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Xue to stand trial over wife's murder -

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Xue to stand trial over wife's murder

Broadcast: 04/09/2008

Reporter: Kerrie Ritchie

After abandoning his child at a Melbourne train station and fleeing to the United States, Michael
Xue will stand trial for the murder of his wife in Auckland last year.


LEIGH SALES: A New Zealand court has ordered Michael Xue to stand trial for the murder of his wife.

Anan Liu's body was discovered outside their Auckland home last year, several days after her
three-year-old daughter was found wandering alone at a Melbourne railway station.

KERRIE RITCHIE: Michael Xue smiled as he took his seat in court, but later he cried as the
pathologist who carried out the post-mortem spoke about Anan Liu's body. She was lying in the boot
of a car, naked, except for white gloves and a neck tie wrapped around her throat.

DR TIMOTHY KOELMEYER, PATHOLOGIST: At the time of the examination the neck tie was quite loose
around the neck, a quantity of head hair was trapped between the ligature and the skin.

KERRIE RITCHIE: Michael Xue had an interpreter for the two-day hearing. When he was asked how he
wanted to plead, he answered in careful English.

MICHAEL XUE, DEFENDANT: I am not guilty. I am innocent.

KERRIE RITCHIE: A woman, who worked in the same building as Michael Xue, told the court he carried
an axe in his car. She says he told her he bought the axe because he was angry Anan Liu had left

She recalled him saying his wife was lucky he hadn't been able to find her when she fled to
Wellington. And he went on to state: maybe it was God's will that she shouldn't die, that they
should be together and she should stay alive.

KERRIE RITCHIE: The witness became angry when she was questioned about the nature of her
relationship with the accused. She denied ever telling Xue she loved him, and said the suggestion
was laughable. The woman accused Michael Xue of making outrageous suggestions to punish her for
giving evidence against him.

Xue will reappear in court next month, where a date for his trial will be set.

Kerrie Ritchie, Lateline.