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The shadow cabinet blues -

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(generated from captions) confront it. Steven Smith, we

are out of time, thanks are out of time, thanks for

talking to us. Thank Um A

change in the flavour change in the flavour with John Clarke and Bryan Dawe. And

their look at the shadow bet

Blues. Yes. Mr Turnbull, I'm

hear for the interview. Just a

minute Bryan, Dave, you

misunderstood me, I don't need

a adequate. I have a Cabinet

I'm looking for something to

put in it. We have a bench at

the front and at the back, the front and at the back, I'm

looking for things to put on

the benches. You are a Cabinet

maker are are, that's not it

says, I'm reading from our web

site it says Dave cabinets for

all your Cabinet need, that's

misrepresentation, Dave. I used

to be a lawyer, we could

probably have a swing at you. I

don't want someone to take it

off my bloody hand, I want it

to work properly, thanks for

your help. You still got a

Cabinet problem. They are

hopeless these people Didn't

you say you had someone in

every position. We did, it was going well What happened. Someone left the

window open. Excuse me, yes,

gets are us, do you do stuff

that goes in cabinets. I

wanted to ask a question. We

have two bemps, one at the

front one at the back, we are

looking for things on the bemps Financial package, stimulus. Partedon. A

decorator. That's what Bryan

said. Could you talk to

them It's a decorating problem.

Yeah. What is. Costello's house

of design. God. Where are

they? We don't want them,

they'll never turn up. Where.

Where are they They are in

receivership. They'll never

finish the job. Why are you

opposing the Government's stimulus package. They are

spenged $42 billion on projects

producing inept export income

zero ever. This isn't a country

where the savings pool is se

questered in the domistic

housing market. It's a crisis,

not a photo opportunity, what

the country does for a living

is trade. Excuse me. Shadow

cabinets that's me, no, cabinets that's me, no, I'm

looking for a new one, I

realise that may be cheaper, I

had a second hand one, it

broke. How will you get money

into the private sector without building infrastructure. Electronic

transfer, Bryan. We have the

shadows, I have shadows running

outed my ears, the question is

how to meet the shadows in the

company. How do you do that. What did he

say. Sorry. I've lost him. He

said blackmail or liquid

nails I'd try both. Neither of