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Missing teenager's parents hopeful after huma -

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PETER CAVE: The parents of missing teenager Daniel Morcombe say they have fresh hope this morning
after human bones were discovered at a search site on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

After years of waiting, there've been three major discoveries in the swampy bushland in the past
five days including what may be Daniel's shoes.

Police are cautioning the discoveries might not be linked to the investigation but the Morcombe's
lawyers say they're the most significant to date.

Stephanie Smail reports.

STEPHANIE SMAIL: Ever since their 13-year-old son disappeared Bruce and Denise Morcombe have
focused their energy on one thing.

BRUCE MORCOMBE: Our priority as parents of Daniel is to find Daniel and that's what we are driven
to do.

STEPHANIE SMAIL: More than 100 police and SES volunteers have been scouring the muddy primary
search site which is smaller than a tennis court.

A shoe was uncovered on Wednesday and a second on Saturday - police say they're a matching pair.

The Morcombe's lawyer Peter Boyce has spoken to the couple since human bones were found on the site
yesterday and says they're feeling positive about the fresh clues.

PETER BOYCE: All of it is part of putting together the puzzle and it's another step in that process
of a) finding out what happened to Daniel and b) hopefully getting some way for them to be able to
say a proper goodbye.

STEPHANIE SMAIL: Police are cautioning the bones and shoes may not be related to the investigation.

Peter Boyce says the Morcombe's are hopeful, but they've been disappointed by false leads in the

PETER BOYCE: Don't forget that they've had prior occasions where people have suggested you'll find
a red shirt here or a red something there and all of that has led to nothing. So given that there's
such intense concentration of effort in this area but there are shoes now which are said to be
matching and then human bones. That by far outweighs any of the other information that they've ever
been given.

STEPHANIE SMAIL: The Morcombes have been in Melbourne with family for the past few days.

Peter Boyce says they're now trying to get back to Queensland as soon as possible. He says they're
resilient, but it's an awful situation.

PETER BOYCE: Every time you get new information as much as people get excited about the fact
there's some new information, new find et cetera it still you know, it all comes back to well, that
probably was my son. That's good and bad isn't it in the sense that you'd want to find out what
happened to him but it's a bit of a stark reality when you have to face up to what it is.

STEPHANIE SMAIL: The bones and shoes will undergo a range of scientific tests but it could be weeks
before the results are known.

Peter Boyce is hoping authorities will accelerate the testing process for Bruce and Denise
Morcombe's sake.

PETER BOYCE: They've been waiting such a long time and now in a week three major finds of
significance have been taken by police from the site so the sooner they find out the answer as to
whether it is Daniel's DNA and whether DNA can be obtained from each of the samples the better for
them and they really need to know.

STEPHANIE SMAIL: Forty-two-year-old Brett Peter Cowan has been charged with Daniel Morcombe's
murder and is due to appear in court next month.

The search for the schoolboy's remains continues today.

PETER CAVE: Stephanie Smail reporting.