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in Canberra today. The Song Company Choir
and the School of Music Chamber Swe
Choir are teaming up to present A Audien
Swedish Affair tomorrow night. sele
Audiences can expect an exciting scandinav
selection of music from the sprinklin
scandinavian region, with a
sprinkling of Australiana. music re
These are pieces that we don' t conc
really hear very often. Also the nurser
concert finishes with a little f
nursery rhyme from Sweden, a rather par
famous one actually that has been gr
paraphrased by rock musicians, pop Swed
groups, all around the place A Hal
Swedish Affair is on at Llewellyn hour
Hall. And that' s the WIN News D
hour for this Wednesday night. I' m
Danielle Post.....thanks for joinin us.Good night.

This man kidnapped his Australian baby girl and took her home to Lebanon where he virtually abandoned her. He is now back in Australia and living on the dole, while the child's frantic mother fights to bring her baby home.I want my baby. Now, I want her now. You are onboard a flight bound for Beirut. The baby girl's kidnapper is a man she trusts, a man who is supposed to look after her.Why aren't you looking after her? Instead, he will dump her in a country she doesn't know, people she's never met, speaking a language she's never heard.He abducted my daughter.But then abandoned her just as quickly.What sort of father abandons their child. He doesn't want to be with his baby daughter but he doesn't want his Australian wife Anna to have her either.You don't want her.You have left her in a foreign country. This is her mother.The baby has been left with her father's relatives and friends.Up to 11 people sharing a two-bedroom flat. She plays in the street below.And left her with people she doesn't know. Why aren't you over there looking after her?Instead, he has flown back here to Australia where he is now living on the dole.You don't want to be harried to an Australian. You don't want your daughter to be an Australian. Why are you here taking Australian taxpayers' money on the dole??When he sees our TV cameras, he is not happy.

happy.You can almost hear Anna's heartbreaking.I want my baby.As we go to air tonight, now 20-month- old, an Australian citizen, is in Lebanon without either of her parents.I want my baby.Her fer took her from Queensland in February this year. But then abandoned her overseas in June before returning to the Sydney suburb of Bunchbowl where he is now collecting Centrelink payments. Her mother is the only parent who wants to be with the baby girl. Yet the Australian government has advised her that she won't get her daughter back from the people looking after her in Lebanon.Where has she been abducted to I was asked and I said Lebanon.I said I'm still married, so I've no court papers. There's nothing the authorities can d.He has put her name at the airport and you can't bring her back.

you can't bring her back.Part of me is dead without her. I'm dead without her. She's my baby. That's not her family. I'm her family. That child doesn't have a father nor a mother now.Do you think he really loved you?I don't know. They met on an internet chat site.

They met on an internet chat site.
She was his meal ticket to come to Australia.Neena is Anna's very protective sister. Of it happened so quick. One minute she's here and the next she's over in Lebanon getting married. Our whole world turned upside down. When you told your friends and family you would marry a man you never met after speaking to him for just two weeks on the computer and that he was Muslim and that you didn't speak the same language, what did they say?Everybody in my family went crazy.She was looking for love and for a father for the other kids. That's all she wanted.He said that I had to become a Muslim to marry him.I wasn't allowed to wear short kirts anymore. I wasn't to show the leg, things like that.Within three months of arriving home to Australia with her new husband she was pregnant.He wanted a child. He made sure that I wasn't on the pill. Soon after her first birthday that little girl was gone. His mother is losing her sight. He insisted on taking their daughter to meet her before she went blind. Anna agreed for mother and daughter to go on a two-week holiday to the Middle East. I had three children here and nobody was here to look after them. Why don't you care?And then he turns around and tells you that he is a good Muslim. No, he's not. They don't take their children away from their mothers. Mr rea is the baby's grandmother.Nobody should take a child away from their mother.

take a child away from their mother.
Her family raised the money she needed.One of his sisters was hold can her. I went up to her and she was scared of me. She didn't know who I was. I said that I wanted to take my baby. This is my baby.Why didn't you just take her and run? Because I know that I can't get out of Lebanon.He had the passport locked away.And his relatives had the baby.Anna felt completely outnumbered. She couldn't get her daughter out and had to say goodbye. I was waiting for a miracle and it never came.This is the mother. What sort of father are you?I am the father.I went to the Australian embassy in Lebanon and they said that they couldn't just take her and grab her. The only way to get her back is going back with your husband and making it up.You had to get back with the man who took your daughter?Yes. She couldn't keep up the charade when he wouldn't give her any hope.When will you go to Lebanon again?I don't know.You don't care?It doesn't matter to you.She cries every day and I listen to it. As a sister, what can I do? I feel helpless. We are all helpless here. He should be deported. A as Lebanon is not a signatory to The Hague convention we are limited as to what we can do.It would be a sad outcome for this girl if she was left over there with no parent.It hurts and there's nothing I can do to bring her back. Every single door I've tried to open has been closed shut in my face. All we are is paperwork. I want the story to show the people we're not a number, an application, we are heart, soul and blood.I want my baby back. We'll try and help you get her back. So for now, he will continue to live in Australia and on the dole. He's a leach. He leached me, he leached everybody he touched. And now he's leaching off Australia. And Anna will continue to cry over her little girl lost.So what happens when she asks for mummy?I don't know..Do you worry she might forget you?Yes.Do you worry what she will be told about you?Yes. What's your greatest fear?My greatest fear is something happening to her.Please, I just want somebody to help us.I will fight forever. She's my daughter. She's my blood. And I will never be complete without her. So I will continue to fight. Until I die. To get her back in Australia. She did not ask for this.And despite assuring us we would receive an update on Anna's fight to get her baby back to Australia, the deefpt foreign affairs said it wouldn't comment on individual cases. Time for a complete change of pace - tonight regretting talking about weight gain onair.Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. And that's some potbelly.Kyle's health is appalling.Yes, the ice creams, chocolate. Then I realise that I drink 3.5 litres of milk per day and then the Weet-Bix I've six as my afternoon snack.What a fat bitter thing you are!The most foul-mouth DJ.This is the last night I ever want to see the jelly belly.Who has a problem with anybody who doesn't have a skinny belly.Now, the tables have turned. Now, this larger, loathing loaf is 134kg monster.After I weighed myself and people at my brother's work would say I'm 134kg. He's a monster now they said.His side kick has been weight watching him for the last six months. During which time he has put on a fightening 30kg.I am now 113.5.He really needs to sit down and not talk to his listeners about it. He needs to talk to a shrink about it. Like many, we are concerned about deeper psychological problems. People close to Kyle believe he does have a death wish. There is no doubt that every media outlet has comments ready to go.Kyle is officially obese.The dietitian is the aurt you are the of 'Belly Busting for Blokes'. If Kyle continues to gain weight at this rate he is a heart attack waiting to happen. Also being that big can effect how he feels of his self- image as well.When I set out to sell the Lamborghini, because I was too fat.

too fat. Kyle is protected inside. The 41-year-old's sick days are legendary. He missed his mate Brian McFadden's wedding and there have been dozens of times he has not turned up for his national radio show. Kyle hasn't made any great attempts to lose weight or get healthy. His biggest attempt was switching from KFC to Nandos. He has a favourite service station where he loves the chips and chocolate.He is at risk of diabetes and bowl cancer and heart attack. He will be feeling very heavy and less likely to exercise. There was a common school of thought that Kyle is an attack waiting to happenControlling our weight is a problem many of us face. And the taunting fat hater is now finding he is no different.Now, the rental dispute that defies belief in a bizarre loop hope a tenant is faced with paying thousands in council rates because the landlord refuses to pay-up.He has had to pay your council rates. They made up their own little law to help themselves.Do you think it's fair Peter should have to pay $8,000 for a bill that's yours, is that fair?The 47-year-old is about to go broke over a massive debt that belongs to this woman.It has turned around and I'm left holding the bill.He has been staying at this property in Campbelltown. He claims he had an agreement with the owner.I maintained the property and rebuilt and redid all of the repairs and once all of that was done I was allowed to stay there and just maintain the land for rent freeBut it was a visit from a council officer and the delivery of a letter that has left him gobsmacked.I was asked if I wanted to read what I said. My readings not that good so I said no.Two weeks later he received a court order. Responsible for $8,000 of unpaid rates. He had signed a document saying that he was the occupyer of the land.Had you ever heard of this loop hope?No, it's the first I've heard of it.I spoke to a lot of people and they are not aware that this can happen to them. Campbelltown Council has slugged Peter under a little known section of the government Act whereby it can serve the occupyer of any land with unpaid rates if the owner is unknown. Instead of paying rent to the landlord the tenant is supposed to pay the money to council. In Peter's case that wasn't a strong enough defence because he wasn't paying any rent.Peter has since moved out of the property. Campbelltown Council says it has been unable to find the owner but it took us just a few hours to track down the owner.She's hardly ruthless lady.She lives at the other end of the street from the property Peter was renting.We're talking to Peter and he claims he has had to pay your council rates. We are told she speaks English but seems to have lost her grasp on the language today.Your property down the road though, you owe $8,000 and you are making Peter pay that money. That doesn't seem very fair.At first, she claims in Italian not to know Peter but then admits he has moved out.Could you answer some of our questions in English, do you think?Do you think it's fair that Peter should have to pay $8,000 for a bill that's yours inIs that fair?No answers there. As for Peter, he is refusing to pay the bill.I'm not about to pay somebody else's land rates bill on a property that's not mine.My message for other tenants is to be careful of what they sign of people that come to the gate and to do a background check on the property before moving in to make sure everything is up-front and paid for. And after we got involved in that dispute, Campbelltown Council sent us a statement saying they won't be pursuing Peter. They will wait until the property is sold before claiming what they are owed. You can read the statement in full on our website. After the break - one of the world's biggest online fashion retailers targets Australian women with a new budget range. A little ebgts per amount two years ago when we launched free shipping to Australia was This program is not captioned. SONG: # Shake 'em all up
Make 'em all move # Like a six-storey lover
with an attitude # I'm checkin' you out
You're knockin' 'em dead # I asked the skywriter
This is what she said # You're all the best things
in one place, one place # You're the day-breaker,
You're a freaked-out superstar # You're all the best things
in one place, one place # And I-I-I-I-I am all about you

# Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom. #

This program is not captioned.

ASOS is one of the world's biggest online fashion retailers. It seems Australian women are the biggest fans, purchasing an item every six seconds. We have a special preview of their new Australian-only range. ASOS is fast fashion. They are putting consumers first from Australia.A little experiment two years ago when we launched free shipping to Australia was incredible and we haven't looked back.Nearly 25,000kg of clothing shipped here every single week. Bus of that popularity, they decided to launch an exclusive range for Australian shoppers.

Australian shoppers.The dress is $6 0, it's very reasonably priced. This one is $93 and the boo boots $46. This is $127 because it has a lot of hand crafted work on it.You guys feel hard done by because you get the season the season after. We've put that right. Nick is the founder and CEO of ASOS. Over the last 12 years he has watched his site expand and clothing worn by some very important people.They don't come bigger than Michelle Obama.Nick and his team are in town to launch the new range and to promote the scan to shopper.They are spending 70% of their time on the phone.It's not all about the ladies, there's plenty of range on offer for Australian men.This great purple colour is in season. The T-shirt is 21 and the shirts are $38.For once you are first, not last.And you'll find more information on that story at our website. We'll be back with more of A Current Affair in just a This program is not captioned. SONG: # Everybody, hang back
Get back, ooh # Take it in your stride... # When you're on the go,
carry on with KFC Crispy Rods. # Run, baby, run # Baby, run
Run, baby, run... #

This program is not captioned. (JAUNTY MUSIC) MAN: I admit it,
I like amateur dramatics. SONG: # Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday... # (DRUM ROLL)
# Thursday, Friday, Saturday... # (CYMBAL CLASH)
(CROWD CHEERS) And when the lights go on,
you've got to perform. # January, February,
into March and April Help! You've gotta give the audience
what they want.

# Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday # I love you. #

This program is not captioned.

Tomorrow night, Australia's train hero. Teenagers can sometimes get bad coverage. We will have an exclusive report for you tomorrow night, only on A Current Affair. Thanks for your company tonight. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is not captioned.

This program is captioned live.

Tonight on Big Brother - housemate kpwepbs housemate.I'm glad you're enjoying it.For the -- against housemate.I'm glad you're enjoying it.For the pris of a brand new car. This is hard.The time has come for your first territory challenge.Zoe puts Layla on the spot.Are you really attracted to Sam?Yeah.

There's a brand new car in the backyard this morning and housemates will soon be doing battle with each other to own it.

It reminds me of like - BIG BROTHER: Good morning, housemates. Housemates, you have 10 minutes to freshen up, change and assemble in the loungeroom.What are we doing?I reckon someone is going to drive home at the end of today with a car. BIG BROTHER: Housemates, dress for action.OK.For action? I'm never going to win.That's not the attitude to have, Layla.I saw the car and thought thal I'll never win it.Same.Now I'm like, "We're going to win. BIG BROTHER: Housemates, does anyone feel like winning a brand new car?Me!One of you will win the Holden parked in the backyard. Oh, my God.It is an electric car. It is the first of its kind in Australia. Today's challenge has two rounds. The first is a time trial to see which housemates can guide a metal ring around the car logo in the quickest time. The three fastest go through to the final. It sounds simple but the other housemates can interfere by firing water bombs and cannons at their rivals.Sam, we're going to destroy you.Sam is first off the mark.Good luck, Rambo.

If metal hits metal, an alarm sounds and it's back to the start.

Go, Rambo.This is harder than you thought, hey?Looks so hard.Sorry.

Don't screw it up.

After several false starts, Sam is the first one to complete the task. The best three times won't be revealed until the end of the challenge. Stacey is next up.

challenge. Stacey is next up. This is so hard. I can't get over the V. It's going to take all day.Just concentrate.I'm trying.