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(generated from captions) to compromise with Republicans,

which I think is what angered
his own party so much at times.

It seemed like a fool's errand.

The staffs of both the House
and the Senate,

as well as the White House staff

have been working very hard
to try to narrow the differences.

We made some progress today,

those differences
have been narrowed.

If he didn't change the way
he was trying to...

push through his health care bill,
it was gonna die.

Well, the president had many
legislative near-death experiences

with health care, I mean...

I can't tell you the number of times
it was pronounced virtually dead.

They said his presidency
was finished,

that he would never get
anything done ever again.

If he didn't get more involved,

if he didn't take this thing
by the throat and make it happen,

it was gonna fall apart.

Everyone, Democrats,
Republicans, the media,

everyone said
that was finished, over.

Health care was dead
and the presidency was over.

Two months later
he signed health care into law.

That's a remarkable turnaround.

After fierce bargaining and many
concessions, the bill was passed

thanks to a procedure which required
only a simple majority.

Though Obama won,

the reform falls short
of his electoral promises

and will leave 23 million people
without medical coverage.

Moreover, the final outcome will
depend on the Supreme Court

and that could take months.

Not perfect - health care
not perfect, frankly not perfect,

but compared to nothing,
much better.

He played the game
brilliantly and judiciously

and he's coming out
ahead in the end.

And to quote my favourite

"That's a big fucking deal!"

It was a euphoric moment, the night
that health care was passed.

We were on the Truman Balcony,

and one of the things he said was
"Enjoy this.

"This is why we're here.

"The feeling you have right now

"and the exuberance and the praise
we're all getting now

"you know, that's not gonna last.

"There are gonna be tough times
ahead, so savour this."

He recognised that there would be
tougher times to come.

At the beginning of November 2010,

Barack Obama will have to face
mid-term elections,

the Congressional elections,

which take place halfway through
a president's four-year term.

The election doesn't bode well.

The economic crisis is ongoing

and has destroyed any hopes
of growth in the near future.

Inequality is entrenched.

The bailout's effects have
rapidly run out of steam.

The president's approval rating
has sunk to under 50%.

The grace period is over.

Captions (c) SBS Australia 2012

This program is captioned live. Ali security threat. World leaders will be targeted at anniversary services.I do want to be in Bali for the 10-year commemorations.The fall-out from the Peter Slipper scandal. Senior MPs talk to us about sexism in politics. That I had not jumped up and down to claim sexism. I have brushed them off as fools and idiots. Sexism needs to be condemned wherever it comes from. A Russian court rules on Pussy Riot. The world on Pussy Riot. The world of reels in horror when a girl his shot for going to school. I will get my education whether it is in the home of these school. Good evening. hese school. Good evening. There are fears tonight a terrorist group is targeting the group is targeting the 10th anniversary commemorations ofanniversary commemorations of the Bali bombing. Security officers in Bali have confirmed the threats. The Prime Minister says and that she will be at the service on Friday, no matter what. Indonesian authorities are leaving nothing to chance. Security forces were on show today, scores of heavily armed police, they paraded before the cameras.

And they might need every one of those officers. Police revealed they had information of a credible threat to Friday's ceremony, marking the 10th anniversary of the bombings.

Those dignitaries will include Prime Minister will include Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who, in spite of the threat, was determined to at, was determined to be in Bali for the memorial service.I do want to be in Bali for the 10-year commemorations. Families will be travelling there. It will be a day in which we pay our respects.202 people were killed in the 2002 bombings, including 88 Australians. Some survivors and relatives of victims chose relatives of victims chose not to be here for the 10th anniversary. Some have said that they were never stepped foot in Bali again, for them it holds only painful memories, but among others who have come back is a man with a mission. He also suffered horrific burns in the bombings, a decade on, he believes that many n, he believes that many lessons have been learned. We were basically slaughtered. I believe that htered. I believe that 88 Australians did not die for nothing. Good things come out a bad situations.He wants compensation for bombing victims, and says that he will raise it directly with the Prime Minister. Tension is still high around Parliament House following the resignation of Peter Slipper as a speaker. The language used on both sides of the house is being carefully examined by members for any hint of sexism. The morning after the night before, the former Speaker returned to work as a backbencher. Were you unfairly treated? Even though he resigned, the Opposition is still attacking Julia Gillard, because Labor voted for Peter bor voted for Peter Slipper to remain as the Speaker.This is a prime minister with no judgement. She puts her own personal judge -- ambition ahead of good public policy.She did condemn his text messages but she did not condemn him.I do not believe the parliament should be a kangaroo court.She will be remembered as the Prime Minister who let down the women of Australia.Despite the attacks, the Coalition will accept Peter Slipper's vote.I think there is a fundamental difference between Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson. There was sent echo of Alan Jones's comment that they Julia Gillard's father died of shame.Another day of shame for a Government which should have already died of shame. These are most offensive remarks that a Prime Minister should have to put up with.Tony Abbott says it is a phrase that he often uses.I was oblivious when I was making that speech.There has been more colourful been more colourful language.The Leader of the Opposition does referred to me as a piece of work, I require that to be withdrawn.If I described one of the members over there as a Sheila, I would be accused of a sexist remark.The Opposition claims Julia pposition claims Julia Gillard is trying to use the debate as a shield against criticism of her Government. They say that she is using the charge of misogyny as a weapon against her critics. Tony Abbott has had enough. I think it is time that everyone in the parliament moved on.The idea of the Prime Minister's fiery counter-attack has gone viral on British and viral on British and US websites.I would not be es.I would not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man.The New Yorkers says that Julia Gillard could teach President Obama a thing or two about forceful public speaking. Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella was one of the women subjected to crude comments in d to crude comments in Peter Slipper's text messages, but says that she was not offended. She told me that while she was t while she was comfortable sitting in Parliament as the comments were bred out, she would not have been comfortable with Peter Slipper in the chair.His comments against me, against women, showed that he did not have the basic skills to perform the to perform the first important role of the a speaker, which is to be an independent umpire.There seems to be a lot of talk about sexism in general. But we have a female head of state, Governor-General, deputy Opposition Leader and now a speaker. Is there a sense of sexism in politics?What has happened over the last few weeks and the last day is that the Prime Minister and the Government is trying to avoid it right and proper scrutiny of their policies, off utiny of their policies, off their mismanagement of the Australian economy, by claiming sexism.economy, by claiming sexism. I did not believe the Prime believe the Prime Minister is a victim. She is an ictim. She is an experienced politician, a cunning politician, she is trying to hide behind the claims of sexism to avoid the Opposition are doing its job, which is to hold the Government to attack, and criticising poor performance and bad policies, and policy that Fox, that is not sexism. -- policy black fibbing.So you have never experienced any form of sexism in your role?I had experienced comments, of course. But they have come from the Labor side, but I have not a jumped up and down to claims sexism, I have brushed them off as false and EDF and got on with the job, and I am certainly not the sort of person to try and absolve myself from my duties as an MP, by hiding behind the sexism claims, claims of sexism, which the Prime Minister is doing. We have got to the ridiculous level where a politician looking at their watch it while a female politician is speaking is supposedly sexism. It is absurd. I think the Australian public can see through this, these faint outcries of sexism, and say, get on with the job, try to give us good government and good debate, and be accountable for your actions. Greens deputy leader Adam Bandt said the standard of Australian politicians is slipping.I think it is a growing problem. In the life of this Parliament, there has been a sense that anything is fair game, especially with ng is fair game, especially with regards to the Prime Minister. You can have a debate about policy, but there has been a re has been a sense in which people have felt that it is OK to while up certain kinds of hatred, and I think that Australia is the poorer for it.Do you think that our male politicians should be treating our female politicians differently?In some instances, yes. I do think the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, probably should be having a different approach to women generally, and the Prime Minister made some pretty good points in her response to him.Do you think at times what hink at times what can be perceived as firm questioning, or a comment that has a bit of nastiness, can be perceived as sexism?I do not think so. I think everyone is fairly robust and airly robust and people understand the nature of the environment that we are stepping into, that there will be debate. It is a democracy and you will not want to limit what people say. But there are times when one clearly goes over the line, you start standing in front of signs that nt of signs that refer to someone in a derogatory way, and you refuse to dissociate yourself from it, when he arbours like Alan Jones who are close to you, making statements about the Prime Minister's father, and you refuse to condemn them until you n them until you are accorded to act on it, that has gone too far. There are extended versions of both of those interviews on our website. A court has ruled in the appeal by Russian punk band the party right. -- Pussy Riot. They had been sentenced to jail over a protest in a church. Back in court after being convicted of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred, two members of Pussy Riot have lost their appeal against a 2-year jail sentence for a spirited attack on the Russian establishment. But reason to celebrate for another member, on the left, given a suspended sentence. She argued that she was removed from the church before the break took place. The band refused to repent, but denied any religious hatred in ny religious hatred in their so-called a punk prayer, just ed a punk prayer, just an attack on Vladimir Putin's Russia. The defence claimed that his fence claimed that his comments supporting the prosecution constituted a pressure on the courts, and lawyers for those offended by the stunt called for the stunt called for the jail terms to be upheld. The members held. The members were arrested after their anti-crimerrested after their anti-crime and protest inside Moscow's main cathedral him proud - - in February. One supporter highlighted the supporter highlighted the cosy relationship between the clergy and the government, after d the government, after he referred it to President Putin as a miracle of God. Yet the result continues to highlight the chasm between Moscow and the West. The band has also made a list of finalists for the EU's annual Human Rights Prize. Already been nominated his support for their work.That in Russia, public polling shows little sympathy for le sympathy for Pussy Riot's actions. There has been global condemnation of the shooting of a 14-year-old girl in Pakistan. She was shot in the head by the Taliban because she agitated for the right of girls to go to school. Doctors will decide whether to fly her to a better equipped hospital tonight. This is . This is Malala Yousafzai with her father, filmed by Al Jazeera two years ago. She was worried that the Taliban would attacker for speaking out against cker for speaking out against the group.They can do anything. In the daytime, or girls are used to hide, to pretend that they are to pretend that they are not students.It seems that she was right to be frightened. On Tuesday morning, she was in a ban on her way home when two Taliban fighters shot her in the neck and head. Two other girls were also injured.TRANSLATION: The other man said, where his Malala Yousafzai? The man started firing a handgun. I do not know what happened to me, I found myself in hospital.A Taliban spokesperson has claimed responsibility for the attack. Malala Yousafzai became renowned for became renowned for demanding that girls be given the right to education.

This was in early 2009. The Taliban had control of Pakistan's Swat valley. It had closed girls schools, and set up special courts. She ended up on a Taliban target list. By the end of the year, the Pakistani government had retaking control of retaking control of the valley, and she was given the ey, and she was given the National Peace Award.

She was a student who wanted to learn. But now she is fighting to lead. In the past few minutes, the BBC has taken a call from a person who had just om a person who had just seen Malala Yousafzai, and says that her face is Wallen, she is in pain but her spirit is just the same. After the break - a coroner hears accusations of excessive taser use by police.

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VOICEOVER: Some plan B's
are smarter than others.


The inquest into the death of a Brazilian student who collapsed and died in Sydney after being tasered by police has been told that one police officer's told that one police officer's recollection was a figment of his imagination. The allegation was made by the lawyer representing the dead man's family and was rejected by the officer. Day three of the Cronulla's inquest into the death of Roberto Laudisio Curti, and the court heard evidence as to rd evidence as to the state of mind of him in the final hours before he was apprehended and tasered by police. Psychiatrist Dr Jonathan Phillips told the court he believed there was no doubt that he was in a bright induced a brief psychotic state. It was clear that he was trying to flee from police, but said the officers had no way of being able to properly assess his mental state. The officer who first tasered Roberto Laudisio Curti also gave evidence. The deer from the camera mounted on his taser was released by the court. -- of video. He was questioned as to why he had discharged his why he had discharged his taser a second time, 44 seconds after the original firing, after he was already handcuffed and restrained. In the confusion, he ed. In the confusion, he did not realise that he was probably handcuffed. At the time he felt he was justified. During his stified. During his examination, counsel for the family asked that another police video be shown, it came from the taser of one of the officers at the scene, a probationary constable, who is ary constable, who is alleged to have discharged he stays up five times. Roberto Laudisio Curti's two sisters were asked to rs were asked to leave the courtroom because of the distressing nature of the video. The images from that video were ages from that video were not clear. The audio capture it audio capture it the sound of mortar Forte's aspiring, police warning Roberto Laudisio Curti not to resist, and his cries of help. Police could be heard laughing in the background, the council suggested. That was denied by the witness. The inquest continues tomorrow. Two US scientists have won the Nobel Prize for chemistry. Rebecca with M Brian Kobilka led comprehensive research into cell receptors, and how they respond to light, the y respond to light, the smell and the body's own chemicals. Half of all medications were through these receptors, and so the rs, and so the research has led to significant developments in the field of medicine. A third character is beginning to play a major role in the US election and he is not even on the ballot paper. 'Sesame Street''s Big Bird has become the surprise player of the campaign, ever since Mitt Romney named him in the first debate. There is a growing sense of anticipation among the Mitt Romney camp. The drama that is unfolding reflected by the choice of music, the crowds are getting bigger, the polls finally ing bigger, the polls finally allowing Mitt Romney's supporters to think the unthinkable.

Mitt Romney with a spring in is that following last week's debate, adopting a eek's debate, adopting a new approach. His family urging him to display the real Mitt Romney.I was happy to put my hand on his shoulder and banking, to express my love to him and ask it got to press him. -- got to bless. He was talking about an old friend. It is rare that you get the chance to tell somebody that you love them. He has been in Ohio, a state that he must win if he is to get to the White House. A state that is again him play following last week's debate.

Criminals, gluttons of greed, and the evil genius it how what over them, one man has the guts to speak his name.Big Bird.Oscar is hiding out in Oscar is hiding out in a trash can. Elmo is running for the border. He wants to let a Wall Street run wild but he is going to bring down the hammer on 'Sesame Street'.These are tough times with serious issues. You have to scratch your head when the President has spent the last week trying to save Big Bird.The company behind Big Bird is also not amused.Mitt Romney knows it is not Wall Street you need to worry about, it is 'Sesame Street'. Join us for special coverage of the American vice presidential debate on Friday, live from noon in most Eastern States. Check your local guide. In finance, the owners of Channel 9 are one step closer to avoiding receivership. Nine Entertainment Group has signed a deal with one of its smaller financiers, Goldman Sachs, for a debt restructure. But it needs the support of its major lenders to proceed.

Tomorrow's unemployment data may show a jobless rate of 5.3%. If that happens, it would be a 3-month high. Coming up - but the weather and advancing North her and advancing North Korea's fare. A Pyongyang land might his back up and running.

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A cold front is passing through the south-east.

A cold front is passing through the
south-east. Some scattered high cloud throughout the interior. A few silly hours for Adelaide Ain Cairns. -- a few showers.

It is just what the people of Pyongyang needed, their funfair repaid. The funfair is back up and running after the North Korean leader complained about its run- down state the last time he visited. The riots may not seem particularly scary, but the locals are grateful. This woman e grateful. This woman said she felt very good after riding the roller-coaster. I felt as ler-coaster. I felt as if I was flying in the sky thanks to the loving care of our fatherly general, she said. She is unlikely to e said. She is unlikely to ride it again, it cost 1,000 North Korean won, which is $7.50, but about half the average monthly wage. One of the world's best known landmarks has been transformed. As the sun set, the famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro became a Tim Paine flight to mark breast cancer awareness month. Dees became Bath. -- became bathed. It is being billed in Brazil as Pink October.

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