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Black Saturday heroes honoured -

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PETER CAVE: A long list of Australians are being honoured today for putting the lives of other
people before their own.

Among the recipients of the Australian Bravery Awards are 33 people who helped others during the
Black Saturday bushfires which killed 173 people in February 2009.

Simon Lauder spoke to one of the Black Saturday heroes for this report.

SIMON LAUDER: Along with his dad and his younger brother, 29-year-old Shaun Morgan helped save 14
people on the day fire tore through Kinglake.

SHAUN MORGAN: It is not something that you want an award for but this award is not just for me, it
is for everyone in Kinglake, it's for everyone that lost their lives and everyone that risked their
lives to save others.

SIMON LAUDER: The flames came with no warning, and along with many others, Shaun and his family
tried all too late to get off the mountain.

SHAUN MORGAN: We got as far as Kinglake West and we were blocked by the gas exploding cars and a
fireball across the road and we had a few cars behind us so we were in a bit of a convoy and I
guess we all had to do u-turns and we were the last one to do a u-turn.

SIMON LAUDER: The Morgan's helped a man with severe burns into their car, along with his dog. They
also came across a four car accident caused by a fallen tree.

SHAUN MORGAN: We noticed there were more people down in a small ditch so me and my younger brother
jumped out and got them in the car.

SIMON LAUDER: They ended up with nine people and four dogs in the car. They drove to a nearby
church where they took water from a tank, to treat the injured.

How did you get the water?

SHAUN MORGAN: The only thing we had was hub caps mate and the bus hub caps on the car. We were at
the church for probably three hours mate and we watched it burn in front of our eyes within

SIMON LAUDER: After the church burnt down, a man turned up in a four wheel drive and directed them
to a safe house.

SHAUN MORGAN: There was a bloke driving with his elbows because his hands were burnt and he said
there was a safe house a couple of Ks up the road that he knew of so we decided to make a break for

SIMON LAUDER: And then I understand you helped more people by directing them to that house, is that

SHAUN MORGAN: Well, we dropped them off at the safe house and that's when me and my dad decided to
go back to see if we could help anybody else and ended up dragging another five people out.

SIMON LAUDER: Does this bravery medal I guess give you a chance to look back on this in a positive
light to some extent?

SHAUN MORGAN: I guess so, yeah, I suppose but it is not really something you sort of want to jump
around with joy for, you know what I mean. Still it is very, very humble receiving an award, mate
but I have to say a lot of other people up there risked their lives.

SIMON LAUDER: Shaun Morgan says none of it would have been possible without his brother, Daniel,
who put a new battery in the car on the morning of Black Saturday.

PETER CAVE: Simon Lauder reporting.