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(generated from captions) You're watching the Today show live from New York City. It's good to have your company across Australia. It's been an extraordinary couple of days in Parliament, hasn't it? Now Labor has begun in-fighting over the handling of the Peter Slipper scandal while the Opposition has been caught courting the vote of Craig Thomson. Joining me to discuss all of this is Stephen Conroy, the Communications Minister. Stephen, I might, if we can, firstly start with Bali. Officials in Bali have confirmed a very real threat too Australians at the memorial service. Are extra precautions being put in place? We're working closely with the Indonesian government. We take seriously the intelligence that is gathered and I think the Indonesians have announced there will be nearly 1,500 police and army involved in the security operation and we obviously don't comment on exactly what the security precautions are before an event. But we're very conscious and working very closely with the Indonesian government to ensure that there's no incident. You're comfortable with where things are at, though?Well, look, we're working very closely. Obviously in Indonesia we have to work closely and take that seriously, but we're very conscious of the intelligence that's been received. Alright. Let's move on to Parliament now. It's a gender war in Parliament. Both sides are fighting happily, it seems. Are you happy to see that kind of thing going on in Parliament?I think what we've seen in the last few days is the revealing of some unacceptable commentary and Peter Slipper has now done the right thing and resigned. I think we've seen Tony Abbott spend three or four days on a 'charm offensive' and then walks into Parliament and channels Alan Jones and says to the Prime Minister that the Government should have died of shame, the very words that Alan Jones used, Tony Abbott then channels. I think three or four days of 'charm offensive' publicity with his wife and then he's into the Parliament doing exactly what he's always been doing. It just shows that Tony Abbott, when it comes to these issues, really struggles. You must have known these text messages were coming.Look, no. These were part of an ongoing court case. And they're still part of an ongoing court case and the Parliament should stop trying to pretend that it's a court and it should respect the legal processes and these are cheap political stunts that Tony Abbott's been involved in and those text messages are part of a court case. A judge has reserved his decision on that. And yet Tony Abbott wants to decide to Grandstand and pull stunts in the Parliament around the very evidence in a court case. You must admit they were pretty disgusting. You'd concede that, wouldn't you?Absolutely. These were offensive and they didn't reflect well on Peter Slipper and Peter Slipper's done the right thing. He's resigned. And it's time now for the Parliament to concentrate on the policy issues, to concentrate on delivering the National Disability Insurance Scheme, to concentrate on the roll- out of the National Broadband Network and to continue to debate and deliver sound economic management for this country. Alright. The Prime Minister in her support of the vote for Peter Slipper to stay where he was is being called - or she's been called on a lack of judgment in regards to that. The 'Herald Sun' goes a step further on this morning's front page and says it's given new hope to Kevin Rudd supporters. He's on the way back.Kevin Rudd said in the last few days that he's supporting the Prime Minister and to see if a few disgruntled people running off at the mouth is very disappointing. I mean the Prime Minister comprehensively won a ballot, comprehensively won a ballot. Kevin Rudd said he won't challenge. And yet we've still got a few people who are prepared to support and the Liberal Party's campaign and to undermine the Government. This is just unacceptable behaviour. Unnamed sources. We've been through this already. We've dealt with this matter and now we want to concentrate on delivering the National Disability Insurance Scheme on rolling out the National Broadband Network and continuing to deliver sound economic management. It just doesn't go away, does he? Well, as I said, Kevin has said publicly that he won't challenge so he is supporting the Prime Minister through the election. So it's just very frustrating that a few idle comments by a few backbenchers intent on destabilising get such prominence but that's politics. We've got to get used to it. We're not going to be distracted from keeping unemployment at 5%, from keeping the lowest interest rates that have been in years, much lower than under John Howard, and delivering sound economic management. That's the core function of a government. We're not going to be distracted -I just distracted you then with the Kevin Rudd stuff. You're very distracted by that. And you're very cranky. Let's end with that one - business leaders are calling for an early election given what's happening in Parliament. Why not just do it and get it over and done with?Look, the Labor Government has passed an enormous amount of legislation. We've not been defeated on a single bill, so the Parliament is working. This is the Parliament the Australian people -So take that record to the electorate.Well, we were elected for three years. We gave a commitment to the Independents that we would serve a full term and we have prosecuted our parliamentary legislative agenda and we've passed all the legislation that we've wanted to pass. It's as simple as that. We're delivering the business, the certainty through a parliamentary agenda in all of the areas that we've needed to to deliver a surplus, to keep unemployment low, to keep inflation low and to grow the economy. That's what we've delivered in the light of this -- life of this Parliament.Alright. Sounds like you're in election mode already so it's coming. Good on you, Stephen. Good to talk to you again.