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(generated from captions) Congratulations, Rita! $25,000. Beautiful work.
That's unbelievable. We never expected that.
Beautiful! Now, Eva,
did you think you had the big one? Wait a minute! I'm gonna say it's $50,000,
just for her sake. You think you have $50,000? I want to open 22,
'cause it was all about 22. This is the case
that has guided us all game. La Festa di Santa Maria. Santa Rita.
Santa Rita. Do you want a little help?

(ALL CHEER) An extra $500! You did well! $25,500 all up. Grazie, Santa Rita. Let's see the money. Speaking of heavenly things,
here comes your angel, Eva. Congratulations, girls. Not to mention la piccola diabolina,
Miss Katie Mac. Thanks, Katie. $25,000! Give my very best
to your sister in Modena. Happy 21st, Eva.
Have a bang-up party. Thanks for being with us, everyone.
Bye now.

This program is captioned live. Tonight,
Peter Slipper survives the vote that saw the Prime Minister let fly
at Tony Abbott. My father did not die of shame! Hear, hear. Confronting taser video which a dead man's family
wants you to see. Australia's biggest
breast cancer study identifies the Sydney suburbs
most at risk.

We're there as a daredevil prepares
to jump from the edge of space.

Plus, two pods of whales at play
off Sydney beaches. VOICEOVER:
This is Seven News with Chris Bath. Good evening. A red-hot debate has reignited
Federal Parliament, with Peter Slipper just surviving
a vote to boot him out permanently
as Speaker. It was sparked by the publication
of offensive text messages he sent. But the debate quickly escalated
into a personal battle between the leaders.

Peter Slipper slips into Parliament as public outrage
over his sexist text messages set the warning lights flashing
on his career. This Speaker has failed
the character test! The text messages
to staffer James Ashby, revealed in the sexual harassment
case, are too vile to broadcast. Gross references
to female genitalia. Tony Abbott moved
for the Speaker to be sacked, accusing Julia Gillard
of gross hypocrisy in accusing him of sexism
but not dumping Mr Slipper. Every day that you, Prime Minister,
run a protection racket for the current Speaker, you indicate your unfitness
for high office! Ms Gillard's response
was swift and brutal. I will not be lectured about sexism
and misogyny by this man. I will not! If he wants to know what misogyny
looks like in modern Australia, he doesn't need a motion
in the House of Representatives, he needs a mirror. Holding up her own mirror to several comments by Mr Abbott
she considered sexist and his appearance alongside
sexually demeaning signs at an anti-carbon tax rally. I was offended when the Leader of the Opposition
stood next to a sign that described me as
a "man's bitch". Misogyny, sexism - every day from
this Leader of this Opposition. Tony Abbott accused Julia Gillard
of a gross error of judgement and then committed one himself
with a poor choice of words. Another day of shame for a Government that should already
have died of shame. "Died of shame" - the same term broadcaster
Alan Jones used last week about Ms Gillard's father. The Government
is not dying of shame. My father did not die of shame. The motion was lost by one vote. Crossbenchers Craig Thomson,
Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor and Adam Brandt

voting with the government, Andrew Wilkie with the Opposition. Peter Slipper survives for now. Live to Mark Riley now. And, Mark, even though
he's survived, can Peter Slipper ever return
to the Speaker's chair? In a word Chris, no. And Labor Members privately
know that.

He last just issued this statement, apologising for what he thought were private comments but that won't save him. Labor will continue to protect him until that court case is finalised. Privately they are petrified that if he is punted now, he will force a bi-election that could bring down the whole show. Chris. Thank you,

Pictures from a camera mounted on
a police taser have been released, showing the weapon being fired
at Brazilian student, Roberto Curti, moments before his death. And while you may find
the pictures disturbing, his family wants you to see them
to see how Roberto was treated.

Grainy black and white pictures
capturing the final moments of Roberto Curti's life. Stay down, stay down.

Officers try to taser him 14 times. like a "wild animal"
as he was restrained.

Soon after, the 21-year-old died
with no clear medical explanation. Tommy Wang witnessed the encounter. And today said he thought
the police's actions were violent and unjustified. He was empty handed
and there were six police. Earlier, Curti had wandered
the streets shirtless in an LSD-induced paranoia, mounting the counter
of a convenience store. CALLER: There's a robbery at a city
deli. Um, in King Street. Stealing two packets of biscuits, before being chased by police
through the city. The hold-up was wrongly reported as
an "armed robbery" on police radio, but officers quickly clarified
that Curti wasn't actually armed. No weapon. I can confirm no weapon was sighted,
no weapon was sighted. The taser images filmed here
on Pitt Street and released in court today
are especially disturbing for Roberto Curti's relatives, but they say it's extremely
important the public see them to see how he was treated by police. Senior Constable Eric Lim today
told the court he was no physical match
for a strong and sweaty Curti, so he decided to use his taser. The dead Brazilian's sister
left the court distressed.

A schoolboy has been arrested
while in uniform after a police chase
in Western Sydney. Robert Ovadia is at the Sydney
Police Centre with this developing story. Rob, what's happened? Chris, the chase ended late today
in Smithfield where they arrested four males. Whether police had any idea the
suspects were so young isn't clear, but as you can see, one was still
wearing his school uniform. It's not clear if any others
were also schoolboys. Police had earlier chased a Ford
Territory which came to a sudden halt
in Oxford Street, before the four got out
and took off on foot. They were tracked to a home
in Vineyard Avenue where they were all arrested. The car is believed
to have contained stolen goods and a search warrant is underway
right now at the home they ran into. I'm told police have found
stolen goods there and drugs. They're are being questioned
tonight at Fairfield Police Station. Chris.

12 of the 18 soldiers injured in the truck rollover
at Holsworthy have been released from hospital. Police are still waiting to ask
the driver exactly what happened but the army is defending
the type of vehicle involved as perfectly safe.

For 30 years, it's been doing the grunt work
of the Australian Army. Now a Unimog left lying on its side has the military defending
the ageing troop carrier's safety. It's served us
as a very reliable workhorse both here in Australia
and on operations overseas throughout that period. Police say speed may be a factor
in yesterday's crash, which injured 18 soldiers. They're approaching the end
of their service life. Unimogs have rolled twice before. Minimal, the army says,
compared to its usage rate. Experts say military vehicles
are always a compromise. would kill a lot of soldiers
in combat and a vehicle that was perfect
in combat might risk lives in peacetime. Six injured soldiers remain
in hospital, two in intensive care. A 21-year-old
is still on life support. And our thoughts are very much The driver, still in hospital,
is yet to be interviewed by police. At the base today, police accident officers
were collecting scientific evidence and planning
a crash re-enactment.

This investigation
is likely to take several days. 12 soldiers are being monitored
by Holsworthy's medical staff. The number of women being diagnosed
with breast cancer is expected to rise almost 20%
in the next 8 years. And a landmark study
into the disease

has revealed the Sydney suburbs
where women are most at risk. Being diagnosed with breast cancer
is terrifying. I just thought,
"I have three daughters "and they haven't reached puberty.

"I can't leave my husband
with them." Although it's not necessarily
a life sentence, with new research showing
survival rates are improving. But this is
what's concerning experts. About 40 women per day will be
told they have breast cancer. That's about 14,500 women. That figure has almost doubled
in the past 30 years and by 2020, the number of women diagnosed
will increase by more than 17%. Many cancers are linked to people
with a lower socio-economic status. But it's the opposite for breast
cancer. Women living in wealthy suburbs
are at a significantly higher risk. Women who live in higher socio
economic status areas tend to have careers, have children later, or not at all,
breast feed them less. Sydney's more affluent areas are found on the North Shore,
Northern Beaches, the Hills district, Camden,
Leichhardt, the eastern suburbs and the Sutherland Shire. The less affluent areas are concentrated around Parramatta,
Fairfield, Auburn, Canterbury as well as Mount Druitt, Liverpool,
Campbelltown and Botany. Jane is alive today because she
discovered her breast cancer early. I think the best advice is to take time to get to know
the look and feel of your breasts. Make it a part
of everyday activities. It could save your life.

State Parliament was nearly as fiery
as Canberra today, with the Premier and Treasurer
accused of jobs for the boys. The Opposition claims they rewarded one of the
Liberal Party's wealthy benefactors with a lucrative position
on a Government board.

Nothing like some
budget estimates hearings to get the juices flowing. It's untenable for the Premier
to answer questions with you telling lies. Democracy, New South Wales style. Before the election one thing,
after the election - cut, cut, cut. The Premier was also frustrated
by questioning over one of his key appointments. You're a disgrace in the upper house and you're making the impression
we thought you'd make - zilch. In July, Roger Massy-Greene, one of the country's
wealthiest businessmen, was appointed executive chairman
of the state's new energy company, Networks NSW.

It was born out of the merger
of three power corporations. His name went forward to Cabinet and Cabinet signed off
on his appointment. But his company is also
a big Liberal Party donor, signing cheques worth $45,000
to MPs, including Malcolm Turnbull,
Gabrielle Upton and Mr Baird,
whose campaign received $15,000. The Premier has made
this appointment. The Opposition says Mr Massy-Greene hasn't worked
for any electricity companies and the Treasurer admitted the appointment to the $200,000
a year post was made without
any formal executive search.

The Treasurer admits
no executive search was undertaken. This is a clear case
of jobs for the boys. The government claims Mr Massy-Greene has also donated
to Labor but couldn't say how much.

Roadworks widening the M5
west motorway have started without any major hold-ups
affecting drivers. restricting traffic to one lane. But they had two open
in either direction in time for the morning peak. The motorway is being widened
to three lanes from Camden Valley Way at Prestons
to King Georges Road, Beverly Hills. Austrian adventurer
Felix Baumgartner will tonight attempt
a record freefall jump from the edge of space
back to Earth. The 36km-plunge is expected
to take just six minutes if everything goes
according to plan.

Until now, only a computer artist
could guess what it would be like to stand at the edge of space
and then jump. In July, Felix Baumgartner
successfully completed a test jump at a lower altitude. But in a few hours,

the Austrian skydiver
will board a capsule and be carried by a giant balloon
to 36.5km above Earth. This is really risky business.

a tear in his space suit
or a hole in the balloon. But it's the first 30 seconds
after he jumps will be the most dangerous where there is little air to stop Felix from getting into
a deadly spin or tumble. He won't be able to do anything
about it. It doesn't matter if he
waves his arms, whatever he does, there's nothing he can do to stop it
until the air gets thicker. In those few hair-raising moments,
he'll reach speeds of 1,100km/h becoming the first person
to break through the sound barrier using nothing more than his body. We don't know
what a human will endure accelerating through
the sound barrier. Australian high-performance doctor
Andy Walshe has helped prepare Felix. Is he nervous?
Felix isn't a nervous kind of guy.

And Seven News
will have live coverage of the world record jump on 7mate tonight from 11:20. Still to come tonight
in Seven News - the surprising remedy helping hay fever
and asthma patients breathe easier. Warnings about a new cocktail fad after a drinker
has her stomach removed.

Plus, we spot two pods of whales
at play off Sydney beaches. We'll tell you where they were,

I really love getting outside
in Canberra. It's a very healthy place to live. I think Canberra
could be better connected using a whole heap of
different transport options. Yeah, light rail -
there's an option for Canberra. I'd save money if I didn't always
need the car. What if we had free wifi
in our public spaces? And what about better
health services? Mobile health services
that come to the house. Yeah. VOICEOVER: The Greens
share your vision for a healthy, liveable,
better connected Canberra. Vote Greens to make
your voice count.

Police are hunting bandits who ram raided Prada's flagship
city store overnight. A dark coloured sedan smashed into the front
of the Castlereagh St store around 1am. Thousands of dollars worth
of designer accessories were stolen. The vehicle may be of
European or Japanese make. It would've contained two males
that were dressed in dark clothing. The items could be shipped overseas
or sold online. Medical researchers
have made a breakthrough, discovering potential remedies to two of the most troubling
conditions faced by Australians. Both involve something used more often for good looks
than good health - the cosmetic treatment, botox.

Yvonne Lakeland's brother
died from asthma aged just 40, the same age
she developed the condition. I freaked out at 40, thinking,
"OK, this is it for me too." But in clinical trials,
experimental injections of Botox, temporarily paralysing
the vocal cords, have dramatically reduced symptoms
in 82% of patients. I do now feel freer
in my voice box area, my upper respiratory area. I can now go for walks without fear that I'm going to fall
in the middle of a road. This is the time of year when hay fever
is traditionally at its worst. it does make life a misery
for its sufferers. It's like having
a bad dose of the flu, for three months, basically. Like many sufferers, some years, Anesti Steryos
has been forced to stay inside for days on end. But Monash researchers
are now trialling a Botox-based gel that blocks nerve endings
and reduces inflammation. A 10-minute swab once
every three months should be enough to end the endless sneezing. Which is a lot easier
than the nasal steroids which is every single day
for four months. The research team
is as surprised as anyone that they've been able to reinvent
a beauty aid as a clinical saviour.

Health authorities are warning
people against a new drinking fad, after a teenager in Britain
had her stomach removed. She'd consumed a cocktail
topped with liquid nitrogen which began eating away
her stomach lining. There's no end to their imagination of trying to get more alcohol
down people's necks. Experts say the drinks are safe once the liquid nitrogen
completely evaporates. We've been treated
to a spectacular display by a playful pod of five whales
off Botany Bay. They put on a show, giving our news chopper
a wave goodbye as they swam past
on their southern migration. Hundreds of humpbacks
are heading home. Another pod was spotted off
Bondi Beach. They were about a kilometre
off shore and happy just lolling about,
in no rush to go anywhere. This one was sure taking it easy, getting in some backstroke
practice. Sport now with Jim Wilson, and the Bulldogs have been made
to pay over mad Monday. Chris, they've copped a hefty fine but the ARL says the vile comments
were misunderstood. While T-Rex sends a scare
through the Kangaroos as they prepare to out muscle
a monster Kiwi pack. Plus, girl power
as our world cup winners return home as the men's game
is rocked by scandal. And a very special guest
at West Ryde primary school.

Rodgee! I've got a doubly delicious
treat for you! VOICEOVER: The combination
of a crunchy shell... (BARKS)
..and the meaty centre... Oooh! ..makes Schmackos Marrobones
double the fun. SONG: # Dogs go wacko
Dogs go wacko for Schmackos! #

The Bulldogs have been fined $30,000
for their Mad Monday behaviour but an NRL investigation has cleared
players of abusing the media. The fine will go
to a designated charity while the game's powerbrokers say the vile comments were misunderstood
by rival media outlets.

It's proven to be an expensive day
on the drink but the Bulldogs claim
they can still celebrate after the NRL dismissed some claims
of abuse made by the media.

While it's fair to say we can do things better, the scrutiny our club was placed under last week was says that we were unfairly targeted.

Despite the outcry
over their behaviour, the Dogs won't bow to calls
from the NRL to scrap Mad Monday and some of their stars
have another celebration planned. I'm looking forward to the game.

Is it hard to twist his arm? Here he is

Kiwi rookie Sam Kasiano
wants to crash the Kangaroos' party in Saturday's test in Townsville. Frank Pritchard's excited
to have him aboard, just not as his room mate. It's like sleeping next to a truck.
You don't get much sleep. He's a bit of a snorer. Tony Williams will join the pair
at the Bulldogs next season and after overcoming
a hamstring scare is determined to fire
for Kangaroos coach Tim Sheens. He showed a lot of faith in me
to pick me and I just need to get in
and make a difference when I'm on. Meanwhile, South Sydney
have re-signed their co-captain

Australia's world champion
women cricketers have arrived home from Sri Lanka and the Southern Stars resisted
the chance to sledge our men after outperforming them and retaining
their Twenty20 world title. Hopefully this trophy helps grow the
participation rates in Australia. Hopefully more girls will want to
take up our great game. The Sydney Sixers
flew to South Africa hoping to share
the $2.5 million first prize. I'm certainly looking
to go over there and impress and keep putting my name up there
as well. General manager Stuart Clark for the Big Bash but ruled out recruiting Olympic
100m silver medallist Yohan Blake. Meanwhile, the ICC's launched
an urgent investigation after several umpires agreed to fix
matches in an Indian media sting. One official was a reserve for Australia's World Twenty20
warm-up game against England. Sydney FC expect a record crowd
of 35,000 fans for Alessandro Del Piero's
home debut on Saturday. The Italian stallion could soon
be joined in Sky Blue by former Socceroos star
Jason Culina. He's joined full team training
in the hope of earning a contract after being controversially sacked
by Newcastle last year. When he is fully fit,
he's a fantastic player and would be a great addition
to our squad. In Belgium, a drunk player's
facing several charges after crashing his Porsche
through a petrol station. It's the second time Jonathan Legear
has smashed into a building.

A month before the running
of the Melbourne Cup, two very special guests
visited West Ryde Public School this morning. 1992 winning jockey Greg Hall brought the Cup along
for show and tell. We should be really proud of it because now the whole world
wants it. Craig Williams has confirmed he'll ride a bigger and stronger
Dunaden in the Caulfield and Melbourne cups after missing last year's victory
through suspension.

We are counting down to the cup here right here on Seven, I reckon as far as show and tell goes, that will be hard to top. Next year the horse, thank you, Jim.

Sally's at the Night Noodle Markets
in Hyde Park for tonight's weather, hopefully with a good forecast
for dining out, Sal. Chris, the skies are holding up

I served over 10 years with the Australian
and British Special Forces and now I'm going to show you one of the most life-threatening
things I've seen. If your doctor prescribed tablets
to lower your cholesterol, here's what could happen
if you stop taking them. See how plaque builds up
inside your arteries, until your blood
can hardly flow at all, and you could have
a heart attack or a stroke. But if you see your doctor
and start again, you could help prevent this.

The Night Noodle Markets
are in full swing in Hyde Park. They are on for two more weeks. And even though the weather's
taken a turn towards winter, it hasn't dampened the mood here. Today the city struggled to crack
the 20-degree mark with cooler southerly winds
keeping the mercury at bay. A few storms fired up
off the coast last night and a brief thunderstorm hit
the far southern suburbs. This morning,
we woke up to light showers east of about Hornsby
to Bankstown but that cleared
to a fine afternoon. A cold snap is on the way with snow and sleet
across New South Wales as an east coast low develops off the New South Wales
central coast on Thursday. That will whip up
gale-force winds, rain and some pretty rough seas
and large swells. Around the rest
of the country - showers in Melbourne
and Adelaide with tops
in the mid teens. Fine weather for
the rest of the country. On the water:

A cloudy start to the day tomorrow
and a top of 22 with a shower or two
tomorrow evening. We could wake up to a touch of fog
in the west but the westerly winds will allow things
to get into the mid 20s ahead of an onshore breeze
developing late afternoon. The warmest temperatures will be
in the far west tomorrow at Richmond and Penrith. Looking ahead,
showers on and off this week. Clearing by Sunday

with spring temperatures
making a comeback next week.

And that's Seven News
for this Tuesday. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. Ahead on 'Today Tonight', the shop owner warned against naming
and shaming juvenile delinquents caught on camera. That's next.

Good evening.
Thanks for joining us tonight. Shortly, we'll have the second part
in our shopper squad series on how to find a bargain, this time on furniture
and whitegoods. But first, a mum who solved
her money problems by getting herself off welfare. She traded a life
surviving on Centrelink payments and she wants to share her success
with others. David Richardson reports. I'm really proud of the fact that my kids don't see me
sit on the lounge anymore. Sorry. On the lounge and on government handouts
for 18 years before this single mum realised which is how I saw myself. A single mother at 16,
two kids at 26, Sheree was surviving
on a single parent's pension

I could either
sit on the lounge and watch TV or I could show my children
that I was made of more. She has and now wants to send
a clear message to others on the welfare cycle.

The day that I rang Centrelink and said " said "don't pay me any more money was the best day I've had in the last 20

Sheree Hayden has taken herself
from welfare to wealth. From a couple of hundred dollars
a week