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Bolt sets news 100mt sprint record -

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Bolt sets news 100mt sprint record

Broadcast: 17/08/2009

Reporter: John Stewart

The Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt has set a new record for the men's 100 metre sprint at the World
Championships in Athletics, in Berlin. Bolt was never challenged as he took more than a 10th of a
second off his previous world record.


TONY JONES, PRESENTER: The Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt has set a new record for the men's 100m
sprint at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin.

Bolt was never challenged, as he took more than a tenth of a second off his previous world record.
The record now stands at 9.58 seconds and sport scientists are asking just how much faster humans
can run.

John Stewart reports.

JOHN STEWART, REPORTER: Always the showman, the Jamaican superstar wound up the crowd for the start
of the 100m final.

USAIN BOLT, GOLD MEDALLIST: I'm ready, are you ready? Let's go.

JOHN STEWART: It was a world-class field with American Tyson Gay, expected to challenge Usain Bolt.

RACE COMMENTATOR: Tyson Gay right alongside Usain Bolt, but here he goes, streaking away already,
it's Usain Bolt all the way looking at Tyson Gay, it's gold for Usain Bolt, and again, he's done it

JOHN STEWART: The new world record of 9.58 seconds was well below Bolt's previous record of 9.69,
set at the Beijing Olympics a year ago.

This time Bolt ran hard all the way to the finish line, at the Olympic Games in Beijing he was
criticised for celebrating before the race was over.

USAIN BOLT: I was ready. I was feeling good after the semi-finals, I was feeling good, I knew it
would be a great race. I came just out there and executed.

JOHN STEWART: The American track star Tyson Gay finished second in 9.71, the third fastest time in
history. But there was daylight between him and Bolt.

TYSON GAY, US SPRINTER: I'm really happy that Usain Bolt broke the record, I know that may sound
strange, but I knew it was humanly possible for someone to run that past. Unfortunately it wasn't

USAIN BOLT: I'm just happy I won, that's the main aim for me. I think 9.5 is definitely a big
thing, so I'm proud of myself because I'm the first man to really have done that.

JOHN STEWART: When asked if he can run faster, the 22-year-old Jamaican world champion had this to

USAIN BOLT: For me, I always say anything is possible.

JOHN STEWART: Usain Bolt's top speed is about 44km/h. Sports scientists say humans may not be able
to run much faster and future world 100m records may soon be measured in tiny increments.

NICK BROWN, AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF SPORT: I think there'll be a little bit of flattening out and
the dramatic 11-hundredths of a second gain we saw last night, or even from Beijing where we saw a
dramatic decrease in the world record. I think that will probably be a bit slower over time,
although interestingly his coach did predict in a press conference after Beijing that he could have
run 9.52.

John Stewart, Lateline.