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(generated from captions) Good-looking. Good-looking.
Oh, yes.

She's beautiful.

Well done, baby.

Well done, baby.

She's got a nose like me.

Well done, baby.

SHAUN: Hello, Grandma!

Over the moon.
I were bawling me eyes out.

Yeah, she did, yeah.

I missed Shaun crying.

I really wanted to see him cry.

He were blubbering a bit, yeah.
Oh, my God.

Two and a half years
and I've never seen him once cry.

Yeah, brilliant. I will do.

It's the only time I kind of
get emotional at work, really,

is when dads get upset
when their babies are born.

If they kind of get a bit teary,

it always makes me feel
quite emotional.

It's the only time.
Heart of stone the rest of the time.

Have you got her?

It's just the best feeling
in the world,

that you've not only helped
somebody have their baby, but...

You've made a massive difference
to their family.

And that's something, that's
a moment that he'll never forget.

And if he'd missed it,
he'd have never got that back

or ever been able to re-create it,

even if they've had
other children together.

It's an amazing thing that
you're able to do for people.

I'm proper, proper
looking forward to it.

No words or anyone
can take it away from me.

Like, I'll always have someone
in my life that will always love me.

Well, as long as I'm not
a numpty, like.

My baby boy.

I love you.

I love you so much.

I've quit on so many things

and I'm sick of, like,
having these dreams

and not being able to hit me goals.

But I just don't want him
to do that.

I want him to think whatever
he wants to do, he can do it.

Hello, matey!


I want to make my family proud.

If I don't make 'em proud,
I'd want my son to make 'em proud.

And I know, I just have a feeling
something is gonna happen

and it's gonna be top dollar.


WOMAN: Well, well done.

There you go.
Thank you.

At 7lb 10oz, she doesn't look
that big, does she?

With me being in the army and stuff,
I've matured a lot,

but now that
I'm gonna have a daughter,

I'm gonna have to mature even more.

There you go.

Got a little family to feed now.

She's not gonna be like me.
She's gonna be intelligent.

She's gonna spend
a lot of time at school.

She's gonna do good for herself.

'Cause that's all I want for her.

I want the best for her. That's it.

Tell you what, kid.
Definitely worth it.

I want to feel good,
giving birth.

I've made myself a little outfit
for the water.

I'd like a real-life Disney movie
where everything's perfect,

you've got a magic wand that you
wave and all your troubles go away.

Everything's perfect.

For some reason, I think
it's gonna be a walk in the park.

A quick birth.

(Screams) Pops straight out and we're home
in time for East Enders.

That'll be ideal.

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This program is captioned live. Nerves on edge as Bali prepares to mark a tragic milestone.It's a bit scary. It's the 10th anniversary, anything could happen.The jobless rate hits a 2-year high but it's not all bad news. Global condemnation of the Taliban's hit on a 14-year-old schoolgirl.She was attacked and shot by extremists who don't want dwurlz to have an education. -- girls to have an education.The downfall of a champion - Lance Armstrong confirmed as a cheat.We've been watching one of the world's greatest frauds.

Good evening. Tomorrow marks 10 years since one of Australia's darkest days - the death of hundreds in the bombing of Bali. It was our worst peacetime loss of life on foreign soil. Two bombs were detonated in Kuta. A third exploded in Denpasar. Tonight, nerves are on edge just hours out from the anniversary commemorations.

They're taking no chances on the streets of Kuta, heavily armed police are everywhere, from the shopping districts to the memorial, marking the names of the 202 victims of the bombings. But Indonesian authorities have backed away from suggestions made by the Balinese police of a serious threat of attack. Some visitors are still nervous.It's a bit scary. It's the 10th anniversary, so anything could happen.Bali's governor, who was the police chief at the time of the bombings, said Bali is safe but must always be vigilant.I always say we're safe now but I don't know tomorrow. Nobody can guarantee that, even the best security officers in the world.John Howard was PM in 2002. He and opposition leader Tony Abbott flew out for Bali this afternoon.This is a sad remembrance for hundreds of Australians who lost loved ones. If there is a legacy for good that can come out of such a tragic events, it is a realisation at a time of crisis that our country, the Australian character, passed a great test and passed it with flying colours. We comforted the bereaved. We looked after the injured and the burnt and the wounded.Gillard will also be there. This is a moment of real significance for our nation. 10 years ago I think we would all remember where we were and how we felt, how shocked we were. I want to spend some time with the families who have had to absorb such grief.In March this year, five suspected militants were killed in anti-terror raids in Bali. It's believed they were planning attacks. Since then Australia has lowered its Australia has lowered its travel advice forbally and Indonesia from reconsider your need to travel to exercise a high degree of caution. And tourists are returning to the Kuta beaches. But the events of 10 years ago are never far away from their minds.It was a big, big thing for Australia. This is our second home, like our second home to come to. It was pretty devastating but, you know,, like, yeah, I think it happens all over the world, like, but, yeah, it's good people still come here and am not afraid to come here because it's a great place. Tourists' numbers now eclipse those at the time of the bombings. Australia's unemployment rate has ris toon a 30-month high despite an increase in the number of people in work. The mixed result still points toward a softening labour markets all but confirming another interest rate cut another interest rate cut on Melbourne Cup Day. It's a messy e Cup Day. It's a messy set of numbers which can be read in a number of different ways. More Australians are in full-time work than ever before. It's a number just above 8.1 million Australians.There's lots of stats here. The challenge is to read through them and try and identify the tren.Australia's unemployment rose -- trend. Australia's unemployment rose. It's because more people are now in the work force or actively seeking work. That's measured by the participation rate which increased to 65.2%. When you take a closer look at take a closer look at the numbers, it shows more than 14,000 jobs were actually created last month. That has the Government pleased despite the Coalition's anti-carbon tax campaign.The coal industry, not to exist anymore. The town of Whyalla, gone. All manufacturing gone. A wrecking ball through the economy. A permanent depression. These were the predictions. What has actually happened is we have continued to see jobs growth.But by its own admission -It was very disappointing to see the results in Queensland with the largest fall in monthly employment on record.In fact, at 6.3%, Queensland has the country's second worst unemployment rate behind Tasmania at 7.3%. The Opposition insists the carbon tax will have a lag effect on jobs.The challenge is to create tomorrow's jobs. You don't create tomorrow's jobs by imposing a tax.Experts say the employment market is soft.If we look through the volatility in the last few months, annual growth is still quite weak.Which means the Reserve Bank will need to take action.Some of the areas of the domestic economy remain weak, we still expect the RBA to be cutting rates once again.The Reserve Bank board meets on November 6. ANZ will announce its interest rates decision tomorrow. In Greece, the unemployment rate today topped 25%. That announcement was made as the head of the International Monetary Fund called for decisive economic action from Europe and the US as debt pressure continued to grow on Spain. Economic slowdown in Asia and looming trouble in the US. Japan's warming up for the annual meetings of IMF and World Bank members from Friday. As the unemployment rate topped one in four people, in a troubled Greece today, for the head of the IMF, the big question was still Europe.And we expect courageous and cooperative action on the parts of our members in Europe and most specifically in the you're swrn which is still the epi-- eurozone which is still the epicentre of the crisis.There's increasing pressure on Spain to accept EU rescue funds following the downgrading of its credit rating. The IMF is now worried about similar issues, potentially recession. It wants decisiveness from Washington. The Americans argue they're in a better position than most industrialised countries, in particular Europe. And they've highlighted possible backing of IMF support for Spain. If the terms make sense and they offer the prospects of a better outcome in Europe, then this is a completely seneral and consistants with the IMF's core mission.But it's a globalised economy with ongoing tensions over a disputed island chain thought to be the reason that China top two finance officials stayed home. The IMF is concerned.All economic players and partners in this region are very critical for the global economy. The recently appointed World Bank chief said gains made in the developing world are at risk and he highlighted his priorities.Our relative inabilities to lift fragile and conflict affected states out of fragility. So I'm going to make this a special parts of my presidency.The IMF has scaled back its global growth forecast by 0.2%.

The political brawling over sexism shows no sign of abating. Labor now on the defensive after crude jokes were told about Tony Abbott's female chief of staff at a union event. The Government condemned the joke but it wasn't the day's only blunder. The Opposition says it will never accept Craig Thomson's vote in the parliament, so why did it write to him seeking his support. We've got a letter saying, "Come along. Come and have a chat and support the Coalition."He said he sents the "He said he sents the letter to all cross- benches and Thomson's name shouldn't have been on the list.I will make sure his name is removed from that database.This has been a week of double standards from the Liberal Party. It was an oversight and it won't happen again.The debate over sexism has taken another twist. A comedian at a CFMEU function last nights made jokes about Tony Abbott and his chief of staff.On the reports to me, the remarks that were made are deeply offensive. They're wrong. The comments should never have been made.The Trade Minister said he walked out in disgust.It wasn't prearranged by the union and it wasn't condoned by the union. The union has expressed its horror.Joe Hockey said Labor can't meet its own standards. The PM is not backing away from her claim that Tony Abbott is a misogynist. The Opposition said she should apologise.Tony Abbott loves and cares for many women. It is deeply offensive for Julia Gillard to claim that he hates women.The Coalition argues omen.The Coalition argues Julia Gillard's trying to claim what it calls victimhood to avoid scrutiny. This week's debate over sexism was sparked by Peter Slipper's text messages. He seems to be showing where his loyalty lies - supporting Labor on a crucial vote. He's helped passed legislation that scraps the carbon floor price and links Australia's emissions trading scheme to Europe. It's clear the Coalition can no longer counts on his vote. -- counts on his vote. The Nobel Prize for literature has been won by Mo Yan. He was described as one of the most famous of banned and widely pirated of all Chinese writers. The fall of cyclist Lance Armstrong is tonight almost complete. Once one of the world's leading athletes with a record seven Tour de France titles, he is now officially a cheat. But not only did he take illegal drugs to win those titles but evidence released today showed he made his team-mates take them too. The knives have been out for Lance Armstrong for almost two decades. And now the evidence is loud and clear.It paints an undeniable web of unfortunately the deepest and the most sophisticated professionalised drug program that we've ever seen. A team run.We've been watching history being made. We thought it was history of the seven Tour victories but we've been watching run of the world's greatest frauds.The 1,000 page report by the US Anti-Doping Agency confirms why Armstrong has been banned for life. It says he didn't just use performance-enhancing drugs, he supplied them to team- mates. The most damning evidence is that Armstrong ng evidence is that Armstrong was the ring leader in the scandal. The report also claims he intimidated those who lined up alongside him during those glory years. He bribed cycling's governing body, the UCI, to ensure the process was kept under cover. It also confirms positive tests were returned, even after Armstrong's comeback years which started at the 2009 Tour Down Under. While the evidence appears clear- cut, others say there has bane vendetta to bring him down.USADA does not have jurisdiction over this conduct or the five others who are all foreign nationals. It's a witch-hunt that's been confirmed on numerous occasion.een confirmed on numerous occasion.For his part, Armstrong has refused to buy in to the latest release, opting only to comment on Twitter to people affected by cancer through his foundation. Armstrong was a hero on two wheels, s a hero on two wheels, a cancer survivor who was making his mark as the most dominants cyclist in history but the evidence put forth by the anti- doping agency drew a picture -- antidoping agency drew a picture of an infamous cheat who pushed others to cheat with him so he could succeed or be vanquished.It's very disappointing to hear this, that he was not a drug lord but certainly involved in t certainly involved in systematic doping.The UCI says it will examine all information received by USADA in order to consider issues of appeal within 21 days. Coming up after the break - the global outpouring of support continues for a Pakistani shot by the

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A young girl shot by the Taliban for insisting on the right to go to school has been moved for further treatment. The US Government has weighed in on the issue, offering to fly the girl out of the country if overseas care is thought necessary. The telling cost for the freedom of expression in Pakistan's volatile north-west. Malala, a 14- year-old girl shot in the head and the chest by the Taliban, now fighting for her life. Today she is being moved as the search for treatment continues. Yesterday doctors were able to extract a bullet that had passed through her head to near her spine. Clinging to life, she remains in a stable yet unconscious state. Her crime, speaking up for her right for a education. Condemnation has come thick and fast. The concerns of Barack Obama being passed on.I know that the President found the news reprehensible and disgusting and tragic. nd disgusting and tragic.His Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, etary of State, Hillary Clinton, echoing the sentiments.She was attacked and shot by extremists who don't want girls to have an education and don't want girls to speak for themselves and done want girls to become leaders. Who are for a variety of reasons threatened by that kind of empowerment.Across Pakistan today, demonstrations from the beleaguered nation's women. Praying for recovery and a future free of such attacks. In the war for hearts and minds, the group responsible for the attack have been quick to distance themselves from the notion this was about education. Stating her message of secularism was the reason she was targeted. The justification fell on deaf ears. ion fell on deaf ears.Malala :

Many in Pakistan say even for the Taliban, they've gone too far. An Indian politician has caused outrage for his proposed solution to a series of rapes. Girls were less likely to be raped if they married younger, he said. TRANSLATION: The emperor used to kidnap girls. peror used to kidnap girls. People used to marry the girls at a young age to avoid exploitation. This situation is arising again. ation is arising again. Therefore to save one's honour and the government has failed to do anything, the village council has put forward this proposal and I support it.His comment comes on the UN's first international day of the Girl child which is focused on saving young girls.For me, I have the same commitment to this passionate commitment to seeing this change as I had fighting apartheid. Because, well, for one thing, you dismiss more than half of humanity.Hillary Clinton says 10 million girls under the age of 18 are forced in to marriages each year. Barack Obama admits he had a bad nights in last week's first debate with Mitt Romney and that poor performance has cost the President dearly. A poll shows Mr Obama has squandered his lead with support for Mitt Romney shooting up following the debate. Mr Romney is narrowly ahead of the President for only the second time. Among friends and in the key must-win state of Ohio, Mitt Romney's disparaging comments about the 47% of Americans too far to pay federal income tax went coun like a lead balloon here. At rallies across the state, Mr Romney has been trying to recast himself. My whole passion is about helping the American people who are struggling right now. That's what this is about.Mr Romney promising to utilise the skills he once used to ship jobs offshore, to bring them back home.I understand how jobs come and why they go. I wan to bring 'em back and I want to use that skill and knowledge to get America working again.The Obama campaign accusing Romney of trying to be all things to all man. Highlighting his apparently contradictory views on abortion. This is s on abortion. This is another example of Governor Romney hiding positions he's been campaigning on for a year and a half.President Obama issue agmea culpa.Governor Romney had a good night. I had a bad night. It's not the first time I've had a bad night. But I think what's important is the fundamentals of what this race is about haven't changed. Governor Romney went ed. Governor Romney went to a lot of trouble to try to to try to hide his positions because he knows those ideas won't work and have been rejected. He will lose because the American people are not going to go back there.Is it possible you handed him the election that night?No.You're going to win?Yes.You want it more than the first time?Absolutely.He must now convince Americans of that during next week's debate. Don't forget Janice Petersen will host special coverage sen will host special coverage tomorrow of the debate.

Let's take a look at the finance figures now.

The weather is coming up. And a storm in space that has to be seen to be believed.

One in every six Australians has a potential killer
lurking inside them. It's stroke. But, as Australia's
second-biggest cause of death, I prefer 'silent serial killer'. Because, for 12,000 of you
every year, stroke won't just
toy with your brain, but obliterate it.

(SMASH!) So ends the lesson... ..and your life.

To the weather now. A trough is bringing high cloud and thunderstorms stretching from the Kimberley all the way to the Eastern Seaboard. South Australia can expect more chilly conditions.

Finally, there was a sky show to remember in parts of Britain this week. A rare display of the Northern Lights triggered by a solar storm. Scientists believe strong solar storms can significantly interfere with satellite navigation systems. A remote valley in the high Arctic leads to one of the loneliest research stations in the world. An array of instruments perched on a mountain side. It's a steep climb to reach it but this is the best location to investigate the distant but extraordinary power of the sun. A giant flare erupts from its surface. This is a solar storm. It's a mesmerising sight but scientists say this space weather can disrupt modern life by damaging signals from satellites. Lisa is one of the scientists here. She has to carry a gun because polar bears are a real threat, but she needs to be here to measure how solar activity can affect satellite navigation.Everyone has a sat nav in their cars. We take it for granted. We need to research how the systems are affected by solar storms and by this huge amounts of energy that's coming in to the earth and affecting these signals. When that solar energy strikes, you get the Northern Lights, the famous swirl of particles in the upper atmosphere. This can distort the GPS system on a serious scale. What the scientists are finding out here is the true extent of that affect. They've measured how severe conditions can lead to a huge loss in accuracy. In the arct,, accurate satellite navigation is vital. For ships and for research and rescue up here, pinpoint navigation could be a matter of life and death. The more we've come to rely on sat nav, in fact, anything involving satellite technology, the more critically important research like this has become. And in trying to understand space weather and ideally working out a way of forecasting its most damaging effects. There's still a lot of mirsry about the sun, how it disturbs the n, how it disturbs the -- mystery about the sun, how it disturbs the atmosphere. A similar phenomenon is occuring in this part of the world. The Southern Aurora has been seen as far as New Zealand. I'll see you at the same time tomorrow. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

NARRATOR: Ever since
the best-selling memoirs

of London call girl Belle de Jour

and the spin-off TV show
that followed,

escorting is suddenly
being presented as

a viable career choice
for young women.

This is it. What if some of
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