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This program is captioned live. Tonight - Sydney road gridlocks. A young soldier hurt in a truck rolover dies of injuries. How the words of this man left Julia Gillard's ministers embarrassed. Snow, rain and wind, what's heading for Sydney? And Peter Harvey speaks out on the fight of his life. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Peter Overton. Good evening. Witnesses say a single can of paint caused a remarkable scene of destruction on one of Sydney's biggest motorways. It triggered a multi-car pile-up near Auburn.There was something white flying through the air and then the truck hit that and then hit us.Ambulance and police officers amid the wreckage must have been amazed that nobody was killed. Two people are in hospital in a stable condition. Hundreds were caught in the log jam of traffic, snaking back 2km from the city-side.I saw the two trucks hitting each other, hitting the barricade, going into the white car and I looked over the truck was on its roof.Travelling west, this vehicle spilled its content into the path of two trucks. They swerved, collided and crashed into the central barrier. Not strong enough to withhold the impact, it had this station wagon.There is a need for improvement.While those caught-up in the traffic jam may argue differently, the clean-up was swift. It took only 90 minutes to clear the road. Drivers in Sydney's south also had a frustrating afternoon, took in the M5 east tunnel. A truck broke down, force ing lanes to close. A 22-year-old sold er in a truck rolover in Holsworthy Barracks has died. He was new to the army and would have graduated as a sapper this week. Jordan joined the army just six months ago and was finishing his trange as a combat engineer when he was injured in the crash. This morning, his family made the heartbreaking decision to turn off his life support.As you can imagine, this is a shock for his family, mates and army.Jordan suffered head injuries after the truck rolled several times. Two of the injured remain in hospital in a stable condition.This sad death is a reminder to us all being in the ADF is dangerous, whether in Afghanistan or here at home in training.The Defence Minister paid tribute to the young man who excelled and was an outstanding citizen.He and another soldier successfully resuscitating an elderly gentleman while on local leave in Liverpool.A man who murdered Sydney heart surgeon Victor Chang is a step further to freedom. A court throughout an appeal against his parole and the state government is fast running out of options. Chew Seng Liew got news of his release in his hospital bed inside jail. While he can smell freedom he will have to wait until 5:00 on Monday for the final word. His family in Malaysia is overjoid. Chew Seng Liew fired the gun which left heart surgent Victor Chang dead on a street. Their family said they've given up the fight to keep Chew Seng Liew behind bars. After serving 21 years, Chew Seng Liew was granted parole last month. Five years short of the maximum sentence. If there is an appeal, it will have to be on a question of law. Then we will take it.In a rare interview last year Victor Chang's son spoke of the turmoil.My father was a father, I don't see him as anything else.I'm certain that people I've spoken to over many years would expect him to do his full term. Simon, is there any chance the Attorney-General can stop Chew Seng Liew going free?Peat, you can bet that his legal team will study the verdict carefully over the next 24 hours. They have until Monday at 5:00 to come up with an ameal. He will be handed to immigration and will be departed back to Malaysia as soon as possible. There's a severe weather warning for Sydney with gale force winds and heavy rain headed our way. The wild conditions have hit hard on the south coast and brought late winter magic to other parts of the state. This is what's heading Sydney's way in the next 24 hours, rain and flooded roads. On the south coast, 100mm fell in four hours, flooding the local pre- school.With all of the extension rain, we've had leakage. It's caused by a powerful low pressure system. There may be winds up to 100km/h. Dangerous surf conditions with waves up to 3m onshore and 6m ocean swells.We are looking at heavy rain during this period as the low pressure cell moves past Sydney.Bronty beach was closed by midday.The weather more extraordinary in South Australia. North of Adelaide receiving its first October snow in 100 years. Really, really cold.It's a surprise to see it in October when we had hot weather too.More snow south of kpwraurks leaving many wondering when summer will arrive. Dan, when is the wild weather expected to hit?Pete, that system will be moving north tonight and should be hitting Sydney tomorrow morning. The worst affected areas will be along the coast, both here in the eastern suburbs as well as the northern beaches. The Manly Ferry has been cancelled, with buses said to replace services. Natalie will be along with a full weather forecast.Unemployment has hit 2.5 years high. The jobless rate in September was up 0.3% to 5.4%. It's likely to be lower in NSW. Commissions are divided on whether the figures will lead to another rate cut next month. A comedian's highly offensive-off coloured joke about Tony Abbott has embarrassed the government. Wayne Swan who was present when the joke was told at a union dinner admitted he made an mistake in not objecting immediately.During the blitz with his wife to counterclaims he has problems with women, Tony Abbott was full of praise for his female chief of staff.Last night the relationship between Tony Abbott and his high-powered visor was the subject of a smutty joke at a dinner in Parliament House organised by the construction, mining union. Remarks made are deeply offensive. They are wrong, the comments should never have been made.The Prime Minister with a number of other MPs had left the function before the comedy act. When she heard about it this morning, she phoned the National Secretary and gave him a dressing down.I got up after the comments were made and I left.The deputy Prime Minister and treasurer Wayne Swan stayed and made no protest. After Alston Jones disgraceful comments, the government was skating about liberal MPs at that function.Nobody walked up to Mr Jones. It's not acceptable.Late this afternoon, Mr Swan issued a statement saying: Meanwhile, the so-called gender wars continued.Could you imagine Angela Merkel making a speech like that? Of course not. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. A new study found a link between still birth and the way pregnant women sleep. Researchers from RPA Hospital found women who sleep on their backs during the later stages of pregnancy are six times more likely to have a still-born baby. It's believed sleeping on the back could affect the baby's oxygen supply. A story we wish we didn't have to do about one of our reporters. A man with a face and voice everybody can reek nice. It's Peter Harvey. He is facing a battle with cancer and I spoke with him today in hospital as he began a series of crucial tests.It began in holiday three weeks ago in Italy. One morning I woke up and I was bright yellow. It was our 45th wedding anniversary, we went to London and Florence and Venice. We had to cut the thing short by under a week. They found what was blocking the bile duct was a small growth. I have pancreatic cancer.Is that it, the small growth, it hasn't spread anywhere else?We'll find that out today and tomorrow.What did it feel like when you were told that the news was not good, that you have cancer?It's a hard emotion to quantify. I felt far from happy, of course. But not unhappy. I wasn't shocked. I think I'd been expecting there be some sort of problem. Basically, it's a matter of dealing with it. Once the tests are finished. They'll have a better handle on the whole thing and know whether or not they will treat the cancer with surgery or whatever. You are almost relaxed, surprisingly.Well, what's the alternative? Somebody tells you that you have cancer, what do you do, curl up in a ball and die? No. You stand up to the thing and keep going as long and hard as you can. I feel pretty good within myself. While I was with Peter today he went off to have the scans, moving quietly through the corridors of the hospital. With him were thousands of well-wishers on media and the thoughts of an old sparring partner.It will be tough. You're made of toughness. I hope all of the good wishes turn out to be effective, I'm sure they will.I'm sure they will too. We all love you. It's mutual.I trust we expect the most sign-off in TV Peter Harvey Nine News, did I do that right?I don't think so. What did you mean? We're sure it won't belong before we hear those familiar words and that distinctive voice from TV again. Former Prime Minister general Howard heads to Bali for a very personal tribute. The tunnel under Sydney. A soldier returns home to pop the This program is not captioned. WOMAN: B.B. B.B? B.B. Australia's number-one
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This program is not captioned. you see her reaction.
Ten years ago tomorrow - Australia woke to the news of the bloodshed of the Bali Bombings. Now on the eve of that anniversary, our political leaders and the Prime Minister of that time, John Howard, are heading back to the island to remember the victims. Prime Minister Julia Gillard leaving for Bali in this afternoon, heading a list of VIPs attending the tenth anniversary, despite threats of a terror strike she is joining former Prime Minister John Howard for that service.If they thought that they would frighten Australians away, they have been proved wrong. Families of the victims are proving that they are right.It's important to go and pay respects. There will be heightened security.At the memorial, wreath after wreath arrives. At the club, the site is being wallpapered with photographs. Ten years on, it seems like 2002. No closure whatsoever. It has attorney our hearts apart. Easy to forget how young some victims were. This woman lost her 15-year-old granddaughter, Chloe.We felt somebody from our family had to be here to represent her so she is not forgotten.This 12-year-old will speak, his father was killed, he was a waiter. He vows to always care for his mother.What can we expect tomorrow?Peter, we can expect a one-hour service. It is surrounded by luj cliffs and dominated by this enormous statue. It has a spiritule feel about it, far from the traffic and madness. Nine News will have coverage of the Bali Service tomorrow from 11:00. We will see you a side of Sydney never seen before. Half a dz dozen people see it once every five years. Tonight we can take you inside. Heading 100m below sea level, underneath Sydney's northern suburbs, to a hidden world few people know about and a handful have seen with their own eyes. Darren is part of a team that inspects the storage tunnel once every five years. It's dark, and underground running beneath thousands of Sydney homes. If it rains the tunnel can fill with water quite quickly. In the entire 20km there are only three exit points. No windows, no mobile phone reception for the team.We have to monitor gas levels and oxygen levels.Opened in 2000 it stretches to the waste water treatment plant at Manly, at some points 170m below ground, it's only 3.8m wide, designed to hold waste water overflow and stop it polluting the harbour.This tunnel ensures our environment is clean and we have the pristine water in the harbour. It's the dark secret that keeps Sydney sparkling. An Australian soldier who arrived back in Sydney from Afghanistan this evening has immediately signed up for a much longer tour of duty. A lifetime with the woman he loves. Will you marry me?Wonderful. She said yes, of course, much to the delight of the crowd.That is great. Here's the sport.I won't be able to top that. A surprise choice tonight as Warriors coach. Also - the ugly details of Lance Armstrong's doping history. What a ride as This program is not captioned. Craig Bellamy turns down a job to guide the New Zealand Warriors next season. Two Kangaroos spoke openly of how the memory of their mothers is driving them to success. From different sides of the border, but the two Kangaroos are united by grief. Both lost mothers during this year State of Origin series. You try not to talk about it, it reminds you of everything that happened. We are trying to forget about it and move forward.We both realise that we've been through the same thing, there's a fair bit of empathy there.Mat travelled hundreds of miles so he could play in his nearest junior League games. It led to the cowboys and the green and gold of Australia.Having all of his family there is special for him.It's good that the family can come up and enjoy a game of footy and get away from home for a little bit.Benge Marsh was drumming up support for the Kiwis. Alessandro del Pierro will have as much time on the match as he wants when he lines up at the weekend. A record 35,000 fans are expected on Friday night. Lance Armstrong has been labelled a key player in the most sophisticated deping program that sport has seen. The Anti-Doping Agency released its report into the seven-time Tour de France winner and his postal team.This will make some surfers twitchy. Shane Dorian safely navigated this jaws sitting an early high standard for the Big Wave Awards. Natalie is next with the weather.Will W
clubhouse. That' s tonight. Next on
WIN News... Snow falls in the regio - how long will the cold snap last A
We speak with the man, who led the bo
AFP' s investigation into the Bali t
bombings, And, the Summernats deal, me
that' s secured it' s future. Join me for all the details next.

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This program is not captioned.

by the weekend?
Benji Marshall

A deepening low that has brought heavy rain to the south coast is expected to deliver another 100mm overnight, heading towards Sydney with up to


Expected.That is Nine News for this Thursday. I'm Toni
trial in the ACT Supreme Court. Canberr
Tonight ... AFP officers from t
Canberra in Bali, ten years on from recor
the bombings. Snow, as Canberra de
records its coldest October day in recei
decades. And: why this Olympian medal.
received a second ceremony and Po
medal. Good evening, I' m Danielle tr
Post. Hundreds of Australians have
travelled to Bali ahead of the tent anniversary of the devastating Kut le
bombings. Among them, the man who
led investigations for the AFP. Bal tar
police have warned of threats to -
target tomorrow' s memorial service aler
- security is now at the highest th
alert level. October twelve, two Australian
thousand and two - the day terrorists
Australians fell victim to cal
terrorists. "I recall getting a call at 6:00 in the morning from th come
Commissioner saying I' d better bee
come into the office as there had meticul
been a serious incident." A
meticulously planned attack had bee bo
carried out with precision. Three popular
bombs were detonated near two hundr
popular nightclubs in Kuta. Two in
hundred and two people were killed including eighty eighty Australians had
"It was the first time that we involved
had seen so many Australians involved in a major terrorist act." The AFP played a major role in th pers
wake of the attack - a fourteen Indo
person response team was sent to Tim
Indonesia. Assistant Commissioner Operat
Tim Morris was the Director of
Operations at the time - the contro Wes
centre based in this building in Weston. "Bombings had been a crim d
that the AFP had not traditionally st
dealt with. Ironically the AFP has organisa
started as an anti-terrorist organisation but in the meantime we money
d been doing drug trafficking, ma
money laundering and fraud." The preservati
main focus was crime scene identificatio
preservation and victim w
identification. "I mean the scale something
was just incredible, it was
something you had to actually see t Morris
wrap your head around." Tim Morris is one of hundreds of people memorial
who have flown to Bali for a Mini
memorial service tomorrow. Prime i
Minister Julia Gillard will also be in attendance - undeterred by terro real
threats. "This is a moment of
real significance for our nation an r
ten years ago I think we would all fel
remember where we were and how we felt, how shocked we were, I want t ve
spend time with the families who' ve really had to absorb such grief.

A wintery blast was felt right fel
throughout the region today. Snow the
fell just south of the Capital as
the mercury dipped to a 38 year low f
It blanketed trees, yet to bloom wint
for spring. The Tinderry Range a generou
winter wonderland thanks to a u
generous dusting of snow. We woke probabl
up to a fair coverage of snow parts
probably about 4 inches in some parts, 5 inches on high slopes. Yea ou
just a good thing to see the kids head
out on the taboggans before they
heading off to school. Locals wer this
quick to take a few snaps early spel
this morning. Although this cold surpris
spell didn' t catch anyone by surprise. It' s snowed before, it snow
s our son' s birthday and it' s sn
snowed on his birthday. We' ve had The
snow right up until November. and
The snow lined down to about 100m th
and it' s continuing to fall right
through Friday. It' s lunch tim and we' re not even at the top of snow
the mountain. As you can see the and
snow is quite thick on the ground and it' s still falling - an amazin sight to see in Spring. While els
snow fell at Michelago, rain fell a
elsewhere. Falls around Ulladulla t
and Lake just in the last six hours this morning it received over 100mm most
that' s only going to flow on to Bay
most of the Eurobodalla, Batemans The
Bay is next in the firing line. millimet
The Capital, which had forty reache
millimetres of rain overnight,
reached just eight degrees by two o fir
clock - an October record. The pr
first time in Canberra since 1974, pretty cold day for Canberra, thoug