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This program is captioned live. Come in peace - the Italian father at the centre of an international custody dispute says his ex will be able to see his daughters. The Margie Abbott effect. Tony Abbott gets a bounce in the poll. Born into the Mafia, the daughter of a New York crime boss. Ross Greenwood trades finance for funk on the streets of Harlem. Who's the boss? Tony Danzer is here in our Time Square studio.

Good morning to you across America and Australian across the world as we know it. Good to have your company with all those people watching on illegal satellite.We love the illegal satellite population.Plenty of Aussies stopped by here already. Folks from Brisbane, across Queensland. We will say I had to them later.I as standing outside Goodman's today.Is This a hotdog stand?. There is a hotdog stand outside but it is a fantastic department store.We were there purely for research reasons and you will find out more about that as the week goes on. But just Aussies everywhere.En masse!Very popular spotBurgers?No, Goodman's It sound like an up-market department store Fordo.I was hanging out in Harlem with a very hardcore dude called Ross Greenwood. You will see a little later on. He has done a hip hop tour of Harlem. Now like he is like one of the main gangsters in Harlem. After just 24 hoursHe is a scary looking character. He is down with it Let's lack to see what the weather is doing around the country.

So much more coming up here in New York but time for the news. The father of four sisters deported from Australia to Italy has spoken to the mode ya overnight to tell his side of the story. For more we are joined by Sophie Walsh in Italy. What did he have to say?The girls father said it was the final chapter in this heartbreaking story. He was ready to begin his new life with his four beautiful girl. The press conference took police in his lawyer's office in Florence. The man we met was different to the man we saw two days outside his Villa. He was possible it will and softly spoken telling us he did not hold any animosity towards his ex wife, he did not feel any hatreds towards her at all. He hoped they would one day - she would one day come back the it I had to see her girls in peaceI have fear for the future of my girls. I put my story because I love my girls very much, for the pest interests for the children.

A very emotional father there. We heard from him for one of the first timesWe will leave it there. The manly NRL club mourns the death of a young footballer who fell to his death following a club presentation dinner last Friday. The body of 21- year-old Jason Annear was foundt the base of a cliff on Sydney Northern Beaches before 7 o'clock Sunday night. It is believed he might have fallen while walking home if the function. The club says it will not comment publicly until the NSW Coroner makes an official fining Sydney's gun crime has flared overnight with a 27-year-old man taken to hospital with a gunshot wound to his leg. Police were called to a home in Yagoona at 9 o'clock. The street was cordoned off, a crime scene set up. The man is in hospital in a stable condition. Margie Abbott's push to paint her husband as pro-women seems to have paid off with the latest polls showing a boost for the Coalition Opposition Leader. The figures published in today's Australian show Labor's primary vote has fallen 3 pint and the Coalition has risen 4 points. On a to party profred basis the opposition has returned the an election-winning position leading ALP54% to 46%. While support for Tony Abbott rose slightly as preferred Prime Minister Julia Gillard still holds a commanding lead I will ball MP Christopher Pyne has accused the Labor party of cashing in on the Alan Jones fiasco. Speaking on the ABC's Q and A program he said the Government has been quick to repeat the comments that Julia Gillard's father died of shame. Labor ministers have been repeating them for a week in front of every my Crow phone so as a person who has been around politics it suggests they have tied to make political capital out of this issue. I think that is disgraceful.Mr Pyne condemned the broadcaster's statementJulia Gillard meantime has been targeted during an online question-and-answer session A number of sexist and offensive comments were made towards the Prime Minister hill she chatted with voters during an organised Facebook discussion. Some participant made reference to her late father. Is the first time a federal politician has taken part in a 'Q and A' session on a Serbal media recite. Despite the opposition the events was a success. One soldier is on life support and another critical and stable after a bus crashed at Holsworth army base yesterday. 18 soldiers were injured, 13 taken to hospital.There were a number of patient. When we attend these accident the number of patient tend not to be as his this occasionPolice ring vestity fighting whether speed was a factor. The Bulldogs mad Monday saga has deepen would the club poised to seek than apology from Channel 9. In a leaked email spoon sofr Jaycar Electronics, Gary Johnson claims the club has failed to uncover any evidence players abuse add female Nine News reporter. Bulldogs management has prepared an interim report into the incident at Belmore Oval following the grand final deget but at this stage is yet to confirm if a culprit has been identified An inquest in the death of Brazilian student Roberto Curti will continue today in Sydney. Yesterday dramatic security video was released showing him barefoot, shirtless and disoriented in the moments before he was Tasered 14 times by police.He had no weapon. It is not suggested he did. There is no suggestion he instructor threatened any personFriends and family of Roberto Curti are in Australia for the inquest. The number of seeker seek currently in detention has reached a record high and the Australian Government is dealing with the prospect of more arrivals. There are now 8 70 0 asylum seekers with a further 101 arriving on a boat yesterday. Christmas eye reportedly at capacity with families being moved into a camp normally reserved for adult men. The Government announced a return to offshore processing in August. There are reports that Federal Attorney-General Nicola Roxon intervened in the sexual harassement case against Peter Slipper. The Australian newspaper reports she personally briefed lawyers defending sidelined house speaker. It comes as a barrage of new text mess ams between Mr Slipper an his former staffer James Ashby, many of a sexually explicit nature were made public. An 18th birthday party in the UK has ended with a trip to hospital after a teenager drank a cocktail containing liquid nitrogen. She underwent emergency surgery to remove her entire stomach. Oscars no longer uses liquid nigh toe Gen in cocktails but other bars and clubs around the country are. Liquid nitro gone is used in laboratories because it boils at minus 196 degrees. Scientists wear protective clothing to handle it knowing it will freeze every day objects in seconds. Now 18-year-old Gabby Scanlon is thought to be the first victim of a new trend where the chemical is used to make cocktails more exciting. She is understood to have drunk this while out celebrating her 18th birthday last Thursday. She became ill and doctors at the Royal man caster infirmary had to remove her perforated stomach the save her life. Skin is the its say it is simply too dangerous to mix with drinks.Any liquid which boils expand by a factor of 1500 so you can imagine in Jessing this you are liable to explode this is probably the reason why she are up turned internally. This is a very, very serious injuryUsing liquid I tree gone in cocktails is relatively new - it appears in some cases unregulated.

unregulated. A earthquake struck south of Ambon in east Indonesia. The tremor sent many fleeing to higher ground. There are no reports of injury and no threat of a tsunami. Finally, like something out of a horror movie, the stots have been blood would the undead in an attempt the break a terrifying world record. Mosh than 4,000 zombies gathered in the UK but despite the massive turn-out they fell well short of the record set in the US two years ago. I guess at least they did not difficult trying!(LAUGHTER)Come on.

trying!(LAUGHTER)Come on.I love the undead! Finance time. Good morning, Ross.Me is another person who knows how it feels like to be undead.On Wall Street as we speak to Dow Jones is down by 22 point.

We will get you to explain about the undead stuff feeling like a zombie. A lot of people do when they wake up in New York. The weather now with Stevie who joins us from a very special place. Hello, Stevie.Hi Karl, I'm waking up by you, but on the Bayou on a small river. You will find Vermillionvillet centre of Cajun culture. We are in Lafayette where you can experience life where it was in the 1700s in the deep south. We are waking up what a traditional Cajun fiddle which will take us through the weather.

Originally the Cajuns came from Akadia and the were the French Canadians forced to this area back in the mid 1700s and they brought their own food, music, traditions and their own language which over the past few hundred years has been mixed with Spanish, English and African. So when you hear those people speaking like this in those movies, that is normally from these parts, Karl and Lisa. If you warrant tip on how to speak Cajun replace anything with a th with a d so we will bring you bit of dis and dat today.What would thick be that then, I'm just sink, you can't do that!You can't. But it is good to have a fiddle first thing in the morning.. Lisa Wilkinson on fire. If you are going to sit there in that rocking chair you have to do some wetland Stevie Jacobs.On fire. Sport and front pages next. Today is live from New York City. It's busy.

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Welcome back to the show live from New York City. It is all good. We are broadcasting all week here from the Big Apple and love in it. Some Today Show T signs if the Australia Chris in town.Let's look at the front page's around the country. The daily 'Telegraph' says police are investigating the death of a young Manly rugby league player Jason Annear who plunged on the rocks at Queenscliff after the club's award night. The Attorney- General Nicola Roxon personally intervened in the sexual harassement case of Peter Brock by briefing lawyers.In the 'Courier- Mail' a man was told he would never walk again but the 36-year-old is now standing tall thanks to his two pash ones, family and golf.Amazing story. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' says an inquest has heard accounts of a Brazilian student's last moments before he was Tasered 14 times by police. Betrayed says the 'Herald Sun' a young I've who dreamed of a new life in Victoria has become the latest victim of a failed intervention order after she was murdered by her jealous husband. Struggle on the the star with her second consecutive win in the ladies European Tour. How's that says the 'Hobart Mercury'. Tasmania has unveiled its latest vision for the $0 million redevelopment. The WA Environment Minister says it willer bugs are failing WA's I'm knowledge and need to take important provided in their state. In the Northern Territory News a croc has been shot after it attacked a bat and stalked local children. The advertiser shows two little girls getting by with a little help from my friend t visually impaired toddler haves become the youngest in South Australia to use white canes. A beautiful shot.Sport time.AFL's trade week continue today but there is not expected to be any major shock like Brian Lake's defection to Hawthorn, Chris Dawes and Shah- year-old Wellingham anded to Viney who follows in his if there's footsteps. I hopefully will play footy and want the opportunity ever since I can rememberA big day for Port securing Angus Monfries from Essendon and announcing Ken Hinkley as their new senior coach. A Kangaroos players have been told they are auditioning for World Cup spots when they fess the Kiwis in Townsville. That game on Saturday. Tim Sheens the coach admits the Australian team could struggle for motivation.Family coming up and family you know, something special for the region. Everybody has embraced it. The crowd is pretty much a sell-out I thinkNew Zealand has settled into Canberra mid ewe mores former test star David Kidwell will take over as the coach of the warriors. Rugby championship only tiesers will question Argentinian officials after lasers were used by fans to attack Wallabies kickers on Sunday morning. All Blacks players have been targeted in the pass with the a hefty fine, one of the possible punishments for anyone caught. Fines for Perth Glory's way in the A-League after a fan threw a flare onto the ground. Flares are banned in Australian sporting ground but some players reckon they can not see that the news is about.They have the right to do what they want. They are fans. They were delighted we got the win and I'm sure a bit of excitement that stuff will happenOfficials confirm the controversial sending-off will stand. The Jets goal keeper will spend a week on the sidelines despite replays showing it may have hit him in the chest instead of the hands. What do you reckon? Jamie Whincup says the V8 Supercars championship has not become a two- horse rate teen he an Craig Lowndes. The pair hold a hand I can lead over the field after both made the podium at Bathurst over the weekend. No more or less. I have to - if we want this badly we will put our heads town to make sure we will make it happenJamie Whincup insists Ford drivers Mark Winterbottom and will David son can bounce back from tough campaigns at Bathurst. Their first chance is in a few weeks in the Gold Coast 600. Speaking of motorsport, have a look at this - a massive pile-up has marred the end of the Italiam MotoGP in Alabama costing Marcus Ambrose a chance of victory. Tony Stewart has apologised for the incident. Amazingly no one was hurt but only three cars out of 43 were able to make it the the finish line. Extraordinary pictures out of a Nascar race. They are crazy those Americans, aren't they? That is the sport for now. We can say that in Australia.I love Nascar.It is always a smash-up.Not always Talladega Nights was a great film. Will Ferrell.Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, the great love story one. Days of Thunder.Not quite in the same mould.A great love story, up there.After the break, all the Hollywood informs whip with the boys. What is happening outside, lads?We have bumped into a bunch of Aussies.Look at this! My gosh. I have to say they are waking up with Today back home. Look at. It is fabulous. It is great.. We have some breaking gossip coming up. Nicole? Nicole, my gosh, she gives a revealing new interview about Keith and exactly what kind of impact he has had on her life. The scoop and the scandal coming up. # You make me feel like a natural woman... This program is not captioned. I've been working as a pharmacist
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Welcome back. A a throbbing beating heart in this great city that is Time Square.It does all that. Let's to go the boys for some gossip. We are in the thick of it. We are. The heart of New York. Richard with the gossip. Nicole Kidman has poking glowingly and revealingly about the man who has hackinged her life?We are not talking about Tom Cruise. We are talking about Keith Urban. Get this - Nicole has come out and to use a Tom Cruise expression "Keith you complete me". That is right. She has opened up about their life together like never before. She says "He gave me confidence. He encouraged me the tie new things. Sexually." I was very surprised. I was like "OK, good for you". She certainly looks better than she ever has.They are very much in love. We are very happy. A good news storyThank you, I appreciate that. Katy Perry and John Maher or John Twitter. All over before they got rolling. What went wrong?On again, off again, on again but to you they are definitely off again. Katy Perry did not like John Maher and his womanising ways. Apparently he was not ready the settle down. She, you know, after Russell Brand, she is a one-woman kind of man. She was ready to jump into another relationship. John Maher likes the ladies, right? Everybody knows that. They are over this week for now Very good. Listen, on the other hand it seems there is nothing that Mila will not do for her new bloke. If you talking about Ashton Kutcher they are the talk of New York City especially last night when she went to the Kabala centre here in New York the start undergoing classes to join the controversial religion. Ashton and Demi were very big along with Madonna, the red bracelet so Mila will become a member of the church and therefore clearing the way for her and Ashton to get married.These crazy kids could go the distance.. She is very hot. The most sexy woman alive We have plenty more throughout the show. Coming up t that never four Italian sisters has spoken for the first time since their return from Brisbane. We hear what he has had to say.Then Harlem beats, Ross Greenwood gives us an inside look at New York's hip hopCheck him out!Look at him go.Yo fella.He used to be a finance correspondent. Now he has been lost to the ways of the beatA luxury goods store in the centre of Sydney has been targeted overnight in a daring ram- raid. Let's go live to Matt outside the Prada store. Do police have any idea how much was stolen?The are not putting a dollar figure on it. It was an extremely brazen robbery. The Prada store is in the heart of the city and near the Pitt Street million. At about 1 o'clock the bandits drove a car off the street through the front door A number of men got out and grabbed items before fleeing. We are not sure at this stage but you can see about six shelves in the luxury store are now empty. The managers have been here assessing the damage calling in repair workers to fix the door. The cameras along the street here you would imagine inside a luxury store like this as well. Police are now reviewing that footage. They believe the vehicle used was a Black Sea Dan and as they continue to investigate they are asking with anyone with information that might have seen this car or any of the men involved in this problem bring to come forward and contact crime stoppers.The Italian father of four sisters at the centre an international custody battle says he just wants what is best for his daughters. Speaking the media in Italy the man says he does not hate his ex wife and wants his girls to satisfy mother.I my heart I hope the mother is in peace and lives in Italy.

He says the girls are doing well following dramatic scenes on the weekend when the to eldest sisters tried to escape from their father property. A push from Margie Abbott the change public opinion on her husband's sue of women seems to have paid off. The latest polls show a boost for the Coalition and the Opposition meer. The figures published in today's Australian show Labor's primary vote has fallen three point while the Coalition has gained four point. The opposition has returned to an election winning position on a two party preferred basis leading Government 54% to 46%. While support for Tony Abbott as preferred Prime Minister is slightly higher, Julia Gillard still holds the lead. It has been five years in the making but Julia Gillard says now is the time for Australia and Japan to seal the deal on a free trade agreement. The Prime Minister addressed business leaders at conference in Sydney last night for the Australia Japan Foundation. It is estimated the deal would bring close to $40 billion in benefits the Australia over 20 years. Mortgage holders could be in line for another interest rate cut spurred on by concerns unemployment is headed back abefore 6%. Many economists me Dickt if the Christmas period does not bring an increase in spending unemployment will rise. Experts say another interest rate cut may follow to get the economy moving. While women usually get the label clucky, it seems Australian blokes are just as keen to have babies. According to new research 66% of blokes long forefatherhood compared to 67% of women. The study found more than a quarter of men admitted just the sight of other parents with children was enough to make them want their own.Lying!To finance.

finance. Time for sport over to clucky Ben Fordham.Absolutely.We will touch on that later. Next sat's rugby league test is change up as an NRL rematch. The Kiwis have five players who turned out for the Bulldogs while Melbourne's big three will play for the Kangaroos. It will be a ripper. Tim Sheens hintingt emulating Storm style of play in towns ville Kurt Tippett's move to the Sydney Swans is in doubt as the Swans try to cut a deal with Adelaide before the AFL trade week deadline.He dish is a club with a history of being able the finalise deals and we are hopeful we can do it again. Five Swans players have been delisted in a bid the accommodate the big Ford Steve Meehan has brought than alongside ex Reds official Philip Fowler. Australia's women's team is back home from the Twenty20 in Sri Lanka. We can see the girls getting ready to come home. They have pocketed almost $60,000 for their win. Congratulations to them. Didn't they celebrate hard and into the notice and they will be home shortly with family and friend. Yes, Georgey, I'm a little clucky but I always have been. Is why I just hijack your children when I get to see them.That is true. We are always ready the hand them over. I can call myself Uncle BenThat is just slightly creepy, bro. Uncle Ben.It is all well and good when you want to go out and you drop them at my house, then you have no problemDoes a good meat pie as well. Good luck Fordo.We cross live the Italy to hear more there the father ever four Brisbane girls deported last week. A day in Central Park. There is so much to take in because there are over 60 blocks of green spaces. It is brilliantLater, Bradley Cooper is back after 'The Hangover'.I have a story. About a man who wrote a book then lost it.More on his latest flick. The 'The Words' looks good. Let's see what the weather is doing around the country. Good morning, Steve!Good morning to you Lisa. We are in south central Louisiana and this is a heritage town where you can live life like it was back in the 117 and 1800s so we will step back in time today but right now we are are stepping forward into the weather at your place.

We are in an area which is a group of areas where you will find the biggest concentration of Cajun people. We are around about two and a half hours to the north-west of New Orleans just off the Gulf of Mexico. This is where you can enjoy a little bit of old-time spinning. When have Patricia here and she is showing us how you would spin cotton fibre into yarn. This is how they did it in the 17 and 1800s. You would Gabba cotton ball t seeds would be removed. The kids would have to do that. Sometimes they would have the fill their shoes with seeds before they could go to bed. Then basically a process of spinning cotton into yarn. How would you make that into different coloured clothing? Natural fibres or possibly even urine. Absolutely. That kind of caught me bit by surprise. Is how they did it turn old days. I do not really flow what to say about that. Other than ladies if you are coming down here the have your hair dyed I would think about doing it else where. Those lime gone pants are very big at the moment too.I know!Full of interesting stuff.The man voted most likely the never be cool in terms of hip hop, Ross Greenwood does a hip hop tour. That is not for away. Live in New York City for you. You are watching 'The Today Show' right across the

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We are live from New York City. The father of the fur Italian sisters sent home after an international custody battle has held a media conference. Sophie Walsh is in Florence, Italy. What did the father have the say?Karl t father said today was the final chapter in this heartbreaking story. He cannot wait to begin his new and better life with his four young girls. The press conference took police in his lawyer's office in Florence. The man we met today was different to the man we saw outside his Villa to days ago. He as softly spoken, incredibly polite telling us he holds no hatreds towards the girls mother and hopes one day she will come in peace the Italy to see her girls again. He described how difficult the last two years have been, how he has cried himself to sleep every night. How tough it was the fell hike the entire Australian population was against limb and how lucky he felt and happy when an Australian judge ruled in his favour.

The girls mother is right now trying to raised 10,000 to hire herself an Italian lawyer so she can try to gain sole custody of her girls. One thing she will not be doing any time soon though is travelling to Italy herself. She is too afraid she will be arrested on kidnapping charges. This is one case this has no winners. As far as we know the girls mother has had minimal contact with the her girls ever since they left Australia. Is now going on week. We know she has poured every last cent into this case and money is a real issue for her an she simply does not know the next time she will see her girls again. While Central Park is one of the most popular attractions here, not many people know what those 843 acres hold in store. But we have Gen and taken a look. Beneath man what cran's impressive skyline is a huge oasis, somewhere to escape life in the big city. The endless paths and beautiful scenery in central park make it a haven for runners and walkers but if you ask me t best way the cram it all into within day is on a set of wheels. # Making my dreams come true... The park covers 50 blocks, a round trip of 12 kilometres. So take it from me, it is very, very important you map you your day. Although the bone fifth getting lost is you might stumble upon something you did not expect to find. Aside from being a helpful reference point the Friend fountain is one of the many famous land marks, the setting for scenes from more than 20 movies.Over there!Like that tense chase scene in Home Alone 2.What can he do? He is a kid. Kids are helpless. Poet's Walk brings back memories of When hard write Met Sally.Most days you will find buskers in the mall doing their thing. It is a great spot to take a break from all that peddling. Film fans will know about the Central Park zoo.Thank you. Well. Thank you!In real life the zoo is home the around 150 species. No leopards, seals and in the tropical rain for quest all sorts of key tours. -- creatures. If movies are not your thing there are plenty of reply grounds and sports fields as well as several lawns to stretch out on. One of the most popular being Sheep's Meadow. This is man what yan beach, no water but obviously lots and lots of sun bakers. On a busy Saturday there could be 35,000 people spuled across thated meadow. When your legs grow tired you can try your hand at rowing. Boats can be hired for $12 and as long as you can navigate your which around safely, it is a beautiful way to take in your surrounding.

your surrounding. Up next, Ross Greenwood takes hip hop to a whole new level. You will not belief it. # I'm close to the edge # I'm trying not to lose my head... # It's like a jungle sometimes This program is not captioned. SONG: # Whoa-oh-oh-oh # Whoa-oh-oh-oh
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# Makes me wonder from how Welcome back to New York City. Usually our esteemed finance editor Ross grown wood breaks down complex economicish Australia like. The Dow Joan. But while he has been in New York, sing along at home, he has been breaking down the bet on a hip hop tour of Harlem?

hop tour of Harlem? With our fearless leader on deck it was time to sort out the MCs from the breakers tDJs from the B Boys.No idea at we are talking aboutWe have the moves than the tunes. Seems like yesterday we used to rock the show.Now it was time for the true hip hop test. In Spanish Harlem. # Don't push me # Cos I'm close to the edge # Don't push me... We have Mighty Mouse. Who want to cup up and learn a couple of basic moves? # Tricky, tricky # Rock around this's right # Tricky # We know you saw # On your own # We just leave it alone # It's like that Brack sings hip hop) hoosh hoosh I feel so broke # I feel so bad # All I feel is shudder, shudder # All I feel is shudder...I would say hold onto your day job. Very competitive out hereIt is.Them banks they cause all the wes in this world, when they got interest rates they just blow, blow, blow. It makes me want to shudder, shudder...Give it up!(APPLAUSE) Sound gangster.Yo!Get down. Ross Greenwood.Putting it out there. Excellent.You can see every inch of this body is made for hip hop. I sweat it. Long time.Finally satisfied.? Ross, tremendous excitement for you to be here in New York City t financial capital of the world but can you breakdown this beat. Show everybody at home, a bit of the Grand Master again. Ready?Yep. A bit of a hand action then you start to go - you have to did a bit of a move. You know?Yeah. Then when you are doing that... What about a back spin?I did not get the that advanced part.How do you think your 14-year-old son Mitchell will feel about dad being on air.He will know I have street credit because I reckon this has born a long time coming, gurnly.Do you know how deeply attractive I find you in a red pan Dana.?That old chestnut.

News, sport and weather next as we break down in New York City. Bandana.

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Good to have your company after the hideous sight of Ross Greenwood rapping. He may well break into another trot. News time. The father of four sisters ordered back the Italy by an Australian court says he wants the girls mother to one day join them. The man who cannot be identified for legal reasons, spoke to the media overnight to tell his side of the story.


The man's lawyer say the sisters are together but no longer staying at their father's property. A luxury store has been targeted in a smash-and-grab. The attack on the Prada store happened at 1 am this morning. Police say a dark sedan smashed through the windows and a group of men snatched items before fleeing.. No word ont was stolen A senior Coalition membership has labelled the online campaign against Alan Jones an his breakfast show as dose of his own medicine. Malcolm Turnbull revehicled claims the shock-jock is the victim of cyberbullying following a decision by the Macquarie Radio Network to sus spend all advertising during Jones's high-rating program. Malcolm Turnbull praised new media for allowing thousands of Australians to speak for themselves. The carbon tax will be back in the spotlight today when debate begins in Federal Parliament. It will centre around had to remove the floor price of the emissions trading scheme an link it to the European market. It comes 100 days after the introduction. Carbon tax in Australia. On the eve of the debate Tony Abbott labelled the tax shambolic. Extraordinary footage has been relaced of the moment a Porsche crashed through Belgian petrol station hitting customer inside. A professional footballer was within the hell an says he mistakenly put his foot on the accelerator instead of the brake. Amazingly the 21-year-old within he struck only suffered minor injuries. The crash caused $4,000 worth of damage. To finance

damage. To finance - Time for sport. Port Adelaide's search for a coach is over after appointing Ken Hinkley do the job. He insists he is the right man the lead the Power despite suggestions he was only offered the job because no-one wanted it. New Zealand is desperate to be ready for this weekend's test as they acclimatise to the stifling Queensland conditions. In V8 Supercars news - Jamie Whincup says he is fully focused on winning supercars championship new after claiming his fourth Bathurst count over the weekend. Sydney FC coach Ian Crook has demanded his players give Lesley Stahl more support on the field. The Italian super star an World Cup winner was the lone highlight during the Sky Blues loss the Phoenix over the weekend.It was not good on the weekend, not going to hide from that fact but we have inform work to be better Sydney plays its first home game this weekend against the Newcastle Jets. Negotiations continue to try to get A lessandro here on the 'Today Show' set, not here in New York, but than our set the meet all of us but in particular Georgey and Lisa.He is Italian. I think the fans will go out of their way. Football player. Ticks all the boxes. He had us at Italian by the way! You had them at proccuto. Brad bad and Jeremy Irons join forces in the new flick set here in New York City. Handy tips on how to get around New York's central park. The inside stories from one of New York's famous Mafia families. Let's get your best local forecast with Stevie.

Stevie. We are coming to you from south central Louisiana. This is called Vermillionville in the heart of Cajun country and here in this recreation town you can learn what life was like in the 1700s with original homes. It is an amazing place the learn about this history of the area of the US. Let's look at your area as we fly around the country.

You can learn some of the old fashioned cuss tolls an one that started here in Cacun country the ladies make crepe paper flowers then dip them in the wax. In French what is it called?(Speaks French) It means making paper flowers on New Saint Day on November 1. These are put on the graves the remember the people and the loved ones who have passed on and they will last through out the year the wax on them. Sorry the start the day on a downer.It involves a flowerThe undead yesterday t dead today!A bit of everythingThank you shall Stevie. Get to entertainment with Richard Wilkins.Here we out on Military Island in the middle of Times Square with the statue of liberty, looks small very in real life. The naked Cowboys. A whole bunch of Aussies. How are you? Good. How are you?Terrific. What are you doing here?I moved here from Australia, living an working here and loving it.What is your name? Brooke Family on holiday. How are you?GoodWhere are you from? SydneyLoving it here in New York? We love it. Say I had the the family back in Sydney. We love you Lots of Aussies come to New York. A fabulous holiday destination. So much to do. So many things the see. The shows on Broadway. Fantastic. Coming up we will check out a new movie 'The Words'.. The words became form t form became whole and after two weeks it was finished.

This program is not captioned. (JAUNTY MUSIC) MAN: I admit it,
I like amateur dramatics. SONG: # Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday... # (DRUM ROLL)
# Thursday, Friday, Saturday... # (CYMBAL CLASH)
(CROWD CHEERS) And when the lights go on,
you've got to perform. # January, February,
into March and April Help! You've gotta give the audience
what they want.

# Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday # I love you. #

This program is not captioned.

You are watching 'The Today Show' live from New York City. We are loving it. We are spreading the spotlight on a film shot around here starring Pradeesha Abraham directed by his best friend and has an all-star sporting cast. It is called 'The Words'.Just doing a final pass.Bradley Cooper replys an inspiring art Christ who cannot quite make it. Then his partner Dora gives him an antique briefcase as a present. Inside, surprise, surprise, a perfectly written manuscript so what does he do? He writes it up as his own.The winner of this year's award...And jackpot, it becomes a best-seller.. I as interesting to play a character so torn and could not rap is head around telling the truth because he is so desperately needing to feel like - feel enough and have an identity wanted the he as willing to for depo doing work and waiting. His Achilles heel was his I'm patients. Because that is what was interested and we talked about, that he Tilly is a good writer. It is not he had no talent and this to steal this he was just I'm patient. Ten he met the real author of 'The Words'I have a story about a man who wrote a back and lost it as the piss-and kid who found it Jeremy Irons and playing him in the back lash scenes Ben Barnes.He was a young old man, I cannot think of another name for the character but I watched rushes of his work because he finished filming week before. So I went in and I watched close-ups than on his face of him telling the story of the young man which is not in the film because it is showing us at the time but he filmed that with Bradley so it was the most useful thing you could have done to watch his mannerisms and the way he moved his fess and hands.Two weeks it was finished. For Bradley it was a joy working with his best made, director Brian Klugman.We have been best friends for 10 years old about. Owl we were not best friend at 10, he was a little mean to me but we have cult have it add great friendship. He moved to Los Angeles, we pursued acting in the entertainment business so it was so wonderful to have your best mate here while you are trying to do it too.It is not over yet.I look at my life, your life, his life. Where does Brian get the inspiration from? The conversation came out of Ernest Hemmingway had gone I guess to Italy to interview Musolini and level his wife with some of his writing and she left home on attain which opened up a Pandora's box for questions for le and I and we started to ask each other these questions and the story grew out of it and it became, we realised a great metaphor to deal with all these questions.You feel those words, you feel the pain.. I think it is important to spark debate about stuff. If you think one character is fictional or not on one character is an older version of another or not it is alright. I think it is alright the feel differently or that one is a figure meant of your imagine nation and one is a real person like I think it is important to make films that you talk about afterwards. We all make choices in life. Hard thinks to live with.It is a quirky film. I think you are going to enjoy it. Terrific cast. Bradley cooper at his best A different side to Bradley Cooper than the one we usually see. The Jan du Plessis were on the show last week, terrific. They have released their Brad new video. We all are a huge Janoskians fan. 'Set the World on Fire', check it out. # We got set this world on fire # Got nothing to lose...

# Got nothing to lose...
# Going to set this world on

# Going to set this world on fire # You are lonely # I can be the one that you call # Cosby now you know me # I will be right there her you want # Oh dots

# Oh dots dots # Going to party all night until we see the daylight # Going to set this world on fire The Janoskians, that has gone smash written all over it. Us's answer to One Direction. Can we say that? They are better. This man is very perceptive. What does it say there? Karl's bad. The city of Karl's bad! We know Karl is bad. We did not know he had a city named after him. Who would want to go there? SeriouslyLate nights had there. Lots happening. Well done, boys. Remember Tony Danzer from who who? Hold me closer Tony Danzer!He is coming in later. Did's song of the day is Message. We love it. Danny Green wood is breaking it down after 7 o'clock. You do not want to miss that. We are back right after this. Brack back hip hop) # Don't push me # Cos I'm close do the edge... # I'm trying not to lose my

# I'm trying not to lose my head # Down at to beat # She can tell a story to the girls back home # She went to the city and got herself a did ity # She could not make it on her own # Don't push This program is not captioned. (SOFT MUSIC PLAYS)

Oh. Can we?



McDonald's Loose Change Menu. Includes the 30c soft-serve cone.

This program is not captioned. (GIGGLES) (LAUGHS)

(LAUGHS) (LAUGHS HEARTILY) (GIGGLES) (LAUGHS) Oh, God! (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) (GIGGLES) (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) Help make the little guys happy. When you donate to
St. George Foundation, all of your money goes straight to
small, community organisations helping disadvantaged children.

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If you want to experience a trip of a life time in the United States, Scenic Tours have you covered with their all inclusive USA packages. Spend 24 days travelling in luxury from New York down to Washington DC then into rock 'n' roll country in Memphis and Nashville. Soak up some culture in New Orleans before heading off on a Caribbean cruise for seven days. In an exclusive deal for Today viewers, if you book and pay before October 19 your partner will fly for free - just pay the taxes. To book call: Get into it!! Welcome back to the show. Now, here is Ross.Good morning to you all. I've told you many times before here that Bill Evans from Westpac led the pack among economists predicting rate cuts in Australia. His reasoning - always - is that rates would fall because unemployment would rise. And one of the foundations of the Reserve Bank's function is to hopefully maintain full employment. Already we have seen official interest rates fall by one full percentage point in the past six months, but it sees inevitable that rates will fall to all-time lows - some have called them emergency lows - in the coming months. And it gets back to Bill Evans original thinking: that rising unemployment will force the Reserve Bank's hand. And there's evidence to show a lot of people have given up trying. Evans says if those people were included, the real jobless rate would now be over 6%, not the impressive 5.1% currently. And, in the absence of the Government willing to spend money in the short-term - remember all the big picture stuff like the Disability Insurance Scheme and Education funding is way off into the future - the only thing left to adjust the economy is interest rates. And remember last month I told you to watch the market to see the guide for interest rates in the near future? Well right now markets are pricing in a 90% chance of another rate cut in November - Melbourne Cup Day. It could be a good bet. Amazing stuff. Thanks for that Ross. It is gossip time now let's go to the boys. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) We have fallen in with a pretty good crowd out here. Aussies, you can pick them anywhere.They are beautiful people in New York, but the Australians so beautiful!! Look at them. Hard to disagree with that. Speaking of beautiful people, Liz Hurley goes into bat for our Warnie, says he is the real deal.Well, Liz Hurley, we love her a lot has been said about Shane Warne and whether or not he has gone under the knife and had plastic surgery because he looks so good. But Liz has gone on the record, here is what she said: "He's never had a surgery and is not on a diet and he doesn't wear make-up. For the record he is all natural". So there you have it from Elizabeth her err herself. She didn't mention, botox - there, I said it.He is certainly saying it. Shock Hollywood split.Little Danny Devito, we know him from 'Taxi' and he used to work with Tony Danza. He and his wife of 30 years, you know her, she was on 'Cheers', 30 years in Hollywood, one of the longest marriages but they have called it a day. After 30 years you would think a couple could work it out but apparently Danny is one that filed for the separation. It comes as a surprise.That is a shock. Speaking of him, his one-time twin, Arnold Schwarzenegger - only our mother can tell us apart - is he back with his ex?You know what I told you that in confidence before the show but there are rumours that Arnold Schwarzenegger and March slave slave are back together. -- Maria sliver are back together.A mixed reaction.Maria was seen out and about in Hollywood wearing her big old wedding ring again. She hadn't worn it for months. People are saying that Arnold going back on TV saying," I have every hope that Maria will take me back', that it softened her heart. What do you think should she take him back?He made some ugly confregss through the interview so she could be forgiven not taking him back. Who is the One Direction who is making comparisons to the Beatles - is it not Harry?Of course it is Harry. He says I think One Direction is just as big as The Beatles back in their day. Currently they are so big, so massive, and Harry a little bit cheeky. The Beatles - One Direction, what do you think?Think that call is a little too soon, what do you think?What do you think, are One Direction as big as the Beatles? (CHEERING) They there is a crowd divided.It is a begunrational thing, but time is on their side. What do you think, controversy reigns?As usual with you tooI am not sure about that. The Beatles wrote their own stuff and One Direction have not written anything!Well spotted!!Here are the top stories on Today. Come in peace - the Italian father at the centre of international custody dispute saying his ex will be able to see her taughters. The Margie effect. Tony Abbott get as bounce in the polls after his wife comes to his defence. Also this morning born into the mafia, the daughter of a New York crime boss. Hip hop Ross! Wow, Ross Greenwood trades finance for fun on the streets of Harlem. And 'Who's the boss' Tony Danza is right here in our Times Square studio. ANNOUNCER: Today live from New York City!! Now to Karl and Lisa in Times Square studio. Yeah, we never get sick of the voice over guy saying that. Thank you very much of your company. It is right on 7 o'clock on this Tuesday, 9 October. We are here all week. Let's get things started now. The father of the four Italian sisters sent home after an international custody battle has held a media conference overnight. Sophie Walsh was there. She is in Florence Italy for us this morning. What did the father have to say? Well, Karl, the father described the last two years and said they were the toughest years he has ever experienced. He said despite those distressing immanages we saw outside his villa two days ago the girls are settling in quite well. He said they were staying with her cousins and he was heartened when his youngest girl came to him and said, "Dad, I want to attend the local school". I asked him why he didn't just pack up his bags to move back down to Australia to be with them. He said that is something that he will consider but at this point in time he is just waying for all the hysteria to die down. And the fear for the future of my girls. I put this into chain because I love my girls very much. The best interest for the children is having the father and the mother - not only the mother or not only the father.The girl's father also said that he held no hatred towards their mother. He said she had a very difficult upbringing and he feels come plags and he hopes that one day -- compassion and he hopes that one day in the future they may be able to reconcile. Thank you very much for that. We will talk to you soon for another update very soon. Police are investigating whether speed was a factor in a truck crash at Sydney's Holsworthy army base that left 18 soldiers injured. 13 are believed to be in hospital - one soldier remains on life support in a critical condition - while the others are stable. Awful crash there.More extraordinary developments this morning in the Peter Slipper case with new court documents revealing some of the disgusting things he is alleged to have said. Nine news political reporters Lane Calcutt joins us now. These alleged comments by Peter Slipper, they are so bad we can't actually quote them directly on breakfast TV.Yeah, they are pretty awful. It is an awkward position for the government this one given its support for Peter Slipper. But the latest court documents show quite extraordinary alleged text messages, we have to say, between Mr Slipper and James Ashby, the former staffer who has brought this case against his former boss. Most of them as you say we cannot repeat on air but they have shown some remarkable exchanges which the Liberal say expose Mr Slipper's own attitude to women. What we can discussion is a reference to the a liberal front bencher as an "ignorant botch". And it has led to Julie bishop saying that his position is now untenable and demanding to know if Julia Gillard still supports him calling on her to begin moves to remove him from the chair. And Tony Windsor is questioning whether he should return even if he is cleared of these charges, Lisa.This is a real predicament for the government because there is an irony here. The Attorney-General Nicola Roxon intervened to save Mr Slipper from an embarrassing court case last week yet at the same time she is attacking Tony Abbott over what she claims is his problem with women. You can bet the liberals will go on the attack when Parliament resumes today. 'Australian' reports that Nicola Roxon did personally step into the case to support Mr Slipper. At the same time she and other female politicians were pursuing Mr Abbott over the perception that he just doesn't get women. That led to his wife to speak out for his husband on the program. That may have worked. The latest Newspoll has Labor back down and the coalition is in an election winning position at the moment. Personal support for Tony Abbott also lifted slightly, this after the Jones scandal and Labor tried to link him to the 2GB shock jock. OK, Lane Calcutt in Canberra for now. Than v much. Georgie.Thank you, Lisa. A 27-year-old man has become the latest victim of Sydney's gun crime, after he was shot in the leg. Police were called to a home at Yagoona, in the city's south-west, around 9 o'clock last night. The street was cordoned off and a crime scene set up. The man remains in hospital in a stable condition. Thieves in Sydney have targeted a designer good shop in a ram-raid. Nat smell smell is at the -- Matt Snelson is at the store and joins us now. Do you know what was stolen?Handbags and other items at the value of about $100,000. Castlereagh Street where this has happened, very busy street and there are cameras up and down the street, but at about 1 o'clock they have driven a black sedan straight through the front doors and a number of men have got out of the car, grabbed those items and then driven away. Now, police have now obviously reviewing the CCTV, not only of the store but right along the street as they try to identify the men involved and the store when we got here this morning, there were probably about six shelves that had been empties out by these thieves, they have been restocked and the managers are now trying to secure the door again before the doors open later on today.Matt, this isn't the first time a designer store has been targeted in recent weeks is it?No, that is right. Four ram raids now in just over a month. This is the first time Prada has been targeted but last month there was a space of about three weeks where Camilla Francs clothing stores were targeted. The last one happened at Paddington where thieves reversed a car through the front door and stole a number of their famous clothing items. Those three robberies, about 700 clothing items were taken at a cost of about $250,000. Adding this last one to that tally, the thieves in ram raids have you stolen about $350,000 worth of goods in just over a month and police are now still investigating all of those incidents and are appealing with anyone for information on this latest one to come forward and contact Crimestoppers.Alright, we will leave it there for now. Thank you very much. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have made their first public appearance in the UK following their trip to the south-pacific - and the topless photo scandal. They attended a lunch at a law school in London. It marks the beginning of a busy week for the royal couple - and they appeared relaxed as they chatted with winners of three scholarships. Kate wore a red wine coloured suit - matching the prince's tie. Next on the agenda - a football stadium opening tomorrow. While women are usually dubbed the "clucky" ones, it seems Aussie blokes are just as keen to have babies. According to new research, 66% of men long for fatherhood compared to 67% of women. The study found more than a quarter of men admitted just the sight of other parents with children was enough to make them want their own. Sweet. Well, news just in: 37 Australian women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day. Sadly seven of those women lose their fight each day. By 2020 about 17,200 new breast cancers will be diagnosed in Australia each year - that's nearly 50 a day. But there is good news - survival rates have increased nationally from 72% in the 80s to 89% now. For more we are joined by Dr Helen Zorbas from Cancer Australia. Good morning to you. That is good news about the survival rates getting better, what do you think this is due to?Good morning, we know survival has improved because of greater awareness amongst women about the importance of reporting symptoms early and we also have a national ma'am graphic screening program dedicated to finding breast cancer early and so through both of those means we are finding more and more cancers at an earlier stage. We also have the latest in treatments available to women across Australia. So with earlier diagnosis and improved availability of treatments we are seeing a steady and increasing trend of improved survival year on year.That is fantastic news. This new research also found that by 2020 even more women will be diagnosed with the disease. Why is that increasing? Well, breast cancer is a disease primarily of aging, although it can occur in women of all ages. Three out of four breast cancers are in women aged 50 years or older. As our population ages we anticipate that more and more women will continue to be diagnosed with the disease. As we have seen in the stats, from 1982 until now the numbers of women diagnosed have more than doubled and we will continue to see those increasing in numbers over time.What we also know is that breast cancer right now remains the most common cancer in Australian women. So Helen, what would your message to Australian women be?Well, it is the most common cancer in Australian women but survival rates, as we have also said, have continued to improve over time. It is really important that women who are at least of the screening age - so women over 40, particularly women 50 years and over - do attend for regular mamographic screens and for women of all know to be aware of their regular look and feel of their breast. If you have a worry, have it checks out. Most of those changes will not be breast cancer but if it is it is so important that they are treated early.A very important message. Thank you very much hell listen. While the city is known for its bright lights, one of the main attractions is Central Park. The park is a green oasis right smack bang in the middle of the city. For these Manhattans, impressive skyline is a huge oasis - somewhere to escape life in the big city. The endless paths and beautiful scenery make it a haven for runners and walkers. But if you ask me the best way to cram it all in in one day is on a set of wheels. How are you? Good, how are you?Good. The park covers 50 blocks, so that is a round trip of about 12km. Take it from me it is very, very important that you map out your day. Although the benefit of getting lost is you might just stumble upon something you were not expecting to find. Aside from being a helpful reference point, the 'Friends' fountain is one of the many famous landmarks in the park. The setting for more than 200 movies. Like that tense chase scene in 'Home Alone 2'. Directly across the street is poets walk, bringing back memories of 'When Harry Met Sally'.OK, there is this guy.What does he look like?I don't know, he is just kind of faceless.Most days you will find buskers in the malling do their thing.$3? Thank you.It is a great spot to take a break from all of that pedalling. 'Madagascar' fans will know all about the Central Park zoo.Thank you, thank you - oh, well, thank you.In real life the zoo is home to around 150 species - snow leopards, sales and in the tropical rain forest all sorts of creatures. -- seals and in the tropical rain forest all sorts of creatures. If movies is not your thing, there is no problem, like any good park there is plenty of play grounds and sports fields. As well as several lawns to stretch out on. This is otherwise known as Manhattan beach - no water anywhere but obviously lots and lots of sunbakers. On a busy Saturday there could be 35,000 people sprawled across that meadow. Good people watching. When your legs grow tired you can always try your hand at rowing. Boats can be hired for about $12 and as long as you can navigate your way around safely it is a beautiful way to take in your surroundings. One day in Central Park doesn't quite feel like enough. Sylvia Jeffreys reporting there from Central Park, thanks so much for that. More more information on that and other New York tourist attractions head to I love that ad. Let's check out the front pages with Georgie.Thanks very much Karl. In the 'Courier Mail' Ben Tullipan lost both his legs in the Bali bombings and was told he would never walk again, but thanks to his two passions of family and golf, the 36-year-old is standing tall. The 'Daily Telegraph' says police are grappling with the mystery death of young Manly rugby league player Jason Annear, who plunged on to rocks at Queenscliff after the clubs awards night. "Betrayed" says the 'Herald Sun'. A young wife who dreamed of a new life in Victoria has become the latest victim of a failed intervention order system after she was murdered by her jealous husband. And the Adelaide 'Advertiser' says "Getting by with a little help from my friend". Visually impaired best friends have become the youngest in SA to undergo white cane training. Time now for a hit of the weather, over to you Stevie. Thank you very much. We are waking up on the BayouVermillion. The clay in it used to make it very red. Nowadays it is kind of brown. This whole city was called Vermillion for about 60 years until they changed the now. Now it is the home of ca jan culture. I am going to lay some on you from the dictionary on you after we have a look at the weather.

If you would like to speak like a Cajun you can speak it right here in the dictionary, like : I the one like to fly on those big or row plane. And axe him if she want some more gum bow. And bad, which you think is the difference of good. -- opposite of good, but it is actually bed. I am tired I have to go to bad. Still to come Rachael Taylor and Tony Danza right here in the studio.But next, Ross Greenwood on the beat in Harlem - wassup Ross!! This program is not captioned.

wassup Ross!!
Welcome back to the Today Show. Usually - music please - there you go. Are you feeling it at home? Usually our finance editor Ross Greenwood brokes down complicated economic issues but while here in New York he has been breaking down the beat on a hip hop tour of Harlem. Come on!!

Harlem. Come on!!
Welcome back to the tour, ladies and gentlemen, the original and only hip hop sight seeing tour on the planet. How about you, sir, what is hip hopWith our fearless leader on deck it was time to work out the MCs from the Drakeers and the DJs from the others.No idea!! Grand Master has the moves and the tunes.Seems like yesterday we had to have the show. So far from hanging on the block for doe, notorious we got to know.Now it was time for the true hip hop test in Spanish Harlem. SONG:# Dent push me because I am close to the edge... #We have the resident expert, he is called Mighty Mouse. Who wants to learn some moves!!It's tricky, tricky, tricky. # It's tricky to rock around right on time # It's tricky # Tricky # Do it on your own # We just leave it alone # It's like that - ya!!You put lemon in your eye!!I feel so broke, it feels so bad, I got to tell you all I feel is shudder, shudder, shudder.I would say hold on to your day job. Very competitive out here.Them banks they cause all the woes in this world # You know when they got interest rates they just blow, blow, blow # It makes me want to shudder, shudder, shudder. #Ha ha!! Give it up!! That was gangsta.That is gangsta.Do you like that?Blue colour gan sta. What is your favourite wrap song?I am going to go with CDC, clickty clack, the money goes into the piggy bang. The rest of it I can't tell you.Did you get down and dirt where where a lot of the -- dirty where a lot of the hip hop dance happens?No, you mean like I could have.Do you want to do it here,A bit of a worm?That is a very good attempt.Was that really bad.I do feel very suddenly sorry for your wife. (LAUGHTER) You can see this whole body was naturally born to hip hop, can't you?Clearly. Particularly from this angel.There are a lot of people in this studio looking at me going," You are kidding!!".It is all happening here. The news is next. We are coming to you live from New York all this week. This program is not captioned. I served over 10 years with the Australian
and British Special Forces and now I'm going to show you one of the most life-threatening
things I've seen. If your doctor prescribed tablets
to lower your cholesterol, here's what could happen
if you stop taking them. See how plaque builds up
inside your arteries, until your blood
can hardly flow at all, and you could have
a hea