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London bombings: Egyptian police arrest bioch -

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London bombings: Egyptian police arrest biochemist

AM - Saturday, 16 July , 2005 08:08:28

Reporter: Kirsten Aiken

EDMOND ROY: The hunt for those behind last week's bomb attacks in London have led to arrests of
suspects in Egypt and Pakistan.

Pakistani police have detained four people during raids in Faisalabad after an investigation of
possible links between local militant groups and one of the British suicide bombers.

And police in Egypt say their investigations have resulted in the arrest of a biochemist suspected
of building the bombs.

Meanwhile the girlfriend of Australian man, Sam Ly, who died as a result of the injuries he
sustained from the bus bomb, has been speaking to the media in London.

Kirsten Aiken reports.

KIRSTEN AIKEN: Sam Ly was 28-years-old. His girlfriend, Mandy Ha, says he was a devoted son, loving
partner, and fun-loving friend.

On the morning of the bombings, Mr Ly called his office to say he'd been forced to change his
normal route to work.

MANDY HA: He contacted his employers that morning to advise them that the tube had been evacuated
and that he was en route on the bus, well, supposedly heading for a bus route, to get to work.

At this stage we can't confirm whether or not he was on Bus Number 30 or whether he was merely
passing by.

KIRSTEN AIKEN: Mr Ly suffered serious injuries to his shoulders, arms, and legs. But it was a
severe head injury that prevented him from regaining consciousness.

Police have named 18-year-old Hasib Hussain as the man they believe planted the bomb which killed
Mr Ly and 14 others who were on or near Bus Number 30.

Hussain was seen joking with the other three suspected bombers at Kings Cross station 20 minutes
before the train explosions.

Police don't know what he did between 8.30 on that Thursday morning and 9.47 - the time of the bus
explosion, and have appealed to the public for information.

As the investigation into the suspected bomber's movements continues, police have made great
strides in the hunt for their accomplices.

Egyptian officials have arrested a biochemistry student who'd been living in Leeds and has
connections to the four suspects.

Magdy el-Nashar has not been named as a suspect, but Britain's top police officer, Sir Ian Blair,
says he will seek the man's extradition if necessary.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Council of Britain has acknowledged the community has a responsibility to
tackle fanaticism to ensure atrocities such as the London bombings aren't repeated.

Sam Ly's girlfriend, Mandy Ha, does not want to talk about the suspected bombers or what motivated
them. Instead, she's reflecting on when she last spent time with Mr Ly, the Monday before the

MANDY HA: He had to take me up to Norridge, where I was completing a contract. And the sweet guy
that he was, he always wanted to make sure that I got there safely, so he accompanied me up there,
and last time I saw him he was in a taxi and I waved him goodbye.

KIRSTEN AIKEN: Mandy Ha has now requested privacy so that she can be allowed to grieve her loss.

This is Kirsten Aiken in London, for Saturday AM.