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Westerners allegedly targeted in Jakarta bomb -

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Westerners allegedly targeted in Jakarta bombing

Broadcast: 20/07/2009

Reporter: Geoff Thompson

There's growing evidence western business executives were targeted in last week's hotel bombings in
Jakarta, Indonesia. The country's police today released pictures of a Marriot hotel room used by
the bombers as a control centre.


TONY JONES, PRESENTER: There's growing evidence that Western business executives were targeted in
last week's Jakarta hotel bombings.

Indonesian police have today released pictures of the room in the Marriott Hotel used by the
bombers as a control centre. They've also discovered an unexploded device the size and shape of a
laptop, lined with bolts similar to bombs believed to have been used in the hotel attacks.

From Jakarta, our Indonesia correspondent Geoff Thompson reports.

GEOFF THOMPSON, REPORTER: The remains of two Australians finally leave Jakarta's police morgue, a
building they have shared for days with the suicide bomber who killed them. There is growing
evidence that he deliberately targeted a weekly business breakfast meeting attended by Australians
Craig Senger, Garth McEvoy and Nathan Verity.

The JW Marriott's CCTV footage suggests he had no other target in mind.

Noke Kiroyan survived the attack with a bruised eye and a ruptured eardrum.

NOKE KIROYAN, BOMB SURVIVOR: He must be heading straight to the lounge. He had no other objective
but to get to the lounge.

GEOFF THOMPSON: Where you were?

NOKE KIROYAN: Where we were, we were the only group sitting there.

ROSS TAYLOR, AUSTRALIA INDONESIA BUSINESS COUNCIL: That it was a regular breakfast function does
seem to indicate that that was the intention.

GEOFF THOMPSON: Bomb materials recovered from the Marriott Hotel and a house linked to Noordin
Mohammed Top suggest they were the same devices as used in all major attacks in Indonesia since
2003. But this second attack on the Marriott reveals a new level of planning and sophistication.

After the blast at the JW Marriott, hotel staff report seeing another man wheeling a suitcase and
carrying a backpack disappearing into the underground tunnel which runs beneath this road and up
into the Ritz Carlton, bypassing normal security.

And this may have been exactly the type of bomb he was carrying. This laptop-sized device packed
with bolts was found unexploded in room 1808 of the Marriott Hotel.

Nur Sahid, alias Nur Hazby, is suspected of being the Marriott suicide bomber.

But Indonesian anti-terrorism sources believe the ground coordinator was a man named 'Tedi', also
known as 'Reno' or 'Agi'. He's got Australian blood on his hands already. He's been described as
the star pupil of JI's master bombmaker Azahari Husin. Together, they built the bombs which killed
four Australians in Bali in 2005.

Even when Azahari was cornered and killed in a violent police raid later that year, 'Tedi' was with
him, but somehow escaped.

'Tedi' then took his bomb-making manual to Sumatra and trained a new chapter of killers known as
the Pulambang group which planned to target Western backpackers.

If Indonesian police are right, 'Tedi' is the architect of the suicide attacks which have now cost
another three Australian lives.