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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight an Australian arrested in Thailand for alledgedly inciting protest. First miners now an internet giant in the firing line. Log into learn, giant in the government's

an online revolution Canberra classrooms. An ugly farewell. The Socceroo struggle against New Zealand. Haussegger - An Australian ABC News. I'm Virginia man is facing a jail term in Thailand for alledgedly being part of last week's violent anti-Government arrested on the weekend. He Connor David Purcell was

was filmed addressing a crowd of Red Shirt protestors during military crackdown in Bangkok. More than 50 people died in the violence. dropped tear gas on a crowd died in the violence. They

that contained women, children, monks, journalists, reporters, businessmen. The 30-year-old was working in Thailand as a English in the years. It is already battling in the Australian army for 7

the world's biggest mining companies but now the Government has taken on the Goliath of the business. The communication minister has accused Google of the of privacy by electronic sweeps that collect data home internet use sweeps that collect data on

the stakes over the Government's filtering scheme. If you Google, and the word "Attack" it is top story. An and the word "Attack" it is a

minister ripping into a global think approach taken global giant an its CEO. I

Smith is creepy. That was just the beginning. This is greatest breach in history of probably the most single

privacy. While taking for its street view privacy. While taking photos

harvested other for its street view it Google harvested other information. accident but the Minister Google insists it is a does not buy it. The computer program that collects it was designed to collect So you dispute Google's claim it is inadvertent? Yes. The Coalition shares Labor's privacy argues the broadside pay back Labor's privacy concerns but

for the internet for Google's Opposition to

minister has been criticised the internet filter. The

by Google and with the Rudd Government nobody can expect some form of attack. The company issued a From Google is not the only one accused of spying. The parties are still arguing about Israel's use of forged passports and new the Opposition agents have done the same Opposition says Australian

thing raising the stakes in naive to think that Israelis the that has used forged the only country in the world

Australian passports for passports including security operations. What do? Yes. The Government seized on is a convention do not comment on operations. Today that contrary to Australia's and this is fundamentally national security interests. Julie denies ever claiming interests. Julie Bishop Australian agents have forged passports but it likely to become an undip mattic row. The Israeli likely to become an undip low

Government is playing down e pollution of one of from Australia saying only grow stronger. But bilateral relationship will

elsewhere in Jerusalem has been an angry Ben Knight reports. Australia is adamant the fake passport scandal has damaged its relationship with Israel. Stephen Smith says it needs to be rebuilt. Not a problem says Israel's defty Prime continue to be strong and Minister. I think we should

maybe we face the maybe even stronger because

same problems, we we face the same threats, the

same values in many same problems, we share the

ways. Israel says there is no prove it was behind the al-Mabhouh in his Dubai room four months ago but hardly matters any more. Israel has seen two diplomats expelled from two friendly countries who are convinced their the moss yad misused their intelligence service

passports carried in to Dubai murder. Mossad. Other Israelis international community has impressed. Much of the

become rip Horovitz is the editor of the become rip critical. David

'Jerusalem Post' newspaper. The sense in Israel has been instead of outrage the assassination this man there should have been international relief. I think it was a mistake Australia. What is Australia I think it was a mistake by trying to would prefer Mahmoud trying to say, that they

al-Mabhouh be alive innocent al-Mabhouh be alive murdering Yesterday was a rough day Americans, Israelis?

Israel. On the Yesterday was a rough day for

as the news of the Australian Israel. On the same morning

'Guardian' newspaper Israel of having offered to 'Guardian' newspaper accused

sell nuclear Africa's sell nuclear weapons to South 1975. The official named Africa's apartheid regime in that report was Israel's then Defence Minister who is now Israel's President and has strongly denied the His country continues watch its international take a beating. BP and the White House are both getting a public the worsening oil spill in a public tongue-lashing over

the Gulf of Mexico. With more oil washing up on beaches wetlands Federal authorities oil washing up on beaches and

disaster zone across three have declared a fishery

states. BP is promising to spend up to half full-page advertisements

a billion dollars on the clean-up. These are the images US dreading. Oiled America's Gulf of Mexico. BP chief Tony Heywood came to see it for himself. That see it for himself. That is the a at this points successful and I feel devastated by that, than a month of technical failures and the Obama add in station letting its letting its frustration show. The fact of is this is a BP mess a horrible mess. But the oil company to push it aside if it to push it aside if it cannot stop the leak and the US coats lot guard says that would not help. To would not help. To push BP would replace them The White House is under The White House is under fire and mounted its own public relations blitz A relations blitz A picture of the President phoning states were released, states were released, Cabinet secretaries were dispatcheded to White House briefing room reporters were asured everything that can be done is being done. This is an unprecedented anumber unprecedented anumber lust event. A desperate Governor wants Governor wants approval to let dredges let dredges build barrier island the oil back. Under 70 miles of our coast has been hit by oil, more than the sea shoreline of Mary land shoreline of Mary land and Delaware combined. Later Delaware combined. Later this week company will attempt kill which the oil head the oil head with mud. But there is no there is no guarantee saying there is a 60% to 70% chance it will work. A face court term accused of in affecting affecting a Queensland woman with HIV. Authorities Zimbabwean-born Godfrey Zaburoni was HIV positive when he arrived in 13 years ago. The 13 years ago. The circus performer appeared in court in Sydney today and has been extra dieted Coast. Health Coast. Health authorities believe he may have had unprotected sex with 11 other women in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The message to get out that is any woman anywhere is any woman anywhere in the country who has country who has had unprotected sex with this man should go and get themselves tested. Police say more charges could be laid other women come forward. We certainly will complaint in a complaint in a vigorous manner. manner. We have established a task force to deal with task force to deal with the complaints complaints if they are forthcoming. Godfrey Zaburoni has been has been charged with intentionally grievous bodily harm or transmitting transmitting a serious disease. Magistrate is still deciding whether whether a man wanted for questioning questioning over the murder of Perth millionaire Craig Puddy should be extra to Western Australia. 38-year-old Cameron Mansell was arrested in bushland near Townsville this morning. Townsville this morning. He had been on the run from police for more police for more than fortnight and was picked fortnight and was picked up after after a tip-off from the public. He was located at upper Paluma by members of the Queensland Police to Cameron Mansell about the murder of his former business partner on 3 May. It is partner on 3 May. It is the second time police second time police have arrested Mr Mansell over Craig Puddy's Craig Puddy's disappearance. As As Victoria's Bushfire Inquiry draws to a close embarrassing leak. It reveals the the inquiry's lawyers believe former chief police Christine Nixon misleading evidence about her whereabouts on Black Saturday. The headlines hardly be worse. According the the leaked documents the Royal let by Jack Rush QC will for the commissioners for the commissioners the find Christine Nixon deliberately misled inquiry by the reseal she went out the reseal she went out to dinner as disaster dinner as disaster unfolded. He does not represent the commission, he does not represent the commission's views, he does not Nixon was not talking Nixon was not talking today but in a statement but in a statement strongly ejected the accusations said she would strenuously defend herself. The ABC understand she understand she is considering legal action over Quite unfair. Quite unfair. Quite inappropriate. Defamatory in had said that outside of law. All parties rechted at the inquiry had access to the documents including the powerful Police Union which has relationship with the former mischief but denies having anything to do with the leak. There was even speculation the Victorian Government had something to gain deflecting attention bushfire policy. I argue that it is up to the Government to establish has not come from a Government party. This certainly not from my office tore this this should be investigation by the commission into those matters. The mission's lawyers are devastate bad the leaks which threaten the overshadow serious about the stay-or-go about the stay-or-go policy and turn more than and turn more than year's work into a sensational search for heads on a platter. Heads that will not be delivered be delivered if Jim Kennan SC can help it. The former barrister will represent Christine Nixon from here on. digital world digital world in classrooms. Be a portel lets students chat, blog and crit each other's work online but it has upset unions and parents who are who are worried about cyberbullying and workloads. Things changed since the changed since the Minister went to something that clearly students are very adept at. Some of the older people have a challenge to catch think. Students can think. Students can chat, do homework, replay lessons, create blogs, argue about each other's work, email teachers or foreign language by video link at any time and all without leaving the virtual realm. The students now have an audience with the an audience with the work they complete so rather than submitting it having it marked it back they are it back they are presenting to it the class. It is very unpressured. The site is being tiled in 8 schools and will soon be rolled out will soon be rolled out in all ever Canberra's flick technology is very apparent and I think it is critical for our for our education system the keep's about the change. But still battlelines are already forming over whether teachers will be expected to keep online after they have clocked off. clocked off. A lot of teachers want to embrace teachers want to embrace that because it means greater parental interest. If the idea this additional work I think the minister needs the review the prepercentwell because there are not there are not enough resources or hours in the day. The other flash points is cyberbullying. Parents say ended in tears. A lot of schools had to shut down the blogs because students had started using it to bully insists the portel will be closely monitored bullying will not be tolerated. Still to come tolerated. Still to come on ABC News, a ABC News, a gold medal for Australia at the Chelsea Flower Show S returning now the our top story about the Australian arrested in Thailand for alledgedly being part of last week's violent anti-Government protests. The ABC's foreign affairs editor Peter Cave is he spoke to Connor David Purcell at Purcell at the prison he is being held. He said well despite being fire. He as a as a liaison between the military and the Red Shirt protestors and that Bass only reason, he was the only one was prepared the run through the bullets to do so. was the only reason, he was run through the bullets to do so.and he has been convicted for over staying his passport. The next on emergency provisions aimed to break up the protest. He says he almost only be charged of breach pink the curfew and Australian officials say he could face a much more serious incite in unrest which could bring a

bring a 2-year jail term. Finance now. The Finance now. The local share market slumped today ongoing concerns about sovereign debt problems Europe. The Europe. The Australian dollar went backwards as Alan Kohler reports. yesterday down today. 2 steps forward certainly has returned to global markets. This is global markets. This is the Vix index t main indicator Vix index t main indicator of volatility in volatility in financial markets. It is markets. It is traded on the Chicago Board of Trade and is based on options against based on options against the S&P 500 index is New York. It spiked when Lehman Brothers went bust and now it has sparked again. There has been a rise a rise in European interest rates and the euro. What caused that was one or more Spanish banks were in trouble. European shares were not very hard hit apart if the Italian and Spanish markets and the geek market went up but as the wore on it got messer. Wall Street was up 1 upon 2% Street was up 1 upon 2% and by the time it not the Australia and Japan we are talking 3% but markets were down less. The Australian dollar had a shocker down if more than

shocker down if more than 83.3 US cents last night to 81.3 tonight. It is even down against the euro which is perverse. We only have a resources rent tax! It is not Greece everybody is worried about it is the banks. The sovereign default will cause a in the banking system and GFC Mark II. To here is my here is my first-ever pie chart and I chart and I know it has taken far too long. This shows bank exposures to Greece. Its exposures to Greece. Its debt is around $50 billion, 57% of which is owed to French and German banks German banks which explains why those countries were happy the bail Greece Either that or bailout their banks. Australia has joined other countries in other countries in an alliance to fight alliance to fight the abduction of abduction of children by their parents. More than 650 children their mother or father oovp year, many taken the foreign countries. Some of the demanding action the stop demanding action the stop it. They are symbols of grief, missing missing children. Every week three children three children are spirited in or out ever Australia, kidnapped by one of tear parents. This parents. This man's children were taken to America were taken to America five years ago. He has not years ago. He has not seen them them since. I want a relationship. The number of children abducted is rising by the year. This year it is the focus of International Missing Children's Day. It would be very few who would not have a matter involving a child who involving a child who has been abducted that is being considered in their electoral offices. The Government is encouraging parents who suspect their child could be taken to place airport watch list so airport watch list so they cannot leave the country but some never see it coming. I was stunned. I thought was stunned. I thought that ever was life. 81 countries have signed the signed the Hague convention against international against international child abduction enforcing it is another challenge. Lachlan's 6-year-old 6-year-old son Cameron has been unZimbabwe for I'm really here today to and beg the Australian ante on Zimbabwe to ante on Zimbabwe to enforce the the Hague convention as it stands. They are it. He wants action the symbols. A war of conservation of the koala. laws the marsupial has protection but the Federal Government is considering listing it as conservation dependent, a status which puts pressure on puts pressure on the states. The responsibilities need to be shared in need to be shared in terms of protecting koalas. My is the is that is the is that everybody will pull their weight G but conservation conservation depups say state governments have failed so far and this is so far and this is not solution. leaves the decision making in the hands of the the hands of the states and we all know have not been able to protect the koala in the last 20 years why would we think they could it are in could it are in the future. Surveys by the Koala Foundation independent Foundation independent kit as few as 40,000 koalas The Federal Government will make its decision later this year. Three more players year. Three more players have been cut from the Socceroo squad squad for the World Cup. The big emission was striker Scott McDonald but jade North and Nicky Carr were sidelined. The remaining 28 players take off for South Africa in the morning. And it seems they have a lot of seems they have a lot of work ahead of them after a lacklustre performance time. He did not know the time but for the time but for Scott McDonald this was his McDonald this was his final training run with the squad. Jade North and Nicky Carr were given the bitter lunchtime. I have a lot of respect the way those message. Despite 16 internationals McDonald This strike did not help his cause. COMMENTATOR: Really does not hit that does not hit that with conviction does he. I know he can score a way but the way we play. the way we play. He scores goals in playing football. Vince Grella was Grella was all smiles at training but hide at the MCG. New hide at the MCG. New Zealand was incensed by his first-half tackle. Tim first-half tackle. Tim Cahill made matters worse.. division pointed but a normal game we would have been up against 9. We can only give the compliments they behaved themselves, they were very professional, my players were not. The All Whites dominated much of Zealand has scored. The Kiwis, Chris Killen. After half-time Dario Vidicic fund a ricochet then space then the equalizer. COMMENTATOR: Dario Vidicic! Dario Dario Vidicic! Dario Vidicic! Ties it up at 1-all. The draw seemed inevitable but Brett Holman somehow produced a winner in the 94th minute. COMMENTATOR: It's. There Brett Holman has scored for for Australia! If he should play the World Cup play the World Cup in 3, 4 days I should get worried days I should get worried but we still have three weeks. The team takes for South Africa tomorrow. Serbia one of the teams in Australia's Australia's group at the World Cup has to prepare for the tournament. The Serbians are topping their qualifying group ahead of France. Planing in the World Cup for the first nation Serbia is anything but intimidated grouped with auction, grouped with auction, Ghana and Germany. TRANSLATION: We are going to South Africa wipeout everyone! And I hope we will we will succeed. Other players players are more measured in tyre predictions. We have a very good team, a very coach. Very good atmosphere in the team. England continued its winning build-up to build-up to the World Cup with a 3-1 victory over Mexico at Wembley. South Korea warmed up for South Africa with a 2-anymore win over Japan. women's them had take on Japan in the semis of the Asian Cup skillful Japanese skillful Japanese topped their group Korea 2-1. We have world class players in class players in our own right worried the Japanese match-up, we have pipped. Three wins and three losses. That was the Australian report card if day 2 at the French Luczak had misfortune to draw Roger Roger Federer in the first round and lost 6-4, 6- 1, 6-. The COMMENTATOR: very innovative stuff. Beginning obviously is always important coming back as a defending champion trying to get off to a good start. Former top 10 Alicia Molik was beaten by the fourth seed Jelena Jankovic 6-love, 6-love, 6-4. Samantha Stosur made Sophie Ferguson Sophie Ferguson while Carsten Ball won a An under-prepared Dokic. Lleyton Hewitt plays Frenchman Jeremy Chardy tonight. State of Origin gruelling but Game 1 tomorrow night may come down to too many handles the conditions best. Heavy rain is likely and the surface at Sydney's Olympic Stadium will be slippery. Rugby League's hot potato, nobody wants hot potato, nobody wants the favoritism tag for State of Origin. New South Wales will wear it but tie telling coach Craig Bellamy. It does not matter want to be the undoings and sometimes they themselves into it. He is yet the coach the Blues to but he senses this is but he senses this is the year. Oning the we noticed in the camp this was confidence. The Queensland them arrived in enemy territory looking cool, calm and confident. It is nice being the underdogs in the bookies mind but we realise on paper and on the on paper and on the flight it is not a struck match them all. After four consecutive series wins the Maroons will present New South Wales with a challenge even without the steadying influence steadying influence of Cameron Cameron submitted. Any players picked for from 1 to 17 will be competitive. They are picked in that position because they are the best at the time. There is no importance of the opening by the constituent that goes 1 up 1 up and the bleak weather is a factor. It will play out the 80 minute. The bulldog prop not playing Origin but he is on the move. home at the end of the home at the end of the season after signing a 4-year We had the make sure we the right thing by both the right thing by both clubs and myself. Another who might have been Michael Jennings continues to be a shining light of the Panthers returned to second on ladder with a 15-points win over the Bulldogs. Michael Gordon Michael Gordon scored 2 ties. A Melbourne nursery just won its fourth gold medal at the medal at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show London. Close to 160,00 people have already attended the famous London exhibition, among them ABC reporter Rachel Brown. Everything here comes with a here comes with a flourish. Organisers had feared the winter's harsh sun-starved London surprised everyone and spring brought the hottest day of the year so far. It has given the Australian entry an edge with its swim-up bar, outdoor lounge. The team outdoor lounge. The team was forced outlast year by forced outlast year by the Black Saturday bushfires but used the extra time to its advantage It was the best

thing it was postponed inform

a year. I have had another year the tweak things and keep I am proving so it has been worthwhile. The been worthwhile. The judges were impressed. An official says there is so much more useable space in useable space in the garden and they atribute Australian gore deny because ours ours are about functionality. Percent and love brothers and I'm going to look at the flowers. The Queen also inspected the blooms. A new Nepenthes hybrid was named after a comedian for his conservation work. Immortalised in plant form, doesn't get better than that. 160,000 pairs have traipsed through the gardens. They are the lucky ones. The show is a ones. The show is a sell-out but you can get a ticket still if you are prepared still if you are prepared the pay a scalper has never been ticket Unfortunately we do not have our gardener. Mark is still unwell.

A high will clear southern states and warm northerlies will showers to the west coast A cloud band across Queensland will cause rain there. rain in Sydney 18. Clear but windy in Brisbane. Wet in Melbourne. Overcast for Adelaide and Hobart. In local region heavy rain is forecast for Batemans Bay. Canberra almost Canberra almost identical to today. We will get more gentle rain throughout the day. Expect 14 a mild 7 a mild 7 overnight. After that we could get a day that we could get a day or two of sunshine diped to 2 degrees overnight and stay in the mid and stay in the mid teens during the day. That is the news. Before we go a brief recap of our top story. Australian man has been arrested in Bangkok. He is suspected of being involved in last week's silence And Poland faces its worst floods in decades. Enjoy floods in decades. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight.

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