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(generated from captions) CC Tonight Sydney lashed by damaging storms. Seven jailed in Britain over plans to bomb evacuated as police destroy London. Charnwood residents

explosives and a local club rugby cameo for a Brumbies star. Good evening, Craig Allen with ABC News. They were not as strong this time but they were severe to cause damage across Sydney, they disrupted ferries, Power supplies. One ferries, flight, traffic and

died in the wet. It is not over with warnings of more storms and the only bright spot storms and flash flooding,

Newcastle and the Central weekend of misery. Sydney Harbour became one giant ferry sent out on a test run cauldron this morning A Manly

to circular we Bob like a cork in a bath tub. morning runs were can selled, cork in a bath tub. All

a decision which delighted the crew.. Very bad, dangerous. At the Heads the the crew.. Very bad, very

win was so strong water falls defied gravity and as the sea swelled up to 11 metres it was too dangerous heritage tallship to enter the harbour. On land the wet proved case deadly proved treacherous and in one car crashed through rail and down a cliff of Sydney. Elsewhere rail and down a cliff north

floods caused traffic chaos. The city recorded 90 hours. We millimetres of rain in 24

millimetres of rain in hours. We have had over 350

in Sydney so far this which makes it the in Sydney so far this month

June since 1964. Winds of which makes it the wettest

to 90 km/h brought trees crashing down on to line. Electricity workers crashing down on to Power

to shave branches line. Electricity workers had

wires on main roads. We have to shave branches tangled in

a stack of work on until 10 Service volunteers have tonight. State Emergency been on active duty for Service volunteers have now

week. In Sydney's north alone been on active duty for a

there have been 1200 distress calls. Today mostly trees down across roads fallen on houses and trees threatening to fall. In the suburb Ives one family was lucky to to fall. In the suburb of St

escape. We just around it was down. Mother Nature looked Northern Beaches apartments were perched next to the sand. After today's storm only an stood between the homes and the ocean. It like this before. I will be okay though, we have another 20 feet to go but looking good. Others looked another 20 feet to go but not

on the bright side predicting storm would improve surfing conditions. By depositing swell direction that makes sandbanks then when you get

for good waves. Some were this afternoon the weather this morning. But

the wettest game of football ever. This is extraordinary! You can't see a thing. The Sydney club round of rugby was officially designated a who helped plan a dirty attack on London have been jailed years. The confessed members jailed for a total of 136

of an Al-Qaeda terror cell also admitted to a plot blow up a Tube train beneath also admitted to a plot to

the River Thames. This is 34-year-old British Al-Qaeda plot er dish dish sentenced to life in November he was the ring leader. Now 7 others have grainy photos captured on a for 15 and 26 years. These

mobile phone so one of the 7 being arrested. He was dragged from a gold and held by an armed dragged from a gold Mercedes

Fearing an and held by an armed officer. imminent police raided Fearing an attack was

series of garage of a family found all the evidence they needed. This group of terrorists can only properly be described as first division. They were some of the most dedicated, determined, well trained and dangerous people that had to deal with. The cells attack plan scheduled for 2004 was comprehensive according to the evidence.

This video was taken during a reconnaissance trip of New York in April 2001. As the camera moves over the twin towers a voice I'm tastes an explosion. The cell also intended pack vehicles with gas cannisters and blow series of British targets. gas cannisters and blow up a

Also detailed was attack to contaminate a city. Also detailed was dirty bomb

Commenting on the trial the British Government said it showed the very real of terrorism faced by the while the judge reminded of terrorism faced by the UK

7 men of the pain they had caused their families. That, however, said Justice Butterfield was but a tiny fraction of the suffering that would experienced had your been translated into experienced had your plans

The 7 planned to appeal. been translated into reality.

Australia has congratulated Indonesia on captureing the two top leaders of the regional terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah. police Jemaah Islamiah. Indonesian they had arrested they revealed the group's Jemaah Islamiah. A week ago

in custody. Despite the military Commander was also

say the group is still a captures terrorism experts

threat, a view shared by obviously supported by a Australia. The Indonesians

number of countries including Australia need to be vigilant in continuing to work this in continuing to work against Islamiah is alive and well. It is a cancer which needs be eliminated. Any progress in that direction is to be welcomed. But much more, much more done as more work still needs to be newly captured militants says done as well. One of the the group's former leader new concern thanks the Abu Bakar Bashir, prompting

cleric has escaped appropriate punishment appropriate punishment for his involvement in terrorism. Three terrorism. Three Australian soldiers on patrol in southern Iraq injured after injured after their truck rolled in a sandstorm. None of the injuries were serious. In southern Afghanistan In southern Afghanistan a suicide car bomb has killed Dutch soldier and six civilians which were in a convoy which included an Australian was not injured and generation lost and a national shame, some of responses into a responses into a report into child sex abuse in the question now is what question now is what happens next? It is next? It is an issue that has been talked about years but the extent of child abuse in Aboriginal communities has caught many by surprise. I think by surprise. I think every single Australian will be

horrified when they realise the depth of despair many communities find themselves in. A day after the in. A day after the report into the sexual abuse into Aboriginal children was released those who deal with the problem first hand are hoping something propertive will come out of it. will come out of it. Among them Charlie King whether has worked with abused worked with abused children for more than 30 years. I've seen the bodies of children and looked into their eyes and Steyn their eyes and Steyn the plea for help. We for help. We cannot fail children any more. The paint add disturbing picture of community life, of community life, of children as young as out sexual behaviour the rivers of alcohol flowing through through the communities. Aboriginal Mundine says all levels Government need to be involved in involved in finding a solution. Just look at the statistics of with child with child abuse and that and the children, we have just probably lost a generation. We are going to have to do mayor will job work in this area. He people themselves need to speak out against speak out against child sexual abuse.. there of responsibility on our side to resolve these to resolve these issues and we cannot use we cannot use the excuse of poverty because there are a lot of poor people in the world but they do not go around raping their children and doing things to northern territory Government will respond to the report August but the longer it takes the more children will be abused. I report sitting there gathering dust tomorrow gathering dust tomorrow next few years while we few years while we are inactive sitting at home safe in our beds, children cry out for help and there is none. The Federal Health Minister Tony be a yt unavailable for comment today. Australia's Rural Doctors Association report on the report on the chronic shortage ever GPs and specialists in the bush. The group says is group says is a scandal and the Government is ignoreing the extent of which has forced some country towns to take matters into their own hands. their own hands. Albury Wodonga wants doctors to come and taste the good life it has to offer T regional hub has raised nearly $1 has raised nearly $1 million for a for a major recruitment drive to counter a severe shortage of GPs and physicians. are inviting doctors on fully paid weekend visits but paid weekend visits but so far only three doctors in Australia have expressed interest. We interest. We are 92,000 people yet we are having yet we are having trouble attracting people. How do we get people to go to towns of 1500 to 2000 people and practitioners there so it is a desperate situation. This town is so desperate to keep its medical fall sill is the open it is offering a half million dollar bonus. It does not want to problem or support rural communities and doctors. The association accuses the Federal Government of Federal Government of burying a report it received six months ago which recommends an immediate up great of financial rural doctors. The Federal Government needs to take responsibility for this crisis, ignoreing

release them the public is not a sign of a Government the Government says sit has increased incentives and rebates for rural doctors leading to a 25 per leading to a 25 per cent increase in regional medical staff over staff over the past five years. officials desperately hope to fill their 12 GP vacancies and lure enough in the next few months. Resident from two streets in Charnwood have after police found a number of small explosive devices a home. Officers were to say well Place last after a letter box up. They charged a 26-year-old man with property damage. This morning damage. This morning they searched the man's house found 7 small which looked like which looked like pipe bombs. The bomb squad was called into detonate the is dangerous. We saw evidence last night with evidence last night with the destroyed letter box October usly our concern at this stage is to ensure that no-one is that is police or public. Residents were evacuated from the street this afternoon but expected to be expected to be allowed the return to their return to their homes soon. The Liberal Party soon. The Liberal Party has lost a key position ACT legislative Assembly. ousted Richard Mulcahy as the Chairman of Chairman of the Public Accounts Accounts Committee. But will not explain the not explain the reasons for the vote of no the vote of no confidence. It is purely political say the Liberals, a move aimed at hindering the committee. I know I've been creating a measure of discomfort. The Public Accounts Committee has been been a thorn in their side for a time. The three-member committee examinations Government Government expenditure, reports from the Auditor-Generalal and economic development. Late yesterday Labor MLA Karin McDonald voted McDonald voted to replace Richard Mulcahy with the Greens Deb Foskey. Greens Deb Foskey. Obviously there was an in sintive for her to take the job, she has picked up a This is not the consideration to have me make that decision. I do not want to talk about that. That private. The ABC told there were concerns about Richard Mulcahy's treatment of some staff members. Allegations that have denied. The Chief who was at a Hindu temple today says it today says it is time to clear the air. I'm surprised and disappointed and disappointed the chair of the committee has not given some insight into why that committee has moved a vote of chair.╝white But he refused to intervene. The decision was an internal was an internal commity decision, interesting the timing because because it is in the middle of a detailed inquiry into Rhodium and the Government is embarrassed. The Government should also be embarrassed with the water crisis. is a crisis in the short-term, the short-term, the medium term and long-term band we and long-term band we need solutions and fast. He will use suggestions raised today at a community forum as of the opposition's submissions to the submissions to the Government on its Canberra's water. The New South Wales Government moved to enforce rehabilitation of 500 hectares of wetlands allegedly bull dosd allegedly bull dosd without authority in the north-west of the state. The cleared internationally recognised Gwydie Wetlands, Gwydie Wetlands, a critical nesting site birds. A remediation order has been imposed on the land meaning all meaning all stock and vehicles must be before July 1. before July 1. The State Government is still considering whether to considering whether to take legal legal action against the property's property's owner. The Palestinian president has appointed a new Minister in a bid to end his people. The President his people. The President has the backing of the militant Hamas group has condemned his attempt to install a new Government. Middle East Middle East correspondent Matt Brown reports from West Bank. The carving the Palestinian Territories has been viewed as a tragedy in the Arab world but Gaza Strip Hamas morning after dominated security forces turning Gaza turning Gaza into an Islam enclave almost totally controlled by a group the West considers a terrorist may have been ousted but in Gaza he still rules the Hamas roots. We roots. We ask all Palestinian people to show calm and self not take any actions against any of the headquarters, ministries, personal belongings, houses compound. That contradicts morals of our people. Not away Hamas supporters away Hamas supporters had been ransacking and burning houses belonging houses belonging to senior Fatah officials. Bank fatta was exacting revenge sweeping revenge sweeping through houses and offices belonging to Hamas. Hamas officials based in the West Bank were rounded up. of thousands of armed of thousands of armed Fatah loyalists in the West Bank most in Government uniforms and here they out

and here they out number and out gun Hamas. The US, Europe, Russia and the United Nations have all President and President and Fatah chief. Aid donors are conflict will result in humanitarian crisis. humanitarian crisis. The chaos in Gaza has disrupted the supply of food and medical supplies for more than a million people. We have to get these back and running full speed the schools. The the schools. The prospects for a peace agreement with Israel and Palestinian hood are now even more Palestinian leader says Palestinian leader says the split is the worst thing split is the worst thing the happen to his people since the Israeli occupation the Israeli occupation began 40 years ago. Queen bat's birthday Honours List has turned the up a few

surprises. Dame Edna Everage's creator Everage's creator Barry Humphries is a CBE. been awarded the Commander of the Order of the British Empire for entertainment. The novelist Salman Rushdie has been knighted, Verses' outraged Muslims and resulted in a fat watch. Sir Ian Botham has been knighted as England's most famous all-rounder and has children's charities. Good evening. The NRL premiers Brisbane look set to lose their most intimidating player. Contract down just hours before last night's clash with the Bulldogs. The imminent departure took some of the gloss off the impressive 7-point of the ladder with a win and the Warriors just beat the Sydney harbours. Sydney harbours. Regarded by many as the best prop in the game the news of the imminent departure from the Broncos has stunned League fans but the 1346 year veteran the 1346 year veteran would not confirm if contract talks had contract at the end of the year says his undecided and a distraction. For sure, people say it doesn't but it does, don't know what you are doing next year. But his season is alive after alive after this courageous win and Canterbury took win and Canterbury took the early lead. Carol levelled the scores off a Darren Lockyer pass. Hodges followed up with another long-range special. A Lockyer field goal was enough to beat the was enough to beat the Dogs who fought Manly faithful turned out to acknowledge Steve Menzies 310th game. The fans had more reason celebrate when he scored celebrate when he scored the first try. In conditions the Sea Eagles did just enough to hold out just enough to hold out the Rabbitohs scoreing two to nil and the weather to nil and the weather did not improve in time for Sydney harbours Warriors clash in Sydney clash in Sydney The Warriors scored first to take a 6-0 lead. Paul reported for this high shot. A penalty to the Sydney harbours just before the break will the home side trailing by 4. trailing by 4. Canberra cup rugby. West Belconnen won the top of the table clash against the scholars, unbeat enheading into round 6

leading 16-4 at the break looked like extending their winning run but West Belconnen fought back double to winger Oliver. It was a try the Scholars were lucky not to have a player sent off for this hit. It did not this hit. It did not rattle West Belconnen. Former rugby union star Ryan car Michael sealed the win. the Scholars on the Scholars on the top of the ladder. The Wallabies World Cup build-up World Cup build-up gets serious tonight when serious tonight when they play South Africa in Cape Town in Town in the opening game of the Tri-Nations tournament. Use has not won in South Africa for seven years and the Wallabies expect at hostile reception from the crowd as Newlands Stadium. round and they are mad over here about here about how passionate they are at supporting their team and hopefully we can silence them. The Wallabies have won against Wales in Fiji in recent expect at tougher test against the in-form Springboks. In Australia A was thrashed 50-0 but New string team the Junior All Blacks. not feature in Wallabies colour

colour is the Brumbies hooker Jeremy Paul, he is in middle of a contract wrangle with the Australian rugby union after being left the Tri-Nations squad sought a release to play in Europe. He made a cameo in club rugby. Easts Uni and Gungahlin the Vikings. the Vikings. When the Wallabies take the field at Cape Town tonight the former hooker will enjoy a beverage with Many believe Jeremy Many believe Jeremy Paul should be Australia's first choice hooker but he is not bitter. No hard feelings, they can get up. This could be the last time Paul plays in Canberra and he marked occasion with a match-winning try for apart from being bashed but I think I threw up in the first half so I have not anything for five weeks so it was a lot of but his contract but his contract issue is a serious business. says he may still be a of their World Cup plans, Paul want to take up an offer in the UK. his career asked for remember lease and we are still discussing we are still discussing toes issues. issues. Paul's contract with the the ARU runs out at the

has kicked off has kicked off the split round in the AFL with round in the AFL with a punishing win over punishing win over Carlton. Jarryd Roughead was the staff with five goals in the Hawke's 100-point All the prematch hype surrounding this game had the crowd for an AFL match Docklands came expecting Docklands came expecting a shootout but they got a lopsided contest and a posted-match confession posted-match confession from Denis Pagan that the Blues went into the game believing their own publicity. Carlton was dealt an unexpected was dealt an unexpected bonus when Lance Franklin pulled out with a calf injury, it did not seep seem to unsettle the Hawks who found over targets up forward in a six-goal opening term. The Blues scored 4 of their Blues scored 4 of their own but that was as close as they got all night T Hawks went a goal spree in the second term and by half-time the margin was 43 points and margin was 43 points and the match was all but over. Raining goals, a ugly for Carlton fans ugly for Carlton fans after the break. Hawthorn the break. Hawthorn dominated in the middle and scored in the middle and scored an AFL season high 69 inside 50s for the for the match. That was not the only record though. was Hawthorn's highest in 15 years and the in 15 years and the team's biggest win biggest win against Carlton, 100 points. We've record back! The in the the mid season break with 8 wins and 4 losses after after exceeding all expectation this expectation this season. The Blues have trips to Perth, Sydney and Sydney and Brisbane in the next month. ACT, AFL, Queen been too strong for Ainslie and West Belconnen held off an early challenge from the Wildcats to win by 87. The golf course appears to be the winner at the US Open with not a single sitting below par sitting below par after 2 rounds. rounds. Argentina has a one-shot lead with one-shot lead with Baddeley two two strokes behind. Appleby and Geoff contention but contention but ask was one of six Australians who six Australians who missed the cut. The oak the cut. The oak month country club bared its teeth today and there were profile victims. Fill Mick l son missed the cut for the first time in 31 majors. I can't believe he can't believe he is going to try this. This is a hazard. For many the highlight was walking off highlight was walking off the last hole. It was a battle for survival even for the world's best golfer. Oman! Where did that end up? But Tiger Woods still managed to cart a solid 74 to finish 5 shots from partner Australian Geoff Ogilvy found flashes of the form that won him the tournment last year and is a shot behind Woods. Baddeley out early and produced an even 70. You have a 3 foot by 3 foot landing air by 3 foot landing air with to keep the ball near the hole that is why it is so tough. Another early starter Paul Casey opener 77 with 66. The best of the day by three of the day by three shots. That ground rangs my finest ever. Argentina's player had a spring in his step. The 37-year-old step. The 37-year-old is looking to build on his three top 10 top 10 finishes at the US Masters and holds a Masters and holds a one-shot lead. Looks excellent! behind him is a behind him is a unheralded American Bubba Watson. is amazing how much spin he put on that. The first round leader Nick Dougherty had six bogeys and a double bogey in his round of 77. The Queensland Firebirds survived a scare from the survived a scare from the AIS Canberra Darters to score a 55 to 48 goal win in the netball League. The Darters were humiliated were humiliated by Adelaide last round last round and start would a surge against the Firebirds. The Darters led by 10 goals in the struggled to cope with the Firebirds Firebirds physical approach after the main break 44 after the main break 44 goals from Jo the season. The terrible to say the least. We really let it get away from us in the we fought back. We stuck there up in the first half so that is good. come away with a win. The darters have a double-header next weekend against Perth and the Melbourne Kestrels, the Firebirds travel to Perth. Next week! It was blustery and partly sunny around the Canberra few isolated showers but not a lot to get excited about. Temperatures cool, 13 Temperatures cool, 13 degrees after a milder night. There were falls in the last few days. conditions are on the screen. were reasonably mild and day time temperatures time temperatures ranged up to Heavy rain and 17 in Sydney. Melbourne reached 12. Brisbane 21 and Hobart 10. Cloud is streaming 10. Cloud is streaming into a trough off bringing heavy showers. bringing heavy showers. There is a frontal band of cloud. A low pressure lies off South Wales coast but a weak high pressure bridge will bring a return to fine weather tomorrow as a cold front moves through Victoria. Expect more unsettled weather in the ACT during the early part of the week. The part of the week. The heavier falls will be around Tuesday and into Nationally tomorrow Perth will have fine weather and a top of 18 degrees. Showers are forecast for Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart. will have a few showers, Brisbane will be fine. In our region a few showers along the coast, fine or mostly fine up to 11 at Cooma, Goulburn, 17 in and Griffith. Fine and in Canberra, in Canberra, a range of 3 to 14. Monday the chance of showers showers increasing through Tuesday and Tuesday and Wednesday before back to fine weather. In the mountains, fine and mostly sunny, a temperature range of minus 4 to minus 4 to 4 degrees t probability of snow 30 per cent, 5 per cent tomorrow. Before we go, a recap of our top stories- damaging storms have lashed Sydney galeforce wind and galeforce wind and driving rain causing rain causing chaos on the roads and on water. roads and on water. Police have evacuated rest dents Charnwood after finding explosive device. One man been charged and been charged and the explosives are explosives are being destroyed. A reminder about tomorrow morning's news and including Insiders at 9 with a special guest the deputy Gillard that. Is the news for now. Thank you

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