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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Sex, text scandal - ugly scenes as the house argues whether to sack the Speaker.This Speaker is no longer a fit and proper person to uphold the dignity of the parliament.I will not be lectured about sexism and mysog eny by this man.An inquest hears of the final moments of a tasered man.And presidential polls tighten with four weeks to go.And suffering in silence - a plea for victims of domestic view thropbs seek help.I was a very broken person. I didn't know who to turn to.

Good evening.Also tonight, 100 days of Muhammed Morsi but what's changed in Egypt?And the Nobel Prize winner whose teacher said he would never amount to much. Vicious accusations have reverberated around the House of Representatives as the parliament experienced one of its ugliest days. Question time was abandoned so the opposition could demand the Speaker be sacked for sending crude text messages to his former ext messages to his former staffer.Tony Abbott claimed the government brought shame on the parliament for defending the Speaker. The opposition lost the motion to remove the Speaker by one vote.The opposition says the text messages are obscene and degrading to women and the government has no choice but to sack the Speaker.He is no longer a fit person to uphold the dignity of the parliament.The text messages include an obscene reference to female genitalia.I find sexism offensive wherever it comes from.But she has refused to condemn the Speaker.This parliament should recognise there is a court case in progress.Tony Abbott's response had a familiar ring.Another Dave shame for a government which should already have died of shame.I will not be lectured about sexism and mysogeny by this man. I will not. I was offended when the leader of the opposition went outside in front of parliament and stood in front of a sign that said, "Ditch the witch." Peter Slipper has released a statement, apologising saying nothing ex-skooss the content of the text messages.I would struggle to show appropriate respect for the Speaker should the member for fisher return to the role of presiding over question time.It all comes as the chair of the caucus announces his resignation. Darryl Melham says it has nothing to do with Julia Gillard's leadership.Anyone who know mess a knows that for the 22.5 years I have been here I have been loyal to everyone Prime Minister I have served. It's actually a vote of confidence in ly a vote of confidence in Julia Gillard. It's a vote that says I think we have a good future.He denies reports he is unhappen wri with how senior ministers treat the caucus. Labor has taken a hit in an opinion poll with the government's support slipping. Labor's Prime Minister vote has dropped four points. The coalition is back to an 8 point lead on a two party preferred basis. Margie Abbott's assurances last week that last week that her husband doesn't have a problem with women may have paid off.Quite a day in parliament today. The Speaker survives but the question: for how long?The Prime Minister is under a lot of pressure tour act. The opposition will maintain that pressure. Ultimately it comes down to a vote of the lower House, which voted today to narrowly keep Peter Slipper as Speaker. But it's hard to see how he can last as Speaker. The text messages are very damaging and even without his legal problems it seems his spogs untenable.We saw a firey Julia Gillard today. How do you think this will play out? The government is backing a man who clearly sent very vulgar text messages?Generally speaking the government does speaking the government does well when the Prime Minister goes on the attack and we see the so-called real Julia. She has revealed her revulsion at the text messages. But the Prime Minister hasn't condemned Peter Slipper, which may be seen by some as the government aligning itself with Peter Slipper - a tactic that may back fire on the government. Disturbing video of the final moments of a Brazilian student's life were released by a Sydney Coroner today.The family of the man, who died after police tried to restrain him, agreed to the release of the graphic and distressing pictures because they thought it was important for for them to be seen.These are the final moments as he was chased through Sydney's CBD. The video is from one of the police taisers. It was shown to the state Coroner's Court yesterday. His family says the images are deeply distressing. They said: we believe it is very important that the public see his final moments and see final moments and see how he was treated by the police after being tasered, handcuffed and sprayed with capsicum. The chase came hours after he had taken the drug LSD with friends and stolen two pacts of biscuits from a convenience store which was falsely reported by police as an armed robbery. It's one of 50 pieces of CCTV vision used in the Coroner's investigation. It shows his final movements ending in his apprehension by police and tasering 14 times. The Coroner heard from two eyewitnesses, one of whom thought the police had used excessive force. ce had used excessive force. The other had a slightly different version of events. She said she heard him scream like a wild animal and under her - in her opinion he resisted arrest. The other witness, Tommy Wang, arrived at the scene just as police were giving chase.I saw the police continuously tais yerg the man on the ground.Do you believe they went too far?My opinion, yes, too far.Of the police who gave evidence today acting Sergeant Craig Partridge said he heard three separate radio calls saying he wasn't armed. But the message didn't register.the message didn't register. The family said: only through honesty and transparency will we get to the truth of what happened, why and who was responsible. The inquest continues tomorrow. Marcus Reubenstein, World cus Reubenstein, World News Australia. There is a reason for Mitt Romney to celebrate tonight and Barack Obama to worry. Several polls now have the Republican challenger leading in the US presidential race. Today Romney tried to widen that slight gap by releasing a scathing critic of Obama's foreign policy. Mitt Romney used a military school in Virginia as a fitting back drop to take aim at his presidential opponent, specially Barack Obama's handling of the violence in Libya last month that killed four Americans including a US ambassador. This latest violence can't be blamed on a reprehensible video insulting Islam. sible video insulting Islam. As the administration has finally conceded, these attacks were the deliberate work of terrorists.The Republican nominee released a barrage of criticism saying the US withdrawal in Iraq was too hastey, the attempts to disarm eye rain too lenient.I will work with our partners to identify those members of the opposition who share our values and then ensure they obtain the arms they need to defeat Assad's helicopters, tanks and fighter jets. anks and fighter jets.Romney is riding a wave of momentum from his strong showing in last week's debate. It's a very tight race with less than a month to go.People wonder why I'm so confident we will win. I am confident because I see you here on a day like this. This is unbelievable. Thank you very much. But observe's campaign was prepared for the foreign policy pounding. Think what Mitt Romney might do as President.It might do as President.It responded with observe's handling of foreign policy.But for now Romney is enjoying the unusual position of leading the President in the polls while continuing to take aim at Obama.America's security and the cause of freedom cannot afford four more years like the last four years. Wherever he can.And with just four weeks left nd with just four weeks left of campaigning, Dateline has travelled to the crucial swing state of north Carolina where the issue of gay marriage threatens to unravel the democratic campaign. Yes, the Democrats rolled out their big guns in north Carolina. But it's this rolina. But it's this pledge by the President that's causing concern among many voters there.It is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.I actually had a moment saying oh my God, I think he just lost the presidency.The gay marriage controversy, plus we meet the new No, a h dedicated to saving France's unwanted exotic animals.The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, ancellor, Angela Merkel, is on her way to Greece tonight to discuss the country's economic future. Greece is desperate for its next loan payout.That's s next loan payout.That's lick likely to come from a null launched $650 billion fund - the European stability mechanism - aimed at tackling the debt crisis. t tackling the debt crisis. But it comes at a time of din global growth predictions.A grey outlook - the IMF forecasting next year's global growth at 3.6% - down from 3.9 in June.In advanced economies growth is now too low to make a substantial dent in unemployment and in major emerging markets growth major emerging markets growth which had been strong earlier has also decreased. The mood only slightly more positive as ly more positive as European leaders met in Luxembourg.Nobody is having any party mood. But I am less pessimistic for the moment of the future prospects of the eurozone. That's partly due to the zone's new permanent bailout fund worth $650 billion.The Euro area now is equipped with a permanent and effective fire wall, which of course is a crucial component in our preventive strategy to ensure financial stability.egy to ensure financial stability.The fund builds on its temporary predecessor, which has already lent $240 billion to Greece, ierl and Portugal. The latest loan for Portugal is $5.4 billion and has already been approved, but it's Spain that will need $50 billion to save its floundering banking sector. Greece is also desperately awaiting its next loan of $40 billion. But before it gets the money it must first pass further austerity measures worth $17 billion over two years and it has nine days left to do so. ne days left to do so. The country has already been forced to implement a series of deep budget cuts and tax hikes, moves many Greeks regard as being driven by Europe's largest economy, Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel is on her way to Greece - her first visit since the crisis erupted more than two years ago. It's unlikely to involve a wrpl welcome. - warm welcome.Despite the gloomy global outlook the latest IMF report showed Australia's economy had risen in size to 12th largest in the world, up from 15 in 2007.Now a quick look at some of the other stories making news - Nigerian troops opened fire in a northern city reportedly killing up to 30 civilians in retaliation for a bomb attack. Residents say soldiers attacked with heavy machine guns and assault rifles after a military vehicle blew up. It's the spiritual home of Boko Haram.A British magistrate has ordered nine supporter whys of Julian Assange to pay $150,000 in sureties. They argued they were not to blame when Assange fled to the Ecuadorean embassy while on bail. But the magistrate said they had failed in their duty. y had failed in their duty.A leader of a major Mexican drug cartel is thought to have been killed. The head of the. Etass cartel apparently died in a fire fight. Also known as the Executioner because of his brutality, he is suspected of hundreds of killings. It seems Belgian footballgs. It seems Belgian football international Lege er is r isful behind the - more useful on nd the - more useful on the feeltd than behind the wheel. Three years ago he crashed into a house. Victims of domestic violence among Australia's multicultural communities are being urged to apply for help. According to experts, many victims still suffer in silence. A recent murder in Melbourne has reignited discussion around the confronting problem.Mother of two Kanwal now lives a relatively normal life and plans to soon re-enter the work force. But she is still haunted by years of physical and psychological mental abuse.It had shattered me. I was a broken person. I didn't know who to turn to. I had gone into a shelf my own. Then I wanted it all to end because I couldn't take it any more. It was to the point I started to think about suicide.In some ways she considers herself lucky. A spate of murders in Victoria's Indian community has focused attention on domestic violence. Last week a 23-year-old was the victim of a murder-suicide at the hands of her husband, despite the presence of an intervention order against him.The research is that cultures where there are male pay the yarbgal attitudes tend to be - patriarc mal attitudes tend to be more per missive of domestic violence.There is a lot of embarrassment and so they suffer in silence. Indian women suffer in silence.But there are several services providing women with cultural specific assistance and advice.It's critical that they are aware that there are things in place for them. There are free and confidential services and they can speak with somebody in their own language. While much of the onus is on victims to access help, Danny Blay from No to Violence says many new arrivals miss out.That means we are selecting some in our community and saying you're not going to get a service because you can't speak English well enough.There was a time when Kanwal says she used her children as an excuse not to seek help. Then she used them as her motivation.I don't want my daughter to think it's OK to be treated in such a way. When she grows up I don't want her to be treated like that. And I don't want my son to think it's OK to treat a woman like that.Victims of domestic violence are encouraged to call 1800RESPECT. Luke waters, World News Australia.You're watching World News Australia on SBS - up next, anger in Canberra over plans to push single mums on to the dole. Shortly, po documents breakthrough, a cosmetic treat thaplt could help manage asthma. And a thunderious welcome for

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Welfare groups say changes to payments passed by parliament today will force single parents below the poverty line. The law takes single mums and dads off parenting payments and on to the dole when their kids turn 8.It will save $700 million in the budget yet but critics say it's burdening our most vulnerable citizens.She is the single mum of a 6-year-old girl and says she struggled to make ends meet and any doubts welfare payments will be disastrous.I can barely cover rent on the parenting payment. If they reduce that any more I can't even pay rent.She is one of 100,000 new mums and dads affected by the legislation passed by the Senate today. From 1 January next year parenting payments will be changed to the new start allowance after their first child turns 8.This move will thrust them into abject poverty.The government says it will provide incentives for seeking employment. Welfare groups say it's a ploy to save $728 million in the budget yet in the budget yet..Help one person into paid employment. You don't build people up by putting them down.All of these parents are already required to hook for paid work that. Is not changing. 50% of them are already in paid work.The government is trying to save money in the budget yet and they are trying to attack groups that they know will vote Labor no matter what. The government denies it's turning its back on traditional Labor values.It makes a joke of the fact that Labor still thinks it's representing the battlers and vulnerable Australians.I reject the proposition that somehow the budget surplus is against fairness. We want to ensure you have a sound budget so you can deliver fairness. The legislation has the support of both major parties. But it has caused ruxs within the Labor Party. Some MPs want to delay the legislation but they were voted down. The Greens oppose the changes, labelling them harsh and unnecessary.Now to other storys in the news around the country - the government has moved to officialy designate PNG's man news island a processing centre for asylum seekers. The island will be recognised in the migration agent and can begin to accept people for processing. Nauru was designateds a regional processing centre some two weeks ago and has since accepted more than 200 asylum seekers.A soldier critically injured in a truck rollover at Holsworhthy barracks remains on life support tonight. The army has defended the use of the Mercedes Benz Unimog vehicle as a reliable workhorse but it has been involved in similar incidents.The vehicle has been involved in two previous rollovers. But the number of accidents that have occured are well below the national average.Six soldiers are still in hospital while another 12 who were injured have been released. A Prada store is the latest venue to be hit by a spate of ram raids on high end fashion out lets in Sydney. The thieves reversed a dark sedan through the shopfront, making off with thousands of dollars worth of goods. Police say thieves could be responding to specific orders from criminal gangs.Botox is best moan for eliminating wrinkles but it has also reduced tremours in MS patients. Now it could bring temporary relief to sufferers of hayfever.Researchers in Melbourne are conducting trials of a Botox gel and say preliminary trials have promised promising results.One of the millions of hayfever sufferers who live in a hope of a miracle cure specially this time of year when pollen counts are at their highest. He is willing to give the Botox trial the benefit of the doubt as a potential relief.I hope it's a better cure. It beats taking medication every day.Researchers in Melbourne are conducting a world first trial of a Botox gel that could give relief for up to three months. Studies show Botox reduces nerve sensitivity in the nasal passage.It may help people with severe hayfever or a severely blocked nose. The antihistamines help for a runy nose but a blocked nose is difficult to manage.Botox helps smooth wrinkles by paralysing facial muscles. A similar procedure has already been trialled on severe asthmatics. By injecting Botox into their vocal chord muscles scientists found it helped calm the spasms thought to cause some asthma symptoms. But it might not be suitable for all sufferers.A lot more research is needed before determining whether the determining whether the treat for the majority of people with asthma, it's important that they work with their GPs to identify the treatment that will be right for them. Unfortunately there is no miracle cure.Experts hope these Botox treatments will be available by 2015.

He was the political face of the London Olympics - the games' court jester, the unruly quick witted mayor of London Boris Johnson is riding a wave of popularity. But could he run the country? Does he have what ntry? Does he have what it takes to be Prime Minister one day? That's what conservatives are wondering.He is one of the most popular politicss in Britain. One of the few known by his first name alone. As Boris got on the train for his party conference today there was only one question: can the Tories joker in chief also be their great white hope for the future. This is the madness that awaited him in Birmingham. He has the media's attention but can he get the country's. Come to the thing which ever it is tonight.Here at the conference there is something approaching a s something approaching a personality cult. Some are alreadyfantacising about what cabinet he may choose if he walks through the doors of Number 10.It's a path that no-one else could reach.I suspect everyone is in love with him.Are you a- worried by ate rifle of Boris Johnson today?Not at all. I'm delighted.He is one of the country's great entertainers. An intelligent guy.Intelligent, yes, but undoubtedly ambitious. But he is not an MP, he has no power base in parliament.You can't do this for another three years?I can't walk around like this for another three years.Maybe, but there was no attempt hide from the cameras today. Torys love Boris not only because he is funny but because he wins elections. Can all of this take him to the leadership of the party? In the short-term few Torys expect that. But his shear charisma and popularity worrisome in number 10. No surprise that the Prime Minister's spokesman came to listen and no surprise that tonight at least Mr Johnson was on good behaviour.I on good behaviour.I believe that in tough circumstances, he, George Osborne the rest of the government are doing exactly what is needed for the country.Inside they loved him but outside there were some doubts? Would you trust him with his finger on the nuclear trigger? I wouldn't. Why not?Because he is unreliable compared to this gentleman.He is your mayor.Don't be stupid. Thus Boris Johnson, court jester today, maybe something more tomorrow.What qualitys does it take to be a leader?It's the ability to get through a huge scrum of journalists and out the other side.Boris Johnson says his wife has told him all of the leadership speculation is bad for his ego, it puffs it all up - like he needs any encouragement. It's 100 days since Muhammed Morsi 00 days since Muhammed Morsi became President of Egypt. But some things haven't changed. Cairo remains a chaotic city. Morrisy had pledged to improve traffic and clear rubbish off the streets. But people are not holding the new President responsible. Instead Egyptians are blaming each other for everything from traffic erything from traffic gridlock to the price of bread.Traffic - there is no avoiding it. It frequently brings life in Cairo to a chronic halt. The chronic congestion and inadequate road system providifyed by voters as needing urgent attention.Nothing has improved as far improved as far the streets are packed with cars.The streets are still crowded. People park three cars deep and no-one is held accountable for breaking the traffic laws.Another source of misery is the rubbish. It piles up in the streets. Attracting rats and spreading disease. But most people don't blame the President for the fact there are still mountains of trash. Everyone throws the rubbish on to the streets, but it's our own responsibility. It's not the responsibility of the President or the minister or the Governor.Every morning the government takes away the rubbish but the people keep throwing more on the streets. The problem is e streets. The problem is the people.When who isy Mubarak was removed from power, much of his security apparatus disappeared from the streets. The absence of police led to more lawlessness. Now the police are back but people disagree on whether the city is any safer.There used to be fer.There used to be a lot of vendors but now we hope for more security and safety. Every day we hear of criminal incidents and of criminal incidents and people being abducted. There is no security.Bread is an absolute basic in Egypt, which is why people wait in line outside bakerys. The President promised an increase in bread production and strict controls on the quality and weight of bread loaves. But there are still shortages at some bakerys in Cairo.There is a long queue. Now the baker tells me he has run out of the cheaper bread. He only has the more expensive kind. How am I supposed to afford that?Bakery owners sell flour on the black market for higher prices. People need to change their behaviour if things are going to improve.Many of the problems Morsi is tackling date back decades. Most of the people we spoke to seemed willing to give seemed willing to give the President more time to fulfil his promises.To mark his first 100 days in office the President has issued a decree pardoning all those charged or convicted of acts in support of the revolution that ousted Hosni Mubarak. About 1,000 protesters are currently facing charges after they were arrested during demonstrations. The battle for the Syrian city of Aleppo seems to be a fight without an end. It continues block by block, neighbourhood by neighbourhood. Neither side seemingly capable of the decisive employee to defeat the other. Western nations have refused to arm the rebels. But other countries are assisting them. The BBC has uncovered evidence that suggests arms shipments are coming from the gulf region.Thousands of years of history have marched through these e marched through these streets. An ancient city that's been fought over many times before. Today Aleppo is at war again. And the further you edge into the old city, so the sound and fury of battle grows. Those who stayed behind must cheat death every day. A simple sign reads: do not cross. Sniper to your left. Seven or eight people were killed here last week, he says. Both by shooting.

- both sides are shooting. The rebels have moved into the heart of the old city. We were taken there. A world heritage site where the scars of battle run deep and the devastation is mounting. Aleppo is a city under siege. The fighting is now street by street, house by house. The fighters who have been calling for outside help for many months. Now for the first time a strong indication they're getting it. A Ukrainian weapons firm made the box and its contents for the Royal Saudi army. What's in it and how it got to a rebel base in Aleppo is unclear. But it suggests someone is aiding those in the gulf trying to overthrow President Assad. Privately rebels admit they get help from Saudi and Qatar. The as the the as the on the front line is incredibly tense and eerily quiet. Every now and then you can hear the sounds of battle going on. Snipers have been shooting into this position. There is a mirror here that the rebels have been using just to get some sense of what is going on. ense of what is going on. If you look out on to the street you can see what the government's response has been - massive firepower to try to crush the rebellion. Iran is known to sponsor the government side too. And so this has become a proxy war between Arab nations, Iran and the west. But it remains a vastly uneven battle, as the fighters try to move unseen towards loyalist forces. Despite its overwhelming strength, government forces have made few inroads. We were shown one of their checkpoints, just 200m away. They mate be fighting for the future of Syria but both sides are also struggling over small bits of turf. The empty streets are testament to the thousands who fled Aleppo. But some say they have nowhere to go. But nowhere is safe. Abu has lost his wife and six children. All of them were killed when a rocket landed on his house. INTERPRETER: To live and die, men, animals and buildings alike. Bashar al-Assad is pounding us. You will die wherever you go. They say foreign aid is being provided but we see nothing. It's all lies. Just let us die and get it over with. Aleppo has become the defining battle in this brutal civil war. Neither side can afford to lose but in truth neither is willing. What does seem to be happening is the slow, painful death of Syria.Both Saudai Arabia and Qatar have admitted funneling small arms to the rebels but they want the backing of the US and U before providing heavier weapons. The US has warned about the risk of heavy weapons ending up in the wrong hands.A distressing situation. Let's have a good news story now. When he ews story now. When he was 15 a British schoolboy was bottom of the class in biology. His teacher s in biology. His teacher told him his dream of becoming a scientist was ridiculous. Now people know him as sir John.50 years ago an investigation into cells revealed igation into cells revealed something completely unexpected, that ing completely unexpected, that they all have the genes needed to make any type of cell, a discovery opening the way to new treatments. No scientist thought this scientist thought this could never happen. But a never happen. But a landmark experiment proved thank cell from one part of the body could become a cell for another.A major breakthrough. Today the scientist behind the finding delighted with his noble prize, saying basic research like this brings benefits years later. Almost 50 years before the potential value of that purely basic scientific work has come to light.The prize is shared with a Japanese scientist. He built on sir John's work built on sir John's work by finding a way of turning any cell into a stem cell. The Nobel a stem cell. The Nobel committee says the work of both says the work of both men could revolutionise stem cell treatment, taking a cell from the taking a cell from the skin and adding a few genes, turning it into a stem cell that can be grown into anything like a muscle control repair the heart. It's early days but there is huge potential. Today at the lab in Cambridge the research continues. This is where he sits, a surprisingly battered seat, his mind on higher things perhaps. His colleagues have been delighted. People have been expecting it for a long time. cting it for a long time. To happen while I'm here is phenomenal. while I'm here is phenomenal.It's very exciting for all very exciting for all of us. A lot of us have felt it's been a long time coming for John. It's been what he has been working hat he has been working on for decades now. Ironically a school report said report said so badly in biology that any idea of a career in science was ridiculous.I was bottom of the bottom form in 250. In biology.In biology. He heard there was gy. He heard there was some talk of him wanting to become a scientist, that it was completely ridiculous.An entire new science offering great hope for new treatments started with a boy no good at biology.Sir John is also known as the God father of cloning. Later father of cloning. Later tonight on SBS, Insight looks at the controversial debate surrounding designer babies. Choosing the sex, personality or intelligence of your baby.I just want to baby.I just want to ask a few people here a bit more about what they would and wouldn't choose. y would and wouldn't choose.Intelligence - I can't see a down side.The down side - the child might be more intelligent than you.It's a risky area.We could stamp out this disease, CF, through genetic testing.I find it really confronting to have conversations about whether or not it's moral to let people with disabilities exist. That'sin sight, 8.30.

Coming up next, Craig Foster with all the day's sports news including allegations of cricket match fixing emerge in India. But this time it's the umpires at the centre of an under cover it. V operation. Also, life on the edge. An Austrian daredevil tries to travel at the speed of sound.

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To finance now - a report tabled by the US House Intelligence Committee has urged American companies to avoid doing business with leading Chinese technology firms.Citing allegations of bribery, corruption and privacy the report singled out. Huawae's and TN's ability to conduct cyber attacks. The Australian share market has closed higher, moving above the 4,500 mark for the first time in more than 14 months. Mining giants and energy stocks posted gains with Woodside petroleum up nearly 2%.

Tokyo's Nikkei fell more than 1% following a decline in the US Wall Street stocks gave up some of last week's solid gains in the lead-up to the third quarter earnings reporting season. The Australian dollar has ended the day up against most major currencies but it was down against the New Zealand dollar. On commodity markets, rises for gold and oil recouped yesterday's losses.In some breaking finance news now - Japanese car makers have recorded huge losss in China because of the ongoing islands dispute. Toyota sales were down 49% last month. The news wasn't so good for Honda either, it fell 40%. Sport now with Craig Foster. Cat among the pigeons in cricket as we have new allegations of match fixing.Indeed. I must stress they are just allegations at this stage. But the international cricket council has launched an inquiry after claims by a TV station. None of the six umpires I'm Mr I indicated officiated at the recent T20 World Cup. The ICC has asked for footage to beed over so it can gin its inquiry. Australia's women's team has returned a world T20 trophy. The southern stars are the first team in mens or women's cricket to secure back to back world 2 20 titles.Family and friends were out in force this morning to congratulate the team after its historic win in Columbo. Awesome. No other word for it. Just a. Just a great great to be part of. The relief at achieving a nailbiting win over England that went down to a final over was clear. We were confident that Erin Osborne could get the job done for us and fortunately enough she did. That over, it seemed like it went forever but after it was all done we were pretty excited. The chief executive of Australian cricket James Sutherland was on hand to greet the players. The fact the match was broadcast in Australia in the lead-up to the mens final has given it add impact.That will help to grow the image of women's cricket in Australia and across the world. I'm hoping the trophy helps to grow the participation rates in Australia.The international cricket council has come in for creditism over the length of the men's tournament. While plans to drop Afghanistan and oorld were also widely condemned. But the body's decision to run the event in tandem with the mens is an initiative other sports may now consider.To AFL - West Coast has parted with a first round draft pick in order to secure Sharrod Wellingham. He managed 92 games with the Magpies, who will receive selection 17 in the national draft. The Perth born midfielder signalled his intention to return home last week. The Canterbury Bulldogs Rugby League club have been fined $30,000 after players have shouted sexist comments at mad Monday celebrations. Meanwhile kangaroo players have put their support behind coach Tim Sheens as Australia prepares to play New Zealand this weekend. A 61-year-old former west tigers coach has indicated his desire to coach the kangaroos at the World Cup in England next year. If the players have any say his reappointment will be a formality. I know he really wants to do the World Cup next year. If we have success on the weekend and we have had success over the past couple of years I don't see there is any reason to change the coach. All of the players enjoy playing for him. Preparations continued in stifling 33 degree heat today. New Zealand confirmed it will blood three new caps in the match. Australia's Bernard Tomic has lost his first round match at the Shanghai Masters tennis event to Flori, a n Mayer.

After a one month layoff he knows Novak Djokovic will be aiming to replace him.They are coming in with a better preparation I would think. Even though I might be a bit fresh your, if you like. But first I have to get deep into the tournament for that to play a role. Despite brushing off concerns over the threat, Shanghai police have stepped up security measures for the tournament with Federer deciding not travel with his wife and twin daughters as a precaution. Sydney FC's Terry Antonis is expected to arrive home tonight from Wellington after doctors held him back after he suffered condurbon. - concussion. Saturday's round 2 clash against the Newcastle jets will be close to a sellout. Should be a fantastic atmosphere on Saturday night. We're looking for a good result after what we consider to be a poor start last weekend. Del Pierro has urged teammates to show more composure after the disappointing perform in accordance wlg on to. Fans have taken their devotion to new lengths and are set to go down in the ginise book of records for doing so. Measured at just under 8 kilometres more than 20,000 supporters carried the biggest flag in the world, parading it to the stadium. In a final piece of important football news - the qualifying draw for the 2015 Asian Cup in Australia takes place tonight. The Socceroos are already qualified along with Japan and both north and South Korea. That's the da I in sport.Coming up - the weather details. And falling in style, a thrill seeker's mission to travel at the speed

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We have some breaking news from Canberra now. The Speaker, Peter slipper, has just announced his resignation. We will have more on that shortly. While the UK's less than sunny summer wasn't too popular amongst the locals to provideed somewhat of a silver lining for retailers.A British retail son sort yum says sales went up more than 3% last month because of the high demand for coats, boots and knit wear. Closer to home, it was sunnyer in our region despite patchy cloud

patchy cloud in the interior. In the major centres, fine in Cairns and the Alice. Showers ahead for Sydney and Melbourne. Wet in Brisbane and Darwin.

Tonight in the New Mexico dessert, an Austrian will freefall from the edge of space - that is, if it all goes to plan.A team of engineers, scientists and meteorologists are preparing for the giant leap, which will try to break the speed of sound with the human body.It's one small step, eight years in the making. Felix will ascend for almost three hours in this giant balloon before looking down stretch - from the stratosphere and freefalling back to earth. Most people would call him crazy.Doing something like this, breaking the speed of sound, it's always been my dream.With the attempt the 43- year-old is hoping to break the speed of sound with his own body. Passenger planes rarely fly higher than 12,000 m. Military jets have a maximum ceiling of around 20,000. He will plunge from a height of more than 36,000 m, freefalling for about five minutes before opening his parachute and hopefully landing safely. The Austrian adventurer has already completed two trial jumps. Felix has land safely.The last one reaching speeds of more than 800 kilometres. But before all that the weather has to be just right.Sky condition and wind are the two biggies. The wind on the ground is critical. We cannot have winds any more than 2 miles an hour in the first 1,000 feet of the atmosphere. The list of things that can go wrong is lengthy, boiling blood, or even death. But that doesn't seem to worry him.And just recapping that breaking news - we have heard that Speaker Peter Slipper has resigned from federal parliament. The Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader have traded blows in parliament over the future of the former Speaker, Peter Slipper. Calls for Mr Slipper to be sacked triggered a blistering response from Julia Gillard, who accused Tony Abbott of being a mysog inist. The New South Wales Coroner has released disturbing video from one of the tasers used by police to restrain a Brazilant student moments before his death.Several polls are now putting Mitt Romney ahead in the US presidential race. And experts have renewed calls for victims of domestic violence among Australia's multicultural communities to seek help. That's the world this Tuesday. Our next bulletin at 10.30 on SBS One with more on the breaking news of Peter Slipper.Resigning as Speaker.Good night.Good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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Richard Madeley, one of the
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has ditched the comfort
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which he shared with his wife Judy
for more than two decades.

Now in his mid-50s,
he's at a turning point in his life.

I think both Judy and I
are very much over a watershed now.

I do feel in a very new place
in my life,

professionally and personally.

We spent all those years
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and we're never gonna do that again

and that's an absolutely
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It's 20 past 8.
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I find myself,
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