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(generated from captions) and more effective.Reese says the project has empowered more than 450 women. But with demand increasing from overseas, she hopes to help many more. hopes to help many more.Are you making a difference?I g a difference?I think so, yeah. But more than me making a difference, I think they're making a difference in their communities. And in my life they are making a difference. People say that people from Rags to Riches inspire these community members. But for me, I'm inspired by them.David Brill in Mani will are l. David tells us that Rags to Riches has gone international, selling to overseas buyers. For more on Reese Fernandez go to our website. Next week, a perilous journey we have heard so much about but never actually seen. Mark Davis has secured gripping footage of a voyage from Indonesia to Australia by asylum seekers - a crossing that went horribley wrong. As the rikkety vessel ploughs through rough seas an already dangerous situation turns much worse as the boat begins to take waterment People crying and shouting. It was a scene from doomsday.Plus the party is over in Laos. After years of full on hedonism and many deaths, including two Australians earlier this year, the government has decided to ernment has decided to shut down the wild times. But can the party-goers be stopped? Give it another two months and it will be back to 80% what it was last year.That's it for this week. Don't forget you can see all tonight's stories and our extensive archives at our website. Stay tuned for the Late News with full coverage of the resignation of Peter Slipper, Speaker of the House. From the Dateline team, good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is captioned live. Speakers silenced. ed live. Speakers silenced. Peter Slipper steps down after a bill to have been removed is narrowly defeated. I wish to advise that with great sadness, I have decided that I should not continue as your speaker. An inquest hears of a tasered man's final moments. Into the lion's den. German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Greece amid tight security. Botox breakthrough. The cosmetic treatment that could help manage asthma and d help manage asthma and hay fever. It beats taking medication every day.

Good evening. Let's go straight to some developing use. Labor's Anna Burke has become the new Speaker of the House of Representatives after a controversial figure Peter Slipper fell on his sword. Peter Slipper quit after revelations that he send crude text messages to a staffer. But not before dishes accusations reverberated around the house as ated around the house as the Opposition demanded that Peter Slipper be sacked.It has been a tumultuous day in the house, which has just elected a new Speaker. It looks like we are missing your story. We will go straight to some questions. The saga has still to the Government since April. Did he have a choice but to step down?I do not think he had any choice at all. The text messages were very damaging. We have heard a lot about them. Even without his legal problems, he was still in a lot of trouble, he was under a lot of pressure to resign. The Prime Minister did not condemn Peter Slipper, she did condemned the text messages but said they were the subject of a court case. If Peter Slipper did not resign tonight, she would have been under enormous pressure to normous pressure to tap him on the shoulder and told -- tell him to quit.There has been a lot of controversy since Peter Slipper left the Coalition to take up the Speaker's chair. What does it means for Labor's numbers? He has cut any tyres he has had with the Government by quitting tonight. He moves to the crossbench and he is an independent. It is another plus for the Government in that it gives the Government in theory one more vote if Peter Slipper boats with the Government. The numbers are 71 votes on the floor for the Government, 72 for the Coalition, and there are six independents. In theory, Peter Slipper a heory, Peter Slipper a joins that group, and it gives Labor and it gives Labor the majority that it needs to stay in power. It will give Peter Slipper an extra buffer as well. That is in theory, if he supports the theory, if he supports the Government. But given everything that the Coalition has said about Peter Slipper, it is likely that he will support the Government. Disturbing video of the final moments of a Brazilian student's life were released by a Sydney coroner today. The family of Roberto Laudisio Curti, who died after police tried to restrain him, requested the release of the graphic and distressing pictures because they thought it was important for them to be seen. These are the final moments of Roberto Laudisio Curti's chase through Sydney's CBD. It was from one of the tasers. It was shown to the state coroner's Court yesterday. His family Court yesterday. His family says the images are deeply distressing, but applied to the court for them to be released.

The chase came hours after he had taken the fter he had taken the drug LSD with friends, and then stolen two packets of biscuits from a city convenience store, which had been falsely reported to police as an armed robbery. The video is up to one of 50 pieces of CCTV vision used in the investigation. It shows the final moments of Roberto Laudisio Curti through the CBD, ending in his apprehension by police. He was tasered 14 He was tasered 14 times. The krone also heard from two eye witnesses, one who thought witnesses, one who thought that the police had used excessive force, the other who had a slightly different version of events. She said that she heard him scream like a wild animal and that in her opinion, he had a violently resisted arrest. These actions would have been consistent with a man trying to escape from police. The other witness arrived at the scene just as police were giving chase.The police were continuing to taser him on the ground.Do you believe that they went too far?Are in my opinion, yes.Of the police who gave .Of the police who gave evidence, acting Sergeant Craig Partridge told the inquest that he heard three separate radio calls saying that Roberto Laudisio Curti was not armed, but the message did not register. The family did not speak to reporters, but in to reporters, but in a statement said:

The inquest continues tomorrow. Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel has tonight touched down on a rare visit to Greece. A divisive figure in the country, her visit was met with massive demonstrations over austerity measures. Greece says that Angela Merkel's visit is a show of solidarity as the country desperately awaits e country desperately awaits its next bail out instalments. The red carpet treatment for Angela Merkel as see -- as she touches down in Greece, the German Chancellor on her first visit since the financial crisis erupted more than two years ago. No welcome mat, because many see Angela Merkel as the author of austerity, the deep budget cuts and tax hikes that have riled the population.

Greece has depended on bail out money since 2010, week Germany footing a key part of the be all. Germany also delayed the launch of the European stability mechanism, a permanent bail out fund worth $650 billion. The new fund will likely pay the next instalment of Greece's lion, worth $40 billion. But first the country must pass further austerity measures, worth $17 billion over two years, and it has nine days left it to do so. European instability meant that markets in t that markets in Asia were mixed, a gloomy global outlook overshadowing strong gains in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Next year's global growth of 3.6%, it is down from 3.9% in June. Growth is om 3.9% in June. Growth is now too low in advanced economies to make a substantial dent in unemployment. In major emerging markets, growth, which had been strong earlier, has also decreased.Despite the outlaw, Australia's economy has risen in size.

Frenchman Serge Haroche and American David Wineland have won the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics. The two sics. The two scientists won for their ground-breaking work in Quantum Optics, which studies the interaction between light and matter. The Swedish Academy said their research has helped take the first steps towards building a new type of super-fast computer. The award is worth almost $1.2 billion. -- million dollars. Botox is best-known for eliminating wrinkles, but it has also helped reduce tremors in some MS patients. Now researchers in Melbourne believe that it could bring relief to its sufferers of hay fever.We soak the r.We soak the gel in the cotton bud.He is one n bud.He is one of the millions of hay fever sufferers who live in hope of a miracle cure, especially at this time of year, when pollen counts are at their highest. He is willing to give his Botox trial the benefit of the doubt as a potential relief. I hope we will have a better cure than what we currently take. It beats taking medication.Researches and Melbourne are conducting a world first trial of a Botox gel that could give relief to hay fever sufferers for up to three months. Studies showed that the blocks of nerve endings in the nasal passage, reducing inflammation and stopping the onset of hay fever symptoms.It may help ever symptoms.It may help with people with a very is severe symptoms, especially a Severe blocked nose, because the anti- histamines help with a runny nose, but a blocked nose is difficult to manage.Botox has become a common cosmetic practice. It helps smooth wrinkles by paralysing facial muscles. A similar procedure has already been trialled on has already been trialled on so the asthmatics. By injecting Botox into their vocal cord muscles, they found that a helped calm the spasms that are thought to cause some asthma symptoms. But Botox may not be suitable for all sufferers.A lot more research is needed before it is determined that this method of treatment is s method of treatment is safe, and that it will be beneficial for a majority of people with asthma. It is really important that they work with their GPS to identify the treatment that is going to be right with them. Experts hope that these treatments will be available by 2015. Coming up - we will have more on Peter Slipper's resignation, and... I do not want my son to think it is OK to treat a woman like that.A plea from victims of domestic violence in estic violence in Australia's more to corporal communities are to seek help.

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Labor's Anna Burke has tonight become the new Speaker of the House of Representatives, after Peter Slipper fell on his sword. Peter Slipper quit after revelations that he sent crude text messages to a staffer. In the end, the pressure was too great. Peter Slipper has resigned and will move to the crossbenchers. I wish to advise that with great sadness I t with great sadness I have decided that I should not continue as your speed up.He says it was in the interest of the parliament to quit.I leave this position without rancour or, with a great deal of sadness. More importantly, and with a great deal of regret.All of us in the parliament could the parliament could see the emotional cost and emotional toll, that the member for Fisher has obviously been through.Tonight, the member for Pichot has shown that in this important respect, he has good judgement.He had been under tremendous pressure to resign, the text messages o resign, the text messages included a crude reference to thenar Jeanette Taylor, and one was a derogatory comment a towards a be Mao a front Bencher. - - a nt Bencher. - - a female. During a torrid debate, the opposition torrid debate, the opposition argued that the Prime Minister had no choice but to sack Peter Slipper.The content is offensive, I find sexism offensive for ever it comes from, but she refused to ut she refused to cut him loose. This Parliament should recognise that there is a court case in progress. Another day of shame for a Government which should have already died of shame.I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man, I will not. I was offended when the Leader of the Opposition went outside in the brunt of Parliament and stood next to a sign that said, ditch the witch. I was offended when the Leader of ed when the Leader of the Opposition...tonight, the deputy chair and a bird has been elected unopposed up as Speaker. It -- Anna Burke. On such a dramatic a Burke. On such a dramatic day, the chair of the caulkers also announced his resignation. He has rejected claims that he -- that it is a vote of no confidence in Julia Gillard. He denies reports a Gillard. He denies reports that he is unhappy with how is unhappy with how senior ministers treat the caucus. Victims of domestic violence, Australia's multicultural communities are being urged to seek help. Several services cater for cold release specific counselling, according to experts, many victims still suffer in silence. -- culturally. Mother of two Kanwaljit Kaur now two Kanwaljit Kaur now lives a relatively normal life. But she is still haunted by years of haunted by years of physical and psychological domestic abuse. nd psychological domestic abuse.It had chatted to me. I was a very broken person. -- shouted. I wanted it all to end because I cannot take it anymore. I started thinking about suicide.In some ways, she considers herself lucky. A spate of murders in Victoria's Indian community has focused attention on domestic violence. Last week, 23-year-old Sargin Ragi was the victim of a murder suicide at the hands of her husband.Cultures where they are male Petr cuttable our attitudes tend to be more permissive of domestic violence. -- male patriarchal.Often women refuse to report domestic abuse, fearing the shame that it could bring the family.There is a lot of embarrassment so f embarrassment so they suffer in silence.But there are several services providing women with Court Rules specific assistance and advice. -- cultural.It is critical that they are aware that there are things in place for them. They are free and confidential.While much of the onus is on victims to access up, Danny Blay from No-To-Violence says that most awareness programs for men are in English, meaning that many aning that many new arrivals miss out.We are selecting some men and say, you are not going to get a service because you cannot speak English well enough.There were times when Kanwaljit Kaur said that she used to children as an excuse not to seek help, but then she used them as a motivation.I do not want my daughter to think it is OK to be treated in such a way. I do not want my son to think it is OK to treat a woman like that.Victims of domestic violence are encouraged to call encouraged to call 1800-respect. There is reason for Mitt Romney to celebrate tonight and for Barack Obama to worry. Several polls now had the polls now had the Republican challenger at leading in the US presidential race. Today Mitt Romney tried to widen the gap by releasing a scathing critique of a scathing critique of Obama's foreign policy. Near Bromley used a military school in Virginia as a fitting backdrop to take aim at his presidential opponent. -- Mitt Romney used. Especially in the President's handling of the violence in Libya. As the illustration has finally conceded, these attacks were the deliver work of terrorists the stop he released a barrage of criticism, saying that the US withdrawal in Iraq was too hasty, the attempt to disarm Iran was too lenient, and attempts to enter the war in Syria was not he war in Syria was not effective. We need to work to with the people who share our values and make sure they have the resources to defeat a President Assad's we sources. He is riding the momentum since his strong showing in last week's debate. He has the slight edge in a very tight race with less than a month to go.I am confident we are going to win because I see you here are as it -- on a day like this. But Obama's campaign was prepared for the barren policy pounding. -- foreign policy. It responded with several ads target in Mitt Romney's attempts to world events.-- reactions. The 'New York Times' has said that York Times' has said that Mitt Romney's knee-jerk response showed an extraordinary lack of presidential character.But for now, he is enjoying the unusual position of leading the President in the polls.America's security and the cause of freedom cannot afford four more years. We will host a special coverage of the American coverage of the American vice presidential debate on Friday, live from noon immerse Eastern m noon immerse Eastern states. Check your local guide . Check your local guide for details. Dozens of people are believed to have been killed in a double suicide attack on an air force intelligence of Brown's knees the capital of Syria. -- intelligence branch near the capital. It sparked fierce fighting between the rebels and the government. Activists say there has been ongoing shelling and fighting in Homs, Idlib and other provinces. In France, the UN Secretary General court on President Bashar al-Assad to declare a ad to declare a unilateral truce. A controversial document by Albert Einstein, dubbed the God letter, is being auctioned on eBay at a starting price of $3 million. In it, he dismisses the idea of God as a product of human weakness and caused the Bible a collection of primitive the legends. -- calls be. If you would like to put a beat in, the auction closes on October 18th. The Australian share market has closed higher, up more than 0.5%.

Coming up - the weather and a drive through. A Belgian footballer finds trouble behind the wheel again.

Belgian football international Jonathan Legear was more skilful on the pitch than behind the wheel. He drove his Porsche through the doors of a petrol station, injuring a customer. The twice capped player admitted that he had been drinking. Three years ago, he crashed into a house. Less than two days after the final of the Twenty20 World Cup, a bribery scandal is threatening to Tiny's cricket's image. An undercover operation has reportedly found six as reportedly found six umpires are willing to provide information or make decisions in or make decisions in return for payments. Though none of them I elite level officials, the sport's governing body will conduct an investigation. West Coast has parted with a first round drafted in order to secure Collingwood preliminary should play Sharrod Wellingham. He managed to 92 games for the Magpies, who will receive a ies, who will receive a selection 17 in the national draft. He has signalled his intention to return home last week. Australia's Bernard Tomic has lost his first round match at the Shanghai a masters. -- shanghai Masters to -- shanghai Masters to Germany's Florian Mayer. Roger Federer says that he is surprised by the amount of media attention surrounding a death threat made against him. He needs to reach the quarterfinals to be sure of retaining his place at the top. Despite some patchy high

Despite some patchy high cloud, it was mostly sunny across the interior. A frontal band of cloud can be seen moving over the south- east, including Tasmania, we showers thrown out.

Before we go, baby panda twins are preparing to mark a milestone, one month since their birthday. Their mother has been breastfeeding both twins for astfeeding both twins for the first month, with help from keepers at Chengdu's giant panda breeding base. The mothers usually only tended to their cups one at a time, often abandoning one , often abandoning one of them. Peter Slipper has stood down as Speaker of tood down as Speaker of the Federal Parliament following revelations of a series of offensive text messages sent it to a former staff member. Anna Burke has been elected Speaker.

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