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Thousands in isolation after flu hits cruise -

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TONY JONES, PRESENTER: Thousands of Australians are in voluntary isolation tonight after swine flu
hit their Pacific cruise ship.

Nine people from the Pacific Dawn have now tested positive. Two children on the superliner were
initially diagnosed with a new strain of H1N1. Another 130 passengers who were regarded as being at
risk have been allowed to travel interstate from Sydney, including 36 passengers who've now gone to

DANIEL ANDREWS, VICTORIAN HEALTH MINISTER: The exact circumstances that led to those 36 individuals
despite being quarantined in Sydney, travelling to Melbourne, in effect in breach of a quarantine -
through no fault of their own, can I add? We are still getting to the bottom of that.

TONY JONES: Meanwhile, NSW health authorities have defended their initial assessment of the two
young passengers.

KERRY CHANT, CHIEF HEALTH OFFICER: The interesting thing here is that the cases that we think were
the first cases on board the ship didn't have any evidence of overseas travel to affected

TONY JONES: This evening, the number of confirmed Australian swine flu cases has jumped from 17 to
more than 40. However, all the local cases have been mild.