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This program is captioned live. This morning - Peter Slipper's
emotional resignation as Speaker in Federal Parliament. Community support for a Queensland
family left with nothing after a house fire. And the surprise dinner between
Julian Assange and Lady Gaga in London.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News
with Natalie Barr. Good morning. In an extraordinary night
in Federal Parliament Peter Slipper has resigned from
his role as Speaker of the House. His emotional resignation came just moments after he survived
a motion to dump him, by just one vote.

Dressed in full attire
for the last time, Peter Slipper
voluntarily steps down. So I leave this position
without rancour, with a great deal of sadness, and more importantly,
with a great deal of regret. It is, however, in the interest
of the Parliament that I choose voluntarily
to stand down at this time. The former speaker of the house
held onto his job by just one vote after the Opposition
tried to push him out over sexually explicit text messages
he sent to a staffer. Given the controversy...

..which has occurred in recent times it is in the interests
of the Parliament that I should take the course
of action that I have. It was a scandal centred on a series
of crude messages about women but in the end, there was one woman
he singled out for standing by him. In particular, I express my...
(CLEARS THROAT) ..heartfelt thanks to the loyalty
and support from my wife, Inge. It took just over an hour for Labor
to elect Anna Burke unopposed. I am truly speechless at this time

will find passing quite strange. Ms Burke becoming only the second
woman to ever sit in the chair. I think it's very fitting
indeed that 26 years later we are here welcoming another woman
as Speaker of this Parliament. But the Opposition
was quick to point out she's also the third this term. I am confident you will discharge your duties
faithfully and honourably for the duration of this Parliament. A duration now more uncertain
than ever. The family of a Brazilian student who died after being
tasered by police wants the video of Roberto Curti's
final moments to be made public. The pictures were captured
from the camera on the police taser. A witness has told an inquest
into his death police were violent
and their actions were unjustified. He was empty-handed
and there were six police. It's believed as many
as 14 taser shots were fired after the student stole
two packets of biscuits from a Sydney convenience store. Locals west of Brisbane have rallied behind a single mother
and her seven children after they lost their home
in a fire.

The family, from Ipswich,
has been overwhelmed with offers of clothing and cash after they lost everything
except their pyjamas. Other than my kids,
I lost everything.

I was thinking, quick, God, run before it explodes, quickly.

The mother saved her children,
aged 2 to 13, South Australian police
are hunting a killer after they identified the woman whose badly decomposed body
was found near a road north of Adelaide. Nearby residents have been shaken
by the news of her murder. I must admit I did lock my door
last night. It's like a little country town and you don't expect
something like that to happen. Police have been informing
the victim's relatives. Four men have been questioned
at a Sydney police station overnight following a chase through
the city's west yesterday. A schoolboy was arrested
while in uniform after the four abandoned a car
at Smithfield, taking off on foot. It's believed police
uncovered stolen goods and drugs at the home the men ran into. More details have emerged on the tragic death of a young
rugby league player in Sydney over the weekend. It's believed Jason Annear
repeatedly asked friends for a ride home from the Manly
Sea Eagles presentation dinner shortly before falling to his death. The 21-year-old was found on Sunday
night at the bottom of a cliff on Sydney's northern beaches. Police are apparently
concentrating their inquiries around an apartment block - directly above the spot where
the young player's body was found. Junior rugby league finals
in Brisbane are set to be scrapped after two brutal brawls last month. Officials have decided
to take the action after battling to control
both on and off-field violence among young players. Bans were originally handed out to dozens of players
involved in brawls in September. The suspensions mean players
who didn't play in those games or were not involved in the fights may never play a junior final again. The role of 'league-safe' officers
is also under review. Queensland nurses are fighting back
against the Newman Government over claims
they were never compensated for inadequate breaks
between shifts. Almost 100 of the state's nurses have filed
a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. The case is expected to trigger
a wide review of flexible rostering arrangements as well as the penalties paid
to shift workers. 96 nurses are involved in the claim. The Government says the nurses changed shifts
to suit their own lifestyles. Police are warning people to keep an eye out
for cheap designer goods online after the Prada store
was ram-raided in Sydney. with thousands of dollars
worth of designer accessories after driving a sedan
into the front of the store. The vehicle may be
of European or Japanese make, it would've contained two males
that were dressed in dark clothing. Officers are still searching
for the offenders. Poor weather and strong winds have put an end to daredevil
Felix Baumgartner's attempts to free-fall from the edge of space. It was hoped the conditions would
improve throughout the morning. US bureau chief Mike Amor
is in Roswell. Good morning, Mike. What happened?

Well, Nat, I can tell you there is a fair few disappointed people in commission control behind me. It has been a frustrating few hours. Felix Baumgartner was scheduled to take off late last night, your time, but there were perfect conditions on the ground but above the ground they weren't so good so they had to delay it. So they delayed it, delayed it, delayed it and they thought the conditions improved so 5am your time they got Felix suited up, they started to inflate the balloon, but during inflation, it hit the ground and it was too risky it may have been damaged. The balloon is made of the thinnest plastic, ten times thinner than normal sandwich wrap so the risk of damage was too great and they had to abort the mission. At this stage we are told the weather is not good enough for another attempt so they are going to try to make another attempt late Thursday night, into Friday morning your time. They're going to look at the weather in the next few hours and look whether they will try to send Felix Baumgartner 36. Felix Baumgartner 36.5 kilometres into space. It is a very risky business. They are not going to take business. They are not going to any chances but a frustrating day. So, Mike, do they need another balloon?Yes, they have only got two balloons, the one after today is no good. So they have got one left. They have to be extra cautious. They have to see, Thursday night into Friday morning if the conditions are good enough to get Felix into the air. But what a frustrating day for everybody involved here.Yes, the wind picking up as you speak to us from New Mexico. Thank you.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
have officially opened a new national football centre
in England. William and Kate were all smiles
as they met the players and were given a tour of the multimillion-dollar
training facility.

At a pitch named after a footballing royalty, the Duke and Duchess of came bridge began their tour of the new national football centre. The 100 million pound complex at Burton-Upon-Trent will provide the training and support for England's 24-national squad. William and Kate took time to meet some of the players at the grassroots level now benefiting from these facilities. Prince William compared the opening of St George's Park to his first visit to the Olympic Park rr.A mixture of pride that we are capable in this country of creating something beyond compare anywhere else. An excitement at what this means. Not just for our national game but for sports and game but for sports and opportunity in this country, as a whole.On the elite pitch, there was a team photo with the England players preparing for their World Cup qualifying matches. Among them, ash lae Cole who made a personal apology to the FA chairman after sending an offence frb message. With access to top facilities for sports and medicine, they are hoping the facilities for England will soon turn into world' class results.

Now for your first look
at Wednesday's weather.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am -
the couple who married, divorced and then married again
more than 20 years later. But next on Seven Early News - the latest on the investigation into
an army truck rollover in Sydney. And, guess who's coming to dinner? The unlikely meeting between these
two famous faces. That's next.


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An investigation
into how an army truck rolled at the Holsworthy Base in Sydney could take days. The army is defending
the Unimog vehicle despite similar trucks
being involved in several other serious accidents. 18 people were injured in the crash. It's served us
as a very reliable workhorse both here in Australia
and operations overseas throughout that period. A 21-year-old soldier
is still on life support and six other men
remain in hospital. Police have been forced
to fire tear gas at angry crowds
protesting on the streets of Greece. 40,000 people gathered in Athens to protest against a visit from
German Chancellor Angela Merkel. They threw stones
and water bottles at police. (SHOUTING)

The group blame Germany
for a series of austerity cuts after the country
provided bailout funds to stop Greece from going bankrupt. And in a rather unusual meeting pop star Lady Gaga has reportedly
had dinner with Julian Assange. Gaga was in London to launch
her new perfume at Harrods. She apparently dropped in
to the Ecuadorian embassy where Mr Assange has taken refuge. It's believed she spent five hours
with the WikiLeaks founder before leaving the embassy
sometime after midnight. Your first finance this Early News:

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am -
the Australian iApartments where everything is controlled
by an iPad or iPhone. But next on Seven Early News - Collingwood sends a warning
to its players following Sharrod Wellingham's
departure. And unfinished business
for champion jockey Craig Williams as he reunites
with Melbourne Cup winner Dunaden.

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The stories we're following
on the Early News - Peter Slipper will return
to the floor of Parliament today as an independent

following his resignation
as Speaker last night. Mr Slipper gave an emotional speech, saying he is leaving the role
with a great deal of sadness. early yesterday

have been overwhelmed
with community support. Strangers have been giving them
clothes and toys. And the Duke and Duchess
of Cambridge have given a new major football
training facility the royal tick of approval. The couple toured the facility
and met some players. Now it's over to Mark Beretta
with all the day's sport. Thanks, Nat. Good morning.

Collingwood has told its players they're free to leave
if they're not committed to the club after trading midfielder
Sharrod Wellingham to West Coast. The Magpies accepted pick 17
in the national draft in return for Wellingham who was keen to return home
to Perth. Don't let the funny glasses
fool you, Sharrod Wellingham can play. It's why the Eagles
have given up their first pick in next month's national draft
to secure the 24-year-old. The former Perth player has 92 games
to his credit with the Magpies, and the Eagles say he's just the combination
of size, speed and experience their midfield needs. Hawthorn are just as happy to have
snared Brian Lake from the Bulldogs. 31 next February, the Hawks believe he's the
extra key defender they're missing. The key thing for us was try and secure some extra
support for our defence - especially a bigger-bodied defender. Lake leaves the Bulldogs just
three matches short of 200 games. Being so close with the Bulldogs
in those three Preliminary Finals and getting on in age, the lure of trying to play
in a Grand Final but also in finals was a big factor. the premiership party continues
for Sydney star Lewis Jetta and he says there will be more
of those blistering runs in 2013. My coach always says to play to
your strengths so that's what I do. I grab the ball and run as fast
as I can and try not to get killed. That's been what I've been aiming
for all year and it's been working so I'll just do it again next year.

The Kangaroos will ramp up
their training schedule today with an opposed session in preparation for this weekend's
test against New Zealand in Townsville. Tony Williams wants to repay
the faith of coach Tim Sheens, who picked the Bulldogs-bound
forward despite a hamstring injury and some poor form
late in the NRL season. Sheens has shown a lot of faith
to pick me in the team,

I just need to get in and make a difference.

The Kiwis will make the trek from
Cairns to Townsville this afternoon. Sydney FC is preparing for a record
regular-season crowd of 35,000 fans for Alessandro del Piero's
home debut on Saturday. The Sky Blues are taking on
Emile Heskey's Newcastle Jets and they're adamant
there'll be no repeat of their embarrassing
Round 1 defeat. We'll just put that one behind us
and get on with the job

And I'm still confident we're going to have a good season.

Meanwhile, a Belgian player's
facing several charges after crashing his Porsche through
a petrol station while drunk. Jonathan Legear has form
in the area, having previously smashed his car
into a house. Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods
have both been upstaged on day one of the inaugural
World Golf Finals in Turkey. McIlroy lost his opening match
to American Matt Kuchar by 6 shots in the medal match play event. And a costly bogey at the last saw Woods lose to Charl Schwartzel
by a shot. Masters champion Bubba Watson didn't
make it into the elite 8-man field so he filled in time
by smashing food with his driver on US television.

Gai Waterhouse's stable star Pierro is poised to start the shortest
Caulfield Guineas favourite in more than 50 years, on Saturday. The unbeaten colt
has drawn barrier 7 and proved his readiness
for the Group 1 contest with a sizzling track gallop
at Flemington. Pierro has never raced at Caulfield but even his rivals don't think
that'll be a problem. Wouldn't be too worried
about Pierro, mate. He seems to get around anything. REPORTER: He's that good?
He's that good. Top jockey Craig Williams is talking
up the Caulfield Cup chances of French stayer Dunaden. He missed Dunaden's Melbourne Cup
win last year through suspension.

That's all the sport for now, we've got buckets more coming in in Sunrise shortly.Excellent a closer look at the weather next in your part of the country.

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Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up
around the country. A very cold pool of air
in the upper atmosphere is moving north through
the Southern Ocean this morning, bringing some cool conditions
to South Australia and Victoria. This system will also generate
some isolated showers across New South Wales.

And that's Seven Early News
for this Wednesday. I'm Natalie Barr.
Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions by
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