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broke the Guinness Book of Records sculling for a yard glass... That's correct... a student when he was a Rhodes Scholar. Paul Keating. Damn.
Yeah, they were all at Oxford. Paul Keating left school at 15. He was old-school, Paul Keating.
Self-educated. Joined the Labor Party and worked
his way up through various jobs to become
the Prime Minister of Australia. So, mate,
you had nothing to go on there as far as
the question was concerned. Very happy anyhow. As a result of that,
you've got nothing to go on still. That's correct.
Glenn, bad luck, mate. You didn't win $50,000.
You won $1,000. I'm very happy.
Congratulations. Glenn Tracey won a grand. Catch you next time in the
Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by
Red Bee Media Australia Peter Slipper keeps texting after they cost him his job. The driver who has ploughed into this shop twice. An important warning to every Sydneysider ahead of the barbeque season. And our exclusive with Hugh Jackman in Sydney filming his new blost buster. Bali is on high alert tonight after police confirmed a real threat of a terrorist attack. They warn of an attack including one to the Prime Minister marking the tenth anniversary. Some of the 2,000 police and soldiers to protect Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott. The deputy police chief calls them the VVIPs. He has received credible information they may be the target of a terrorist strike at Friday's ceremony, at the same site used for the first anniversary. The police chief wouldn't give any details of the threat, it comes as relatives of the 88 Australians killed in the bomb arrive for Friday's ceremony. Stuart is here with 25 members of his family. He lost his close cousin in the blast.We will all stick together and hopefully be safe.The site where so many people come to remember their loved ones is an ugly dusty car park. For a decade a group of survivors have tried to buy it and turn it into a peace park but the owner is holding out for $7,000.We lost ten all up. How has the Prime Minister reacted to the threat?Late this afternoon, she was asked about the latest terrorist threat. She refused to comment on it directly. It's quite clear she is not about to change her travel plans to Bali.I want to be in Bali for the anniversary, families will be travelling there - it will be a day in which we pay our respects and remember that moment.Indonesian police were concerned about a terrorist threat well before today's announcement by police. They made several terror related arrests. The Prime Minister arrives here in Bali tomorrow evening, security will be intense. It's been revealed that peat slip's dramatic resignation as speaker was not voluntary. It was forced on him, it was made clear he would be voted out unless he agreed to quit.It was disgusting text messages that cost him his job. Today Peter Slipper had nothing much to do except send texts when he took his place on the backbenchs.

place on the backbenchs.His
replacement Anna Burke easily taking control. There was a motion and high draum qua when Peter Slipper got to his house last night for the last time in the role.I have decided that I should not continue as your Speaker. Accordingly, I am having arrangements made to tender my resignation to the Governor-General He portrayed the decision as his. He was given no choice, if he didn't agree to resign, Independents would remove him.We wouldn't vote to sack him if he was prepared to, in his own time but during the same time, come into the chamber and tender his resignation. The deal was reached shortly before the Tony Abbott motion was defeated by one vote. The Prime Minister is getting international coverage for her fierce attack on the Leader of the Opposition's comment against women.Am today, Julia Gillard was still talking tough.I've had enough. Australian women have had enough. When I see sexism and among I'm going to call them what they are.It's time we all moved on from this gender card.City-bound lanes were clear ed. A man in his 20s has been stabbed in the chest after trying to break up an argument between a couple at an motel. He was taken to hospital and is in a stable condition. Hundreds of bails of cotton were destroyed in a warehouse. Quick action by firefighters stopped the blaze spreading to other buildings. New taiser video has been played to an inquest showing the final moments of Roberto Laudisio's life. One of the police officers admitted that he had no concern for his well-being.The footage was captured by an officer who Tasered Roberto Laudisio five times as he ran. It's so distressing the coroner re veeld it couldn't be released publicly. Once those screams stop, it records what sounds like someone laughing, who that was is so far a mystery.Eric weighs 55kg. He is the senior constable who first tried to arrest Roberto Laudisio. He is the man firing the Taser that brought the student to the ground. And fired it again, claiming he didn't realise Roberto Laudisio was hand cuffed. In a withering investigation, he admitted his initial statement that the 21-year-old was bucking officers off was a figurement of his imagination..

Reversing over a footpath and smashing into a book store. It wasn't a one-off. The man ploughed into the very same shop a few years ago. I could drive home but they wouldn't let me. The man had just driven through a book store. It didn't leave a scratch on him or his car. After being checked over by paramedics, the 79-year-old was driven home by a mate. Just as staff turned up for work.He reversed his car from the parking space into the store. Security camera footage shows the moment he booked into the store. Word got around it wasn't the first time Colin had done it.It has happened before unfortunately.Thankfully the shop was closed. An hour later and the staff would have been standing there at the counter directly in the path of the moving car.At least nobody was hurt. It could have been a very different story.The RTA will assess his fitness to hold a licence.He is a lovely bloke but probably shouldn't be driving.An important warning tonight of the dangers of barbeques with firefighters called to more than 100 emergencies in the last two months alone.It takes only a second but the consequences are devastating. Flames explode 20m into the air at a petrol station, the gas bottles were being filled incorrectly.The operator moved away from the decanting process. Less than two weeks later in new town it's the same terrifying story. A 300 litre cylinder burning dangerously close to petrol pumps. As the weather warms up and we pull out the barbeques the threat move to our own homes.I heard a sound but when I look from the window, the flame was going up.It's a lesson firefighters hope we all learn from.It's important to check the gas bottle's expirey date, ensure the hose is in good working order and hasn't corroded and always turn the bottle off when you are finished.Tucked away in the heart of Darling Harbour, Hugh Jackman and his movie mates are shooting the final scenes of his latest 'X Men' blockbuster. Throw in our own Hollywood hunk and Darling Harbour's Chinese gardens have been transformed into a piece of Japan for the comeback movie of 'X Men'.This is our best one in the series.The 5-month project has meant Hugh Jackman has been able to enjoy the comforts of home.If I could do every film here I would be very happy.Just as happy, the 200- crew.Last week I spent 48 weeks away because of the lack of work here.He has his own team of hair and make-up so they purely look after Hugh.The federal and state gaffement both chipped in to secure the movie.And Hugh Jackman and his Hollywood mates are more than welcome back, even before it hits the screens, it has generated $90 million for the state. He always enjoys putting the boot into younger brother Harry. And Prince Harry used this visit to keep it alive.I feel tempted to cry, "God for Harry, England and St George but I don't want to lower the tone by bringing my brother into it."Kate will be flying solo tomorrow as husband attends the funeral of his former beloved nanny. Why your favourite snack This program is not captioned. Whether you're a butcher
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This program is not captioned. could soon taste different.
When the couple was separated for four weeks, he met Stacy through a website. He denies any romantic connection and says he gave her thousands. George Petkovic has died aged 78. He held several portfolios in the government and introduced random breath testing in the early 1980s. Some of our naughtest snacks are about to get a healthy makeover. Food giants are promising to cutback onslaught and saturated fats but will it change the taste? Crunching on junk food may not be so naughty after all. The makers criticised for not doing enough are finally lifting their game.Overall I applaud them. I love that this is an industry-led initiative. Essentially, it's the industry saying they accept they have a role to play here.The industry won't say which products will be in the firing line, though Tim tams are off the hook now.It won't be announced that they are suddenly fat or salt reduced.It's good that they are doing it without us noticing.The taste won't be the same.Australians are getting fatter and this trend is leading to more lifestyle diseases.

That's a considerable result for changing just a small part of your diet. She causes chaos wherever she goes. Now, Lady Gaga has received a peace prize from John Lennon's wife Yoko Ono. She spent five hours with Julian Assange in London's Ecuador embassy.It's spreamship coach, heading to the warriors? Golden girl Sal Pearson in the running for the highest honour. And meet mad meeting. Why this Picton girl has the boys running scared. And the next and sunny day This program is not captioned. MAN: (GERMAN ACCENT)
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This program is not captioned. Storm supercoach Craig Bellamy has turned his become on the rich Rover to go to New Zealand. He will be at the Storm next season. The most sought after coach in the game. Not even $4 million was enough to lure him across to New Zealand. It's welcome news to the players he guided to this year's premier.I wouldn't like any other first grade coach. He's like a father-figure to many of us in Melbourne.Tim Sheens is still looking for a job. He has been linked to the warriors previously. For now, his focus is on Saturday's test.The Kiwis left their camp to touchdown to a traditional welcome in Townsville. They have strike power all over the park. Bengie is the leader who will lead 'em from the front.I've had a fair few requests. The boys that aren't using their tickets I've got 'em.Sal Pearson is nominated for the International Athlete of the Year.To win it twice in a row would be amazing. It's a tough crowd that I'm up against. Supercross is fast, dangerous and traditionally dominated by men. That doesn't scare one teenage girl from Picton. Megan Rutledge is a red hot chance of showing up the boys when the Australian season begins this weekend.They call her Mad meing because this girl doesn't hold back.For me it has to be hard, fast and competitive.She's already in another league to the Australian riders. Now, the boys have to watch out.If they know it's me in front they'll do what they can to not get beaten by a girl.She's also attracting attention internationally. Bombarded with invitations to raise around the world.It's good to win no matter what.She's not living the life of a superstar just yet.She saves for her travel by working at a local pool.She can get run over crossing the road or have an accident in the car. You have to live life and enjoy it.My ultimate goal is to become female world champion. Finally, a moment in a rugby match in England where the victim could see the funny side of it. The fan was trying to return to his seat with a couple of beers when a kick for touch landed right on his head. The pints went down not the way he intended but everybody got a good laugh out of it.To finance news. There is a cold front headed our way N
China. That' s tonight. Next on WIN they
News... A rates breakdown - Will L
they triple? We go to Labor and the shelve
Liberals. The national gallery
shelves plans for expansion. And th busi
region' s new wine, bringing in business from China. Join me for al the details

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A close to perfect

For Sydney.

A low pressure will develop into a low, bringing showers and storms. There is a warning for flash flooding and damages winds reaching 180km/h with

Surf conditions. .


Thank you very much. That's Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have a good evening. From

Social Justice Party. Tonight ... wi
Labor versus Liberals - will rates many
will triple? Mental health - how An
many Canberrans suffer an illness. th
And: the new wine to target one of
the world' s biggest economies. Goo b
evening, I' m Danielle Post, It' s election.
become THE issue of the ACT claim
election. The Canberra Liberals claim household rates will triple i the Government is re-elected. Labo c
says it' s incorrect. WIN News has yo
crunched the numbers, and can tell payin
you how much extra you could be lat
paying. A new Liberals ad - the n
latest assault on rates. There' s
no other way the numbers add up. Gover
That' s factually wrong. The Government is overhauling the ACT' ch
tax system, replacing inefficient revenue
charges with other sources of G
revenue. If you vote Labor or the t
Greens at this election and support these reforms, rates will triple. + option
They' re basing that on one tha
option within the Quinlan review, N
that the Government rejected. WIN
News has looked at budget papers an implemen
broken down the numbers. To find
implement reforms Labor needs to dol
find an extra forty seven million charg
dollars a year from residential hun
charges. Currently the ACT' s one hou
hundred and thirty seven thousand ne
households, each pay an average of ge
nearly fourteen hundred dollars in Tr
general rates. Taking into account ho
Treasury predictions for growth in on
housing, households will be paying o
on average three hundred and twenty
one dollars a year extra, by 2016. adjustme
There was one large one-off fr
adjustment this year when we moved from one tax rate to four. From nex adjust
year on they' re small annual exac
adjustments. Neither party has th
exact figures beyond 2016, because
that' s the limit of forecasts.Labo says it' s too hard to predict mor t
than 4 years ahead. I think that that is simply because they know if they do project forward, people wil get the truth and they' ll see jus Go
how much rates will go up. +y The introduc
Government' s reform will be clai
introduced over twenty years. It in
claims the Liberals are not taking a
into account commercial land rates, and growth in the Territory. Over
that twenty year period you' ll hav ll
other sources of revenue and you' ll have growth in your economy.

The ACT Opposition leader was toda Feder
questioned about what role the Federal Liberal leader is playing i Ses
the ACT campaign. Previously Zed no
Seselja has said Tony Abbott would bee
not be invited to. However, it' s gu
been revealed Mr Abbott has been a guest at several private fundraisin o
events. I' ve been asked whether inv
or not I' d be inviting him to be involved in the campaign. Of course h
that was in the context will we be was
having events together? I said it rul
wasn' t a focus for me. I didn' t a
rule it out. I said it wouldn' t be fo
a focus for me. It may well be a Ab
focus soon, late this afternoon Mr camp
Abbott' s office said he will be Liberals
campaigning for the Canberra bee
Liberals. No further details have
been announced. A man from Downer t
testing out a V8 car for the first kilom
time was caught speeding ninety twenty
kilometres over the limit. The
twenty-five-year-old was detected b Theo
police on the Monaro Highway in one-hundre
Theodore He was clocked at eigh
one-hundred-and-seventy ks in an one-th
eighty zone. Officers issued a fin
one-thousand-eight-hundred dollar point
fine. The man has also lost six thousa
points. New research has found ill
thousands of people with a mental crac
illness are slipping through the Canberra
cracks. Around nine thousand me
Canberrans are known to suffer ill ha
mental health, it' s believed only Tarry
half are receiving treatment. h
Tarryn Smith used to hear voices in
her head. "I got quite paranoid, got quite scared of people and lif homele
in general." After bouts of Ta
homelessness and hospitalisations, dep
Tarryn was finally diagnosed with no
depression and schizophrenia - but discrimina
not before she experienced "When
discrimination beyond belief. lot
"When I was a lot younger I had a fr
lot of bright red scars on my arms c
from self harm and you get a lot of unseen
comments." Mental illness is misu
unseen - therefore it' s largely