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Pakistan curfew lifted to allow civilian exit -

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LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: The Pakistan Government has temporarily lifted a curfew in the Swat Valley
to allow civilians trapped by fighting between the army and the Taliban to leave the area. More
than 800,000 people have already fled, many with distressing tales of being caught in the

MOHSIN KHAN, DISPLACED PERSON (voiceover translation): The Taliban would come to our village. They
would come to the mosque and forcibly demand, "Give us donations or give us a boy."

FAZAL ALI, DISPLACED PERSON (voiceover translation): On the morning of 5 May, we were having
breakfast when suddenly a mortar shell fell on the neighbour's house. Three women were cut in half.
Immediately, we ran from there with just the clothes of our backs and came here.

LEIGH SALES: With refugee camps already full to overflowing and the region suffering a heatwave,
the army's joined international aid organisations in a massive relief effort to provide food and
shelter to the displaced.