?I could go all night.So we've heard! We'll see you back soon. Back to you, Karl and Lisa. We may not see them again with a couple of Campbelltown girls out there.Go, girls! Coming up this hour on Today - we'll get the latest from Bali as the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader prepare to join the tenth anniversary commemorations.And Elmo and Murray on a tour of the Big Apple.Dickie is on fire at the moment. Big hair. Gorgeous.It's all happening, just like the 'Sesame Street' characters.Top of the hour and time for the top of the news with Georgie. Good morning, 1,500 police will watch over the thousands expected to attend the memorial service in Bali today. Among them will be Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who arrived to mark 10 years since twin bomb blasts killed 202 people, including 88 Australians. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and former prime minister John Howard will also attend the service. The strong security presence follows information that terrorists might target VIPs at the ceremony. Nine News will have extended coverage of the Bali memorial service today from 11am Australian eastern daylight savings time. Back home and wild weather has battered parts of NSW overnight. The State's south coast was the worst hit with strong winds and heavy rain lashing regional towns. Nine's Catalina Florez joins us now from Ulladulla. Catalina, how severe were conditions there overnight?Well, Georgie, I can tell you in just the last half an hour since I last spoke to you, it has gotten even worse. This rain and damaging wind is just unrelenting and that's how it's been all night, basically. It's obviously led to some sleepless nights as well. The wind we're seeing is up to 90km/h and this is all due to this aggressive low pressure system that we saw come through the area yesterday. It caused flash flooding and dangerous surf conditions and I can tell you in just the last 24 hours Ulladulla here on the NSW South Coast has received 260mm of rain, which is just incredible. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, that is very, very unusual for this time of year. We're also hearing, Georgie, just north of here, reports of small hail and even snow across parts of the State and we're potentially heading towards breaking records for the lowest daytime temperatures in October. Now, as you can imagine, this is also wreaking havoc in the seas. We're hearing record heights of up to 8m, 8m-high waves south of here in Batemans Bay and this is all, I guess, keeping the SES quite busy. They've received more than 100 calls for assistance throughout the night for leaking roofs. But that number is expected to rise throughout the morning as people wake up, I guess, and assess the damage. But as I said, it is whipping up very dangerous surf conditions so the advice is to keep well away from beaches on South Coast of -- the South Coast of NSW and also into Sydney, because we're seeing this system track north along the coast. It's expected to hit Sydney later this morning. As I said earlier today, the Manly ferry service - while it hasn't been cancelled just yet, one ferry has left and the service will be monitoring conditions, so we'll just keep an eye on that for now. But I guess, Georgie, the advice is to move cars away from trees, to remember not to drive, walk or ride through flood water, to secure any loose items and keep well away from creeks. But Georgie, yeah, it's not letting up yet. Alright. We'll leave it there for now. Catalina Florez in Ulladulla, thank you. A massive backlog of asylum seekers has built up inside detention centres with reports processing stopped when the Pacific Solution was reinstated. According to News Limited, both Nauru and Papua New Guinea are not ready to receive any refugees. The United Nations has warned the situation could lead to a looming disaster inside the detention network, with fears a backlog could take years to clear. Australia's own Madam butterfly will feature on new postage stamps which pay tribute to Susie O'Neill's glittering swimming career. The 8-time Olympic medallist was last night elevated to legend status at the Hall of Fame awards. The two stamps feature the champion in her current role as a commentator and also in the pool during the 2000 Olympic Games. Updating finance now:

OK. Let's get some sport. Over to you, Ben. Thank you, Georgie. Let's do it. Sacked Roosters assistant and former Panthers coach Matthew Elliott has flown to Auckland to be unveiled today as their new head coach, the Warriors. Meanwhile, Kiwis are doing their best to make friends with Townsville locals, especially Kieran Floran whose controversial hand of God try as it's known knocked the Cowboys out of the finals.I've been trying to grow a beard to hide. All the boys have been geeing them up.He's expected to get a little bit of something there. Tomorrow's Test live on Channel Nine, kick-off at 7cln30 but check your local guides. Cyclist Lance Armstrong faces an uncertain future following the release of his history of performance-enhancing drugs. We told you yesterday about this. The US Anti-Doping Agency labelled Armstrong a key in the most sophisticated and successful doping program that sport has ever seen. In order to be successful, they had to sink to the depths of dangerous cheating and do back-alley blood transfusions, store blood bags in their own apartments, have team- mates do drug sweeps of their house after they moved out. Pressure keeps building but it's worth noting Lance Armstrong maintains his innocence. Have a look at this. This is bound to get the heart pumping. A monster swell has rolled into Hawaii and it's an awesome indication to the start of their big wave season. This is Shane Dorian, a local, safely navigating through a barrel at Jaws off Maui and he's an early contender for the Big Wave Awards. I know Ross Clarke Jones and Tom Carroll are both Today show viewers so they'll be sitting there at the moment spewing. They'll be filthy. Filthy.What a good Aussie term that is.Well, that's the way they took. They'll be snarly and spewing. And they'll be stoked for him, though.Stoked for him. Rock on, boys! Thank you, Fordo. See you soon. Coming up on Today - Julie Bishop answers claims Tony Abbott is sexist.Plus the Richards see New York with the help of some very special friends of our show, the 'Sesame Street' gang.And this city is one of the best places to shop in the world. Find out how to do it like a true New Yorker.That'll be fine.-- that'll be fun. Right now let's get a check of the weather. Good morning once again, Steve.G'day, Lisa, from Gettysburg. This bridge is used by tens of thousands of the confederate army men to retreat after they lost the Battle of Gettysburg. Many people consider this the most haunted place in Pennsylvania and legend states that when the wind blows in the right direction, you can smell the smoke of General Lee's cigar. It's a fantastic legend but would have been even better had General Lee been a smoker. But why ruin a good story? We're on the battlefield of Gettysburg this morning just 10 minutes from downtown Gettysburg this morning. First let's look at your towns and cities today. Hello, Australia.

Let's take you to downtown Gettysburg. It has a very unfortunate history. It was a town that was in the wrong place at the wrong time where the union and confederate armies met by chance on the battlefield in 1863, leaving 51,000 casualties. Nowadays, it's a very beautiful little tourist town which sees 3 million visitors a year who come here to pay their respects. You'll also find the Lincoln statue, which they say is the most accurate likeness in all of the States, right next to the train station where he pulled up to give his very famous Gettysburg Address. And we'll be joined by Abe Lincoln very shortly, Karl and Lisa, to relive that famous speech. Fantastic. What an exclusive this week.That's a coup. Elvis one day, be aham Lincoln the day. Who else are we going to bring back to life. America loves us!Really!Up next - Julie Bishop on the week in politics.And a little later - Naomi Watts joins us live right here in New York City. See you shortly.

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Welcome back to the show. Great to have your company on this Friday morning. Well, the company representing a comedian has apologised to Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and his female chief of staff Peta Credlin for what Prime Minister Julia Gillard has described as "an offensive joke" at a union dinner in Canberra. Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop joins us now. Good morning to you, Ms Bishop. Do you know exactly what was said?I have been told the content of the joke. It was tasteless. It was offensive to Tony Abbott's female Chief of Staff. But the point of this is that Labor have now failed the very test that they set for the Opposition and Wayne Swan and other ministers remained in the room after the joke was made, so by Labor's own test, they endorsed and condoned the joke. As soon as the Prime Minister heard about it, she comprehensively apologised and made her feelings clear about the joke.But apparently other Labor ministers remained in the room, enjoyed the evening, in fact her deputy Wayne Swan even made a speech thereafter. So Labor set a test for the Coalition that if an offensive remark is made, we should stand up and leave the room. Well, Labor ministers heard an offensive remark and stayed and Wayne Swan even made a speech after it.Sexism really has been the flavour of politics over the last couple of weeks. As the most senior female politician in the Coalition, have you ever been subjected to sexism?By the Prime Minister's definition, everybody, every day is continually subjected to sexism. But by my definition, no, I don't believe I have. I've been elected the managing partner of a law firm. I've been elected the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, but I never use sexism as an excuse for my own performance. I never try and silence my critics by claiming their comments about me are sexist. Those are all clearly positions of very strong power. As Tony Abbott's deputy, why aren't you more concerned that Tony Abbott has a history of believing that women aren't suited to positions of power?I don't believe that at all. Tony Abbott does not have that history. In fact, he invited me to stay on as his deputy when he took the leadership of the Liberal Party. He's always been very respectful and support -- supportive of me and my other colleagues. He's promoted them into leadership roles. When he was Minister for Health, he took a particular interest in promoting women's health. I don't think that Tony Abbott is sexist in the least. I think he's a loving and caring and supportive and respectful male colleague.The gender war between Mr Abbott and the Prime Minister has made international headlines, as you would know. You were quoted to have said that Julia Gillard was using gender to protect her from attacks on her performance as prime minister. But didn't Tony Abbott play the gender card himself, exactly a week ago, when he brought his wife Margie on to our program and put her into the fray?Labor have been conducting an orchestrated, coordinated campaign against Tony Abbott, very much like they did in Queensland against Campbell Newman and his family. And they've made these terrible claims against Tony Abbott, including that he's a misogynist. Lisa, that means that they claim he hates women. It's a very offensive thing to say. It should never have been said. It should be withdrawn. But they said he hates women. Well, Tony Abbott is a son, a husband, a father, a brother, and he's entitled to hit back and prove that these are outrageous and vile slurs that should not be said against somebody who has a loving family, who clearly loves women and the Prime Minister who made the claim should be apologising to the women in Tony's life whom he clearly adorse and who clearly adore him.Alright. Moving on, do you think it's hypocritical that you won't accept Craig Thomson's vote in Parliament but you will accept Peter Slipper's vote?Craig Thomson has been found by a government agency to have misappropriated about $500,000 of low-paid union workers' funds. In those circumstances, we said we would not accept his vote. In the case of plips, we were of the view -- Peter Slipper, we were was the view that we were -- we were of the view that he was unfit to be the speaker. The Prime Minister defended him up hill and down dale. He's now an Independent. And we'll treat his vote like every other Independent. OK. Just quickly before we have to go - is Tony Abbott's leadership safe? Or is Malcolm Turnbull, who is doing so much better in the polls than Tony Abbott is as preferred PM, do you think he's shaping up for a return? It certainly looks that way?Malcolm is making a wonderful contribution as a key part of our frontbench team and I expect that, should we be honoured to win the next election, Malcolm will play a very strong and significant role on our frontbench. Tony Abbott is our leader. He has the full support of the Coalition to continue as our lead ir.Alright. We will -- leader. Alright. We will have to leave it there. Julie Bishop, we thank you very much for your time this morning.Thank you. Up next - a change of pace for you. Elmo and Murray take the Richards on a tour of New York. This is cool. We should catch up with you guys next time we're in town.You can meet us obsess my street (All sing) # Can you tell me how to get # How to This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to the Today show. It's wonderful to have your company today. One of the best things to do here in New York is to catch the Staten Island ferry. It's free and it sails right past the Statue of Liberty. But it's also important to have a very good tour guide with you and it seems Dickie and Richard Reid had two of the best. Where are you taking me, Richard? We're catching up with a couple of great mates of ours. Famous New Yorkers.Billy Joel.Bigger than Billy?Bruce Springsteen.Bigger than the Boss.Oh, my God! Who's bigger than the Boss?They're not here yet.Where are Richard and Richard? Elmo, what are we going to do?I don't know.I have an idea. Let's be Richard. Come on! Now I'm Richard.And Elmo's Richard. You be the other Richard. I'll be the Richard with the hair. Check it out, people! Oh, boy! Hello! To the Today show in Australia! Oh, there you are! Here here! They're here!Richard, you said we were meeting superstars but I had no idea! Hey! That's a nice shirt!That's a nice shirt too.I think that could be my size.You like it?You like my hair? I used the same stylist. You need a bit of spray.Just a bit of mousse.How you boys doing? Doing great. Can we call you Richard squared?I like that one. Shall we go out there and have a look?Let's do it! Come on!

Here we are, boys. This is really cool, huh?It is pretty good.If you're going to ride the Staten Island ferry, you need one of these. It's like a beard.Elmo looks good with a beard.How are you feeling, Murray?Actually, Richard. Hold me. I'm feeling a little woozy. Just squeeze me for a second. Argh! I'm sorry, Lady Liberty! I didn't mean to Sully your waters. That was more Lady Gaga than Lady Liberty. That's for sure.Are you OK, Murray?I think I'm alright. I think I can make it through the rest of this segment. You're a professional.That's what Karl always says.Have you guys ever met Hugh Jackman?Yes!Yes! He's going to be a superstar, you know. He's doing 'Les Miserables'. He is probably the biggest superstar in the world.He is. He's also Wolverine! Oh, what's happening! What's happening!

I feel like Leo DiCaprio.I feel like Kate Winslett! I'm the king of the world!

If you see cheese lying on the sidewalk, don't eat that cheese. That is not for you. That is probably for the rodents. Don't eat the cheese. When you're riding the subway, don't lean into somebody's armpit like that. They will say, "Hey! That's my armpit! Stay away!" That's good advice. Eh, look! Look! Look! It's the Statue of Liberty.Oh, it's beautiful.It's the Staten Island miracle.Oh, Lady Liberty. Hey! She's wearing the same hat are you. She stole our style! It's beautiful.It's been so great catching up but guys. After this, we should meet up. Where should we catch up with you guys.You can meet us on 'Sesame Street'.K (Sings) # Can you tell me how to get # How to get to sesame street? # Take the Staten Island ferry!Yeah! Thank you, guys! Nice! Too much fun. And how good does Murray look with Richard's hair? Was that Murray or Elmo.Murray had Richard's hair.He got crook. Can happen on the water. News, sport and weather are next. You're watching Today live from New York City. We're back with more right after this.

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Welcome back to the show. Coming up - a curry so hot the chef has to wear a mask and gloves to make it. It is our last challenge of our time here in the US.That is going to be good. Are you up for it?I'm always up for these challenges. Well, that's true. So am I.I've heard that before.I'm in. I'm in. We shall see.News time now. Here's Georgie. Thank you, Lisa. Candles and flowers have been laid at the site that used to be the Sari Club in Bali ahead of today's ceremony that marks 10 years since the devastating terror attack which killed 202 people. 88 Australians were among the dead and Prime Minister Julia Gillard arrived in Bali overnight to pay her respects. Former prime minister John Howard will also speak at the service, despite threats that terrorists might target Australian dignitaries. 1,500 security staff will watch over the ceremony. Several families of the Australian victims are among the thousands expected this morning, which will also include a large number of local mourners. Nine News will have extended coverage of the Bali memorial service from 11am Australian eastern daylight savings time. Labor MPs, including the Prime Minister, have condemned what's being described as a tasteless joke about Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and his female Chief of Staff, Peta Credlin. The joke was told by a stand-up comedian at a union dinner, but only one government minister walked out.Wayne Swan and other ministers remained in the room after the joke was made. So, by Labor's own test, they endorsed and condoned the joke. Mr Swan admits he should have immediately objected to the joke, but says he was concentrating on his own upcoming speech and didn't want to give the joke more air. Parts of NSW are bracing for wild weather today, with towns on the State's South Coast already battered overnight. Ulladulla was the worst hit with well over 200mm of rain falling in just 24 hours. We've got a lot of crews at the moment on the South Coast, around Nowra, where we had some hail last night, and a big deluge. The forecast is for that rain to move into the Sydney metropolitan area with strong winds this morning and late this afternoon. Late this afternoon, it will move out off the coast. Victoria are also bracing for wild conditions and in the Adelaide Hills, snow has fallen for the first time in October in 100 years. Lawyers for the man accused of Jill Meagher's rape and murder have lost their bid to have his image suppressed. A Melbourne magistrate yesterday ruled there was no need to ban Adrian Ernest Bayley's picture because "identity did not appear to be an issue". But she did order that any damaging material about the 41-year-old be removed from the Internet. Bayley appeared via videolink from the Melbourne assessment prison for that decision. Australian troops have been banned from wearing jewellery of any kind, including wedding rings, while on deployment in the Middle East. The ruling comes amid concerns jewellery could get caught and injure those soldiers wearing it. The order came from the new commander of Australian forces in Afghanistan, Major General Michael Crane, earlier this week. A quick update on finance for you now:

A young girl in the US got a birthday surprise she didn't count on when her band new iPad turned out to be just a plain old note pad. Courtney's mum bought her present fl from a Wal-Mart store in Texas but in the box was a wad of blank paper. At first the store was sceptical but after tracking the box down they found it was a fraudulent return. It could have been worse - the scammer could have replaced the tablet with, well, tablets, I guess. Georgie Gardner. It was pretty good.It wasn't bad. We haven't come up with anything that good yet. It's only early though.I'm ahead. I'm ahead. Let's get into sport. The New Zealand Warriors' coaching problem is finally over with Matthew Elliott taking over the reins for the next two years. He flew to Auckland yesterday and is expected to be formally unveiled later today. His appointment has drawn criticism from past and present Kiwi players because overlooked has been the current New Zealand Warriors assistant coach Tony Iro. In the A-League, a bumper crowd of more than 35,000 is expected at Allianz Stadium tomorrow night for Sydney FC's clash with Newcastle and European heavyweights Alessandro Del Piero and Emile Heskey squaring off for the first time with the Sky Blues impressed with the Italian superstar's efforts so far.He's very open. I can't explain how well he's fitted in.In tonight's game, Adelaide United will look to record their first home victory of season when they host Western Sydney at Hindmarsh Stadium. Geelong's new recruit Josh Caddy says he's ready to impress in the Cats midfield, admitting he was home sick while playing for the Gold Coast. Brett moany has been handed a lifeline by Brisbane, signing with the Lions for the next two years. That's the only sports news for now. I know I bore you guys with my shenanigans every Monday morning, a sport we play in my street, wall ball. We've got an American chapter started. I passed the ball to one of the security guards here. Why is it called a chapter?Because it's a religion. It's like a cult. It's to make it sound more exciting.Do you have rules and everything?You know that. There's a Facebook page. It could be as big as. NBA one day. You reckon? You looking for sponsors? Is that what this is all about?Bingo.Right there. I just want free balls.Spread the love, mate. Coming up on Today - Ben Affleck's new role as a CIA agent. Dickie has the latest entertainment news.And hot tips on how to shop like a New Yorker and pick up great bar Danes. How to shop like Lisa is a better promo! And Naomi Watts joins us live. We'll find out her thoughts on playing Princess Diana.She says it's a big challenge but she does look a lot like her in some of those shots. Anyway, time now for your best local forecast. Here's Stevie.

Thank you, Lisa. We're in Gettysburg this morning with the present be aham Lincoln and his Gettysburg Address.Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. That was just the beginning of his address here on November 19, 1863, which is now considered one of the greatest speeches of all time, defining the meaning of freedom and pride. Good to have you here this morning, Abe. Shall we look at the weather?Certainly.This is what is happening at your place today.

In 1860 there were four men campaigning and he received a letter from an 11-year-old girl by the name of Grace who said to him, "You are not the most handsome of the group. You would do better with whiskers to take the attention away from your enormous ears." Let's continue your Gettysburg Address. And now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battlefield of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live.I'm not going to interrupt him.It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this. But in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate...Oh.It's very difficult to do that. It is be aham Lincoln.Brilliant stuff. Entertainment with Richard Wilkins now. Hey, Dickie. We're out here in Times Square with a bunch of Aussies, a full chapter of Aussies in the middle of Times Square. The girls from Wallarobba are back. Where are you from? Sydney.Camden.Barbados! Barbados? That's in Queensland, isn't it? Yeah! Ben Affleck has had and a new film and it's a cracker. It's called 'Argo'. We'll talk to him about it right after the break. I need you to help me make a fake movie.You want to come to Hollywood and act like a big shot without doing anything.Yeah. This program is not captioned. Oh, hello. Just to say Woolies
are lowering prices on the things
your family use the most. Like Huggies nappies, Quilton toilet paper, Fab laundry powder and Aussie beef sausages. So you can now have them for less. We call it 'for less for families'. Simple. Oh, there it is. Right now at Woolworths.

This program is not captioned.

Yes. I wake up with Today around Australia. Cocktail hour here in New York City, except during Ocsober, of course. Today we're catching up with a bloke who can act, direct, produce, do anything. His name is Ben Affleck. Heard of him?Yes.One of the best in the business. He's won Golden Globes and an Oscar even. He's got a great new story, a true story, a political thriller he's bringing to the big screen. It's a cracker called 'Argo'.Actions in Iran have shocked the civilised world.It's set in 1979 and is the factual account of how a former CIA agent, Tony Mendes, played by Ben Affleck, rescued six US diplomats from Iran. What happened?Six of the hostages went out a back exit. Where are they?The Canadian ambassador's house.We have Revolutionary Guards going door to door.The world is calling out with the Islamic revolution-Hollywood satire combo and we answered that call. You would never think it would go together. And I got this script that wrapped this stuff together and it was true and it was incredible.By any standards it's an amazing story. How did he get them out? By disguising them as a Canadian film crew.I've got an idea. They're a Canadian film crew for a science fiction movie. We all fly to Tehran as a fake film crew. I need you to help me make a fake movie.You want to come to Hollywood and act like a big shot without doing anything?Yeah. You'll fit right in.To make sure his interpretation was spot on, Ben and Tony met up to discuss what actually happened.He wanted to meet me in the place where all the CIA guys go, wooden walls, smokey, wood-panelled, rather - little bar and he said, "This is where Aldridge Ames passed the names of the US agents to his Russian handlers. This is where everyone used to go. And you would typically see guys with their counter-parts and stuff in here." It was incredible. It was that moment that I realised that this is something people really did. This was a real life that these guys had, that Tony had, and it's a real story I'm telling.Sadly, this feels all too real in today's political environment.It's even more than that. It's sad. I wish this movie wasn't as relevant as it is. When I was making it, I didn't think that I would see images now that look like the images I was using for research, some of which you couldn't even tell apart, outside the US embassy crowds chanting, storming, burning flags and that kind of thing. It begs the question - how do we get past this?We're asking you to trust us with -- you're asking us to trust you with our lives.This is what I do. I've never left anyone behind.This is very much a Ben Affleck project but he did have some heavy-duty support, producers grent Heslop and George Clooney.They were great. The great thing about having producers who are film-makers is that you kind of speak the same language. They support you. They know what you're going through. It's like if you're a football quarterback and the coach used to be a quarterback, there's a connection that you know, you know and an affinity that you have that sometimes isn't there with guys who never did that job. If they stay here, they will be taken, probably not alive.We're responsible for these people. I'm responsible.So with all his talents on display here, what does Ben think is his strength?I've gotten less and less enamoured of this idea of, like, better, you know what I mean? You do your awards and, "What was the better one?" the truth is that there is no better. It's so deeply subjective, like any art. It's preferential. Do I feel like a better director and a better writer or a better actor? At times, I'm doing it well and I'm not doing it as well, in each of those compartments and there are ways that I, you know - it's like you've got to go up to bat every day and you get three - sometimes you get three hits and sometimes you strike out three times and if you're doing it in any capacity, naturally it goes up and down. Overall it's part of the same thing. It's film-making.You really believe your little story is going to make a difference?I think my little story is the only thing between you and a gun to your head. It's one of the movies of the year, I think. It's called 'Argo' and it's out in a fortnight's time. I've got someone pretty special here. What's your name?Robert.Who do you want to say hi to?Daddy. Where's daddy?In Australia.You look down that camera there. Andre, cameraman. Say hi to dad?Hi, dad. Ah. Hi to Robert's dad back home in Queensland. Lovely to see you, little fella. Are you having fun in New York City?Yeah.Good on. Thanks for being part of the Today show. Good on you, champ! That's amazing the airlines let them fly by themselves these days. He's just wandering around town. There he goes. See you, Robert. Oh, mum's there. That's OK. Thank you very much for bringing him down. It's all good. Coming up - an update on the wild weather lashing the east coast of Australia.But right now a little bit of Ol' Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, to get you going on a Friday morning. (Sings) # If I can make it there # I'll make it anywhere # It's up to you # New York, New York. # This program is not captioned. Morning, guys.
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Welcome back.

Welcome back. As we told you the unemployment rate in Australia has ris yearn so the Reserve Bank is justified in cutting interest rates. Look at the numbers and you will see the total number of jobs jump by 11500. More people have started to look for work. This were 17,000 fewer part-time jobs but 30,000 extra full-time jobs. However one small point Bill Shorten made is that full-time employment is at all-time record levels which is impressive but you hope that happens if the population keeps rising. Kind of obvious. The Reserve Bank concentrates on the total number of people out of work. Up to 66,000 a warning sign that can no be ignored. Hence lower rates. And bankruptcy have jumped. Those claiming jobless benefits in the US fell to their lowest level in four and a half years. The US shows its first sign much picking up. It is the old story ever Australia sneezing and the US catching cold. We run to a different beat.Strange days to quote John LennonWe have a bunch of Aussies. One of the best crowds today. You have a family feud on your hands. Lindsay Lohan tells her dad her mum needs help?. That was pretty good! You listen to what I tell you. I told you yesterday how Lindsay and her mother were in a drunken brawl and cops were called. Now Lindsay demands that her lawyers get a restraining order against her own mother. Show has turned the her messed-up dad Michael saying "We have to do something with mum!". She says "She can never make up her mind". Is it the mother, father, if there is trouble it involves someone named Lohan.Trouble magnets. Katie Holmes is everywhere in New York. Have you seen her?Katie likes to take the subway!. Really? I'm not making this up. Industry the picture to prove it. Check it out, Katie Holmes could not get a cab the save her life. She gets on the subway. She is enjoying New York. She loves being here. She is having the time of her life.What is to to loveAs satisfy single girl! How good is New York City? The best. Yesterday you said Beyonce had bailed on a movie project but we have a replacement?Clint Eastwood said goodbye to Beyonce and has reached out to none other than Rihanna! In the remark of a Star is Born, the bar bra Steisand classic I watch about once year. Rihanna has yet to make up her mind but she was in early talks when they went for Beyonce because she was kind of the second choice. Whitney Houston's daughter getting married to who?To her adopted brother. It is weerbgsd I know. Bobby Cristina has accepted a marriage proposal from her adopted brother Nick Gordon. He was adopted when they were 12. They grew up together. There is no mood between them. This is America. They are not hillbillies but it should be a little strange. I think Whitney would approve.What do we think about that?I tried to sell it, put a nice spin on it. It is weirdThat is the game the whole family can play that one there! Listen, thank you - a round of applause for Richard! My favourite right here! Hello sweetheart. You having fun here in New York.Yeah. A lot of people live here.Who are you God friend with?Miley CyrusThat will do it!Tie getting rid of him for the rest of the dayThank you boys. the rest of the dayThank you boys.
10 Years on, Australia pauses to remember the victims of the Bali bombings. Wild weather - spring turns nasty with heavy rain, gale- force winds and snow. Naomi Watts joins us line of north we take on the world's hottest curry. Even can chef wear as mask and gloves. Our friend from 'Sesame Street' take the boys on a tour of New York. # I will make a brand-new star of the it... # New York, New York! # In old New York.

# In old New York. Great to have your company all this week. Overnight we have seen snoin Adelaide and knew, severe weather expected in Sydney. We have full coverage so first to SES headquarters in New South Wales where the acting Commissioner joins us. Can you give us an update?

us. Can you give us an update?
Overnight 300ml and hail stores in Nowra, gale-force wind take down strees, 10 requests for assistance. Very busy night and still going this morning.

this morning. If been down the South Coast so as the storm front moves towards Sydney we expect it the spread across a broad area following the gale-force windsThat is a huge amount of water to fall in a 24-hour period, close to 30ml? Enormous. We have had a lot of flash floods, sandbagging. It has blocked off the Princes Highway. A lot of locals have not seen this sort of rain at this time of year for a long timeThese things move towards the city when things conferences ska late. What do you expect to happen this afternoon? We predict the gale-force wind and strong rain will hit southern Sydney later and the Sydney proper around lunch time and in the afternoon the Hunter and move off the east coast W that very strong wind t ground is moist, could bring down trees so a lot of people have to be prepared and be on their guard for any possible damage. Let's go to our reporter who is in New South Wales coats town of Ulladulla hit overnight A preclude for those living in Sydney.What happened where you are?We are slightly getting blown away here as we spaefpblgt basically because of this very aggressive low pressure system we saw come through the area yesterday causing flash floods and dangerous surf conditions. Basically we saw the worst of it overnight and it has been constant. This roaring wind and heavy rare. As we heard it has been close to 300ml of rain which is just incredible. Wind of 90km/h. We heard some small hail north of here and even reports of snow. We are also potentially heading towards breaking a record for the lowest day time temperatures. This is causing havoc in the seas. Waves of up to 8 metres south of here at Batemans Bay so it is just a taste of what Sydney can expect later this morning but I guess the advice is to just stay away from the beaches, keep those cars away travelling the trees, secure any lose items and remember not to walk, run or drive through any floodwaters and keep away from those creeks. As you can see I'm getting slightly blown away hereWe had better let you go inside it was one of those things on the Weather Bureau's list do not do crosses! Today marks the 10th anniversary of the 2002 Bali bombings where 202 people including 88 Australians lost their live. Overnight the Prime Minister arrived in Bali ahead of a memorial service which will be attended by thousand of mourners including many families of the Australians who died. Mark is in Bali and filed this report a little earlier. This is southern Bali a popular tourist destination dominated by this enormous statue of Guruda. It is also surround by lime stow cliffs the centre for the 10th anniversary. Speakers will include the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister John Howard who of course was here in 2002 and was able to comfort many families who had lost loved ones. There will be representatives from Australian victims as well as Indonesian victims and among those Indonesian victims will be a 12- year-old boy who loss his father in the Sari Club bombing and he will be delivering alert he has written to his father. It takes on a different mood and feel in leaving what has happened recently with police announcing there is a terror threat directed at VIPs here, although they have not given us any more information just about how specific it is. So there will be a lot of security her and the hope is this it will not overwhelm what will be a very emotional morning.E we will have extended coverage from 11am.A 25-year-old man fights for life in hospital after an alleged acid attack at the University of knew. Police say the man was in a chemistry laboratory at the Kensington campus when he was attack Woods a hammer then had the chemical thrown on his face. A 26- year-old man who received minor burns was arrested at the scene. Bomb disposal experts in Melbourne have made safe an explosive device found in a home in Lilydale. Christine is there. Officers worked late into the night. What did they find?All we know is that it is some kind of explosive and took 8 hours to dismantle. This unfolded at 4 o'clock yesterday when police executed a search warrant here on Anderson Stient Lilydale. An her after that the bomb uen quit was called in but at 1 o'clock this morning the bomb unit dismantled the device. As you can see Anderson Street is a busy street in Lilydale.

Street is a busy street in Lilydale.
Where does the investigation go now?Police say forensic chemists will be on the scene later. There has been a police car here making sure this the scene is secured overnight. In arrest yet has been made in relation to this and we understand that no one was at home when the raids were undertake yearn yesterday afternoon so just what was the Fay turf this explosive device and who lives at this property, police are not telling us. All we know is that detectives from the arson and explosive squad continue to investigate.Danny Nikolic has been banned from Melbourne's Crown Casino. The 37- year-old is still under investigation for his suspected involvement in race fixing last year. It is the first time police have used their casino exclusion powers in four years. The state's Chief Commissioner says the ban is part of an attempt the target "Undesirables" in the gaming and racing strifplts The kitchen that provides in-flight meals to dozens of flights in Brisbane has been closed after a bacteria that causes food poisoning was found. What did they find?They found the bacteria at Alpha Flight Catering. The company detected this back tear yafplt they are based next to the Brisbane airport here. The bacteria can be found in cold meat, prepackaged salad, soft cheese, soft serve icecream and seafood. It does not affect healthy people but is a danger for pregnant women and the elderly and in pregnant women it can lead to miscarriage and in rare cases lead to stillbirth and sometimes premature delivery. Yesterday, once this bacteria was detected health inspectors and the council inspected the kitchen facilities and shut them down yesterday at 2pm.How will this affect the airlines in an ongoing basis?The company is a provider of in-flight meals for Virgin as well as Emirates out of Brisbane airport. I have spoken with a Virgin spokesperson who say the catering company is a key provider for them and that they are currently working with Alpha and other catering companies the toy to come up with a solution but you think it would have some effect at least on flights going out today in terms of the long terpblgs the kitchen will remain closed until it has been given the all-clear by health inspectors. It is likely it will have to understand go a forensic clean before it is opened again. Getting sick from airline food, imagine that? Stay clear of that beef welling on the on the way home! Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop has hit back at claims Tony Abbott is sexist. I spoke the her and asked if she had experienced sexism during her career.By the Prime Minister's definition everybody every day is continually subjected to sexism but by my definition, no I don't believe I V I s been elected the managing partner of a law firpblgs I have been elected the deputy Leader of the Opposition but I never use sexism as an excuse for my own performance. I never try to silence my critics by claiming their comments about me are sexist. Labor have been conducting a coordinated campaign against Tony Abbott very much like they did in Queensland against Campbell Newman and his family. They claim Tony Abbott hates wifplt it is a very offensive thing to say, -- women. It should be withdrawn. They said he hates women. Tony Abbott is a son a husband, a father a brother and he is entitled to hit back and prove these are outrageous and vile slurs that should not be said against somebody who has a loving family who clearly lovers women and the Prime Minister who made the claim should be apologising to the women in Tony's life whom he clearly adoctors and who clearly adore him.A staggering 429 breast implant preduesd by a French company PIP ruptured the this year fuelling calls for a register for women to log their surgeries. Dr Ross Walker joins us. 429 soupbgd like a lot. How many women in Australia have these implants? 6,ooo 429 since January is a huge A ruptures so it is a concern.What is the reason?. The problem is these PIP implant were made with industrial-grade silicone which is not a good form to put in the body so they easily rupture which is the big concern. The doctors who inserted them did not know that at the time. What health risks do they pose when they do rupture?The big health risks are the local pain and inflammation in the breast. There is some concern about an increased cancer rate but this is minimal and they are not sure. There is a lymphoma which is rare that has been reported in 15 cases and other cases of cancer as we