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This program is captioned live. This morning - Labor
and the Coalition still at war as Peter Slipper
resigns in disgrace. Hundreds of bales of cotton
destroyed in a Sydney fire. And so close - gusty winds postpone
the skydive from the edge of space.

Seven Morning News with Ann Sanders.

Good morning. The Gillard Government
has defended its decision not to sack Peter Slipper
as Speaker, saying it was the 'right thing
to do' to let him resign. But the matter is far from over with the Opposition determined
to make the Prime Minister pay for not acting sooner.

At 7:20 last night, Peter Slipper entered the chamber
to do what the Parliament didn't - removing himself from
the Speaker's chair - permanently. I leave this position
without rancour with a great deal of sadness... ..and, more importantly,
with a great deal of regret. Having apologised
for sending sexist text messages revealed in the sexual
harassment case against him, Mr Slipper fell on his sword - just a few hours after surviving
a Coalition attempt to vote him out. Circumstances made clear to me that I should put the interests
of the house before my personal interests
as speaker. Each of us would wish the best
for him and his family in what is clearly a very
distressing and pressurised time. Tonight, the member for Fisher has
shown that in this important respect he has good judgment.

Deputy Speaker Anna Burke
was elected unopposed as Mr Slipper's replacement with the Nationals' Bruce Scott
as her deputy. I can't quite make that a guarantee. The Government had rejected
her nomination by the Coalition last November. I do regret that fact that
you've come late to this chair. But as Seven's political editor,
Mark Riley, revealed this morning, there was another
potential candidate. Liberal MP Alex Somlyay offered
himself to the government if he was nominated by the Coalition
or an Independent. Well, I don't believe it.
I haven't spoken to him. But Julie Bishop says
he did speak to her. We had already agreed that
we would nominate Bruce Scott. Despite Mr Slipper's resignation,
the matter is far from over. The Government's decision
to defend him against the Coalition's move
to have him sacked has raised new questions
about the Prime Minister's judgment and priorities. 23 million Australians knew
he had to lose his job. I don't know why 70 people here
could possibly vote to support him. From now on she'll be remembered as the Prime Minister who let down
the women of Australia. Yesterday, Labor MPs said it was 'right' to resolve court
cases involving Mr Slipper before taking action. Today... I'm pleased that the speaker
has resigned. I think the resignation
was the right thing to do. It was the right decision
for him to make. Mr Slipper will remain
in the Parliament, joining suspended Labor MP
Craig Thomson as an Independent. It is a very bad look
for the Prime Minister now to be relying on the votes
of Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper. But with numbers on the floor
so tight - the Opposition's revealed it will
also rely on Peter Slipper's vote. His electorate would expect him
to vote with the Coalition. Even though it demands Labor
reject Craig Thomson's vote. Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson
are two very different cases. Peter Slipper's first vote
as an Independent this morning was with the Government.

Political editor Mark Riley broke the story of Mr Slipper's
resignation last night and joins us now. Mark, you were also first
to find out that another Liberal MP
Alex Somlyay offered himself as the new Speaker. What was behind his move?

He was essentially offering to the Government to act as Speaker as a liberal member and deprive Tony Abbott's side of a crucial vote. What he said he would do was accept the nomination if Labor did not put up Anna Burke who was eventually elected speaker at if he was nominated by other independent or his own side of the parliament. The Leader of the House considered it briefly and then thought having been through is that her affair it did not want to revisit that and declined it. Where does this leave the numbers? Labour at 70, the Coalition and 72. We have seven independents. It will now meet the boat of Peter Slipper or one of the other two. The assumption is that Peter Slipper will vote with the Labor Party. He is not an omen of the Coalition after its attacks and him personally but we're in the realms of the unknown. Politics back in and is for all the wrong reasons. Which side can that worse for wear and what will happen today? They both look pretty shabby today. The Government and Julia Gillard for their judgement in appointing Peter Slipper in the first place and by clinging on to him yesterday. In the vote. Then saying that his decision to stand down was a good idea. Both sides are being accused of hypocrisy. The Government for championing women's rights and defending him this Comments and those text messages were abhorrent and an offence to women. Tony Abbott, his judgement is in question had been used the same terminology Alan Jones used against the Prime Minister's father, saying he had died of shame. Mr Abbott use the terminology saying the Government should die of shame. He says it was inadvertent and he did not make too associated with the Prime Minister's father's death but it is imagined -- unimaginable that port could not have crossed his mind. Either he meant it, which was a disgrace or he didn't, which was dumb. What will appear today, here is a tip - they will both blamed each other and the attack will still be on. A psychiatrist has told the inquest into the death
of a Brazilian student he believes the youth was
in a psychotic state and terrified when he was tasered
by Sydney police. These graphic images show
Roberto Curti being tasered 14 times in March. He'd taken the drug LSD
the night before.

Stop resisting
or you will be tasered again. Dr Jonathan Phillips says someone in that state
should have been settled down rather than stirred up. But he's stopped short
of criticising police, saying

Firefighters remain
at the scene of a blaze where 500 bales of cotton went up
in flames at a Sydney warehouse. A fire alarm was set off
just after 10:00 last night at the Yennora centre. 85 firefighters spent several hours trying to bring the fire
under control. So there's a total of about 3,000
bales that still have to be removed to get to the seat of the fire. The fire has been contained
within the warehouse.

Police are looking for
an armed robber who held up one of Brisbane's
most famous hotels last night. A masked man walked into the gaming
lounge of the Royal Exchange Hotel at 10:45pm carrying a red bag. He pulled out a gun, threatening
the female gaming attendant and demanding money from the till. He also stole money
from two patrons. The suspect was last seen driving
off in a bronze Holden Commodore.

Police in Victoria are investigating how a car crash victim
was shot in the head. Officers were called to an accident
in Geelong early this morning. A 53-year-old man had hit
a guard rail and was taken to hospital
in a critical condition. Doctors later discovered the man had
a gunshot wound to his head and police found a gun

wedged between the front passenger
seat and console. They're still trying
to work out what happened. Anyone with information
should call Crime Stoppers.

Two teenagers will appear in court
today, charged over a police chase
in Sydney's west. The pursuit ended at a home
in Smithfield yesterday afternoon with the arrest of five youths. One was wearing a school uniform. Three suspects were eventually
released. The other two, aged 18 and 19,
are facing a range of charges. Police will allege they also found
cannabis at the home and stolen goods in the abandoned
car used in the chase.

Junior rugby league finals
in Brisbane could be axed after two brawls last month. The fights on grand final day
on September 15 ended with 58 players being banned,
one for life, Officials decided to take the action after battling to control violence
among teenage players on and off the field. The role of 'league-safe' officers
is also under review. It's been a nail-biting night for the team behind Austrian
adventurer Felix Baumgartner as they waited to see
if he'd succeed in his record-making bid
to free-fall from the edge of space. After hours of delays, the adventurer was finally
inside his pressurised capsule and the 5-minute countdown
was underway, when the mission was aborted. Mike Amor watched it all unfold
in New Mexico.

After a frustrating day of delay after delay, we really thought we were standing on the brink of seeing something special, something truly historic. Felix was meant to take off late last night your time but it was simply too windy so they put it off and then they thought they saw a window of improved weather. They got the likes to put on his spacesuit and heaving it into his capsule. There was a slight delay as they had a problem with the radio that there may started to inflate that giant balloon, the balloon that is 55 storeys high. Then suddenly there was one gust of wind that knocked the balloon into the ground. This balloon is made of Super in plastic, 10 times thinner than the normal plastic we used to wrap food. The risk they may have been at Tiare was too great. You can imagine the danger that balloon to fighting. -- deflating. They really had no choice but to scrub the mission. A lot of disappointed people. And of course, Felix Baumgartner. They mission has cancelled due to gusty winds.Sir US scene inside the capsule, the crew at taking out Felix Baumgartner. He manages a smile anyway.They may have to balloons. These are in short supply. They have one left. The one they use today is no good. They will try again. Tomorrow is out, too windy. The next best chance will be overnight Thursday to Friday morning. They are saying the weather is not all that great but they will give it to undergo. Next in Seven News -
business and finance. The new partnership
to boost Australian tourism. Also, Kate and William inspect
England's new football centre.

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Hundreds of pensioners
are protesting in Melbourne this morning over the rising cost of living. They're demanding
bigger pensioner concessions to help pay for utilities,
housing and prescriptions. The Fair Go for Pensioners
Coalition has also rejected recent claims
that older Australians are greedy for hiding $100 and $50 notes
under their beds.

Tourism Australian has signed
a $14 million deal with Emirates to promote Australia overseas. The joint marketing campaign
will try to boost visitors from the UK, Germany, France, Italy
and New Zealand. The money will be spent on
advertising, events and sponsorship over the next three years. It's the largest investment Emirates
has ever made with a national tourism body.

To finance now and joining me is Westpac's
global head of Economics Bill Evans. Good morning, Bill. Westpac has just released
its Consumer Sentiment Index. What's it telling us?

He 5th fourth it jumped from up by 1% but it was disappointing following the surprise rate cut by the Reserve Bank.That would have come as a pleasant surprise to a lot of borrowers. We also whole lot of other good news around. The unemployment rate was down and the share market was up 4% and we saw some quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve and a big turnaround in confidence in Europe. A disappointing number. Eight months in a row with pessimism outnumbering optimism. Only two months of last 16 months that we had more optimists and pessimists. People are being sluggish.What about consumers and housing?That was a good story. The question of whether that it is a good time to buy at Welling, that is up 20% in the last two months. Responding to a better overall environment. The rate cut would have helped there. The overall market today was down by 0.5%. It looks to me as if that is definitely a positive sign out of Our index today because we do need to see an improvement in housing given that the likely than of the slowdown and mining is only about one year away.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
had a rather unusual dinner guest as he remains holed up
in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Pop star Lady Gaga
dropped by for a visit, spending five hours
with the Australian activist and sharing a meal. Never one to miss a publicity
opportunity, Gaga tweeted photos
of their meeting. The same day a London court ordered
Assange's friends pay the $150,000 surety
they'd pledged before he breached bail.

Prince William and the Duchess
of Cambridge have joined England's football team for the opening of a new
state-of-the-art training centre. The royal couple
joked with the players before checking out the facilities
for themselves. Prince William's well-known
to the squad in his role as president
of the Football Association. A mixture of pride
that we are capable in this country of creating something
so beyond compare anywhere else. They also met some
of the young up-and-coming players. And the Queen has stepped out just
down the road from Windsor Castle for the unveiling of a statue
in her honour. The Diamond Jubilee monument
was designed by 15-year-old schoolgirl
Caroline Basra. It features 60 spheres, 59 made
from polished stainless steel and one of cut glass, representing each year of her reign.

Next in Seven News - AFL heavyweight
Collingwood issues a stern warning to its playing group. And Mick Fanning
looks to reclaim his spot at the top of surfing's
world rankings.

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Collingwood has warned its players
they'll be traded if they don't show total commitment following Sharrod Wellingham's
move to West Coast. The Magpies accepted pick 17
in the national draft in return for Wellingham. Meanwhile, Hawthorn recruit
Brian Lake says the lure of a premiership
convinced him to quit the Bulldogs. Being so close with the Bulldogs
in those three Preliminary Finals and getting on in age, the lure of trying to play
in a Grand Final but also in finals was a big factor. And Brendan Fevola says his management has been approached
by several AFL clubs and he'd love to make a comeback.

The Kangaroos are ramping up
their preparation for this weekend's test
against New Zealand in Townsville with a full contact
training session. For Innisfail product made good
Billy Slater, it's a dream come true to play
a test in north Queensland. The Storm ace hoping it inspires
a new generation of stars.

Growing up in the area
we never got these games up here when I was a kid. The Kiwis will arrive
in Townsville this afternoon. The A-League will be the hottest
ticket in Sydney this weekend when Alessandro del Piero
makes his home debut. Sydney FC officials are expecting
a record crowd of 35,000 fans, for the clash with Newcastle. The Sky Blues are adamant
there'll be no repeat of their embarrassing
Round 1 defeat. We'll just put that one behind us
and get on with the job. I'm still confident we're gonna have
a good season. Del Piero will be up against Jets
marquee signing Emile Heskey.

Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods
have been upstaged on day one of the five million
dollar World Golf Finals in Turkey. McIlroy displayed touches of class but lost his opening match
to Matt Kuchar by six shots. And a bogey at the last saw Woods
lose to Charl Schwartzel by a shot. Masters champion Bubba Watson didn't
make it into the elite 8-man field. So he filled in time
by smashing food with his driver, on US television.

Unbeaten colt Pierro is poised to start the shortest Caulfield
Guineas favourite in more than 50 years, on Saturday. The Gai Waterhouse trained galloper
has drawn barrier seven and proved he's ready for the race
with a sizzling track gallop at Flemington. Pierro hasn't raced at Caulfield but even his rivals
don't think that will be a problem. Wouldn't be too worried
about Pierro, mate. He seems to get around anything. Top jockey Craig Williams is talking
up the Caulfield Cup chances of French stayer Dunaden. Williams missed Dunaden's
Melbourne Cup win last year through suspension.

Two London gold medallists will be
taking part in the celebrity race at next year's
Australian Formula One Grand Prix. Cyclist Anna Meares and paralympic
swimmer Matt Cowdrey will put their driving skills
to the test at Albert Park. Cowdrey admits being
an amputee presents its challenges. I'm glad it is

I'm glad it is automatic, many wars and quite my things so it will be exciting. I'm so excited about getting out there and racing. Meares says she has always wanted
to have a crack at car racing.

Mick Fanning's looking
to get his world title campaign back on track at this week's Rip Curl Pro
in Portugal. Fanning lost his grip
on the number one ranking after suffering a shock early exit
in France.

Had an absolute shocker and

Had an absolute shocker and those
things happen and you just got to try and bounce back. The title's shaping as a battle
between Fanning, Joel Parkinson, and 11-time world champion
Kelly Slater.

Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

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most of northern Australia. A front's bringing showers and cold
winds to Victoria and Tasmania. Another front and low are causing
strong, cold winds and showers in South Australia. There are also strong winds
in Western Australia.

Around the capitals - a possible shower
in Brisbane. Sunny in

Hobart will top
14 degrees. Showers for
Melbourne. Showers in
Adelaide. Perth, sunny
and 29. 34 the top
for Darwin today.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30
and tonight at 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions by
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