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China 'regains control' of Urumqi -

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China 'regains control' of Urumqi

Broadcast: 09/07/2009

Reporter: Tom Iggulden

China says it is back in control of riot-torn Urumqi in the country's west. Thousands of
paramilitary troops are patrolling the street to prevent further clashes between the rival Muslim
Uighurs and Han Chinese. But tensions remain high in the ethnically divided city.


LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Chinese authorities say they are back in control of riot-torn Urumqi.
Thousands of paramilitary are now patrolling the streets to prevent further clashes between the
rival Muslim Uyghurs and Han Chinese. But tensions remain high in the ethnically divided city.

Tom Iggulden reports from Urumqi.

TIM IGGULDEN, REPORTER: China's paramilitary takeover of Urumqi is complete. Troops have sealed off
the Muslim Uyghur area but tensions in the city are still at boiling point.

This Uyghur man was viciously beaten by a mob of Han Chinese, he was able to stagger to his feet
and was led away by a policemen. The crowd also turned on the camera crew, angry with what they say
is biased foreign coverage of the unrest.

In this Uyghur district locals claim Han Chinese mobs stormed the neighbourhood and attacked them.
They are protecting themselves with anything they can lay their hands on including rocks and axes.

TRANSLATION: They came to kill people. I was wounded. They came to our neighbourhood looking for
Uyghurs. They hit and chopped.

TIM IGGULDEN: At this Han-owned car dealership they're cleaning up after being firebombed. It's
located in a Uyghur part of town and the dealership's manager is suspicious of his neighbours.

TRANSLATION: I can't believe there are bastards like this in our country. I can't describe my

TIM IGGULDEN: In the Uyghur neighbourhood behind the dealership life is also returning slowly to
normal. This woman's son and two friends were arrested.

TRANSLATION: I don't know where my husband is. Many people are missing here and no one knows where
they are.

TIM IGGULDEN: The future looks bleak for those convicted of murder during the riots, authorities
warning they'll be executed.

With thousands of troops still on the streets both sides are talking peace, for now. When the
soldiers return to the barracks, unless the Chinese Government can do something about the
underlying tensions here, more violence seems to be a question of time.