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Peter Wilkins with an Olympic update -

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Peter Wilkins with an Olympic update

Broadcast: 21/08/2008

Reporter: Peter Wilkins

Peter Wilkins discusses today's Olympic highlights, with Australia's women's waterpolo team winning
an epic battle with the Hungarians to clinch the bronze medal.


LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Australia's women's water polo team has won an epic battle with the
Hungarians to clinch the bronze medal.

To discuss this and the rest of the day's highlights I'm joined by Peter Wilkins.

So Wilko I think we won a gold in the water polo in 2000 and now another medal this time round.

PETER WILKINS, SPORTS REPORTER: Yeah fantastic performance and against Hungary this time. Some
people might remember the first match which was notable for the coach, Greg McFadden giving the
officials an almighty spray after it because he was unhappy with the officials.

And also, coincidentally the score was seven-all and that was the score between the Stingers and
Hungary this time, although the Stingers got away to a bad start. They were behind, or rather they
led two-nil and that was a terrific opening but then they were behind five-two against the
Hungarians so it was all looking a little bit dubious.

But then with just eight seconds to go Rebecca Rippon planted the equaliser. And now - penalty
shoot out after two periods of extra time. There's the goal, and here is the save from Emma Knox
which wins them the bronze medal and the coach, Greg McFadden, a spray last time and a dip this

So they win the bronze, with a terrific performance. The final score, well there were five misses
in the penalty shoot-out, but they did win 12-11 over Hungary. So a terrific performance. The
Netherlands took the gold medal in the women's water polo, beating the USA.

LEIGH SALES: And good news for Australia in the sailing as well.

PETER WILKINS: Yes the sailing's been one of the highlights for the nation this time around. In
Athens, just a total drought. Now they've won two gold and a silver and the silver today came in
the tornado class. Now going into this match race, the final race, the Australians needed to finish
a couple of places ahead of Spain to win the gold medal.

So it was really on. Testing conditions out there, but the Spanish nipped ahead and no matter how
hard the Australians tried, Darren Bundock and Glenn Ashby, they did manage to win - look at that,
that's incredible stuff out there.

Great Britain managed to take the event, but the Australians finished in fifth position, Spain
finished fourth to take the gold medal. And Australia a fantastic performance for silver. And
Darren Bundock, he won himself a medal back in 2000 as well. So two silver medals and the
Australians, as I said, two gold, one silver. Fantastic.

LEIGH SALES: Now the American swimming star Michael Phelps has been the undisputed star of the
Games. But I guess running a close second is Usain Bolt?

PETER WILKINS: Yes he's been in unbelievable form. He's really a, he's a fireworks show all on his
own in the main stadium. Won the 100, won the 200, although Jacques Rogge, the head of the IOC, was
a bit of a wet blanket overnight. He said he'd like him to stop "show-boating" and parading. But he
was in brilliant form and not to much show-boating last night in the 200. Broke the world record.
Absolutely terrific.

And tonight, Veronica Campbell-Brown made it the sprint double, this time and last time in the 200
and Jamaica making a clean sweep of the sprint. So a fantastic performance all round.

LEIGH SALES: And Wilko there's been a bit of a doping scandal?

PETER WILKINS: There has, yes, four horses have been outed for doping before the individual
show-jumping event in Hong Kong. Horses from Brazil, Germany, Ireland and Norway. Now apparently
for painkillers they sort of apply a paste to the horse's leg, which replicates the chemical...
it's a sort of chemical form of wrapping which is when the horse's legs are hit to bruise them, and
so when they're bruised they want to jump the jumps, of course, because if they hit them they'll be
in extreme pain.

So Brazil, Germany, Ireland and Norway, out and that's changed the medal configuration in the team
show jumping and will alter the course of the individual - which is on as we speak. So bit of a
scandal there.

And the equestrian is under a cloud because there were a couple of incidents in Athens as well too
at crucial moments, or at least one in the jumping event which cost the gold medal I think for

LEIGH SALES: And just briefly, a bit of drama in the 4 x 100 relay?

PETER WILKINS: Well in the first heat four nations dropped the baton, including the United States
in the 4 x 100 men's. Now this is schoolboy stuff. There was a little bit of moisture out there.
Tyson Gay - he was the last change runner for the United States - dropped the baton. And four other
teams - South Africa, Poland and Nigeria lost it in that. And in the second heat, Great Britain and
one other team.

So six teams dropped the baton. Australia doesn't have a team though, they didn't qualify one.
Perhaps they should have - they might have been in with a chance in the final.

LEIGH SALES: We should be out there Wilko, we could do better than that. Always a pleasure to have
you in, thanks very much.

PETER WILKINS: Good on you Leigh.