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Garrett cuts music academys funding -

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(generated from captions) increased. They usually demand

a ransom in return for the

ships and crew. Australia's classical musicians is trying

to understand why the Federal

Government is shifting frang

for elite training from an

Independent school to the

University of Melbourne. Arts

Minister Peter Garrett says the

Melbourne academy of music

wasn't official or effective to

receive $2.5 million annual

Budget. The students at the

heart of the imbroglio are

unhappy that no-one can tell

them how many snunts will be

admitted to the Institute of

Musical Performance, or where

the campus will be. Rafael

Epstein reports. Another

lunchtime concert at the

National Academy. There are no

degrees, no subjects, lots of

one on one tuition and lots of

performances. But after two

Independent reviews the school

will close. Its funding will

go to a new institution part of

the University of

Melbourne. This is great day

for music students generally. A

former singer attracted a

probium from all sorts of

musicians. He says the new

institution. I want to make

sure to present an elite

centre. It's thrown a lot of

people's plans up into the air,

definitely, yes. Some of our

plans have been destroyed

because of this. The students

say the academy or ANAM is the stepping stone between

University and the profession,

the closest they can get to a

musician's workplace. We are

not saying what ANAM does is

better than a university, it's

different. I'll leave the

country, there's nothing here

other than ANAM that interests

me. What's wrong with doing

something at Melbourne

uni. Where should I begin. Richard Tognetti has

been talking long and loud,

including at the end of his concerts determined to preserve

elite musical training in its

current form. Let's home within

the structure of this Super

Nova university, Melbourne

University, this elite training

school for musicians will be

cocooned and protected rather

than swallowed up and digested

by the bodily fluids of a large

body of a university. The man

that made Australia's Chamber

orchestra one of the best says

the nation's orchestras will be watching. If the training

isn't given to those students,

there won't be students

attending the place of the

level that will be required to

feed into groups such as the

Australian chamber orchestra,

the Melbourne Symphony

Orchestra, and Sydney symphony

orchestra. It's a strange

decision, it's like making the snoou Institute of Sport part

of a sports club. The

Opposition is asking questions

about the links between the

Prime Minister and the head of Melbourne University, Glyn

Davies that ran the 2020

Summit Bad flut makes me want to explore the connection

between Melbourne University

and the Minister's

office. There wasn't comfort on

the details like how many

students. We'll sort through

those numbers when we see what

the numbers are. Nor where the

new campus will be. That'll be

a decision in terms of location

that will be determined, so a

specific location hasn't been

identified yet. The

Government's final verdict

comes down to the way it's un

run. The board offered to

resign, the Government was

determined. It's just that

no-one hear believes the unique

culture of the school can be

transplanted into the hart of a