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This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. We begin with the growing security concerns surrounding the 10th anniversary of the Bali Bombings. Authorities have received intelligence about the threat of a terror attack during Friday's memorial ceremony on the island. Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the Indonesian President are among the dignitaries who will be in Bali for the occasion. We will have more details on this story with our reporter a little later in the bulletin. Now to Canberra where the Government and the Opposition are continuing to trade barbs over the handling of the Peter Slipper affair. For more we cross to Canberra. Peter Slipper has voted with the Government ago.It is still unclear whether he will make a have a with that voting with the Government. He took up his new position on the crotch -- crossbenchers with the other Independents. Ironically, he was seen at texting during question time. Out of the chamber, the heated exchange continued over on his resignation. To and accusations of sexism and hypocrisy were flying. Julia Gillard unleashed on Tony Abbey yesterday, calling him a sexist and a misogynous. The Opposition has accused her of hypocrisy and playing the gender card.When she does wrong, as she did yesterday, by leading the defence team, she will be criticised. It is time that everyone in the Parliament moved on from this agenda card which are so many members had been playing.The Prime Minister is using gender as a shield against any criticism of her performance, her honesty, her competence.The Government is defending their decision to not sack the Speaker. They said the text messages were inappropriate and offensive but because they were part of evidence, they could not pass judgement while court proceedings are still underway. They are not backing away from the claims that Tony Abbott uses sexist language.It is in prep -- in appropriate for people to use sexist language. It is only a bit rich that we have a Leader of the Opposition who has never taken responsibility for his association with this sort of language.More details have emerged are today about the independence role impetus of a's resignation.Tony Windsor and a Rob Oakeshott went to Peter Slipper yesterday and gave him an altar Mader. They said they cast of their crucial vote against Coronation's attempts to have him resign because they wanted to give him some dignity and they had concerns about his welfare. -- coalition's.He is not in a good estate, helplines. We thought it was appropriate that he be given the choice of coming into the chamber and resigning.That fiery speech about we saw from the prime minister yesterday has gone global. She has made headlines across the world of, in the US, and the UK. One side even said it Barack Obama's supporters may have wished they had taken debating lessons from her.We will be speaking with the trade minister and little later. Twin brothers in their 60s, accused of pretending to be diggers, have appeared in a Brisbane court. The pair was charged with one count each of falsely representing a returned soldier, and improper use of war medals. They will have to undergo psychiatric assessment before they appear in court again. We will cross live to our reporter in Brisbane for all the details after 5pm. Fire has come within metres of Haut de la Garenne home south-west of Toowoomba. The blazer sparked by a council worker / in grass and next to the road. -- of homes in the south-west. A Gold Coast bus driver has managed to escape from his vehicle, just moments before it burst into flames. A warning light came on, allowing the driver to pull over on the side of the M1 motorway just in time. Luckily, there was no-one else onboard. It was an engine fault.It is the third bus fire in Queensland in just over one month. Two other Volvo buses caught alight in Cairns. The Austrian daredevil, who planned to skydive from the edge of space, says he is not giving up. His death-defying stunt was cancelled overnight. Felix Baumgartner was hoping to break the speed of sound while free falling 37 kilometres to earth. But gusty winds meant it was too dangerous for the fragile balloon that would hoist him into the stratosphere. It was a total disappointment. But as long as we have a spare balloon, and as long as we have more opportunities, I am good. Organisers are yet to announce when the stand will be attempted again. Parents are being warned children are at risk of serious health problems, if they spend too long in front of televisions and computer screens. A new report claims by the age of seven, today's children will spend, on average, a year of their life glued to a screen. At time with the box in the corner, to the computer on the desk and the phone in the hand and you get a potentially toxic dose of screen exposure. A leading psychologist once the Government to set limits on how long children should spend looking at screens. When they are doing this, they are not moving around but that is not the only problem.It is not about people being lazy. Screen time does additional things. If you're reading a book, their blood- pressure will go down. If you are playing a computer game, the blood- pressure will grow up.His report suggests that excessive time in front of screens can lead to obesity, attention problems and affect negatively social development. He estimates by the age of seven, a child would have spent a whole year of their life in front of the TV. He says they spend more time watching TV done in school. In the US, guidelines discourage parents from allowing infants under two from watching television. But there are no guidelines in the UK. Parents have mixed emotions about being told what to do.She does enjoy playing with the phone a lot. It is quite educating. She has learnt a lot.I have good and bad points. They are interactive. But you do not want them training too much on the TV. But the report may give parents a pause for thought about whether it is time to pause the picture just a little longer. Still ahead - a catfight between two cities. Why Brisbane is accused of stealing the Commonwealth Games from the Gold Coast. The young Royals put their reflexes to the test. The British Heart throbs sending as the This program is not captioned. It's such a natural instinct to want to look after
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The Queensland Government has rejected speculation that Commonwealth Games events will be moved from the Gold Coast to Brisbane. There will host the Games in 28 team but there were concerns that some events including swimming will be moved to the capital to cut costs. -- 2018. The aquatic centre will be upgraded in time. To The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have hit the football field, officially opening a training centre in the UK. The couple toured the complex, with William poking fun at his brother's recent controversy. England's finest football players assembled on the turf with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as the couple met the players. There was even a joke and a laugh with Ashley Cole who has been in the headlines after he sent an abusive tweeted the English football association at which William represents. Inside the training complex in the English Midlands, they tested its state of- the-art equipment, competing against each other on a machine that improves a reaction times for goalkeepers. Liam Jurrah narrowly won this battle. -- William. The future king was in a playful mood. He also inquired about the order temperatures of this hydrotherapy suite. He was impressed by one of the most advanced complexes in world sport. It also contains 12 top-class playing fields.He gave me the same feelings I had when I first went to the Olympic Park. A mixture of pride that we are capable, in this country, for creating something so beyond compare anywhere else.Among the many positions Prince William holds one is purveyor of the Football Association. It is important he takes an ongoing interest in the development and the success of the English football team. It also seemed to be a good time to have a crack at his brother. I feel tempted to cry from God, Harry and St George. But I do not want to lower the tone by bring about the intellect. The royal couple were all smiles all day. The only trouble Kate had was understanding the game's offside rule. The latest British heart-throb sending Australian teenagers is Olympic diver Tom Daley. The 18- year-old is in Adelaide for the World Junior diving Championships. He won gold in the three synchronised three metre dive. Much to the delight of his fans.

He will also compete in the 10 metre platform event on Saturday. Still to come: The controversial CBD high rise that has divided a city. Two terror as a gas tank explodes on a busy highway. Two a nude world record attempt in Brisbane. Thanks Amelia. Tonight - we're live from Bali where there's been a major terror warning. Police outline a "real and credible" threat against the PM. Plus - big traffic problems on the M5 motorway after an oil spill at Moorebank - we'll have an update shortly. A summer BBQ warning - more than 60 fire emergencies in Sydney - tonight, what you need to do to keep your home safe. Shock evidence - A police officer admits he had no concern for a Brazilian student's well-being as he was tasered repeatedly. From chocolate to chips and soft drink - why your favourite treats could soon taste different Hugh Jackman tells Nine News what would make him really happy. And meet the Picton teenager who's taking on the men in Supercross. See you for Nine News at 6:00.

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A new super high-rise proposal for Melbourne's CBD has the city divided with critics slamming the tower as a blight. For more let's go straight to Brett McLeod in Melbourne. The architect defies this -- defines this as a great idea.Eight looks like a blast cheese grater. The architects describe it as a luxury as a living sculpture. Whatever shape it may take, if you consider the centre of Melbourne to be the back straight more, this is in the heart. -- but she treated more. It will overshadow the city. That is what is causing problems as far as the city Council is concerned. The lord mayor says they do not like the larger building. The location is what is causing headaches for the lord mayor.We have tall buildings and that is terrific. But we do not want canyons. We want to think about the culture of the city. What happens when the building hits the footpath? It has to be active. It has to add to the culture of Melbourne.What is the next step for approval?The lord mayor does there have any say in what happens to his city. It is up to the State Government. The Planning Minister sounds excited about this project. He believes it takes pressure off the outer suburbs in terms of construction. He says he would not pretend it before Edgar has gone before the State Government. The developer of the project has started selling some of the unions even before it has been approved. Thank you. More details of that story for the Melbourne years. Several popular beaches in Perth had been evacuated en close after a Great White Shark was detected. The Shard said of receivers this morning. -- they shark. The West Australian Government unveiled a proposal to destroy Sharks came up to close to Samoa's but that would not include Sharks which are tied. -- swimmers. A massive gas tanker explosion on a busy highway in central China has claimed the lives of five people. The truck was carrying more than 20 tonnes of natural gas when it lost control and overturned. Terrified witnesses ran from the crash, just seconds before the blast. Several vehicles were destroyed in the explosion. Now to a missing persons case that has gripped America. 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway was seen walking to school last week. Police have great fears for her safety. This is 10-year-old read -- Jessica Ridgeway, horsing around with their home video camera and the family dog. But tonight the video has a special urgency. It was released by police because she is missing. For the first time, her parents are speaking out.It is the worst thing I have ever been through.She vanished last Friday while walking from a home up to her element Territt -- school.You do not hear anything any get the pit in your stomach. You do not want any parents... And her to experience it. Late this afternoon, the FBI searched her home, removing boxes. Sources have told us that the family consented to the Church. Her parents never married, had been to court recently with custody issues but police say those issues are unrelated. It was early Friday morning when she was last seen by her mother as she left the house was called. She never arrived at school Friday morning. The staff called her mother to report her absence. But she told police she was sleeping after working the graveyard shift at a company and did not hear the call. By the time she got the voicemail message, a critical hours had passed. But Sunday, that first real crew. A man called police about a backpack and what of order with her name on it found on a sidewalk six miles from where she was last sane. Her parents are said to be co-operating with police. Her father is on feminine probation in misery for debt -- second-degree domestic assault. But tonight, investigators say they do not have any suspects and are relying on the public. What time crucial in a case like this, parents in the community are wondering - should the school have caught more than once to flag or absence?We make the phone call to the number be parents requested. Why not make a second phone call? Those are the questions that we will be talking about.I need her to walk back through that door.Her backpack is still being examined for DNA evidence. Until more crews are on earth, this mystery will continue to rattle residents who are praying tonight for a little girl safe return. 40 nude models and nearly 500 artists in Brisbane have gathered to break the world record, for the biggest life drawing class ever. For the models it was hard work holding their poses for lengthy periods.It is a privileged to actually in to be given permission to just somebody who is completing it.The organisers are still waiting on a decision from Guinness world record officials. Still to come - a terror warning ahead of this week's more of the Bali bombings. Two men face court accused of posing as diggers. How a woman's shopping list help catch a terrorist. Hugh Jackman on the secret set Schoo
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A man who claims he helped the US catch an Al-Qaeda terrorist has emerged with a bizarre story about how he did it. He says the terrorist's wife played a part - as did her grocery list. He evaded America for years but a new report says his downfall may have been linked to the shopping list of his wife. For items not available in the desert hiding place in Yemen. He senilis to someone he thought was a trusted al-Qaeda age. The aid now says he was a spy. In an interview with a Danish newspaper, a Danish convert to Islam said he went to Yemen and work of the CAA to help track and kill the terrorist.He wanted to kill innocent people.He was originally part of a radical Islamic groups in Europe. This was him and 2005 at an anti-US rally that made news in London. Six months later he was recruited by Danish intelligence for his dangerous role.If al-Qaeda knew he was spying for the Danes they would have killed him immediately.Agents use all kinds of hi-tech devices to track targets. In the case of this terrorists, the D major -- Adonis by barbed his farm. A train stigmata would be planted in the USB programme that could send a message so he could be located. He was killed by a US- trained strike on You're watching Nine's Afternoon News. If you've just joined us, these are our top stories. Authorites warn of a serious terror threat for the 10th anniversary of the Bali Bombings - there are reports Prime Minister Julia Gillard could be a target. Political turmoil as the Opposition slams the Government's response to Peter Slipper's vulgar texts as hypocritical. And twin brothers face court in Brisbane after allegedly masquerading as returned soldiers. We'll return to our top story now, and Indonesian police have ramped up security ahead of the 10th Anniversary of the Bali Bombings amid fears of a terror attack. What can you tell us?This morning, at a show by the Bali police force, the deputy police chief told the media they have received a credible threat against what he called the VIPs, very important person. He asked if that included the Australians going and he said yes. That means Julia Gillard, the Opposition leader and former Prime Minister John Howard. All three will be attending the ceremony on Friday that marks the tenth anniversary. They seem to be reasonably confident. The Bali police, they do regard it as not just a minor threat but a credible threat. They rate it as a Class One Prix. They are not sure what kind of threat it is. What kind of group it comes from. They're not saying of the stage.We will have all the latest information from Bali on my news at six. Federal Parliament returned to something like normal business today after the upheaval of Peter Slipper's resignation. But the sniping has continued outside the House over the Speaker's departure, in response to the furore over sexist texts. Deputy Liberal Leader Julie Bishop says the Prime Minister let down Australian women by not supporting the motion to remove Mr Slipper. Tony Abbott says it's time to stop claims of sexism.It's time everyone in the Parliament moved on from this gender card that so many people in this government have been playing.The Government denies claims it's being hypocritical. Trade minister Craig Emmerson joins us now for the government perspective. Into for joining us. Tony Abbott says the Prime Minister is not off-limits to criticism. Just because she may have been unfairly criticised before. Do you agree?There is correct. She is the Prime Minister of Australia. In a parliamentary democracy, it has the right of the Opposition to criticise where it sees that is being valid. That is different from the rhetoric, the abuse and personal villa vocation and denigration Tony Abbott has engaged in not just recently but over the whole two years since he missed out on being Prime Minister.We heard a few moments ago, Tony Abbott saying it is time everyone in the parliament stopped paying the gender card, will you?It is absurd. Mr Pine, the Opposition manager of business claimed he was bullied and that the reference to him as a bloke was offensive. The fact is, Tony Abbott, there is an argument as to if he has a problem with women. But women have a problem with Tony Abbott. It is his statements of not so long ago when the football was not such a bad thing that women were not in the same sort of position as men. It does have the men and women make up their minds about it. He said it was not such a bad thing that they do not have the same sort of position in society. And do the same jobs as men do. The name- calling should be settled but it has not because unfortunately, you see Mr Abbott saying let's get on with it. It was a pretty rancorous question time again with some very petty points of order being raised by Mr Pine.Will you yesterday in Parliament Mr Abbott making a reference to the government dying of shame he says that has nothing to do with Alan Jones comment.That is rubbish. He's very close to Alan Jones. He has boasted about how he was instrumental in making Tony Abbott Leader of the Opposition and averting Malcolm Turnbull. They talk often. This reference to dine of shame is a disgraceful one. We know Alan Jones was referring to the father of the Prime Minister. And for the Opposition leader to be using the same phraseology is more than coincidence. Mr Abbott does need to respect the Prime Minister is a woman, that is, yes of be robust but back off on this kind of sexism that he carries on with. Then he feels winded when some of our Prime Minister's call him out on it. What it is really about, what the Australian people care about is that we have a strong economy, which we do, we will build on the strength, we will share the benefits through dental health and better education for the kids, through national to supply insurance scheme. That is what people want to hear about. We have gone up the international rankings three paces. We are the 12th largest economy on earth and these fastest growing of the advanced economies on earth. People do not want to hear about sexism and kept calling but that kind of thing. There are all the latest developments from Canberra at six o'clock. Twin brothers in their 60's have appeared in a Brisbane court, accused of masquerading as diggers. This is a bizarre case?It is. These two men, 68 years old, twin brothers, accused of masquerading as war veterans. They have different surnames, they walk done separately to Brisbane magistrates' court so charged with falsely representing to be a returned soldier and improper use of service decorations. They were sprung wearing medals they did and injuring Anzac Day this year. Among them were Vietnam campaign medals and a cost of gallantry that was awarded to Vietnam War heroes. They say they were part of a secret military unit called mast in the 60s. Their work and achievements were not listed on your regular army roles. This is what little they had to say outside court.What you want to say about the charges? I am pleading not guilty.I'm not ashamed of anything I have done. How have veterans reacted to the story?Shot and anger are our words that kept coming up. A couple veterans came to court to have a look at these men and give them a few harsh words as they were leaving. That is how strongly some veterans feel about this issue.I have seen it before.It can undermine the public perception, they see someone walking down the street going to a Sarah Monie they have a rack of ribbons on. And they go, I wonder if that man is an impostor.These two men will be back in court later this month. Meanwhile, both will undergo psychiatric assessment full ofMore distressing vision of the final moments of Roberto Curti's life has been shown to a Sydney court, at the inquest into the Brazilian student's death. The afternoon. Take us through this video.It shows footage from an officer who fired his tyres are five times at Roberto Curti as he was running down here and put Street on the fateful morning. It is so distressing the coroner warned there could not be released publicly. You can hear the noise of the Tay is a fine constantly as well as blood-curdling screams. Of Roberto Curti as the struggle took place. Once the screams stopped, it records like someone laughing. It is unclear who that was. The family lawyer asked one of the police officers whether he heard any laughing and he said No.Tougher to watch. What else happens during the inquest?The main evidence came from one of the taser firing officers. A senior constable. He was given a grilling by the family lawyer. During that the officer admitted he had no concern for the Health and well-being of Roberto Curti during the incident. He claimed he was not being cranky after slipping and falling over during an earlier attempt at a rest. This is the officer who tasted Roberto Curti twice, once while he was handcuffed on the ground and the video we saw yesterday that has caused so much shop across Australia since its release.

Australia since its release.Actor Hugh Jackman was out and about today at Sydney's Darling harbour at the top secret set of his new movie. In recent months, he's been spotted around NSW as he films the latest instalment in the Wolverine franchise. He spoke to us about being back at home with the family, you can see his full interview in Nine News at 6. Tim with sport now, and the New Zealand Warriors miss their target? Craig Bellamy is not going across the ditch. They are running out of time. We will talk to one of Melbourne's big three about to take on the Kiwis in Townsville. And Sally Pearson in the running for a big international gong to go with her Olympic gold.

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The New Zealand Warriors say they're close to appointing a new coach, but it won't be Craig Bellamy. He's turned down a $4 million deal, much to his players' relief. Nine's Yvonne Sampson caught up with Billy Slater at Australia's training camp in Townsville.The Kiwis have arrived in town spill ahead of the Test on Saturday. The faithful turned on a traditional welcome. Billy Slater relieved that Craig Bellamy turned down $4 million to goad the worry is for next year.He has been instrumental, not just for us as a club but for me personally. I have not had another first-grade coach. He is a great man. A great man- manager. He's like a father figure to a lot of us.To machines and Brian Smith still in the mix as the Warriors pre-season has only a few weeks away. It's day three of the AFL trade period, and most of the wheeling and dealing seems to have been behind close doors. Are there any big trades on the table?It has been a quiet day on the trade front. Collingwood forward Chris Dawes is a wanted man. His management confirmed that three modern clubs are interested in securing his services. Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs king. Carlton is a real player in this scenario. He could be in Blues colours next year. It could be just what the Blues need. They have been wanting a key forward for some time. They hinted that when Travis Cloke was testing the market. Mick Malthouse knows his value as well as anyone. We will keep a close eye on this one as it unfolds during the next week of two. Brent Maloney is on the verge of signing a new deal with the Brisbane Lions. Fantastic for him that he can find a second home. Sally Pearson is the only Australian athlete nominated for the International Athletics Federation's athlete of the year award, A distinction she won last year. Sally's gold in the 100 metres hurdles in London clearly impressed international judges as much as it did the Australian public. But Sally has tough competition, Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is the favourite for defending her 100 metres sprint title. Bernard Tomic has put in a half-hearted effort again, admitting he didn't even try to play his best against Florian Mayer.

admitting he didn't even try to
play his best against Florian Mayer. Not surprisingly, he was eliminated in straight sets at the Shanghai Masters, the same fate suffered by Marinko Matosevic and Lleyton Hewitt. Leyton Hewitt is one player who will never be accused of not giving it his all. Ranked 105 he came up against another veteran and they played like it was 1999. The first set was close but Leighton Steward only took one game in the second. He will put his heart and soul into another summer of tennis in Australia, starting with the Brisbane International.

I'm applying the Australian tournaments.I have heard great things about the event. Samantha Stosur will also play in Brisbane and Sydney. For regular preparation for the Australian Open.I want to try and get well prepared for the Australian Open and have a good week. Always a great at this be playing under the court.La last year, she let the crowd pressure get to her. She has a different attitude this time. A breaking news story? The Prime Minister is speaking about the Bali terror threat.How are we?One is the terror threat in Bali? Are you worried?People should always check the department of foreign affairs travel advice warnings. The one to be in Bali for the ten-year commemorations. Families will be travelling and it will be a day where we pay our respects and remember what the mum and was like for Australians.Why did you spend so much time supporting Peter Slipper yesterday?We supported him to become there speak as he had a successful track record as Deputy Speaker. Those matters were for the Dow within the parliament yesterday. We now have a new Speaker and we're getting on with the job.People have expressed concerns about his state of mind and his health?We will leave that. The Prime Minister addressing the terror warming.It's mate against mate at the Twenty20 Champions League in South Africa. Mike Hussey believes the Australians who played at the World Cup will be the best performers for their teams.I know coming from the West Indies playing Test matches it took me a good couple of weeks to readjust from Test match to Twenty20 mode. The guys who have been playing Twenty20 have an advantage to know the bodies and minds remits off of know. They can hit the ground running.Yorkshire beat Sri Lanka's Uva in the first match. Batsman David Miller was cut open by a bouncer before hitting the winning runs. More sport on using the breakdo
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Today around the country very cold ear and showers moving either south-east. Parts of northern Australia are

south-east. Parts of northern
Australia are experiencing 40 degree heat. Sonny was lovely and warm but we are expecting 80 millimetres of rain are damaging wind. That weather hit Adelaide with hail and low temperatures. There was even snow on the Flinders ranges. Tomorrow, when a tree for a lot of eastern Australia. Stowe is far north as the Queensland border and wind of 100kph for the Queensland coast. A warning has been issued for flash flooding.

Storms could develop. Sydney colder than today.

Calder again. The colt was two days in October in 15 years. Hobart will be mainly dry.

Possible storm for Darwin.

A quick look at the finance

A quick look at the finance figures. The All Ords finished the day

A quick look at the finance figures.
The All Ords finished the day down by 14 points. That is it for today. Goodbye.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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But work said no. Now you've got them out.
So this one's just the last one. You're allowed to have one, are you?
Yeah, that's right. What do you do for a living?
Department of Human Services? Yeah, I'm executive assistant to the general manager
for communications. Yeah? Basically just run his life,
do meetings, take minutes. Yeah? And was he the one
who said get the bolts out? Uh, it was a compromise.
(LAUGHS) OK. Your partner, Ken, is up the back.
G'day, Ken. Hi, Eddie.
How are you, mate?

We meet on
a language exchange website for Japanese and English
language exchange. I'm a Japanese student
and Ken obviously learns English. So that's how we met. We just started chatting
and hit it off. Mate, you know the routine here. Sure do.
15 questions, $1 million. You ready to play?
Sure am, Eddie. Let's play Hot Seat. Go.

For 100 bucks. (READS QUESTION)

(LAUGHTER) Um, I wish it was the toilet seat,
but it's actually B. Lock in B, building, please, Eddie.
B, building, is locked in.

$200. Here we go.


Oh, I use the computer every day,
Eddie, but, look,
you've got me stumped on this. I'm actually gonna have to pass,
I'm sorry. Catch you later, Glenn.
Thanks. See ya, mate.

Hello, Anne.
Hi, Eddie. How are you? I'm well. Anne McCall from Concord
in New South Wales. 40 years of age. A senior clinical research associate
with PharmaNet/i3. Yep. Very much so. Tell me about PharmaNet/i3. So, we're a contract
research organisation that get hired
by pharmaceutical industries to run clinical trials
around Australia and New Zealand. What sort of stuff?
Um, I do a mixture of everything. I do oncology, I do haematology,
I do allergy, I do epilepsy. Yeah? So you get the placebos out
and that sort of stuff, do you? Yes. It depends on if it's
a placebo control trial, but, yeah. Otherwise known as double-dummy. How many times do you have
a new drug and people come up, and there's a lot of people who are
quite happy to be the guinea pig, and they have an instant reaction
that's a positive one and you can't get that to market
for a while? Yeah, it takes quite a long time
to actually get a drug onto market, and that's sort of why they have to
do it against a placebo to say, "OK, that one's really working,
that one's not." It must be fantastic
when something works. Oh, absolutely. What's been the best
instant result you've seen? I'm actually... I'm not under disclosure
to actually, you know, say, but our haematology one
is doing very, very well, actually. Good on you. So, yeah, I'm contracted on behalf
of the pharmaceutical companies. Alright, good. I'll go and buy CSL shares
this afternoon. Anne, good luck, OK? Now, you need to get this one right.
Do you get on the computer much? Um, I live on it
about nine hours a day. OK. I'm a bit like Glenn. I belt the wave everyday but you reckon
I'd know the answer to this? (REPEATS QUESTION)

Well, it's not the Backspace -
that would take you back one. It's not Caps lock. It's not the Shift button, which is
just a fancy name for Caps lock. I'd like to lock in A, Enter. Enter is locked in.
Lock it in, Eddie. Correct for $200. Well played.

Good on you, Anne. Well played. Your fiance, Ben, is there.
G'day, Ben. Hi, Eddie.
Welcome aboard, buddy. Thanks.
That's the way. Here we go for $300.


Being a car nut, I was gonna say
it's gonna be all the As,