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Teenage girls give their view of the London r -

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A BBC interview with some teenage girls drinking looted rosé in Croydon has gone viral on the
internet. They explain the broadcasting of new targets via Blackberry messenger, describing the
rioting warmly as good fun.

TONY EASTLEY: Whatever prompted and fuelled the violence still puzzles authorities.

Two girls who took part in the riots in Croydon in London's southern outskirts, the scene of some
of the worst violence, spoke to the BBC about their reasons.

GIRL: Everyone was just gone on a riot, just going mad - like, chucking things, chucking bottles...

GIRL: Breaking into stuff, breaking into shops...

GIRL: It was good though.

GIRL: It was madness. (Laughs)

GIRL: Yeah, it was good though.

GIRL: It was good fun?

GIRL: Yeah. Of course it is.

LEANA HOSEA: So you're drinking a bottle of rose wine...

GIRL: At half nine in the morning!

GIRLS: Yeah, free alcohol. (Laughs)

LEANA HOSEA: Have you been drinking all night?

GIRLS: (In unison) Yeah.

LEANA HOSEA: Bit of a celebration?

GIRL: Yeah, got a couple of free things. (Laughs)

LEANA HOSEA: How old are you girls?

GIRL: Seventeen.

GIRL: Well, nearly 18.

LEANA HOSEA: Do you go to school or college?

GIRLS: (In unison) No, work.

GIRL: I didn't nick nothing, though.

GIRL: (Inaudible)

(All laugh)

GIRL: Like, it's the government's fault.

GIRL: I know...

GIRL: I dunno...

GIRL: Conservatives!

GIRL: Yeah, whatever who it is - I dunno.

GIRL: It's not even a riot - it's showing the people we can do what we want.

GIRL: Yeah, that's what it's all about - showing the police we can do what we want, and now we

LEANA HOSEA: So do you reckon it will go on tonight?

GIRL: Yeah hopefully, hopefully.

GIRL: Definitely.

GIRL: It's moved all around - hopefully...

GIRL: Yeah, hopefully, I want a few more things!

GIRL: Innit?

(Girls laugh - inaudible comments)

LEANA HOSEA: So you think Croydon or you think other places?

GIRL: Oh, everywhere got it.

GIRL: A mixture...

GIRL: Everywhere got it - Colliers Woods...

GIRL: ....London, Sutton.

GIRL: Everywhere got it.

GIRL: It went up north as well, to Birmingham.

LEANA HOSEA: But how do you know where to go next, you know?

GIRL: You'll just Blackberry broadcast.

LEANA HOSEA: But these are like local people. I mean, why is it targeting local people and your own

GIRL: Because it's the rich people.

GIRL: It's the rich people, the people that have got businesses and that's why all of this has
happened, because of the rich people.

So we're just showing the rich people we can do what we want.

TONY EASTLEY: Some teenagers involved in the riots in Croydon, speaking to the BBC.