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Thank you very much. That's Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have a good evening. From

Social Justice Party. Tonight ... wi
Labor versus Liberals - will rates many
will triple? Mental health - how An
many Canberrans suffer an illness. th
And: the new wine to target one of
the world' s biggest economies. Goo b
evening, I' m Danielle Post, It' s election.
become THE issue of the ACT claim
election. The Canberra Liberals claim household rates will triple i the Government is re-elected. Labo c
says it' s incorrect. WIN News has yo
crunched the numbers, and can tell payin
you how much extra you could be lat
paying. A new Liberals ad - the n
latest assault on rates. There' s
no other way the numbers add up. Gover
That' s factually wrong. The Government is overhauling the ACT' ch
tax system, replacing inefficient revenue
charges with other sources of G
revenue. If you vote Labor or the t
Greens at this election and support these reforms, rates will triple. + option
They' re basing that on one tha
option within the Quinlan review, N
that the Government rejected. WIN
News has looked at budget papers an implemen
broken down the numbers. To find
implement reforms Labor needs to dol
find an extra forty seven million charg
dollars a year from residential hun
charges. Currently the ACT' s one hou
hundred and thirty seven thousand ne
households, each pay an average of ge
nearly fourteen hundred dollars in Tr
general rates. Taking into account ho
Treasury predictions for growth in on
housing, households will be paying o
on average three hundred and twenty
one dollars a year extra, by 2016. adjustme
There was one large one-off fr
adjustment this year when we moved from one tax rate to four. From nex adjust
year on they' re small annual exac
adjustments. Neither party has th
exact figures beyond 2016, because
that' s the limit of forecasts.Labo says it' s too hard to predict mor t
than 4 years ahead. I think that that is simply because they know if they do project forward, people wil get the truth and they' ll see jus Go
how much rates will go up. +y The introduc
Government' s reform will be clai
introduced over twenty years. It in
claims the Liberals are not taking a
into account commercial land rates, and growth in the Territory. Over
that twenty year period you' ll hav ll
other sources of revenue and you' ll have growth in your economy.

The ACT Opposition leader was toda Feder
questioned about what role the Federal Liberal leader is playing i Ses
the ACT campaign. Previously Zed no
Seselja has said Tony Abbott would bee
not be invited to. However, it' s gu
been revealed Mr Abbott has been a guest at several private fundraisin o
events. I' ve been asked whether inv
or not I' d be inviting him to be involved in the campaign. Of course h
that was in the context will we be was
having events together? I said it rul
wasn' t a focus for me. I didn' t a
rule it out. I said it wouldn' t be fo
a focus for me. It may well be a Ab
focus soon, late this afternoon Mr camp
Abbott' s office said he will be Liberals
campaigning for the Canberra bee
Liberals. No further details have
been announced. A man from Downer t
testing out a V8 car for the first kilom
time was caught speeding ninety twenty
kilometres over the limit. The
twenty-five-year-old was detected b Theo
police on the Monaro Highway in one-hundre
Theodore He was clocked at eigh
one-hundred-and-seventy ks in an one-th
eighty zone. Officers issued a fin
one-thousand-eight-hundred dollar point
fine. The man has also lost six thousa
points. New research has found ill
thousands of people with a mental crac
illness are slipping through the Canberra
cracks. Around nine thousand me
Canberrans are known to suffer ill ha
mental health, it' s believed only Tarry
half are receiving treatment. h
Tarryn Smith used to hear voices in
her head. "I got quite paranoid, got quite scared of people and lif homele
in general." After bouts of Ta
homelessness and hospitalisations, dep
Tarryn was finally diagnosed with no
depression and schizophrenia - but discrimina
not before she experienced "When
discrimination beyond belief. lot
"When I was a lot younger I had a fr
lot of bright red scars on my arms c
from self harm and you get a lot of unseen
comments." Mental illness is misu
unseen - therefore it' s largely
misunderstood and prejudice is stil the
a common side affect. "What is illne
the difference between a mental yo
illness and a physical illness? If it'
you' ve got a chronic disease and goo
it' s physical, then you' ll have sam
good days and bad days, it' s the re
same with a mental illness." New Fell
research from the Mental Illness
Fellowship of Australia has found u acros
to one hundred thousand people on
across the country are missing out on essential services. "We have 3 s
people in here at any one time and per
some people are here for extended an
periods of time." +y Three hundred m
and eighty people have used the new Ho
mental health unit at The Canberra a
Hospital since it opened six months "We
ago. It' s usually at capacity.
"We have a big throughput. There ar eve
two or three new people admitted who
every day and two or three people Ther
who go back to the community." throug
There are still those who slip Ta
through the cracks - and for them, g
Tarryn has a message. "Things can wo
get better. I never thought that I nev
would be standing here talking, I
never thought that I would be alive uni
I never thought I could study at uni."

Plans to expand the National un
Gallery of Australia are on hold - deli
until the Federal Government can Days
deliver a budget with a surplus. anniversary
Days out from its 30 year dec
anniversary, Director Ron Radford wors
declared, politically, it' s the
worst time, to build new projects. one-hundred-and-fou
The gallery owns o
one-hundred-and-four thousand works disp
of art. Only two per cent are on display. Of all the collections i A
Australia, the National Gallery of pro
Australia has by far the greatest stora
proportion of its collection in
storage. Grand plans are underway collectio
First to ensure the entire complimen
collection makes it online, ga
complimented with stage two of the Called
gallery' s building expansion. Called The Centre for Australian Ar it' s a project long overdue. Th Australian
1970 decision to relegate terri
Australian art to the attic was
terrible display of cultural cringe Two galleries would flow from th sp
current Indigenous Australian art colonial
space. Showcasing both early exploratio
colonial arts and european exploration art in the Pacific. I Washington
the National Galleries in exa
Washington, London and Ottawa for n
example the art of their respective bea
nations is displayed prominently, beautifully, spaciously and proudly as it should be. What the galler the
needs now is funding. Addressing
the Press Club, Director Ron Radfor it
said he' s not willing to ask for wh
it yet. It' s not a time for us, a
while the Government and Opposition g
are really very intent and for very def
good reasons want to pay back our spend
deficit. Where the gallery is e
spending its money - on blockbuster exhibitions and acquisitions Ther are huge and wonderful acquisition can
in the pipeline, none of which I cel
can tell you about. The gallery anniversar
celebrates its thirty year anniversary on Friday.

Education was again on the agenda
for the Labor Party. It' s promisin dollar
to spend twenty-eight million high
dollars on upgrades to Belconnen 40
high school. This school is over it
40 years old in fact it celebrated an
its 40th birthday this year as you refur
an see it is need of an obvious Bi
refurbishment. Federal Minister, announce
Bill Shorten joined Labor' s the
announcement. If you care about c
the education your kids receive you alte
can only really see Labor as the
alternative. The Liberals, also i duplicate
the northside, promised to l
duplicate William Slim Drive, which links Belconnen and Gungahlin. It f
s something that has been reserved gov
for duplication since before self government we believe it' s now tim north
with the growing population in road
north Canberra to duplicate this Cent
road The head of Canberra' s he
Centenary has made another stop on T
her world tour promoting Canberra -
This time, she was in Washington DC t
joined by Australian Ambassador to the United States Kim Beasley. Vi pro
the experience of this centenary no-on
program we hope that after 2013 no-one will ever look at Canberra i hug
the same way again. It' s been a pr
huge year for the Capital and I' m privileged to be granted the task t Amb
fashion these celebrations The opportunity
Ambassador using it as an memorie
opportunity to recall his own T
memories of his time in Canberra.
The feeling of the city is one whic empath
I just totally and completely empathise Coming up... The CFME th
launches a major campaign against bu
the country' s mines. And, ... Our be
business report: the wine, that' s been tailored to China' s taste. This program is not captioned. I served over 10 years with the Australian
and British Special Forces and now I'm going to show you one of the most life-threatening
things I've seen. If your doctor prescribed tablets
to lower your cholesterol, here's what could happen
if you stop taking them. See how plaque builds up
inside your arteries, until your blood
can hardly flow at all, and you could have
a heart attack or a stroke. But if you see your doctor
and start again, you could help prevent this.

This program is not captioned. Yass
been tailored to China' s taste.
Yass Valley councillors are startin f
their term with a renewed push for sa
funding for the shire' s dam. They contrib
say the State Government must projec
contribute, as the cost of the th
project has doubled. Yass dam is infrastructure
the council' s biggest infrastructure project. The wall wa c
to be extended by 2 metres - which fiftee
changed to 3. Planning started fifteen years ago, construction las recouping
year. The problem now is -
recouping costs. At the moment we payers
re got one generation of rate of
payers shouldering the lions share th
of this upgrade and we really need the State Government' s help Seve fundi
attempts have been made to get Sta
funding from both the Federal and f
State Governments since 2009. Aside have
from an interest free loan, none ou
have succeeded. The cost has blown no
out by fifty-percent - the bill is The
now twenty-three million dollars. re
The New South Wales Government has infrastr
released a twenty year state issu
infrastructure plan to deal with
issues like the Yass dam. At leas Gover
30% of the funding for the NSW Rest
Governments infrastructure plan, Restart NSW, should be directed to Co
regional NSW The new Yass Valley Council is planing to lobby the happen
Government to ensure this DOES h
happen. We' re ready to work with of
her to get rate relief in the form d
of State Government funding for our
dam wall upgrade I will continu approp
to work with council to lobby appropriately for additional fundin electo
for all infrastructure in the come
electorate The Government will pl
come back with its response to the plan in the next few weeks.

In this week' s business report, w flour
look at the Canberra region' s waves
flourishing wine market, making a
waves overseas. A local businessman and Shaw Vineyard Estate are tappin su
into China by tailoring a drop to th
suit its market. The contents of this bottle, are about to break int one of the biggest economies in th tha
world. It' s the kind of thing mar
that particularly for the Chinese market you' ve got to try new thing d
new innovations do things a little different to the way we do it here t
Octavo Wines is the brain child of Andrew
these two men. Graeme Shaw and specifi
Andrew Ng have created a wine
specifically for the Chinese market Graeme
Wine is exactly the same as Graeme Shaw' s wine which is as goo little
as it is but it' s packaged a little bit differently catering for part
the Chinese appeal on the glossy table
part on the elegant part of the an
table Canberra' s cool climate Octavo
and longer growing period give
Octavo wines higher acidity and les f
alcohol, making it more favourable Particular
for the Chinese palate dr
Particularly for the newer Chinese qu
drinkers the entry level and it' s Gra
quite a palatable wine for them fo
Graeme has been exporting to China bett
for several years - but needed a mo
better way to make our local wines m
more prominent. Currently, half the imports
market is dominated by French twe
imports, Australia is second with shar
twenty-six percent of the market less
share. Canberra' s wines make up a
less than one percent of that. It wine
also gives a lot of the Canberra
wineries the smaller ones the chanc t
to join in an export program where lo
they don' t have to have container loads ready +y There are one hundre r
and forty vineyards in the Capital estimated
region. Exports bring in an estimated ten million dollars.

Shaw Vineyard has two things to t
celebrate - Its restaurant Flint in final
the Vines, has made the list of
finalists for the NSW Tourism award Ca
- the only establishment from the rest
Capital region. It' s the sister B
restaurant of Flint Dining Room and dow
Bar in Canberra city, which burnt w
down in June last year. The winners mont
will be announced in Sydney next meeting
month. Rallies and mass union acro
meetings are being planned right construc
across Australia. Unemployed m
construction workers and those with
manufacturing jobs on the line - ar pleading for a better deal from th thousand
mining industry. Eighteen visibilit
thousand members, with high ca
visibility and a commitment to one loo
cause. We have plenty of people looking for work, we have members opportuniti
looking for work. The job to
opportunities are there, they need to be given to those who are lookin unio
for work in this country. The attemp
union' s new national campaign Australians
attempts to show how many minin
Australians want a start in the m
mining industry. STEVE: I' ve set
myself up for life. TIM: I just wan anyb
to be given a chance. It' s all k
anybody ever wants really. STEVE: I knocke
know a lot of people have been t
knocked back. VOICE OVER: There are year
two sides to every story. This
year, a Federal Government agreemen workers
allowed thousands of migrant pr
workers to be brought in to mining t
projects on a temporary basis. What b
the union wants, further assessment before decisions are made. We wan w
a proper process that' s rigorous, we want a proper process that share wea
the mining boom, that shares the It
wealth for ordinary Australians. mining
It' s not the only demand. The mining industry directly employs on workforce
point nine per cent of the indus
workforce. The union says local T
industries are being left behind.
There' s an enormous amount of stee tha
and enormous amount of equipment that' s needed for the resource boo manufactured
but most of it' s being China
manufactured overseas either in calls
China or in Europe. There are obl
calls to ensure mining giants are manufa
obliged to put back into local i
manufacturing. Along with investing p
in apprenticeships. To give young lo
people opportunities and to have a wh
look at some of the regional areas unem
where we' ve got very high youth worker
unemployment. We have many qualificat
workers who have the right
qualifications but we also have man righ
workers if they don' t have the willing
right qualifications they' re willing to be trained.

Older motorists find it hard to the
drive at night along highways and a
they have trouble reverse parking -
according to a new survey. The stud f
conducted by the ANU and NRMA also linke
found that giving up driving is isola
linked to social issues such as One-hundred
isolation and depression. drivers
One-hundred-and-seventy-three par
drivers aged over sixty-five took s
part in the project. Most said they althou
still drove their car everyday tha
although avoid peak periods. More involvi
than fifty percent of crashes inte
involving older drivers occur at Ellen
intersections or while merging.
Ellena with sport is next ...and th up
Kangaroos, preparing for the heat Shillin
up north. Yes Danielle, David Shillington can expect plenty of ic af
baths, More on their preparations Centen
after the break. Plus, another Centenary test added to next year' calendar. This program is not captioned. spor
calendar. Canberra' s Centenary with
sporting calendar keeps growing, matc
with confirmation a netball test arena
match will be played at the AIS the
arena. It' s not just fans inside t
the venue who' ll get to be part of today,
the event. It was all smiles b
today, but come next October it' ll
be anything but. Australia taking o ba
arch-rivals the Silver Ferns in a Canb
battle for trans-Tasman glory. it
Canberrians are going to just love
it. It' s an intense game and we' r Internation
very excited about it. t
International netball has only come decad
to the Capital once in the past hundr
decade, but for Canberra' s one hundredth birthday, the sport wante ma
to do something special. We' ve AIS
made a big commitment here to the p
AIS program as well. It' s our high performance centre, it' s our centr
of excellence. It' ll be a chanc Gom
for up and coming Diamond Chanel whe
Gomez to return to the Institute, schola
where she completed a two year Dia
scholarship. Just like previous grea
Diamonds members I think it' s a op
great facility for athletes to get an
opportunities to reach their goals Th
and excel in their chosen sport. The AIS arena only has a capacity o Zealand
four thousand. Australia New draw
Zealand matches in the past have thousan
drawn crowds of around twenty
thousand. To meet the demand, a liv Can
site will be set up next door at wa
Canberra Stadium, where people can This
watch all the action for free. This is a big thing for netball. It n
s obviously very successful with a this
number of other sports and I see ev
this as a great enhancement to the cl
event. +y There' ll also be school play
clinics and a chance to meet the it
players. The Sports Minister hopes big
it' s the start of something much Dart
bigger. The possibility of the t
Darters at some point in the future Trans-T
to take that step up into the
Trans-Tasman League. Netball join gol
rugby league, union, cricket and i
golf as having international action are
in Canberra next year. Organisers are also in talks with the Socceroo and Matildas.

Another major sporting event which th
could be on its way to Canberra is All
the Australian Baseball League' s All-Star game. The ABL has offered currentl
the match to the ACT, and is a
currently in talks with the Cavalry ar
as to when it could be held. There p
are hopes it could be next year, as M
part of the Centenary Celebrations. Cavalry
Meanwhile, it' s expected the t
Cavalry will play two games against Narrab
the New Zealand men' s team at side
Narrabundah Park next month. The tenth
side has a bye on the ninth and f
tenth, and the Kiwi team is looking to
for warm up games before they head Taiwan.
to a qualifying tournament in a
Taiwan. Fifteen figure skaters from
across the Capital will this weeken repres
battle it out for a chance to t
represent the ACT at Nationals. For the
those who make it through - it' s o
the first step in achieving a place Russ
on the Aussie team travelling to hi
Russia in 2014. It' s not a very eve
high profile sport in Canberra or me
even Australia - but that doesn' t t
mean there isn' t talent. "One of wee
the people you see down here this g
weekend you might see on TV when we Champi
get to Sochi 2014." +y The ACT Phi
Championships will be held at the day
Phillip Ice Skating rink over two ea
days from Friday. The top three in again
each division will then compete Na
against the rest of the country at
Nationals in Brisbane in December. senio
"The skaters at the junior and compete
senior levels will be able to internat
compete for a chance to earn Aust
international representation for year
Australia." Mia is just eleven competed
years old and she' s already retur
competed overseas. She recently t
returned from New Zealand where she nationa
took part as a guest in their fou
national championships. "I came w
fourth of out of 11 which I thought sec
was a good achievement and I came s
second out of the Australian people
so I was really happy." Mia train en
hard and hopes her preparation is enough to get her a top two finish. d
"It' s been very tiring and I' ve ve
done a lot of hours but I think I' hopefull
ve been putting in a lot and B
hopefully I get a lot out of it." -
Brianna made the ACT side last year h
- and this year is hoping to better Br
her performance if she makes it to divisi
Brisbane. "I came 14th in my had
division, so it was PB I think. I jump."
had clean routines besides one ne
jump." Twelve year old Emily has hopin
never been to nationals - so is routine
hoping to pull out a flawless
routine this weekend. "I' ve neve S
competed against people from WA or am
SA so if I won it would be such an amazing experience. "

The GWS Giants have secured five o ne
the first thirteen selections for wil
next month' s AFL Draft. The club fo
will have the first three choices, thirteen
followed by picks twelve and traded
thirteen. The Giants have also Mel
traded speedster Dominic Barry to Demon'
Melbourne, in exchange for the Ho
Demon' s 17-year-old forward Jesse Kevi
Hogan. The draft will help coach w
Kevin Sheedy add more new talent to roster
what is the league' s youngest ba
roster. The Giants will be heading mat
back to the Capital for three AFL for
matches again next year. Staffers
for the Kangaroos have asked the AR t
to provide the team with equipment Raide
to deal with the heat up north. Raiders Captain David Shillington i Zeal
part of the team to take on New H
Zealand in Townsville this weekend. b
His team-mates aware it' s going to foo
be a tough night. "This is test footba
football it' s certainly tough a
football to play and the conditions b
are going to be tough to play in so that.
both teams will be experiencing huge
that." +y "It' s going to be a
huge task. They' re going to be ver physical as usual and it should be fans
a good game." It' s understood machin
fans, ice towels and a slushie th
machine will be brought in to cool .
the players down. Weather is next ... This program is not captioned. Whether you're a butcher
or a banker, a dairy farmer or a designer, whoever you are,
whatever you do, at Holden, we'd like to thank you
for many years of support. So now you're one of us. We're proud to offer
Holden's employee discount to all Australians. But you'd better be quick,
it ends this weekend. Pay what Holden employees pay
on a huge range of new Holdens, including Barina, Captiva,
Colorado 4x4 and selected Commodore
and Cruze models. You're one of us. Holden's employee discount
ends this weekend.

This program is not captioned. the
... Then ... Few complaints about reache
the weather today, The Capital free
reached a top of seventeen after c
freezing overnight. Right now it' s T
cloudy and twelve . On the Southern Braid
Tablelands, Sixteen the high in sevente
Braidwood. All other centres, Coast
seventeen degrees. To the South Ulladul
Coast, Twenty-three in Nowra. t
Ulladulla and the Bay, both reached
twenty . Eighteen degrees for Moruy Cooma
Heads. On the Alps, Sixteen in and
Cooma. Single digits for Perisher Tur
and Thredbo. Five and nine there. Hig
Turning to the satellite picture, Ne
High cloud is moving into southern col
New South Wales ahead of a strong cold front. On the chart, Patchy lo cloud is forming on and west of th S
ranges with a low pressure trough. r
Skies are clearer elsewhere under a Heav
ridge. Tomorrow' s forecast now, Heavy rain and becoming windy on th the
South Coast, Sixteen in Bega and Eleven
the Bay. Ulladulla, fourteen .
Eleven in Nowra.Lows of six or seve for all centres. Showes expected o fo
the Southern Tablelands too, Nine twe
for Braidwood. Queanbeyan, two to twelve tomorrow. A top of thirteen to
for Yass. Goulburn, ten after five is
tonight. It may be spring but snow is expected on the Alps, Minus thre to minus one for Thredbo. Perisher w
minus two to one . Cooma, a little I
warmer but still cool, ten degrees. expected
In the Capital tomorrow rain
expected. A high of twelve after tw w
overnight. There' ll be some light b
winds about. The sun will rise just quarter
before six thirty, setting at f
quarter past seven. To the five day Sun
forecast, Showers predicted until t
Sunday when the sun will return and d
the temperature should reach twenty T
degrees. Climbing to twenty-five on i
Tuesday. A piece of Scandinavia was a
in Canberra today. The Song Company Choir
and the School of Music Chamber Swe
Choir are teaming up to present A Audien
Swedish Affair tomorrow night. sele
Audiences can expect an exciting scandinav
selection of music from the sprinklin
scandinavian region, with a
sprinkling of Australiana. music re
These are pieces that we don' t conc
really hear very often. Also the nurser
concert finishes with a little f
nursery rhyme from Sweden, a rather par
famous one actually that has been gr
paraphrased by rock musicians, pop Swed
groups, all around the place A Hal
Swedish Affair is on at Llewellyn hour
Hall. And that' s the WIN News D
hour for this Wednesday night. I' m
Danielle Post.....thanks for joinin us.Good night.

This man kidnapped his Australian baby girl and took her home to Lebanon where he virtually abandoned her. He is now back in Australia and living on the dole, while the child's frantic mother fights to bring her baby home.I want my baby. Now, I want her now. You are onboard a flight bound for Beirut. The baby girl's kidnapper is a man she trusts, a man who is