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(generated from captions) on our Facebook site. We thought we'd read out some emails. Sue said, "I cannot believe the rage I felt at Jason. Can't he understand his action brought home the strength of the speech of Julia.""I'm a woman and I like Tony Abbott. He was attacked by Julia Gillard yesterday in a stupid manner while she was defending Peter Slipper.""I'm glad to see our so-called leaders setting such a good example for our youth. We wonder why we can't solve the bullying dilemma."Keep your comments coming.Absolutely. Tomorrow we have Kym Johnson, Benicio Del Toro.Bonnie Lithgow! Everything you need to know about laser treatments.Laser treatments. And right now the news with Amelia Adams. Have a great day, everyone. Love you, Bye! Supertext Captions by Red

This program is captioned live. Good morning. It has been a bitter 24 hours in Federal Parliament. It Cull mipated in the resignation of -- culminated in the resignation of Peter Slipper, Parliamentary Speaker, last night. The Opposition hammered the Gillard Government for not acting to remove him. Kerrie Yaxley joins us from Canberra. Firstly, talk us through how this unfolded.Well, Peter Slipper narrowly survived Coalition moves to have him sacked as Speaker after his sexist and vulgar text messages to former staffer, James Ashby were made public. Hours after the vote Peter Slipper came into the House of Representatives and in an emotional speech announced his resignation.With great sadness I have decided that I should not continue as your Speaker. In particular, I express my heart-felt thanks to the loyalty and support of my wife, Inga, my children, Nick and Alex, my parents, who are now 87 and 85.He made the decision to resign after Independent Rob Oakshott and Tony Windsor paid him a visit while the ferocious debate in parliament happened.They told him they would vote against the Coalition's motion to have him sacked, but his position as Speaker was untenable and he should consider resigning. Tony Windsor says the Government was aware of the conversation. Here is Tony Windsor explaining what happened. We thought it was appropriate that he be given the choice of coming into the Chamber and resigning.And as for numbers in the parliament, this means the government will have another Independent to deal with when trying to get legislation through. This morning Peter Slipper voted with the government over a procedural matter. There's a belief around Parliament House, that Peter Slipper will not be inclined to vote with the Coalition given their attacks on him.There's obviously a lot of fallout from this. What have politicians been saying?Well, the Coalition is attacking the government for supporting Peter Slipper, and not voting to remove him as Speaker. There were strong words from Julia Bishop, saying the Prime Minister let women down and is using gender as a shield against criticism.From now on she'll be remembered as a Prime Minister who let down the women of Australia when put to the test, and abrogated her responsibility to show leadership by endorsing and condoning obscene remarks of Peter Slipper, by voting to retain him in the office of Speaker.Government Ministers say that Peter Slipper did the right thing by resigning. They have defended supporting him in yesterday's debate, saying the texts were inappropriate and offensive. But because they were part of evidence in legal action, they don't want to pass judgment while court proceedings are under way.Here is Government Minister Tanya Plibersek.What I don't think is the House of Representatives of the parliament of Australia is a kangaroo court or a Star Chamber that can be smashed up on the whim of the Leader of the Opposition. It's better that the Speaker has taken responsibility, apologised and resigned. That was the proper course of action.The new Speaker is Anna Burke, and she was elected unopposed. She's been sitting in the share for a while, since Peter Slipper stood aside.She'll be paid for the position and receive the associated perks.Thank you so much Kerrie Yaxley. We'll speak live to Deputy Opposition Julia Bishop later in the program. Meantime, you can have your say on the issue by going to the website. The question:

The results are clear-cut. More than 4,500 people saying no. Just over 55,000 people have voted yes. A bus on the Gold Coast has been destroyed after going up in flames just before six this morning. The driver managed to escape unharmed. Nine's Jenna Hudson joins us now. Good morning. Can you talk us through what happened?Well, a bus driver is very lucky to be alive this morning. He was travelling south on the M1 when he noticed a light on his dashboard flickering. It's then and there that he pulled over, thankfully. Moments later the bus burst into flames. It was quite a spectacle on the highway. Motorists called 000. The calls flooded in to the firefighters. They were there moments later and managed to control the blaze within 20 minutes. As you can see from the damage, it proves how quickly it tore through.As we approached we saw large volumes of smoke. We realised the bus is well involved. They burn intensely, they are made of fibre glass. Pulled over for an electrical problem, checked the engine, and it burst into flames. The bus company wouldn't comment. The main thing is that the bus driver did not get hurt. If passengers were on board, it could have been a different story. Luckyed in. Huds r thank you. Fire engulfs a factory in Sydney -- Jenna Hudson thank you. Fire engulfs a factory in Sydney's west, at Yennora Woolstores. Investigators are on the scene.We had to remove the bales. There's roughly about 3,000 bales to go. Firefighters were called to a blaze in - at a unit in Kingston. We'll have more details on those fires with Sylvia Jeffreys a little later in the bulletin. Let's go to Victoria, where pensioners are rallying in Melbourne's CBD, furious over budget cuts by the Victorian State Government. Nine's Tim McMillan is there. What is happening there?Well, at the moment basically the President is addressing the crowd, and it has been building for the last 10-15 minutes. It will go for a couple of hours, and we expect bigger crowds. There's plenty of union support. There's a lot of placards and flags in the air from the unions. Most of all it's pensioners fighting for a fairer deal from the State and Federal Government. They have a long wishlist, but essential to the list of wants is greater concessions for power bills - gas and water; train fares to be free all times or during off-peak times. Cost of living pressures are out of sync, they say with the rebates and concessions that they receive. From here they'll jump on trams and head to Federation Square. It reminds me of a few years ago. There was a similar rally held by pensioners. There was a bit of nudity at that one. That made it headline news. At the moment they are fully clothed - it's a cool day. Who knows what may happen in the next couple of source. It's Seniors' Week. There's activities at Federation Square, and they are intent on making their point.Thank you. We'll check in later. Queensland Police are hunting a man over an armed robbery at a Brisbane hotel. It's believed a man threatened a female gaming attendant, and two customers, with a gun at the Royal Exchange Hotel, in Toowong. Cash was taken before the man fled in a beige Holden Commodore. With Nauru nearing capacity, the first group of asylum seekers could be transferred to Papua New Guinea, for offshore processing within weeks. Last night the Federal Government passed legislation to get the Manus Island back up and running. Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen, says it's another step in the right direction to stop the boats. Up to 600 asylum seekers are expected to be sent to Papua New Guinea, which was shut by the Rudd Government in 2008. Queenslanders are overwhelmingly against plans to sell off the State's electricity assets, over fears power prices will skyrocket. 70% of voters are against sales of ENERGEX, Ergon and Powerlink. 40% would not vote for Premier Campbell Newman if he proposed privatisation. Campbell Newman's seat of Ashgrove is on a knife edge following funding and job cuts. Police in the US hold grave fears for a 10-year- old girl who was last seen walking to school. Colorado's schoolgirl Jessica Ridgeway has been missing since last week. Police are trying to determine whether her disappearance is linked to other cases. In new video obtained exclusively overnight by ABC News, 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway horses around with a video camera and the family dog.That's a camera.Take another look. Jessica recorded this video in May.That's the camera. This morning the State Crime Lab is processing Jessica's backpack for DNA evidence. It was found Sunday with a water bottle, six miles from where she was last seen. It is vital evidence, the only trace of her since she vanished Friday.The bottom line is to give us evidence of who may have been in contact with it, and where we can focus the search.The search was expanded on Monday. More than 100 combing Rocky sides of roads and rocky terrain. A suspicious man, three weeks ago in town, was seen approaching children. We have nothing to say that we believe it is related to the disappearance of Jessica.Appearing grief-stricken, Jessica's mother walked outside her Colorado home. She was asleep Friday when the school called to report her absent. She says she did not get the message for eight hours. Only then did she call police. Federal Investigative Bureau agents and police are urgently going door to door, asking William Kessel to search a locked room to make sure Jessica was not inside. She was nted.We had to rule the room -- she wasn't. We had to rule the room out.Some of Australia's favourite treats may not taste the same again, with a range of chips, soft drinks and biscuits to overgo a healthy makeover. Tim Tams, Streets ice- creams, Smiths and Milo will be remodelled. It's part of their Healthier Australia Commitment. Companies like Nestle, and Coca- Cola say they'll work to ensure taste is not affected. Streets recently faced backlash for attempting to make the Bananna Paddle Pop healthier. Let's have a look at the weather around the country:

More to come in Nine's Morning News Hour - including the outpour of community support for a family who lost everything in a fire in Queensland. Also - the Austrian daredevil and his skydive from space - why he didn't jump. Lady Gaga teams up with another music icon. This program is not captioned. Morning, guys.
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A Queensland family of eight whose home was destroyed by fire has been overwhelmed by the kindness of neighbours. Alyshia Gates joins us were Ipswich. Good news for the family at a tough time.It is. We know it was an electrical fault that sparked the blaze that cutted the Tongue's family home. Robyn and her kids are trying to remain positive. Her next-door neighbour took her in. It was squashy, but the kids managed to get into the house. People have turned up with bags of clothing and food. The problem is where to store bigger items of furniture until alternative housing is found. I spoke to Robyn, and here is what she said about the community support?To think 3:00 yesterday morning we literally lost everything. So many offers to replace what we lost - you know, there'll be the sentimental things we can't replace. The fact that all the necessary items, you know, and it's just - yeah, I can't express how grateful we are.How are they going, searching for a new home? Robyn has been out this morning looking at one home. Unfortunately it was too small and too expensive. She sees that as the problem. She doesn't want to move the kids out of the area, because they'll have to change schools. She's been on the Housing Commission list for 4.5 years. She hopes to be bumped up the list. If you want to help, the Ipswich Mayor community is taking cash donation, details on the screen. There's a volunteer organisation called Connected who offered to furnish a house, when it is found. That's the issue.Let's hope they are settled soon. Thousands of people around the world were on the edge of their seats in anticipation. Bad weather forced an Austrian daredevil to cancel his attempt to skydive from the edge of space. Felix Baumgartner planned to free-fall 37 kilometres to Earth. Heavy winds meant the ascent would have been dangerous because of the fraj ill nature of the balloon -- fragile nature of the balloon designed to take him into space. Another date has not been set. Popstar Lady Gaga has been recognised for her social activism. Receiving the Lennon-Ono Grant for Peace at a ceremony in Iceland. Yoko Ono presented the award for the singer's campaign for gay rights.My mission as a human being, which is to be endlessly and devotedly compassionate.Lady Gaga donated the cash grant to Elton John's aides charity. Still to come - good news about our economy, while it's among the biggest in the world. William and Kate get into serious training as they rub shoulders with England's top footballers. And the new 3D technology that This program is not captioned. Robyn's switch to Apia,
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An elite football facility in the United Kingdom has been given the royal seal of approval by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. William and Kate attended the opening of the training centre, and couldn't resist trying out the new equipment for themselves. England's finest footballers assembled on new turf with the Duke and Dame bring as the royal couple met the country -- and Duchess of Cambridge as the royal couple meat the country and their new club. There was a joke about Ashley Cole, who has been in the headlines to the English Football Association, which William represents. Inside the $150 million training conference in the English Midlands Will and Kate tested state-of-the-art equipment, competing against each other improving reaction time for goalkeepers, Will narrowly winning this battle. (APPLAUSE) The future king was in a playful mood, increasing the gradient of a running machine and inquiring about water temperatures in the players' hydrotherapy suite. William couldn't be more impressed with the advanced complex in world sport, also containing 12 top-class playing fields.Coming here this morning gave me the same feelings I had when I first went to the Olympic Park - a mixture of pride that we are capable in this country of creating something so beyond compare to anywhere else.Among positions that Prince William holds is that of President of the Football Association. It's important that he takes an ongoing interest in the development and success of the English football team. It seemed a good time for Will to have a crack at his brother. I feel tempted to cry God for Harry, England and St George, but I don't want to the lower the tone by bringing my brother into it.The royal couple were all smiles all day. The only trouble Kate had, understanding the game's offside rule. The International Monetary Fund has recognised 21 years of consistent growth within Australia. Placing as 12th on its economic ladder, the highest level since 1996. The report found disposable income levels jumped 27% to under $50,000. Life expectcy rose by 3 years for children born after the year 2000. It warns unemployment will hover around 6%. Australia adants to a global slowdown on -- adants to a global slowdown on mining -- adants to a global slowdown on mining. England's Stonehenge has been analysed with 3D technology. It's believed the monument was designed with the mid- winter sunset in mind, thinking that it would light up the carve vings.We think there's a front and back. When you approach it from the north-east, it's like a facade of a Cathedral. That's the way you are meant to approach the monument and use the monument.More than 800,000 people flock to the mysterious stone circle every year. Let's have a look at the weather around the

Still to come on Nine's Morning News Hour - a dramatic 24 hours in Canberra as Peter Slipper steps down and a new Speaker is appointed. We'll bring you the latest developments. A new study reveals how too much TV time is affecting our kids. And dancing her way to trouble - why Sarah Palin's daughter has become the target of death This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: It's the front door
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Welcome back. You are watching Nine's Morning News Hour. If you have just joined us, these are the top stories - Labor's Anna Burke has been elected unopposed as the new Speaker after Peter Slipper stood down last night. The Opposition criticised the government for not acting to remove him first. Hundreds of bales of wool have gone up in flames in an overnight blaze in Sydney's west. Pensioners are rallying in Melbourne, protesting against budget cuts by the Victoria Government. Let's get the details on our top story. Former Parliamentary Speaker, Peter Slipper, voted with the government in parliament after his resignation. He quit last night after narrowly surviving a Coalition move to have him sacked. It comes after vulgar and offensive text messages sent by Peter Slipper to his former staffer, James Ashby, were made public in court proceedings. Peter Slipper made an emotional resignation speech, thanking his family for their support.With great sadness I have decided I should not continue as our Speaker. In particular, I express my heart-felt thanks to the loyalty and support from my wife Inga, my children, Nick and Alex, my parents - who are now 87 and 85. Labor's Anna Burke was elected unopposed as the new Speaker. Now for Coalition reaction, we are joined by Deputy Opposition Leader, Julia Bishop. Good morning. Thank you for joining us.Good morning. Firstly, you wanted Peter Slipper out of that Speaker's chair for a while. What is your reaction to his resignation?Yesterday Julia Gillard had a choice of standing up for the women of Australia or defending her grubby deal to make Peter Slipper the Speaker. She chose to defend Peter Slipper, and through her actions has, in effect, endorsed his obscenities against women. Julia Gillard may want to be remembered as Australia's first female Prime Minister, but from now on she'll be remembered as the Prime Minister who let down the women of Australia and absolved her responsibility to show leadership on this issue.The Coalition said that it would be happy to accept Peter Slipper's vote in parliament. Giving you are criticising Julia Gillard for supporting Peter Slipper, is that a little hypocritical.Peter Slipper has been an Independent for 12 months. I draw the distinction between Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson, who was found guilty by a government agency. There's been findings by a government agency that he misused about $500,000 of union funds. In those circumstances, his vote is not something we would accept.Julia Bishop, Julia Gillard came out yesterday with a long list of ways in which Tony Abbott offended her as a woman. You are saying the women of Australia have been let down by the Prime Minister. Can you elaborate on that?This is a disturbing development. Julia Gillard is now using gender as a shield against any criticism of her performance, any criticism of her dishonesty or incompetence. She is labelling anyone who criticises her as a sexist or masogynist and is using that as a word against her critics. The Prime Minister is not immune from criticism. She's not above criticism and people are rightly questioning her performance as Prime Minister, her fitness for office, through her honesty, trustworthy competence, and cannot hide behind gender as a shield against criticism.It emerged that Independents, Rob Oakeshott, and Tony Windsor, visited Peter Slipper, convincing him to resign, voting against him in the no-confidence motion. What do you make of their involvement?This is an example of the political backroom deals that the government is involved in. Julia Gillard did a deal to get rid of the last Speaker, Harry Jenkins, and install Peter Slipper in her place, so -- in his place so she could break a deal with Mr Wilkie about poker reforms. They have done a deal with the government, supporting Peter Slipper on the house as long as he resigned after. This is a government intent on grubby, political deals and put their survival above prince Mr. Deputy Opposition Leader, Julia Bishop - we'll have to leave it there. Thank you for your time this morning.It's been my pleasure.A blaze at a warehouse in Sydney's west destroyed hundreds of cotton bales. With 10 crews sent to contain the fire at the scene: Sylvia Jeffreys is at the scene. This has been a tedious operation for fire crews. They are shovelling thousands of cotton bales, destroyed by fire or water into the carpark - because that's the only way to gain access to the corner of the warehouse where the fire started around 10:30. When crews arrived at the distribdz centre in Enora, there was -- distribution centre in Enora, there was a lot of smoke. They were forced to cut a hole in the roof. They worked quickly to get the fire under control, stopping it spreading to surrounding factories and warehouses in the complex.The crews did a magnificent job in containing it. We had the assistance of the automattic fire alarm that had a sprinkler system, and that helped to contain the fire to that location.Crews were called to an emergency in Kingswood where a two-storey unit was destroyed by fire. Neighbours reported the emergency around 2:30, saying that flames engulfed the property.At first there were fears for the male resident who lived there. He turned up at the scene later. He hadn't been inside the house at the time of the fire. The man did sustain some injuries, and he tried to save his cat. As a result of that he scored nasty scratches across his body. Investigations are continuing into what started the blaze. Victorian pensioners have flooded the streets of Melbourne's CBD, fighting for a fairer deal from the State Government's. Tim McMillan is there. What is the latest?Good morning. We are coming towards the end of the speeches. There's a couple of hundred pensioners behind me. They've been on their feet for the last half an hour. There's been speeches from union officials, Shadow Minister here in Victoria, for ageing. They are about to jump on some trams and head to Federation Square. I'm joined by an organiser. Roger Wilson from Fair Go for Pensioners. How tough is it for pensioners at the moment? It is very difficult. If you take the increased costs in utilities, for example, the Bureau of Statistics recently had a front page in 'The Age' feature about statistics, cost of living, and power in Victoria in five years went up 85%, cost of living goes up, say, 1.5, 2.5 - that's all you get. What about the other 81%? Overall, the average increase in the cost of utilities, rates and so on have gone up nearly 50%. So it's very difficult if you are either a total pensioner or like me, part pensioner, modest part superannuant - it's not easy to make the dollars cover everything. You can, but occasionally you may go without something else. So it is difficult. A lot of anger is directed at the State Government. The Shadow Minister said while the Federal Government is increasing funding the State Government is taking is back, leaving the average pensioner $41 a week worse off. That's the statement from the pensioners here today. They are about to head to Federation Square, where Seniors' Week event are happening. They'll go there to make noise. Thank you, Tim McMillan. Bali bombing survivor, Peter Hughes, says the 10th anniversary of the atrocity will be the last he will mark publicly. He'll attend a memorial in Bali this Friday with other survivors and relatives. But he says it's time to move on. He's calling on Indonesia to compensate survivors who did not receive a travel insurance payout because they weren't covered for terrorism. He wants the Federal Government to put pressure on our Indonesia counterparts. Mitt Romney, Republican candidate, has bounced back in the polls, and it appears he has his wife and elteder son to thank. -- elder son to take. Mitt Romney on the campaign trail.I was happy to put my hand on his shoulder and thank him, and express my love to him, and ask God to bless him...Speaking of an old classmate he saw, ailing in a wheelchair.I had a call from a friend that he died the next day after the visit. It's rare you get the chance to tell someone you love them.Mitt Romney offering a story of a boy he counselled, losing his battle with leukaemia. And stopping the motorcade as children waved on. Suggesting that the ship is driven by Anne Romney and her son, they argued that they should show more of the dad they know. The campaign says nonsense, working to build on Mitt Romney's momentum. Obama tried to remind voters of big bird, a character came up. Mitt Romney saying he'll bring down the deficit, funding to PBS.Greed and evil geniuss. One man has the guts to speak his name.Big bird.Sesame Street asking the Obama campaign not to rape the ad saying they don't endorse candidates.Will I am and others will headline an event tonight. The President talking Sesame Street. Elmo is making a run for the border. Oscar is hiding in the trash can. Mitt Romney is planning to let Wall Street run wild but will bring the hammer down on Sesame Street.A prominent teenage activist in Pakistan, who gained worldwide respect for championing education right for girls has been injured in a targeted shooting by the Taleban. The 14-year-old suffered injuries to her head and neck, after militants opened fire while she's was on a school bus. She was nominated last year for the International Children's Peace Prize. Clashes have broken out between protesters and riot police in Athens. They are rallying against a visit by 'Good Morning America'. It's the leader's first - - by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It's the leader's first visit to Greece. It was going to be ugly, a decision by Anglo-American to visit the recession--- by Angela Merkel to visit the recession- ranked country, 60 years after Nazi occupation. Many blame Germany for stringent conditions attached to bail-out cash - seeing pensions and income shrink, while taxes and anger rise.TRANSLATION: We Greeks have awakened and realise what is happening. We are sending a message to Europe, that our democracy will not surrender to anyone.The Greek government needs to make more cuts to secure another slice of bailout cash. On the streets their saying enough. The Chancellor flew to an unprecedented security operation. 7,000 police officers were on the streets - in my opinioners and roadblocks. The importance of the trip was less about detail, more about symbolism. After months of mixed messages, Germany indicated that it wants and needs Greece to stay in the Eurozone. That is unlikely to douse the fire on the streets of a country in its fifth year of recession, and where a quarter are unemployed. Next week there's another summit of European leaders, where ideas on how to smother the crisis will be aired. Plans for a banking union and tighter European integration will apply little relief for those in the grip of austerity. Children who spend too much time watching television or glued to the computer screen could develop health and psychological difficulties, according to experts who say too many parents use electronic gadgets and TV as babysitters. From the box in the corner to the computer on the desk and phone in the hand. You get a toxic dose of screen exposure damaging health of our youngsters. Psych ogss want the government to set limits for how long children should spend looking at TV, con soles and computers. When they do this, they are not moving around. It's not just people being lazy and sitting around.Screen time does additional things. If you read a book, a child's blood pressure will go down. If you play a computer game blood pressure goes up. Screen time is different from lazy time and sitting on a sofa. Reports suggest that excesstive time in front of screens can lead to obesity, tension problems and affect social development. Such exposure increased dramatically. Dr Aric Sigman estimates by the age of seven a child will have spent a year of their life in front of the TV. Youngsters spend more time watching television than in school. In the US guidelines discourage parents allowing infants under two from watching television.Wait a minute - somebody is not in bed. The educational benefits of TV programs and computer games are embraced by parents and teachers. Experts question a worrying picture emerging from this report. In particular, the suggestion that too much screen exposure can gaj children's brain develops. The report -- damage children's brain development.The report may give pause for thought about whether to stop the picture for a while longer. The daughter of Sarah Palin receives a death threat as she competes in another season of America's 'Dancing Wtih The Stars'. A suspicious package, containing white powder, has been sent to the studio, and sent Bristol Palin into a spin. It was one of the most tear-filled blow-ups we have seen. Bristol Palin was an emotional wreck in rehearsals.I feel like I want to go home.A sign of partner strain and something more serious. What are you saying? You are not there.Her mum Sarah backstage broke sinister news on Facebook.

Similarly a package was sent last time she was on the show in 2010. This time Bristol is defiant.We have security, we feel safe, we are OK.Who would thrent the daughter of Mamma -- threaten the daughter of Mamma Grizzly.Someone with not a lot going on in their life. A show like 'Dancing Wtih The Stars' is a target for people who want to send threats.A man tried to break into the studio to meet a gymnast when she was on the show. A gun, dove take and love letters were found in his car. Erin Andrews received email threats. Producers released a statement saying they take the health and safety of competitors and employees seriously. The LAPD and Federal Investigative Bureau are on the trail of the mystery white powder, which turned out not to be anthrax.You do a 360 around the package, where it came from, and that can give you leads. Bristol was dancing for survival. Tonight - double elimination.Get the aggression out. It works.In Brisbane - 40 nude models and nearly 500 artists took part in a new world record attempt, hoping to beat the biggest life-drawing class. For the models it was hard work, holding poses for lengthy periods. It was a privilege for the artists to be given permission to draw somebody completely nude. The organisers are waiting on a decision from the Guinness World Records officials.You can do it in Brisbane, because it's walk and balmy.Bris-vegas.And they don't have daylight savings, sou can't see too much at night. On to the rugby league, Craig Bellamy had an incredible season with the Storm. Is he moving on.Across the Tasman. He's the hottest property in the game, yes, and probably didn't get the credit he deserved for winning the Grand Final. There's speculation he's heading to New Zealand. We'll hear from Australian full-back Billy Slater about that next.Also - embarrassment on top This program is not captioned. It's such a natural instinct to want to look after
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Bernard Tomic has admitted to only putting in 85% effort in a 6-4, 6-0 loss to Florian Mayer at the Shanghai International. Australia's representation is over after the first round. Marinko Matosevic, and Lleyton Hewitt are also out. Lleyton Hewitt is one player who will never be accused of not giving it his all. Ranked 105 in the world, he came up against another veteran, 33-year-old Radek Stepanek. They played like it was

33-year-old Radek Stepanek. They
played like it was 1999.That's a signature shot.The first set was close, but Lleyton Hewitt took one game in the second. Radek Stepanek celebrated his second victory against the ultimate battler. Lleyton Hewitt will put his heart and soul into ner summer of tennis, starting at the -- into another Summer of tennis, start starting at the Brisbane International.I love playing the Australian tournaments, hearing great things about the tournament and the event.Sam Stosur will play in Brisbane and Sydney. Her regular preparation for the Australian Open.I want to get well prepared for the Aussie open. And have a good week, it's a great atmosphere.She let the home-crowd pressure get to her last summer. She has a different attitude this time. After their Twenty20 World Cup campaign, some of our players will face each other at the Champions League tournament in South Africa. Michael Hussey believes he's primed to play a big role for Chennai Super Kings after the World Cup.I know coming from the West Indies, playing Test matches late into the IPL it took a couple of weeks to readjust from test match to T20. Guys playing T20 have an advantage, knowing their bodies and minds are in that mode and can hit the ground you running. Yorkshire beat Sri Lanka's Uva. David Millar was cut open by a bouncer before hitting the winning runs. Former world surfing champion Mick Fanning is confident he can catch Joel Parkinson and Kelly Slater in the race for the title, after a disappointmenting 13th finish in France, dropping him to third place in the rankings.It's exciting. I have never been in a race with so many people so close. It's definitely something new. Yes, for me, I just - yes, stumbled a little bit. I had a shocker. Those things happen.Kelly Slater is a favourite to win his 12th world title, even fourth-placed John John Florence is in with a chance going into the third-last event in Portugal. The rich are getting richer at the World Golf Final in Turkey, an exhibition event where $5 million in prize money will be invited amongst eight players. Tiger Woods had problems in the first match, losing to Charl Schwartzel. His showdown with Rory McIlroy is anticipated. Neither player was in great form on day one. World No.1 player shot 5-over 75, finding trouble off the tee, with the shortest of putts. He was beaten by Matt Kuchar. We'll have all the details on the rugby league test from Townsville in the 4:30

all the details on the rugby league
test from Townsville in the 4:30 bulletin See you then. Thank you. Let's have a look at what is happening on Ninemsm. Julia Gillard praised from around the globe. A massive blaze engolf's the warehouse in Sydney's west. Those stories and more on the website. Still ahead - we'll have the finance, and the This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: It's the front door
that's always open.

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It's the eeny,
and the mo. McCafe - it's all about making
your moment kind of perfect.

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There's been an unusual wedding ceremony in China, with a couple tying the knot on a bicycle built for two. Cycling around town, the bride and groom said "I do", surrounded by pedalling wedding guests. The groom and bride say they decided on the unconventional nuptials because of their love for bike riding. Let's look at the weather:

Into to finance - having a quick look at the -- To finance - having a quick look at the market before we go:

That is the Nine's Morning News Hour for this Wednesday. You can join me for more news at 4:30 this afternoon. I'm Amelia Adams. Thanks for your company. Hope to see you then. Supertext captions by Red Bee Hey, beautiful.We're moving... ..back to Sydney.

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