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Ealing business owner describes mass lawlessn -

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An Ealing restaurant owner says his business was completely decimated by a gang of 200 youths, who
terrorised staff and then systematically destroyed cars and property in the street.

TONY EASTLEY: As we heard, there are small businesses across London which had their premises
attacked and in many cases destroyed by the gangs.

This unidentified restaurant owner in Ealing was one victim.

RESTAURANT OWNER: We were in a ridiculous situation last night where we had a gang of about 200
people attack one of our restaurants in Ealing.

We have a number of Thai staff there - young girls - absolutely terrified.

They've smashed the windows; they kicked in the doors, they trashed the whole restaurant; they took
the chairs out; they wrecked all the cars outside; they took the till; they took all the alcohol
that was on the shelves - and then they ran up and down the street scraping the cars, throwing
things through the windscreens.

It was lawlessness in a way that I've never seen, and I've lived in London for over 40 years.

Extraordinary behaviour.

TONY EASTLEY: One of the many London traders whose property was damaged by the riots speaking to
the BBC.