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Hillary Clinton expected to become Secretary -

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Hillary Clinton expected to become Secretary of State

Broadcast: 02/12/2008


LEIGH SALES: In a few hours, US president-elect Barack Obama will announce the national security
team for his new administration.

Unnamed members of the transition team are reported as saying that one-time Obama rival, Hillary
Clinton, will be named as secretary of state.

Current Secretary of Defence Robert Gates will be asked to stay on for at least a year and retired
marine, General James M Jones will be appointed national security adviser.

CLAIR MCCASKILL, DEMOCRATIC SENATOR: And what these picks say about Barack Obama is that the kind
of change that he is embracing is that you don't just pick the people who were on your side during
a campaign, you pick the best you can find. That is an important change for Washington.

LEIGH SALES: There had been concern that Bill Clinton's business deals and charity work would
hinder Hillary Clinton's appointment. But the former president has agreed to a series of measures
designed to increase transparency of his activities.