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Peter Lloyd faces new drugs charges -

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Peter Lloyd faces new drugs charges

Broadcast: 25/07/2008

Reporter: Greg Jennet

Singapore's narcotics bureau has laid three new drug charges against the ABC's South Asia
correspondent. Peter Lloyd made his second court appearance today since being arrested in Changi
Hospital last week.


VIRGINIA TRIOLI, PRESENTER: Singapore's narcotics bureau has laid three new drug charges against
the ABC's South Asia correspondent Peter Lloyd. The charges were revealed at Mr Lloyd's second
court experience since being arrested last week for possessing and trafficking the drug ice.

Greg Jennett reports from Singapore.

GREG JENNETT, REPORTER: A dignified silence was the intention; an unseemly crush, the reality. The
journalist in him came out for a moment when Peter Lloyd stopped to help a fallen cameraman before
getting through to the court with his sister, Cathy.

In a five minute hearing, three new charges were laid, one of drug consumption - which can lead to
10 years in jail - and two of having drug

utensils - they carry jail terms of up to three years.

The most serious charges of trafficking and possession of methamphetamines stand, but the
quantities allegedly involved have been significantly lowered, not that that reduces the potential
jail term of up to 20 years and 15 strokes of the cane.

The magistrate checked on Lloyd's bail conditions and was assured he would continue to stay with
Mohamed Mazlee, his friend who posted bail.

JOURNALIST: Is that a disappointing development?

GREG JENNETT: The case has been adjourned until next Friday.

Peter Lloyd has let it be known that he's well aware of all the attention his case is getting and
that he was well treated in detention. He's

also resigned to a prolonged time in limbo as the court decides whether he must go back there.

Greg Jennett, Lateline.