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(generated from captions) Alright. You're gonna stick with
the deal you've done. Yes, I'm gonna stick with the deal.
Alright. Well done. Congratulations. As a matter of interest, what do you think was in 7? I have a feeling I might actually
have the $50,000. Think you've got the $50,000. Sasha, what do you think's in 15?
What do you think, Sash? $50,000, 'cause 5's my favourite
number, so it's in there. Face-off - everyone thinks
they've got $50,000. Let's pop the locks on 7. What - pop the locks on 7?
On 7. You thought you had $50,000. Could you have taken home $15,000
by risking it all? Oh, gosh. Oh, yes, indeed! There it was!
Oh, no! But you were risking $10,000
to make $5,000, so we can understand the economics
of that decision. $200 in briefcase 15. You are still on your way
to the Dark Continent, my friend. Good on you. Well done.
Let's see the money! Here comes our very own impala
of the bank, Miss Katie Mac, with your cheque for 9,999 bucks! Whoo!
Good on you. Give our best
to all you meet in Africa. Sasha, lovely having you
and you too at home, of course. Off on another trip next time.
We'll see you then. Supertext Captions by
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This program is captioned live. Tonight - exclusive in-car video
of the crash that closed the M4, causing traffic chaos. The family of Victor Chang's killer
celebrates after a judge
orders his release from jail. A soldier dies from injuries suffered
in the Holsworthy truck rollover. Sydney on storm alert - warnings about the deep freeze
that's headed our way. And how the sleeping habits
of pregnant women can put their unborn babies at risk.

Good evening. A multi-vehicle pile-up has sparked traffic mayhem
on the M4 motorway after two trucks
crashed through concrete barriers. One car flipped onto its roof and a driver
had to be cut from the wreckage. Seven News
has obtained exclusive pictures from inside a car
which narrowly avoided the carnage. It was a spectacle from the air. Wrecked vehicles
scattered across the motorway. From Graham Brown's perspective,
even more dramatic. (BLEEP) Oh, (BLEEP)! Oh, (BLEEP)! Oh, (BLEEP)!

Major, major crash.

You can see a white ute
tumbling over and over. Behind it, two big rigs. One takes evasive action
into the other and both career
into concrete barriers which spill across
eastern-bound lanes of the M4. And the force of the two trucks
hitting the barriers just pushed these things
like they were nothing. It was just amazing. I've never seen anything like it
in my life. They both went through the barriers but these barriers moved
like they were made out of foam. Emergency services were there
within minutes, paramedics treating
the driver of the ute whose car was flattened while other drivers sat in gridlock,
amazed at what they'd just seen. They hit the white small car and somewhere along the line,
the ute flipped. I saw those barriers
literally airborne flying at them, I thought
something could happen here, but very lucky. Extremely lucky. The concrete barriers
injured nobody. The truck drivers were fine. Only the ute driver
and a second driver were taken to hospital
as a precaution. Witnesses have told police
he'd been driving erratically, trying to overtake one of the trucks on the west-bound onramp
from Silverwater Road. Cars were going everywhere and I just thank God
that no-one was killed or seriously injured. That sort of carnage
you expect someone to be killed in but thank God, no-one was hurt. The motorway was cleared and, after two hours,
traffic began moving again. Robert Ovadia joins us live
from the M4. Rob, has the driver of the ute
been questioned yet by police?

Police are absolutely amazed Dutch driver was not much more seriously injured. As we just said, only a cut to the head. It is my understanding that driver is yet to be formally interviewed by police. But authorities are marvelling at the safety structures here on the M4. The fact that those segmented concrete barriers were able to absorb the force of two trucks, able to stop them, and not catapult so had across the other side of the road and injure people. They say it is a testament to that structure.

The wife of the man who shot dead
renowned Sydney surgeon Victor Chang has thanked Australia
for granting her husband parole. Chiew Seng Liew
will be deported back to Malaysia after an attempt
to keep him behind bars was today dismissed. The family of Chiew Seng Liew
celebrates his imminent release... Thank you, Australia. I love Australia! ..looking forward to welcoming
the 69-year-old murderer back home after the Attorney-General
lost an appeal

One family jubilant,
another horrified. Just as they were when
the original decision was made, they are absolutely devastated
by this decision. Dr Victor Chang's relatives had
hoped Liew would be jailed for life for shooting dead
the renowned surgeon in a botched extortion attempt
in 1991. Now, the killer will be released
and deported Any further appeal,
the Changs believe, would simply prolong their pain. We have tried our best,
that's all we can do. The Attorney argued that the Parole Authority
failed to consider the fact that Chiew Liew
will effectively be a free man once he's released
and sent to Malaysia. But the judge couldn't be convinced, saying the appeal
was "narrowly focused." I was disappointed for the family. The Chang family have suffered
enormously for many years. Chiew Seng Liew will be released
some time after 5pm on Monday. A soldier critically injured in Monday's Army truck crash
at Holsworthy has died. 22-year-old Sapper Jordan Penpraze passed away in Liverpool Hospital
this morning surrounded by his family. 18 soldiers were hurt when their truck rolled
on a dirt track. The Army is a family
and we are in mourning. Our thoughts and prayers
are with the soldier's family, friends and mates.

Sapper Penpraze was just days away
from graduating as a combat engineer.

Sydney is bracing
for gale force winds and heavy rain as wild weather
pushes up the south coast. Paul Kadak's keeping watch
from the Macquarie Lighthouse. Paul, how bad is it likely to get? Chris,
we're in for a rough morning with the bureau forecasting
wind gusts of up to 100km/h and widespread rain. Conditions bad enough that the Manly ferry
has been cancelled tomorrow morning although Fast Ferries
will still be running. And it's bad timing - this weather due to hit just as
we head off to school and work. It started raining last night
in Ulladulla and it just hasn't stopped. Since 9:00 this morning,
more than 130mm has fallen - that's more rain than they've had
here in the last four months - the downpour
closing the Princes Highway. That heavy rain resulted in
a number of requests for assistance, mostly sandbagging, including a preschool
that was flooded. In Sydney, grey skies
just a preview of what's to come. This afternoon, rain and small hail
was falling in some southern suburbs as the weather system
dumping on the south coast heads north tonight. We are expecting strong winds
and heavy rain to actually lash Sydney probably most of that overnight
into tomorrow morning. Just as the morning peak hour
begins, with warnings of wind gusts
of up to 100km/h. Bronte and Tamarama beaches
were closed today. Dangerous surf conditions expected
to see many more closed tomorrow. With the sort of rains
we're seeing in Ulladulla, as that moves northwards, that could certainly produce
some flash flooding. The SES warning
to clear yards and gutters. Take care where they place their car
tonight. Don't put it underneath a tree,
for example. Elsewhere,
there's been rare October snow - north of Melbourne at Mount Macedon and on Mount Lofty near Adelaide for the first time
in more than a century. Senior Labor MPs
have been accused of hypocrisy over a joke about Tony Abbott
and a female staffer at a union function last night. Ministers who were there said the joke by a comedian
was inappropriate and offensive but no-one complained at the time. He's the face
of the CFMEU construction union's satirical Fair Go for Billionaires
campaign. Us billionaires have needs too - mansions, yachts, cars, butlers,
caviar, wives. But comedian Allan Billison's
offensive joke about Opposition Leader Tony Abbott
and his chief of staff Peta Credlin has turned the gender war heat
back onto the government. Earlier this week, Julia Gillard
attacked Liberal members who heard broadcaster Alan Jones
suggest her father had died of shame. No voice of objection. But several government members, including Deputy Prime Minister
Wayne Swan, didn't walk out
of last night's dinner.

They're trying to set
a new benchmark. They can't hold that benchmark
themselves. What a surprise. Several ministers,
including Ms Gillard, had left
well before the comedian began and minister Craig Emerson
did walk out. I left the meeting soon after
those comments were made. They are sexist, they are repulsive,
they are wrong. Julia Gillard said she delivered the same sentiments
to the union this morning, claiming she had acted more swiftly than Tony Abbott did
over Alan Jones's comments but voters will really struggle
to tell the difference. Services will be held in Sydney
and in Bali tomorrow marking the 10th anniversary
of the bombing which killed 202 people,
including 88 Australians. Hundreds of survivors
and relatives of victims have made the journey back
in memory of their loved ones. The countdown to tomorrow's
official service has barely begun and already, the tears are flowing. I walked up... ..and the names
just leapt out at me. And it was back -

like I was back there again,
trying to find them. So how difficult is it to come back
onto this place for you? Same time every year, I get upset. Spike Stewart lost son Anthony
here at the Sari Club. 10 years on,
it's just not any easier. "You'll never -
you'll never know "and you can't tell me
or any of the other families 'Get over it.'" Also struggling, June Corteen. Both daughters killed, she's turned down a role
in the ceremony. I don't think I could've got up
and read the names out. I just would probably break down. 1,500 will attend
under the tightest security. The police here have downgraded
yesterday's terror warning, now saying
there was no specific threat against the ceremony
or Prime Minister Gillard but adding
that the threat level this week is the same as it was a decade ago and the target hasn't changed,
either. From Indonesia's
counter-terror chief... Of course,
Bali is their most target. In his office,
a chart of terror cells in training. It's 4m long. The struggle continues. Live now to Chris Reason in Bali where a rehearsal for tomorrow's
ceremony is finishing up. Chris.

this is the GWK Cultural Park where Prime Minister Julia Gillard and former prime minister
John Howard will join Indonesian VIPs,
survivors and victims' relatives to mark 10 years
since the deadly attack. All countries who lost citizens
will be represented here tomorrow and the names of the 202 victims
will be read out and a candle lit in their memory,
Chris. Seven will have live coverage
from Bali tomorrow beginning with 'Sunrise' from 6am then the memorial service at 11:00. A new Sydney study has found a link
between babies being stillborn and the sleeping position
of their mothers. The results
could save babies' lives before they've even been born. For expectant mums
like Jessica Anderson, regular scans
and check-ups can be terrifying. I was up at 4am this morning
just sort of wondering, "Is it going to be OK,
is everything going to be fine?" And our scan was great. So, it's always a huge relief. The results of a 6-year study
into stillborn births could bring more relief. More than 100 women
who've lost a baby took part, helping researchers
find a breakthrough link between the deaths
and the mum's sleeping position. Women who slept on their backs
late in pregnancy were six times more likely
to have a stillborn baby - possibly because
of the extra pressure. Try and avoid
sleeping on their back if possible or, if you were more comfortable
on the back, to perhaps sleep
in a propped-up position. that babies quieten down in the womb
as birth approaches. Advice about, "it's normal
for your baby to slow down," is potentially not correct. Stillbirths are more common
than you might imagine. There are 2,000 of them
in Australia every year - that's 1 for every 135 live births. Knowing how not to sleep might help
pregnant women rest easier before those sleepless nights
to come.

Still to come tonight
in Seven News - The State Environment Minister
under attack after making a mistake. She's sitting there
like a stunned mullet. We'll show you quality homes
for sale in Sydney for a lot less than you'd think. Plus, a soldier's romantic proposal
on his return from Afghanistan. Find out what she said, next.

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Accident-prone environment minister
Robyn Parker has made another embarrassing gaffe, forgetting the name
of an important official. It happened during a grilling
over budget estimates. The Opposition says
it's time for her to go. With the Environment Minister
questioned over her budget, she should have expected
some animal chatter. Just reading like a parrot. A brush-tailed phascogale has to do. None of them under threat,
just minister Robyn Parker, according to the Opposition. Ms Parker will oversee shooting
in national parks following the government's deal
with the Shooters and Fishers Party. Today, she was asked
how the shooting will be managed and if walkers and campers
would be kicked out when the gunmen come in. While providing reassurances
they would remain safe, Ms Parker said she was working closely with the
National Parks Association chief. Minister, who is the CEO
of the National Parks Association? Look, what I am telling you... Who is the CEO
of the National Parks Association? Kevin... Um... You don't know, do you? No, yes I do... Eventually... Certainly, Kevin Evans and I have
had discussions about the program. Ordinarily, this sort of stumble would be seen as nothing more
than a minor embarrassment but for Ms Parker,
the stakes are higher. Her fumbling
has become a major talking point with the Premier frequently
questioned about her future. During last year's budget hearings,
Ms Parker claimed... That logging protects koalas,
but... Then, after another Orica spill, she said would be calling
the company's chief to demand answers. Who is the top person at Orica? (WHISPERS) Graeme Liebert is. Did you know that? Yes, I did. The Premier has again ruled out
sacking Ms Parker.

Sydney's average rent for a house has hit a record high
of $520 a week. The experts say that's likely to make more people
consider buying instead of renting. And we've found you can still snap up Sydney homes
at a bargain price. Look what $300,000 can buy
in Colyton, in Sydney's west. A whole lot of Australian dream... A clad home, fully renovated, new bathroom, three bedrooms,
timber kitchen. ..for the cost of what is
the average national mortgage In the past year,
median Sydney home prices fell 5%. The lowest median prices
for properties since 2010. sitting on nearly 700 square metres, at a time Sydney's average rent
is up 4% - $520 a week. We've just reached a point
in the cycle now where properties such as this are getting cheaper to buy
than they are to rent. Making $300,000 houses
attractive for investors too. Anywhere between
sort of Blacktown and Penrith, you are going to find
these properties. It's all about space
at an affordable price and there's room to move. But if you want more of this
at this price, you'll have to accept a lot less
of something else. House, that is. Like this Bondi Beach bed-sitter -
a very compact 22 squares. You could swing a cat
but it's tight. Cheap for here,
offers over $260,000. Position, style, location,
22 squares and all the furnishings. As the real estate market
across Sydney hopes spring kick-starts confidence. after a 6-month deployment
in Afghanistan has surprised his girlfriend
of nine years, Stacey Grant, with a marriage proposal
at Sydney Airport. Dozens of onlookers cheered as Aircraftsman Chris Salmon
popped the question in the arrivals hall this afternoon. I love you with all of my heart,
baby. I love you so much. Will you marry me, Stacey?
Will you marry me? The couple's two daughters
were there for the special moment. And for the record, Stacey said yes. Sport now with Jim Wilson

and Lance Armstrong's reputation
is in tatters tonight. Chris, American anti-doping
officials have called it the biggest act of cheating in sport and Armstrong was the mastermind. Also, a former Panther
takes charge of the Warriors as Benji cops an early blow
in Townsville. Plus, Sydney set for Del Piero's
blockbuster debut at home. And the big wave riders
take on the monster of all breaks.

I really love getting outside
in Canberra. It's a very healthy place to live. I think Canberra
could be better connected using a whole heap of
different transport options. Yeah, light rail -
there's an option for Canberra. I'd save money if I didn't always
need the car. What if we had free wifi
in our public spaces? And what about better
health services? Mobile health services
that come to the house. Yeah. VOICEOVER: The Greens
share your vision for a healthy, liveable,
better connected Canberra. Vote Greens to make
your voice count.

Kangaroos centre Greg Inglis
has warned his team-mates to be ready for a Kiwi ambush
in Saturday night's Test. After several failures
in one-off tests, Inglis maintains the New Zealanders have picked a side capable
of shocking Australia on home soil. They breed them tough
in north Queensland as New Zealand skipper
Benji Marshall discovered when he went back to class. Oh, gentle. Be gentle. Gentle. All too often, the Aussies have taken the Kiwis
to school in one-off tests but this time,
the Kangaroos are nervous. Looking for pretty much an ambush,
to be honest, but in the end, we've just gotta -
the old saying - weather the storm. I think it's a very strong team. Look, we've gone for a big pack
that can play with the ball. Things looked civil
when the sides mingled but don't be fooled.

You know, they're all good blokes on Saturday night. But sides hate the Aussie sides
in general. The Warriors are about to get one with former Panther Matt Elliott
to be named their new coach which won't please some players
who wanted assistant Tony Iro. I really think
Tony does deserve a shot. Their main target Craig Bellamy
has been linked with the Dragons but Wayne Bennett thinks
he'll stay put. Craig's a pretty smart bloke and success he's had here, be pretty hard to leave. But former Dragon Rangi Chase
could return from Castleford to again wear the red V.

League immortal Andrew Johns will tonight be inducted
into the Sport Australia Hall and again his use of illicit drugs
during his playing career has raised questions whether
he should be given such an honour. It's alright, mate. Just bounce off.

I just got back from Fiji and it is nice and tanned.

Joining Johns as inductees, Olympic rowing champion
James Tomkins, cricketer Adam Gilchrist and World Cup-winning Wallaby
Stephen Larkham. Disgraced cycling champion
Lance Armstrong is accused of
the most elaborate doping program in the history of sport. A 1,000-page report
by American anti-doping officials says the 7-time
Tour de France champion was the kingpin of a conspiracy
and a cheat. The US Postal Service's
cycling team, including Lance Armstrong, ran the most sophisticated,
professionalised and successful drug program
that we've ever seen. 11 former team-mates
gave evidence against Armstrong, telling how he took and peddled
performance-enhancing drugs Armstrong tweeted a short time ago he was unaffected
and was getting on with life. A record crowd of 35,000 is expected for Alessandro Del Piero's
home ground debut for Sydney FC. The Italian superstar
will go head-to-head with Newcastle's marquee signing,
Emile Heskey, on Saturday. Coach Ian Crook
has urged the Sky Blues to embrace Del Piero mania. It's not too often in the years that we've been at, sort of,
get close to full house here, so it'll be brilliant. It's crunch time for the Socceroos
next week with World Cup qualification
going on the line against Iraq. We can't afford
to fall too far behind.

So far the Aussies are winless
in this qualifying phase. The big wave surfing season
is under way in the North Pacific and can you imagine the view Shane Dorian had at
the infamous Jaws break in Hawaii. The year-long competition recognises the greatest achievements
in big wave riding. Dorian showed nerves of steel
on the cliff and had the ride of his life.

Nathan Sharpe, by the way, is going on. He has shelved retirement plans and will be on the sprinkle in November.

Sally's at Rozelle
for Sydney's weather and it's time to get ready
for the 7 Bridges Walk, Sal? Chris, it's a great cause but you might want to delay
those final training sessions.

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Those damaging winds
are expected to hit us after midnight tonight with the heaviest falls hitting
near Sydney's coast. And while the wild weather
will see us head indoors, we should get a clear run next week which will be perfect
to start training for the 7 Bridges Walk
on Sunday October 28. We saw around 10mm
fall across the city overnight and a top of 19 degrees. The North Shore picked up
more than 10mm. Te wettest spot was Turramurra. Temperatures today
were well below average with tops of just 19
in Homebush and Penrith. Top rainfall
for New South Wales today has been Ulladulla
with 143mm. Further heavy falls
are likely tonight. Tonight,
that low will shift eastwards bringing snow right along
the New South Wales ranges all the way up
the Queensland border. Around the nation:

Tonight we can expect
strong, southerly winds. Those won't hit until
the early hours of the morning. Then the rain will sweep through with locally heavy falls before things ease
into the afternoon. A wintry feeling day tomorrow as an east coast low develops off
the central New South Wales coast and that will push
gale force southerly winds along the coast
with gusts up to 100km/h. Some of us could see falls of
around 30-40mm close to the coast. Less in the west - around 10mm. Looking ahead - there's just the chance
of an afternoon shower on Saturday, clearing by Sunday morning. However, it will become fine
and warmer on Monday with winds swinging back towards
the north.

That will be perfect for a training for the bridges walk. No excuses!

And that's Seven News
for this Thursday. I'm Chris Bath,
thanks for your company. Ahead on 'Today Tonight' the teenager who saved a pensioner,
trapped on train tracks. That's next.

Good evening. Thanks for joining us. First tonight - a dangerously close call
for a 58-year-old grandmother left stranded and helpless
on railway tracks with a train approaching. The brakes on her motorised scooter
had failed and if it wasn't for a teenager
who came to the rescue, the outcome could've been
a whole lot worse. Georgia Main has more.

How does it feel coming back here? Pretty scary. Monday, mid-morning. Mooroolbark train station
in Melbourne's east. The commuter peak
has come to an end. The station, almost deserted.

There wasn't enough time
to do anything. 58-year-old Margaret
had been visiting her grandchildren and was on her way home.

The disability pensioner had planned to catch
the 10:56am service to Blackburn. Little did she know
she'd never make the trip.

It was a trip she'd made
dozens of times before. There was no way Margaret could have
anticipated what happened next. There's a shelter
at the end of the platform... Mm-hm. ..and I tried to reverse
through the door. I had to position my scooter right
so I had to go forward first and then when I released the lever,
it should have stopped