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(generated from captions) Um, 42.
41. True or false? In prehistoric times, some snakes
actually preyed on dinosaurs. True.
True. What letter comes directly
before 'I' in the English alphabet?

Is correct. True or false? On 1 April, Labour Day
is celebrated Australia-wide.

False, correct. What is 64 - 13?

51. True or false? The adult female red kangaroo
is known as a blue flyer.

True, it is, Isabella. We are out of time. Well, that shook things up,
didn't it? Warragamba -
Travis, Isabella, Josh - have finished in a tie for second
on 250 points. Well done, purple. Had the lead for much of the day. Esme, Lara, Serena are in that tie
for second, from Ashbury, which leaves our winners,
the green ones, last standing. Kylie, Adam and Marcus,
winning score today - 280 points. That's three for three so far
for green. See you tomorrow. Join us then.
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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - a Bali terror threat
targeting Australians during this week's
bombings anniversary. Tony Abbott defends
his choice of words as parliament deals with the fallout
from Peter Slipper's resignation. Brynne's husband, Geoffrey Edelsten, tries to keep his dirty laundry
a secret. And twin brothers face court
accused of pretending to be diggers. VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with Samantha Armytage. Good afternoon. Australians are being warned
about a terror threat targeting this week's 10th
anniversary of the Bali bombings. Counterterrorism police have
uncovered a possible terror plot targeting VIPs at Friday's
commemorations in Bali. The Indonesian government
is deploying anti-terrorism units, the bomb squad
and heavily armed police. Prime Minister Julia Gillard,
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and former PM John Howard are among
the dignitaries flying in. The federal government says
it is aware of the threats and is taking all relevant
precautions. Australia's travel alert for
Indonesia has not been upgraded. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott
has refused to back down from claims the Gillard Government
should have "died of shame." The comment has enraged Labor after a similar statement was made
about the Prime Minister's father. Political reporter Alex Hart
joins us now from Canberra. Good afternoon, Alex. Did Mr Abbott deliberately use
the same language as Alan Jones? No, Sam, he didn't. Tony Abbott says
he's used the phrase 17 times, including last year's
budget-in-reply speech but that doesn't mean
it hasn't caused offence. The Opposition Leader's attack
came less than two weeks after it was revealed broadcaster Alan Jones said the Prime Minister's
father died of shame. Having used similar language
himself yesterday Mr Abbott urged his opponents
to get over it - and it didn't go down well. Mr Abbott needs to get over his
entrenched attitudes towards women. My jaw dropped when he said this is a government
that is potentially dying of shame. If there's one term
he should not have used yesterday across the chamber
at the Prime Minister it's the same term that was used
channelling Alan Jones. It really is time
for the Labor Party to stop hyperventilating
about Alan Jones. It was absolutely obvious
from what I said that it was a reference to
the government, to no-one else. The Opposition says if anyone is
guilty of offending women it's the government for not forcing Peter Slipper
out of speaker's chair over his sexist text messages. As we saw last night,
Mr Slipper did that himself. At 7:20 last night, removing himself from
the Speaker's chair permanently. I leave this position
without rancour, with a great deal of sadness and, more importantly,
with a great deal of regret. Having apologised
for sending sexist text messages revealed in the
sexual harassment case against him, Mr Slipper fell on his sword just a few hours after surviving
a Coalition attempt to vote him out. Circumstances make it clear to me that I should put the interests
of the House before my own personal interests
as Speaker. Each of us would wish the best
for him and his family in what is clearly a distressing
and very pressurised time. Tonight, the Member for Fisher
has shown that, in this important respect,
he has good judgement. Deputy Speaker Anna Burke
was elected unopposed as Mr Slipper's replacement with the Nationals' Bruce Scott
as her deputy. We will do everything we can
to work with you. I can't quite make that a guarantee. The Government had rejected
her nomination by the Coalition last November. I do regret that fact
that you've come late to this chair. But, as Seven's political editor
Mark Riley revealed this morning there was another
potential candidate. Liberal MP Alex Somlyay
offered himself to the government if he was nominated
by the Coalition or an Independent. Well, I don't believe it.
I haven't spoken to him. But Julie Bishop says
he did speak to her. We had already agreed
that we would nominate Bruce Scott. Ms Bishop was more concerned
about Julia Gillard and her colleague's
decision to vote against the Coalition's move
to dump Mr Slipper. From now on, she'll be remembered
as the prime minister who let down the women of Australia. 23 million Australians knew
he had to lose his job, I don't know why 70 people here
could possibly vote to support him. Yesterday, Labor MPs said it was
right to resolve court cases involving Mr Slipper before taking action. Today... I'm pleased that the Speaker
has resigned but I think the resignation
was the right thing to do. It was the right decision for him
to make. Mr Slipper will remain
in the Parliament, joining suspended Labor MP
Craig Thomson as an Independent. It is a very bad look
for the Prime Minister now to be relying on the votes
of Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper. But with numbers so tight
on the floor the Opposition's revealed it will also rely on
Peter Slipper's vote. If he chooses to vote
with the Coalition we certainly will be happy
to have that vote. Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson
are two very different cases. Peter Slipper's first vote
as an Independent this morning was with the government.

Celebrity doctor Geoffrey Edelsten
has filed for a permanent injunction to keep dealings between him
and an American woman a secret. Kate Osborn is covering
the Supreme Court case in Melbourne. Sam, there has been a lot of dirty
laundry aired here at court today, but most of it
we can't share with you because keeping it secret
is the point of today's proceeding. Geoffrey Edelsten is seeking a
permanent injunction against an American woman,
Stacey de Silva, to prevent her ever disclosing
any details of dealings they may have had earlier this year. Edelsten spent most of the day
on the witness stand and while we can't share
the bulk of his evidence, there are some things
that we can say that provide an insight
into his very high-profile marriage with Brynne Edelsten. The court was told that Brynne knew about the existence
of Stacey de Silva and had even received harassing
emails from her, and Brynne had left her
a voicemail message telling her to leave Edelsten alone. We also heard new details
of an incident the couple reported
earlier this year in which police were called
to their apartment. We now know that that occurred because Brynne
took Geoffrey's mobile phone and he wrestled with her
to get it back. The defence wants to call Brynne
as a witness at this hearing. Stacey de Silva
will give her evidence via video link from New Jersey
in the United States later this week. So, Sam,
plenty more details to come. An inquest into the death
of a Brazilian student has been shown more graphic images
of his final moments. Roberto Curti's family was urged to
leave the coroner's court in Sydney while the taser cam video
was played. Earlier, they heard Curti would have
experienced intense fear when chased by police in March because he was in
a drug-induced psychotic state. An officer also admitted firing
his taser on Curti a second time, even though he was on the ground
and in handcuffs. Twin brothers accused
of pretending to be diggers have faced court in Brisbane. The men had allegedly masqueraded
as war heroes at this year's Anzac Day march. Michael Scanlan has more. Sam,
twins John Hines and George Carr briefly faced the Brisbane
Magistrates Court this morning, both charged with falsely
representing a returned soldier and the improper use
of a service decoration. The matter was adjourned so one of the men can receive
a psychiatric assessment. They were charged in September with
pretending to be a returned soldier after police were notified
by other diggers that the two men had taken part
in an Anzac Day march in unfamiliar uniforms containing medals
they hadn't earned. Police say a subsequent search of their homes
at Beenleigh and Oxenford resulted in officers finding a large
amount of military paraphernalia. Here's what one of the accused men
had to say outside court earlier. How does it feel coming to court
today? Are you ashamed about this? No, I'm not ashamed
about anything I have done. You're not ashamed about this? Nope. Why's that? I can't tell you anything. You're accused
of impersonating a soldier. How are you not ashamed of that? I've been advised
not to say anything, I'm sorry. Also at court
were returned serviceman who sat in on the matter
as a sign of protest. One Vietnam veteran says
he won't miss a court date until the matter is finalised. If either one of them
was actually put in a situation that a real veteran was put in, they wouldn't be able to handle it. Sam, both men will back in court
later this month. High winds
have put the world's first attempt to skydive from the edge of space on hold. Daredevil Felix Baumgartner
was hoping to make history by reaching supersonic speeds
on the jump. Mike Amor is in New Mexico. After a frustrating day
of delay after delay, we really thought we were
standing on the brink of seeing something special,
something truly historic. Felix was meant to take off
late last night your time but it was simply too windy,
so they have put it off and then they thought they saw
a window of improved weather. They got Felix to put on
his spacesuit. He even got into his capsule. There was a slight delay again as
they had a problem with the radio but then they started
to inflate that giant balloon, the balloon that is 55 storeys high. Then, suddenly,
there was one gust of wind that knocked the balloon
into the ground. Now, this balloon is
made of super-thin plastic, 10 times thinner than the normal
plastic that we use to wrap food. So the risk that there
may have been a tear was too great. You can imagine the danger of that
balloon deflating as it makes its way
to 36.5km above Earth. So they really had no choice
but to scrub the mission. A lot of disappointed people
in mission control behind me, and, of course, Felix Baumgartner. We have got to call it cancelled
for the mission today due to gusty winds. So you are seeing
from inside the capsule now, the crew, as they begin the process
of taking Baumgartner out. That's true. He manages a smile, anyway. They only have two balloons. You can imagine balloons like this
are in short supply, so they only have one left. The balloon they used today
is now no good, so they are going to try again. Tomorrow is out, it is too windy. So the next best chance
will be overnight, Thursday into Friday morning,
your time. They're saying that the weather
is not all that great, but they are going to give
it another go. Next in Seven's 4:30 News - why hundreds of pensioners
rallied in Melbourne. The young peace activist who
made world headlines silenced. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
show off their sporty side.

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Who parks a boat
in the middle of the road? The new up! With City Emergency
Braking as standard. Volkswagen.

Hundreds of pensioners have rallied
in Melbourne, demanding more help
with the rising cost of living. The Fair Go for Pensioners Coalition was protesting
against concession cuts by the Victorian Government. Organisers also mocked recent claims older Australians
are hoarding $100 bills. I looked in my biscuit tin
and I looked under my bed and I have not found
a single $100 note. Pensioners say they need more help to pay for utilities, housing
and health bills. A 14-year-old schoolgirl
who became famous for speaking out
against hardline extremists has been shot by Taliban gunmen. The assassination attempt
in Pakistan almost killed her but doctors are confident
she will survive. She has a bullet
lodged in her skull, left there by the gunmen who
singled her out on the school bus and opened fire at close range. Just 14 years old, Malala Yousafzai's crime
in the eyes of the Taliban was asking for the right
to be educated.

Malala was just 11 when she rose
to national prominence in Pakistan, highlighting the plight of young
girls living in the Swat Valley, which was under the control
of the Taliban. Their schools
were being closed down, and as Malala revealed
here in a New York Times film, failure to comply with the Taliban's
rules risk terrible retribution.

This schoolgirl
would not be intimidated. She had big ideas for the future. I want to get my education
and I want to become a doctor. She received her
country's youth peace prize, was honoured at home and abroad, even invited to meet
foreign dignitaries. Respected ambassador, I would request to you that if you
can help us in our education, so please help us. But such attention
angered the Taliban, and today
they took their terrible revenge. They said Malala was guilty
of promoting Western culture. Doctors say she is out of danger but may have to be flown abroad
for the delicate surgery to remove a bullet
lodged near her spinal cord.

A study has found expensive running shoes
won't make you run faster. Researchers surveyed 7,000 runners and found the more costly shoes also
don't reduce the risk of injury. The survey, published
in a Danish medical journal, concluded cheaper shoes
often offer better cushioning. And the most important advice is finding shoes that fit well
and are comfortable regardless of price. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have opened
a state-of-the-art training centre for England's football team. They even limbered up
for a high-tech work-out to test their reaction times. The royal couple
joked with the players before inspecting the facilities. I feel tempted to cry God,
for Harry, England and St George They wrapped up their visit by chatting with some of
the country's future football stars. Next in Seven's 4:30 News - a check on the stock market
as Euro violence flares in Greece. The unusual dinner date between
Lady Gaga and Julian Assange. And in sport, Billy Slater breaks his silence
on the biting incident during the Grand Final.

were called to a Sydney warehouse when 500 bales of cotton
went up in flames. A fire alarm was set off just
after 10 o'clock last night at the Yennora centre. 85 firefighters
spent several hours trying to bring the fire
under control. So, there's a total of about 3,000
bales that still have to be removed to get to the seat of the fire. The fire has been contained
within the warehouse. Riot police have clashed
with up to 50,000 protesters on the streets of Athens during a visit from
German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It was her first visit to Greece since the start
of the eurozone crisis. Many Greeks blame her
for the extreme budget cuts, enforced as part of
the European bailout deal. I wish you all good luck
and much power.

Nearly 200 people were arrested. Time to check the financial markets. The ASX 200 closed down
15 points at 4,492.

Pop superstar Lady Gaga has met
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who remains holed up inside
the Ecuadorian embassy in London. spent five hours
with the Australian activist. She posted a photo of their meeting
to her 30 million Twitter followers. Assange has been living
in the embassy since June as he tries to avoid extradition
to Sweden.

Sport shortly. But first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines.

Hello .. The ACT Libs say they're
happy to have Tony Abbott's support in their election campaign .. and reject Labor's
claims they lied to Canberrans about the Federal Opposition
Leader's involvement. Belconnen High School's been
promised a 28 million dollar makeover if ACT Labor's re-elected.
It's part of their 250 million dollar education plan. While there could be relief for
drivers .. the Libs say they'll transform William Slim
Drive into a dual lane road. A boost for our economy ..
after local electronics company Electro Optic Systems
signed a 5 million dollar deal.. to build a defence computer system ..
used to fire weapons while inside an armoured vehicle. A Downer man's blamed his curiosity in testing out
a V-8 .. as the reason he was caught at 170 k's in an
80 zone at Theodore. He was fined 18 hundred dollars and
copped 6 demerit points. And in netball .. the AIS will
host a Trans -Tasman netball test .. between the Diamonds and
Silver Ferns .. as part of our Centenary Celebrations. More 7.30

Good afternoon, everyone. Storm star Billy Slater says
he doesn't hold a grudge towards Bulldogs prop James Graham despite the Grand Final
biting controversy. Gearing up to play the Kiwis
in Saturday's test in Townsville, the Kangaroos fullback revealed he's already shaken hands
with Graham who copped 12 weeks for biting him
in Melbourne's grand final win. It's behind me, mate. It was
behind me after the game, so... Today's training session
was the first time Slater has run
without a knee brace this week but he says
he will be fine for the test. To AFL and Melbourne's
2011 Best and Fairest winner, Brent Moloney is set to join Brisbane
as a free agent while there's still no deal
between Sydney and Adelaide over Power forward Kurt Tippett. There's plenty happening at Essendon with ruckman David Hille expected to
make a decision on his future within 24 hours and Scott Gumbleton's future
is uncertain at the Bombers with Carlton keen on his services. And with former Bulldog Brian Lake
joining Hawthorn, Stephen Gilham and Tom Murphy may be
looking for new homes next season. London gold medallist Anna Meares
and Paralympic champion Matt Cowdrey will put their driving skills
to the test in the celebrity challenge at next year's Australian
Formula 1 Grand Prix. This is new but I am competitive. I will work very hard at the courses and the classes
they put me through. I will need it. (LAUGHS) Meares says she has always wanted
to have a crack at car racing. Mick Fanning is looking to get his
world title campaign back on track at this week's Rip Curl Pro
in Portugal. Fanning lost his grip
on the number one ranking after suffering a shock early exit
in France. Had an absolute shocker really,
try and bounce back. The title battle
is shaping as a battle between Fanning, Joel Parkinson and
11-time world champion Kelly Slater. Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods
have been upstaged on day one of the
World Golf Finals in Turkey. McIlroy lost his opening match
to Matt Kuchar by six shots and a bogey at the last saw Woods lose to Charl Schwartzel
by a shot. Masters champion Bubba Watson didn't
make it into the elite 8-man field so he filled in time
by smashing food with his driver on US television.

Too much time on his hands. And only in America!

After the break, we'll get the national
weather forecast with David Brown

We took cloves of garlic
and crushed them. We pummelled herbs,
flattened dough and patted down
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Good afternoon. David Brown with your weather update
from Studley Park, Kew, in Melbourne. In Hobart, it's been cold
and cloudy with the odd passing shower.

showers and isolated thunderstorms are sweeping in from the south-west. Sydney, and mainly sunny afternoon. As we take a look at the satellite we can track a cold front of showers and isolated
thunderstorms sweeping across South Australia
and western parts of Victoria. It's closing in on Tassie. It's been fine over most
of eastern Australia. It will change tomorrow
as that east coast low winds up off the southern
New South Wales coast. Snow down to low levels tomorrow
and some very heavy showers. In the west
it's looking dry and hot. Forecast in Brisbane tomorrow -
areas of rain and thunderstorms Sydney, cool and showery. Canberra, showers. Melbourne, showers,
local hail and thunder. Hobart, mainly fine. Adelaide, few more showers
and windy. Perth, hot.

That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00, Sam. Thanks, David.

That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Samantha Armytage.
Have a great night. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

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