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Fundamentals: Electromagnetic radiations -

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(generated from captions) from The New Inventors, You might know Bernie Hobbs

from her weekly radio spots science websites. or indeed her award-winning wherever Bernie pops up But one thing's for sure, in the fundamentals of science. she loves find the fun of a new series for Catalyst, So in this first segment as she dips into the world Bernie makes waves

of electromagnetic radiation. got one thing in common with me - All of these things have that travels at the speed of light. we're all giving off energy Exploding stars and atomic blasts burn you to a crisp. give of gamma radiation that'll and sound. Radio waves that send pictures cook your dinner. And microwave radiation that can cos I'm so hot. And I'm giving off infrared radiation SIZZLING SOUND It's called - they're waves of energy And it just means zipping around at the speed of light. all the different types of radiation The only difference between At the top of the scale - is how much energy they've got. And radio, with the lowest energy. the energy moving around in waves, But even though we talk about in smooth streams. it's not zipping around called photons. It's in tiny little lumps it's the way the photons move In fact, in the first place. that creates the wave Photons do two things - move forward at the speed of light they jump up and down and they

together you get a wave. and if you put those two things got lots of energy Photons of gamma radiation have really quickly. so they jump up and down at all Radio photons haven't got much energy really slowly. so they jump up and down

at the same speed, But because they're all travelling the speed of light, together or more spread out the waves they create look closer the photons have got. depending on how much energy

And that, my friends, atomic radiation, X-rays, is the only difference between radio waves, visible light - and the shape of their skid marks. their energy