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This morning - Australian dignitaries set to attend
memorial services in Bali despite security threats. The fallout
from Peter Slipper's resignation as Independents deny he was pushed. And the worldwide Toyota recall.
Could your car be affected? VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News
with Natalie Barr. Good morning. Indonesian authorities
are on high alert ahead of tomorrow's ceremony to mark the 10th anniversary
of the Bali bombings. They've confirmed
they have information of a possible terrorist attack
on visiting dignitaries, including our Prime Minister.

A decade on
from the deadly Bali bombings, security forces in Indonesia
prepare for a new threat. Authorities say
they have credible intelligence that suggests
an attack is being planned TRANSLATOR:
It's true there is an indication that terrorists have entered Bali
and there is a threat to VIP guests. Among those flying in
for the commemorations - Prime Minister Julia Gillard. People should always check the Department of Foreign Affairs
and Trade travel advice warnings but I do want to be in Bali
for the 10-year commemorations. The Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, and former prime minister
John Howard are also set to attend. More than 1,500 police
and military personnel, including snipers, will be deployed to sites
around the island. As officials focus
on ramping up security Australians in Bali
have expressed disgust at seeing the Sari Club bombing site
being used as a car park and public urinal. It's just heartbreaking. You leave some flowers at the spot where your loved ones
passed away there and then to see them driven over... It's a bit disheartening. Yeah, I wish it wasn't happening,
but it is. The local governor says he's trying to get the land's owner
to sell it at a realistic price. Only then
can a special memorial be built. Julia Gillard's judgment and
leadership has come under fire again as her critics slam her decision
to back Peter Slipper before he resigned as Speaker. Ms Gillard still has the party
numbers to remain Prime Minister but some Labor MPs have reignited
efforts to back Kevin Rudd. While Independent MP Rob Oakeshott
has denied giving the former speaker
an ultimatum before he stood down.

I gave him the option
of a brutal no-confidence motion being supported on the floor
of the house or a little bit of dignity
at his end and going in and resigning himself. Mr Oakeshott denies he forced
Mr Slipper out of his position. Disgraced Labor MP Craig Thomson
is back in the headlines today with claims a senior coalition frontbencher
has been caught secretly trying to secure his vote. News Limited reports a letter confirms
a formal approach was made to the MP asking him to support
a Coalition superannuation bill. The letter was delivered
via internal mail from Shadow Assistant Treasurer
Senator Mathias Cormann. Tony Abbott has apparently
been shown the document and says there is no way the Coalition would accept
Mr Thomson's vote. The Federal Government has defended
calling Tony Abbott a misogynist in what's being considered
the roughest Parliament ever. I've been in Parliament
for 10 years and I've said to people
quite a number of times, this is the most aggressive
I've ever seen it. The Prime Minister has called for
an end to the debate over gender, saying enough is enough. Toyota is recalling
up to 300,000 cars in Australia over an electrical problem
with power windows. The car-maker
has warned its customers to contact their local dealers if they own a Corolla, Kluger,
RAV4, Yaris, Aurion or Camry built between 2006 and 2010. They'll need to get
the master switch checked. It's the biggest recall ever
for the car manufacturer with warnings on more than
seven million vehicles worldwide. The Transport Safety Bureau
has launched an investigation into an incident
involving two Qantas planes. Last week, a 737 with 155 passengers onboard
took off from Darwin, bound for Melbourne. Minutes later, an incoming Qantas aircraft
carrying 115 passengers was cleared to descend through
the first plane's flight path. At 250m apart,

the collision-avoidance system
alerted both pilots. An air traffic controller has been
suspended during the inquiry. An elderly Sydney driver
is fighting to keep his licence after crashing through a bookstore -
twice. he didn't hurt anyone
or cause much damage so should be allowed
to stay behind the wheel. Just shows you, We love Woody to pieces. He's a lovely character, but when it comes
to it happening twice, well, it shouldn't even happen
the first time. It's dangerous. Police are planning to confiscate
Mr Wood's licence. Prime Minister Julia Gillard
has praised the bravery of a teenage girl in Pakistan who was shot by the Taliban
this week. Ms Gillard discussed the incident as she launched the first ever United Nations
International Day of the Girl in Canberra last night. This attack was no accident. Malala was targeted because she was
a girls' activist for education. The 14-year-old was shot in the head
on her school bus. She remains in a critical condition. The Duchess of Cambridge
has carried out the first of a string
of official engagements without her husband by her side. Prince William was attending
the funeral of his former nanny but Kate looked extremely relaxed
flying solo.

This was not the Duchess
of Cambridge's first solo engagement but it was the first time she's done
a full series of public events without Prince William at her side. But the days of talking about Kate finding her feet
as a member of the Royal Family are long gone. For all the smiling faces, there remains a cloud
on the royal horizon. Officials are still pursuing
the photographer who took topless pictures of Kate
on holiday in France and they still want
a criminal prosecution. For William and Kate, the incident
has been a painful lesson. They're going to be involved
with the media for the rest of their lives. I think they may well be cautious
about where they're go and what they do. And I think they need people
who will advise them and say, "That old boat
that's sitting out there "while you're lying
on the top of a yacht, "that's probably got a photographer
in it." Prince William, meanwhile,
was in Essex attending the funeral
of his former nanny, Olga Powell. He arrived with the sisters
of the Diana Princess of Wales - Lady Jane Fellowes
and Lady Sarah McCorquodale. Olga Powell looked after William
and his brother Harry during the stormiest period
of their parents' marriage. And she was an important figure
in their lives. Back in Newcastle, Kate met people involved in the Olympics
and Paralympics, including 14-year-old Will Hardy
who carried the Olympic flame. Oh, it was fantastic.
It was really exciting. This was Kate at her most relaxed. If controversy over
intrusive photographs has upset her, it doesn't show.

Now for your first look
at Thursday's weather.

Rain and the chance of a storm
developing in Brisbane.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am -
shopping from the comfort of home. We talk to the boss of one of
the most popular fashion websites. But next on Seven Early News - more trouble
for the Brisbane brothers accused of impersonating
war veterans. And what's she done now? Police called
to Lindsay Lohan's house again.

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Twin brothers accused of
impersonating returned war veterans are facing up to a year in jail
if they're convicted. John Hines and George Carr
have fronted court in Brisbane after police say they took part
in this year's Anzac Day march. MAN: How does it feel coming to
court today? Are you ashamed about this? No, I'm not ashamed
about anything I have done. You're not ashamed about this? Nope. Why's that? I can't tell you anything. You're accused
of impersonating a soldier. How are you not ashamed of that? I've been advised
not to say anything, I'm sorry. The pair allegedly wore medals
they hadn't earned.

Violent clashes have broken out
on the streets of Chile between police
and student protesters. Hundreds took to the streets
to rally against a proposed new law that would restrict the right
to protest in public places. (YELLING)

A number of fires were started as riot police fought back
with water tanks. Some protesters were arrested. A Chinese construction worker
has been pulled to safety after a sudden landslide. The man became trapped
in an underground pit when a large rock fell
from a nearby hill. Rescuers had to move the rubble
by hand before drilling through the rock. They used a rope
to drag the man from the hole. Incredibly, he suffered
only minor injuries. Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan has
had yet another brush with the law. Police were called to the actress's
childhood home in Long Island after reports of fighting
between Lohan and her mother. It's understood the domestic incident happened
after a night out clubbing together. No charges were laid. He's the unlikely character that's been caught up
in American politics. Big Bird has unofficially become
the face of an Obama campaign. The President's team has used
the 'Sesame Street' favourite to attack Mitt Romney as the race to the White House
continues. VOICEOVER: Big, yellow,
a menace to our economy. Mitt Romney knows it's not
Wall Street you have to worry about, it's 'Sesame Street'. In the biggest election of the year
in the world's biggest superpower, one of the biggest issues - Big Bird. Big Bird. Big Bird. It's me, Big Bird. But have the potential sacking
of 'Sesame Street', Obama's big dig at Mitt Romney, after the Republican candidate
promised these cuts to public television. I'm gonna stop the subsidy PBS,
I'm going to stop other things. I like PDS. I love Big Bird.
I actually like you to. But I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna
keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China
to pay for it. # And Romney fires Big Bird... # The reaction may look like
playground politics in every sense, but Obama is milking it.

This is what he's been saying
every time he's asked the question. "Well, we can cut out PBS." So, for all you mums and kids
out there, don't worry. Somebody's finally getting tough
on Big Bird. But Big Bird doesn't do politics. to be taken out of campaign ads. # How to get to 'Sesame Street'... # This race isn't about
how to get to 'Sesame Street', but the White House. And, right now, even Big Bird
can't help Obama with his numbers as Romney pulls ahead in the polls. Your first finance this Early News.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am -
the Aussie castle on the market. We'll tell you how you can pick up
your own personal palace. But next on Seven Early News - the Kangaroos keen to let the Kiwis
feel the heat in Townsville. And American authorities set
to release their doping evidence against cycling superstar
Lance Armstrong.


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The stories we're following
on the Early News - Bali is on high alert
in the wake of credible information about a plot to attack those attending the 10th anniversary
of the bombings in Kuta. Prime Minister Julia Gillard
is expected to be at the service. Independent MP Rob Oakeshott
has denied he forced Peter Slipper
to leave his position as Speaker. Mr Oakeshott is now hoping
Parliament can return to normal. And Toyota has issued a warning
to thousands of drivers. The car manufacturer is recalling
up to 300,000 cars in Australia over an electrical problem
with power windows. Now it's over to Mark Beretta
with all the day's sport.

Don't need that, do you? The old winder, Nat.

The doping evidence against
cycling legend Lance Armstrong will be made public today. The United States
Anti-Doping Association says Armstrong was the kingpin of
the most sophisticated drug program in sports history during his time
with the US Postal team. The evidence will include
sworn statements from 11 former team-mates and lab results USADA say prove
Armstrong regularly used drugs during a career which netted
seven Tour de France titles. Armstrong has denied ever doping and his lawyer says the USADA report
will be "a one-sided hatchet job". Melbourne midfielder Brent Moloney will sign a two-year deal
with the Brisbane Lions after completing a routine medical
today. The Demons are contemplating
making a trade move for Essendon forward Scott Gumbleton but face stiff competition
from Fremantle. Scott Gumbleton has managed
just 28 games in six years but after playing six
of the last seven games this season, there's a feeling his injury-prone body
may have turned the corner. The Dockers are interested. They've met with
the former Peel Thunder player. Now it's his call. Well, he's a required player,
he's got a contract in front of him. I understand he's in Perth
at the moment just weighing up
what he wants to do. I'm in regular dialogue
with his manager. Um, no-one's really come to us
right now and put a firm offer to us but, having said that, you know,
heard he's made quite clear that he'd like to keep him, um,
here at the club. In the deal of the day, Geelong landed
homesick Gold Coast Sun Josh Caddy and it looks like North Melbourne's
Hamish McIntosh is also on his way to Symonds Stadium. And just 12 months after winning
the Demons' Fairest and Best, Brent Moloney has joined
the Brisbane Lions as a free agent. And a day after he became an Eagle, a clearer picture of the
Sharrod Wellingham deal has emerged. Sources close to the club say Wellingham has signed
for three years, not four in a deal understood to be worth
around $1 million over those three years.

The Kangaroos will be looking
to exploit their fitness edge over New Zealand in this weekend's one-off test
in Townsville. The Aussies have rejected a request
for drinks breaks during the match preferring to let the Kiwis
sweat it out in the hot and humid conditions.

Conditions are going to be tough to play in. So both feems will be experience -- teams will be experiencing that. I think whoever holds the ball will go a long way to winning the game.

Coach Tim Sheens has given the Aussie squad a break
from training today. Brisbane Roar players insist
they won't be intimidated by the return of former coach
Ange Postecoglou in this weekend's clash
with Melbourne Victory. The reigning champions believe
they're a better team under new coach Rado Vidosic It's got nothing to do with Ange,
it's just the Victory. They lost their first game,
we lost ours so that adds a lot of pressure. Adelaide United is looking to build on its impressive start
to the season in tomorrow night's encounter with
A-League newcomers Western Sydney. A Chinese blogger has apologised for making a death threat
to tennis superstar Roger Federer but hasn't been arrested
over the incident. The threat prompted officials
to ramp up security at the Shanghai Masters. But Federer has blocked out
the drama cruising through his opening match
in straight sets. He already has one eye
on January's Australian Open. I was already looking forward
to 2013.

And beyond, just making sure if I came here, I was not going to make a mistake.

World number two Novak Djokovic
also advanced to round three.

That is just classic Roger, planning ahead, got the Australian Open all set to go. Thanks, yes, next the weather in your part of the country.

VOICEOVER: We all know that:

The future of this state
depends on it. Our kids are counting on it. But the O'Farrell Government is ripping the guts out of
TAFE colleges and public schools. And ripping off our kids with it. And more cuts to come for sure. When these kids can't get a job, are we gonna say, "We knew what
would happen, but did nothing"? No. No! We're going to take a stand.
(SCHOOL BELL RINGS) Get online and tell O'Farrell
to reverse the education cuts.

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A bit of shock...

Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up
around the country. A very strong upper cold pool
will continue to bring showers to the South Australian
and Victorian coasts. There's also a cloud band
over Queensland with rain and some thunder storms.

And that's Seven Early News
for this Thursday. I'm Natalie Barr.
Stand-by now for Sunrise. Supertext captions
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