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(generated from captions) NSW and Queensland tomorrow, causing showers to develop. They will arrive late in the afternoon. Five-10 millimetres.

Sydney will stay mostly sunny tomorrow. Showers developing during the afternoon and evening.

A wet week on the way. A Shell about on Wednesday. A colder change on Thursday. Shell was leading into the weekend. -- showers. A similar story in the west.

That is Nine News for this Tuesday. I hope you have a good evening. Goodnight.

Tonight ... The PM joins ACT Labor Tugger
s campaign trail The plan for Te
Tuggeranong' s southeast. And: The o
Territory has the highest incidence D
of breast cancer Good evening, I' m t
Danielle Post, Eleven days out from has
the ACT Election, the Labor party Mini
has used a trump card. The Prime trai
Minister has joined the campaign Mi
trail, heaping praise on the Chief r
Minister, saying she deserves to be re-elected. The topic was powerfu hono
women in politics, the guest of Prim
honour Australia' s first female "destroyin
Prime Minister. Instead of Gillard
"destroying the joint", Julia
Gillard was hoping to build Labor' the
vote. Vote for candidates with th
the values that you agree with and the track record of getting it done Katy,
and if you do that I know that m
Katy, the women in her team and the r
men who work alongside them will be PM'
returned in that election. +y The fu
PM' s appearance was fleeting, but alway
full of praise. While Katy' s of
always been a very strong advocate
of her place of the ACT, she' s bee that
a very progressive voice around forty-fi
that table for change. For abou
forty-five minutes the two spoke society.
about the role women play in society. Sharing stories about thei L
experiences with discrimination. Like the time I was mistaken for th t
catering staff when I was actually my
the acting Chief Minister. Or when
my hairstyle was declared the winne Minis
on election night. The Prime Minister outlining her hopes for th d
future. An Australia in which we don' t bother to reflect on how man lo
men and women are in politics any longer, because it is so routine fo th
it to be half, half. A routine, f
that could already be starting. A s
friend of mine who has a very young son told me about a conversation sh
had with her son. "You could b sai
the Prime Minister", to which he said, "No I couldn' t Mummy, becaus you' ve got to be a girl to do tha the
job." + This is likely to be ap
the Prime Minister' s one and only trail.
appearance on the ACT Campaign A
trail. It' ll be one more than Tony she
Abbott, and Katy Gallagher thinks invited
she knows why he hasn' t been h
invited. +y He' s not popular and for
he will destroy this joint. The Turnbu
former Liberal leader, Malcolm s
Turnbull is popular with the party' appearin
s Canberra branch. He' ll be this
appearing at a fundraising event this Thursday.

It was a more low key day for the Sese
Liberals. Opposition leader, Zed f
Seselja committing to a master plan i
for South-East Tuggeranong - saying
it' s time the focus wasn' t just o Tuggeranong
the town centre. Under Tuggeranong' s master plan, close t bu
eight thousand new homes would be la
built here on the foreshore of the lake.Just minutes down the road, th fre
Liberals want south-east suburbs free of development so they can kee t
their community feel. We do know and
there is an aging populating here
and we need to be looking after the fam
but there' s also a lot of young one
families in this area it is still C
one of the more affordable areas in to
Canberra to buy. The audit would to look at available facilities and Th
the gaps that need to be filled. ne
There needs to be other facilities p
nearby there needs to be facilities com
people can use, I think a hall, a v
community hall is something that is res
very sought after. There was no Fr
rest for the Chief Minister today. pressuring
Fresh off criticism she' s Katy
pressuring hospitals to perform, in
Katy Gallagher offered two million m
in reward funding for hospitals who o
meet elective surgery targets ahead millio
of schedule. Along with eighty more
million to provide five thousand fundin
more operations. That reward we'
funding is more about making sure s
we' ve got some capacity to respond unabl
so theatres don' t sit idle and
unable to be used because we' ve ru year.
out of money in that financial att
year. The Greens also had their incr
attention on health. Pledging to thi
increase mental health funding by health
thirty-five million and dental commi
health by two million.The party committed to investigating whether needed.
second hospice in the ACT is peopl
needed. It' s about providing pal
people the choice in all areas of growi
palliative care is a really big peop
growing area. We want to provide o
people choice in this area like any other health service.

Diagnosis of breast cancer has hig
doubled and the Territory has the snaps
highest rates in the country. A d
snapshot of the disease shows early increased
detection and treatment has al
increased the chance of survival - r
almost nine in ten women will enter life-changing,
remission. Cancer is th
life-changing, and it' s affecting mo
thousands. Breast cancer was the fema
most common cancer in Australian 13,00
females in 2008 with just about Aust
13,000 new cases that year The We
Australian Institute of Health and
Welfare has released a new report o most
breast cancer, outlining who is reas
most likely to be diagnosed, the reasons why, and if it' s improving almost
Between 1982 to 2008 we saw ne
almost a doubling of the number of becom
new breast cancer cases Women breas
become more prone to developing Fami
breast cancer as they get older. c
Family and reproductive history may wo
contribute. It' s more common in
women who are overweight who drink little bit of alcohol but these ar fairly weak risk factors. Expert say the reasons for the increase i t
incidences are early detection and m
treatment. The incidence has been co
more or less the same based on age ha
correction but the total instances have risen as the population has go in
older The ACT has the highest th
incidence rate of breast cancer in hundred
the country. Out of every one
hundred thousand women, 124 will ge du
the disease It' s most likely socio-
due to the link between higher in
socio-economic status and the high numb
incidence of breast cancer The expected
number of women diagnosed is tw
expected to rise even further - by tho
twenty-twenty more than seventeen diagnosed.
thousand new cases will be thirty-
diagnosed. Taking it from the -
thirty-seven diagnosed each day now - to forty-seven.

An eighteen-year-old Canberra man eight
has been clocked driving nearly limi
eighty kilometres over the speed w
limit near Braidwood. The speedster H
was detected by police on the Kings travelling
Highway just before midday seventy
travelling at one hundred and h
seventy eight kays an hour in a one
hundred zone. He had his provisiona impounded
licence suspended, his car t
impounded and he was slapped with a child
two thousand dollar fine. Young
children were used to send a messag today.
to politicians in the Capital ag
today. Single mums were protesting par
against proposed changes to their them
parenting payments. It would see chi
them moved to the dole once their one-hund
child turns eight, affecting across
one-hundred- thousand families actually
across Australia. This can ma
actually be the difference between actu
maintaining our current place or
actually losing your home. The dept ful
of that impact I don' t think is Coun
fully realised. The Australian si
Council of Social Service predicts one-h
single parents will be sixty to we
one-hundred dollars worse off each yo
week because of the changes. Can trying
you imagine being on your own, s
trying to find a job that will make fro
sure you can pick you' re kids up you'
from school if they' re sick, if th
you' re going to be there. Because w
the one thing we do know is parents sh
will put their kids first and they it
should. The Government estimates and-twen
it would save seven-hundred- over
and-twenty-eight million dollars o
over four years. There' ll be a lot of swirling, sniffing and spitting International
this week, the Canberra u
International Riesling Challenge is arou
underway. A panel of judges from
around the country and overseas wil h
select this year' s winner. Four a
hundred and eighteen entries - from all over the globe. In a challeng like this it' s really, ultimately tr
a pursuit of excellence and we' re riesling
trying to find the very best co
rieslings from around the world to come back. And ultimately what they beau
re trying to find is wines with an
beautiful purity, depth of flavour Internat
and character The Canberra i
International Riesling Challenge is five-tho
in its thirteenth year. Over plac
five-thousand tastings will take fe
place at Albert Hall over the next expect
few days. Local winemakers can col
expect to do well - the region' s
cold climate perfect for the classi comp
white grape variety. Canberra judge
compares on an equal basis, um, judges from all around the world yo equ
know, look at Canberra region as
equal to anything that' s produced. som
+y Seven judges with the help of some tasters in training will decid riesl
who' ll win the top drop. With main
riesling, the ultimate aim is to S
maintain the aroma and the bouquet. taste
So the criteria is not just the taste, but the look and the smell a h
well. It' s wonderful that it' s wonderf
here too cause canberra makes actuall
wonderful rieslings and it' s sui
actually one of the really strong r
suits of Canberra as a wine growing a
region, so to have it here, to look th
at great rieslings from all around
the world, around Australia, that' pretty cool. The winners will be announced on Friday night - and wil the
be granted permission to display bottles.
the winners sticker on their hel
bottles. A public tasting will be held on Saturday.

Still to come, Why apprentices are
dropping out of trade school. Plus look
... The not-so-mobile phones. A look at how they' ve evolved. This program is not captioned. th
look at how they' ve evolved. Less w
than half of the Territory' s young apprenti
workers are completing their believ
apprenticeships. Psychologists more
believe companies need to engage essential
more with gen y. They' re qualifi
essential businesses, lacking trades
qualified staff. All of your
trades are now nationally recognise mec
as skills shortages areas From over
mechanics to plumbers, there are organisati
over one hundred and fifty ma
organisations that can host future pr
masters of a trade in the ACT. The Only
problem is getting them to stay. thei
Only forty-five percent complete o
their qualifications. We know one
of the main reasons that apprentice apprenticeship
don' t complete their re
apprenticeships is because of poor relationships with their boss, thei supervisors and their co-workers.
That' s where these ladies come in Apprenticesh
The Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre has set up i open
the Capital, and as part of its forum.
opening, it' s hosting a Gen Y rela
forum. Teaching employers how to generat
relate to their staff, when a hop
generation divides them. We' re the
hoping that obviously by bringing goi
the Gen Y forum down here that' s s
going to give our employers and key stakeholders some tools to help wit th
that. Some of the main things e
they can do is look at how they can apprentices
engage and motivate their appre
apprentices so talking to their
apprentices about the apprenticeshi being the start of their career an di
not just a four year slog that' s C
difficult and not a lot of money. bridgi
Centre also wants to emphasise bridging the gap doesn' t have to b ho
an onerous task. Thinking about how they can use technology how the more
can cooperate and work together thi
more effectively and that sort of thing

ACT Labor might, but high speed the
rail doesn' t have the backing of tod
the Prime Minister. Julia Gillard bein
today said it' s still a way off
being viable, because of Canberra' small population and the project' connecting
price tag. The rail line, t
connecting the south-east does have Pr
the support of the New South Wales s
Premier, who wants Canberra to be a bos
second airport for Sydney. Qantas p
boss Alan Joyce, also dismissed the
plan today, saying the solution mus s
be in Sydney. A new judge has been Australi
sworn into the High Court of the
Australia. Stephen Gageler SC, is his
the court' s 49th justice, taking his place on the bench at a ceremon Roxon
today. Attorney-General Nicola Gag
Roxon praised his career. Stephen Solicit
Gageler was the Government' s Commonwealth
Solicitor General in the legal
Commonwealth' s plain packaging first
legal battle, which it won. His p
first hearing is tomorrow. Not many a
people can say they' ve been hit by to
a bus and lived to tell the tale - c
tonight we meet a Canberra teen who inju
can. He acquired a serious brain injury, is confined to a wheelchair and has limited communication - but l
as you' re about to see, he hasn' t h
let the accident get him down - and techn
he uses improvements in digital lif
technology to get the most out of
life. Six years ago, at the age o by
twelve, Ruan Bezuidenhout was hit "St
by a bus on Northbourne Avenue. happe
"Stupid of me, but these things mor
happen." Ruan was in a coma for wor
more than two months - his family "Woul
worried he wouldn' t make it. Frankly
"Would I die or would I live? middl
Frankly, I met somewhere in the ful
middle." Despite this - Ruan is Adva
full of optimism and confidence. l
Advancements in equipment have made maki
life easier - Ruan is constantly in
making new discoveries and gaining kn
independence - thanks to a lap top
known as an Eye Gaze. "It has bee of
very useful for me." "Instead of using his hands, he uses his eye for the mouse and it' s got a time would
on it, so staring in one place mou
would be a click, you can set the Eventu
mouse to do a double click." turn
Eventually, Ruan will be able to
turn on appliances around the house door.
answer the phone and the front o
door. "He' ll be able to type his yo
own documents, go on the internet, you know, interact with other peopl s
in different ways." +y His younger sup
sister Nicole has been a constant accid
support for Ruan - and says the relati
accident changed her and their b
relationship - in some ways for the and
better. "I know that he' s here and I love him." +y

The Gungahlin Community Council ha gr
issued an election wish-list. The immediate
group wants a cinema and an for
immediate sign off on a developer befor
for the new government building before next weekend' s election. It s hoping political parties will se patronage
the town centre needs more It'
patronage during the working day. Governm
It' s also calling for an ACT Walk-in-C
Government shop front and a illness
Walk-in-Clinic to treat minor hi
illness and injury. Roads are also Wal
high on the agenda. The New South hu
Wales Premier is selling off three a
hundred million dollars in assets - line.
and Queanbeyan is in the firing Farrer
line. A government building on to
Farrer Street will go up for sale, proje
to help fund new infrastructure th
projects across the state, part of
the Housing Acceleration Fund. Blac time
Mountain tower is going back in time, to get locals to return to th th
iconic monument. It' s showcasing his
the country' s telecommunications f
history, and you won' t believe how considere
far we' ve come. This was Th
considered high tech in its day. t
That was in 1950 which was actually i
the first mobile phone in Australia weig
it' s made of cast iron and must e
weight I don' t know maybe 20kg, an
enormous weight. Thankfully mobil but
phones have been getting smaller fast-
but these are a reminder of the telecommunicat
fast-changing world of al
telecommunications. To show them c
all this stuff now they think fancy
carrying that brick around you know exhi
These items are part of a new Towe
exhibition at the Black Mountain Canber
Tower to mark the Centenary of Capital
Canberra. In keeping with the scrambler
Capital theme, there' s the scrambler phone used by former Prim sec
Minister Robert Menzies with its
secret switch. For anybody else t s
hear it would be just like a radio station off air, just half turned. d
Menzies also used this device - to sp
deliver perhaps the most important Austra
speech of his career. Fellow duty
Australians, it is my melancholy in
duty to inform you officially that Ge
in consequence of a persistence of Grea
Germany, her invasion of Poland, h
Great Britain has declared war upon is
her and that as a result Australia o
is also at war. The exhibition is on display throughout next year.

Ellena with sport is next, and the
Raiders and Brumbies make some wave in the player market. That' s righ Danielle, we' ll tell you who they p
ve signed next. Plus, the Capitals prepare for a tough double header. This program is not captioned. I served over 10 years with the Australian
and British Special Forces and now I'm going to show you one of the most life-threatening
things I've seen. If your doctor prescribed tablets
to lower your cholesterol, here's what could happen
if you stop taking them. See how plaque builds up
inside your arteries, until your blood
can hardly flow at all, and you could have
a heart attack or a stroke. But if you see your doctor
and start again, you could help prevent this.

This program is not captioned. Sa
prepare for a tough double header.
Sandor Earl has put pen to paper an signed a new deal with the Raiders halfwa
Earl moved south from Penrith i
halfway through 2012, and impressed t
in the Green Machine' s late run to the finals. The flying winger score winning
eight tries for the Raiders, Con
winning nine of his twelve games. hol
Contract negotiations were put on twenty
hold during the semis. But the fu
twenty three year old signed for a he
further two seasons today, meaning en
he' ll be in the Capital until the a
end of 2014. The Brumbies have also t
added to their 2013 roster, Signing playi
three new names to the extended
playing squad. Flanker Jordan Smile jus
was born in New Zealand, and has i
just finished a stint in club rugby actu
in Sydney. I was pretty stoked fi
actually to be honest. This is the b
first opportunity that I' ve had to j
be part of a Super Squad. So I just African
jumped at the chance. South Sup
African Ruan Smith has played two For
Super Rugby games for the Western t
Force, and believes his move across develop
the country will see his game clas
develop. Jake White is a world ar
class coach. The players down here bl
are world class. They' re the best specifica
blokes for me to learn from you
specifically in my position where Aus
you have two of the best props in has
Australia. Hooker Josh Mann-Rae returns
has also signed up. The squad Can
returns to training next month. Domb
Canberra Capitals player Mikaela are
Dombkins admits some of the girls court
are nervous about taking to the hoped
court with Lauren Jackson.It' s traini
hoped Opals star the will join bus
training tomorrow night - after a bee
busy few months overseas. It' s
been a busy year for basketball sta Aust
Lauren Jackson. She represented played
Australia at the London Games, the
played in Europe and travelled to "
the States for the WNBA playoffs. "Jackson the sprint, wants to get i slide,
in, Jackson, turn around, big i
slide, no, the rebound, that' ll do and
it." She' s back in the country ready
and her Capitals team mates are ready to welcome her into the fold. trai
"I think it' s great we get to there
train with her before going out
there and playing. And I mean she' just a person like everyone else." excite
Dombkins concedes as well as t
excitement about Jackson' s return, there are also some nerves. The tea i
has silenced the critics - winning its first game of the WNBL season o pla
the road - without their marquee court,
player. "Everyone got on the wi
court, for the nerves out, got the good,
win on the road which is really
good, a great start to the season." ga
"You don' t really go into the Lauren
game thinking ' we don' t have game,
Lauren' , but at the end of the al
game, once we won, I think when we s
all sit down and talk about it, it' s great we won without her." It' tom
hoped Jackson will join training pla
tomorrow - it' s unlikely she' ll tea
play this weekend though when the double
team heads to Queensland for a o
double header. Taking on Townsville
on Friday night, before a clash wit does
Logan on Saturday. When Jackson does suit up - Dombkins believes it in
ll be seamless. "She has played in many teams all over the world an ev
she just slips into every team so C
everyone is just really excited." y
Changes to the coaching roster this te
year are also expected to help the Herbe
team succeed this season. David Co
Herbert was announced as Assistant a
Coach in August. "Herbie is great there
and it' s a different voice out t
there, he sees the game differently to what Graffy does."

Canberra' s Spring racing steps up bigg
a gear on Friday with one of the coul
biggest meetings of the year. It future,
could also be a look into the triall
future, with Thoroughbred Park p
trialling twilight races. The soo
phrase "a day at the races" could Cap
soon be heard less throughout the ho
Capital. Thoroughbred Park will be Frida
holding a twilight meeting this 2
Friday. The first race will be at f
2:28, but more importantly there' s 6:50pm
four races from 5pm onwards to
6:50pm. This week it' s the annua belie
student race day, but the Club wi
believes the concept will be a hit sess
with families. Two more twilight T
sessions will be held in January. There' s more opportunity for peopl h
to attend locally when they' re on holidays and it' s also a time when th
with daylights saving you can run Depen
these types of race meetings. are,
Depending on how successful they fi
are, they could become a permanent d
fixture on the calendar. Not only memb
does it give the opportunity for v
members of the public to attend and
view and experience live racing, bu through the scheduling and nationa t
turnover it' s a revenue boost for stu
the club as well. +y Thousands of through
students are expected to come Thor
through the gates on Friday, and Thoroughbred Park won' t be the onl collected
beneficiary. Money will be C
collected for the charity YouthCare $47
Canberra. Last year they raised so
$47 000 through this race meeting, mone
so it' s a significant amount of Friday
money and a good cause. Once the
Friday is over attention turns to Tuesd
the Melbourne Cup, on the first always
Tuesday in November. That' s
always a great day. Corporate dinin Monday
and marquee packages close on Monday 22nd of October.

Some young Canberra Cricketers are worl
about to return from overseas as under
world champions. The Australian featu
under twelve indoor team, which Jor
features ACT players Tyler Hayes, defe
Jordan Wood and Jackson Wise has th
defeated hosts South Africa to win par
the title. While Benji Floros was which
part of the under fourteen side
which also took out top stop. Floro tourna
claimed eleven wickets in the tournament. That' s the day in Spor Predicti
Danielle. Thank you Ellena. ahea
Predictions are for a rainy week t
ahead - stay with us I' ll have all the weather details next. This program is not captioned. SONG: # Everybody, hang back
Get back, ooh # Take it in your stride... # When you're on the go,
carry on with KFC Crispy Rods. # Run, baby, run # Baby, run
Run, baby, run... #

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This program is not captioned.

the weather details next. A partly cli
cloudy day around the region - It af
climbed to sixteen in the Capital, Rig
after dipping to three overnight.
Right now, there' s still some clou thirteen
around and it' s sitting on aroun
thirteen degrees. Taking a look S
around - On the Southern Tablelands Queanbe
Sixteen in Goulburn, Yass and Braid
Queanbeyan. Four to thirteen in the
Braidwood On the coast, Seventeen the high in all centres today, eigh Moru
the low in Nowra, Ulladulla and r
Moruya Heads. On the Snowies, Cooma afte
reached a top of fourteen today, three
after an overnight low of minus after
three. Six the top in Perisher, on
after dipping to minus three Minus t
one to eleven in Thredbo Bombala, a satell
top of thirteen degrees On the east
satellite map, Patchy cloud over
eastern NSW with a weak low pressur trough is causing a few showers in chart,
the south east On the synoptic els
chart, The sky is generally clear p
elsewhere with a weak ridge of high forecas
pressure in the west. Rain is tomo
forecast right around the region ninetee
tomorrow On the coast, Six to eighteen
nineteen in Bega Showers and th
eighteen in Moruya Heads Twenty in t
the Bay Nowra should reach a top of tomorrow
twenty-two On the Tablelands Bra
tomorrow, Freezing to fourteen in Y
Braidwood, Seventeen in Queanbeyan, snow
Yass and Goulburn. The chance of t
snow in the Mountains tomorrow, Two
to eleven in Bombala, Minus three t expecting
two in Thredbo Perisher is overni
expecting five after minus two F
overnight Fifteen the high in Cooma sunny
For Canberra tomorrow, A mostly m
sunny morning with patches of light morning frost. Some isolated shower are expected from midday Dipping t seve
freezing overnight, climbing to
seventeen. Taking a look at the fiv re
day forecast, Staying wet for the degrees
rest of the week, only twelve Frida
degrees on Thursday, fifteen on hour
Friday. And that' s the WIN News Dan
hour for this Tuesday night. I' m here,
Danielle Post.....from everyone here, Good night.

This program is captioned live. Hello. Welcome to A Current Affair. Businesses accused of only employing foreign workers. English- speaking Aussies are being locked out of their employment market because bosses are advertising for staff in another language. Mind telling us what that sign there says? A job? Do you think it's unfair?I think it's wrong.If I speak just English, do you think I could work here? When it comes to changing job landscape, the writing is not so much on the walls, as it is in the shop windows.Full-time