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for the ladies there. There we go. Something Is it? Now that's better. screen presence. That has a much better It does, yeah. So you would think

in the studio? Absolutely. I would wear this on camera a modern edge about it. Yeah? Absolutely. It's got like you're more youthful So it keeps you looking I don't look grey? and more with it. you've got some colour here. No, you don't look grey because to lift it up. OK. You're right. That's going modern look going. You've got the whole Yeah. Nice shoes, the jeans. We are a product of how we feel good about ourselves, and so when we feel it changes our whole body structure. the inside. you make is that change on But I think the biggest change what now I can achieve things. That you just think, are a catalyst of change. So I think image consultants OK, thanks. Cool. I think you look pretty cool. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned

Live. Perfect one day corrupt

the next. Queensland's new

alert. Records keep tumbling

but who are the real winners?

. With the suit you just

don't know who the best

swimmer is. Farmers finally

get their way on the Long

Paddock. Is Moko in danger of

welcome to the Midday Report. losing his mojo? Hello and

Im Deborah Rice - Lower

metals prices are dragging on

local share market. The All

Ords is 1 point lower around

lunchtime in the east. The

Nikkei is up t did you down

and the dollar is 82US cents.

More finance later in the

bulletin. The man who thread

fight against corruption in

Queensland 20 years ago has

savaged the Labor Party's 12

years in power saying hard

lessons have been forgotten.

Former inquiry head Tony

Fitzgerald was marketing 20th

anniversary of his report

into corruption at a function

in Brisbane last night. He

said short-sighted political

attitudes had left ethical

standards in free fall at the state's dark past could

return. In 1989 corruption

fighter Tony Fitzgerald

handed down his 630-page

Government of the day the report and urged the

make 100 important reforms.

The inquiry was ordered by

Deputy Premier Bill Gun by

the Premier was out of the

state. It found wide-ranging

political and judicial corruption and resulting in the jalgts of the Police

Commissioner Terry Lewis and

other long serving officers.

Sir Joh resigned and criminal

charges were laid. That was

20 years ago. Now the

architect staff eform says

much of the hard work is unravelling. Tone ten told a

function marking the

anniversary of his report the

hay were party led by Peter

Beattie lost the momentum for

reform and the willing floss

to confront the state's dark

past but the former Premier

says the criticism is

unfair.. My Government was

one of the most honest

Queensland has had. We implemented the Tony

Fitzgerald reforms, we were strong supporters ever all strong supporters ever all

the principles he brought in,

we had checks and balances in

place and the mechanisms for

accountability worked. Tony

Fitzgerald also attacked the

ethical standards of Anna Bligh's administration..

Access can now be purchase chasd, mates and supporters

are appointed and retired politicians exploit their

fees connections to obtain success

fees for deals between

business and

announced her Government Government. Today Anna Bligh

would move the ban success

fees for lobbyists. It is a

relatively new area of legal

activity and Queensland will

be the first in the country

if adopt it. We look to having the Parliament consider this legislation by

the end of the year. But the

Premier says she does not

agree with all of tone ten'sy

sis manies. Anna Bligh says sis manies. Anna Bligh says Government processes have

improved since the corruption

inquiry. Victoria should be

bracing for its worst-ever

bushfire threat according to

elite Government report. The

bushfire analyst responsible

for the document has warn add

season with the greatest loss

of life and property is imminent. Experts have

verified the report saying

moves are already under way

the reduceries goes.. There will be a

will be a lot more clean up,

funding going into slashing

road said ever side an

slashing tracks. All that

work will be brought fort and

we will be will talk through communities. Melbourne's Hinterland is said to be one

of the areas most at risk.

Australia along with the rest

of South Pacific is facing

mass extinctions of plants

and animals unless there are

big changes in environmental

policies that is the warn

financing scientists who have

reviewed thousands of studies

across the region and now

insist the impact humans is

to blame. Going back through

the fossil record scientists

are uncertain about what

caused those extinctions.

With the extinctions rising alarming

alarming in recent decade

scientists are worried..

Most biologists believe we

are into our sixth greatest

extinction and that is down

to one species, human. Scientists have

reviewed 24,000 conservation

research papers. They have found the outback and the

Pacific island are facing

many of the survival

challenges.. It is the role

of humans determining what is

happening to bio-Diversity.

It is due to increasing

population rates and our

consumption. Habitat

destruction, over-fishing and

hundreding and pollution are

among the most devastating

along with the large. Threat of climate change and some of

the species that have arrived along with humans are having

a dramatic impact. The

redescription the scientists

say is a better coordinated

response while national parks

and protected zones are on

the rise there is still not

enough to protect ecosystems

if the threats.. Such as lands-clearing, logging,

building dams and divert sing

water out of rivers.╝white

But most of the all they say

human behaviour has to

change. After breaking Ian

Thorpe's long-standing 400

metre freestyle record

earlier this week Germany's

Paul Biedermann has smashed

the 200 metre record and

beaten Michael Phelps at the

World Championships in Rome.

Michael Phelps had not been beaten in individual, world

or Olympic competition since

205. The American was not

wearing one of the new

high-tech simple suits but

Paul Biedermann was.. Super

size v superhuman A win for

technology. Paul Biedermann wins, Michael Phelps

relegated to second. Michael

Phelps's coach has threatened

to withdraw his charge until

the suit is withdrawn. Emily

Seebohm took the backstroke.

Gemma Spofforth won the gold

and set a new world record. A

total of 15 world records

have fall yenl at the

Championships in Rome but how

meaningful are they? The

world swimming body FINA has

today confirmed the polyurethane swimsuit suit

some of the swimmers were

wearing will be banned next

year so it may be a long time

before we see the records

broken again without the

high-tech gear. Australian swimming great Murray Rose

says the decision to dump the

suits has not come soon

enough.. They should have

made this decision 10 years

ago before they threat cat

out of the bag and now they

have technical-based sport

which is creating endless

problems for all the swimmers

an all the coaches. Murray

Rose here is what FINA says

it will allow in the shape of

swimsuits from next year..

For men the suit shall not

extends beyond the naval extends beyond the naval nor

below the knee. For a woman

it shall not cover the neck

or extend past the shoulder

nor extend below the knee..

Furthermore, no zippers or other fastening system is

allowed. That is the

Executive Director of FINA explaining the new swimsuit

rules. He has said he does

not believe the good

performances in Rome were

really just about the the

suits but more about the

athletic abilities. How long

do you think it will take to

set new records?. That is

absolutely rubbish! Of course

it is going to tick a long

time. If you take all of

these swimmers out and swim

this event next week next

month the times will be so

different that you would not

be able to compare them. So

how do you view the records

that have been set recently?

Should they stand?. They

have to stand as world best

its. Now had they are going

to be completely ratified as

world records ongoing I don't

know but I mean swimming has

lost all relevance so there

is no way of measuring the

history t natural progression

of swimming over the last few

decades so there is no way of

knowing where swimmings going

to go from new and eventually

I think we are going have to

have two sexes records, one

for suit-assisted and one for

regular pure swimmers. Do you

think it is a pity this has

taken the focus off the good

performances in the swimming

at Rome? From. I mean it is

tragic that - I mean, you

know, last night we had know, last night we had a

brilliant swim in the 200

metres where Paul Biedermann

obviously beat Michael Phelps

very easily but we still do

not know who is the best

swimmer and we have to take

the suits off, line them up

and see who wins over every

swimming race because with

the suits you just dot not

know who the best swimmer is.

It is not a good judge It is not a good judge of

performance. Murray Rose

thank you for that perspective. Drovers have

long been important tid as

the strong silent types but

they have been campaigning to

prevent the closure of stock

routes in NSW. Now they think

they have had a win, from Liverpool Plains in

north-west NSW Paul Lockyer

reports.. Everything is going going pretty well, we have

made a lot of progress. From

the saddle this drover has relentlessly campaigned the

save the stock routes a vast

network known as the Long

Paddock.. I suppose you can

call me a bit pig-headed and

determined I suppose but this

is one of the greatest resources out of natural land. The Long Paddock

provides a crucial refuge in

times drought and landholders

like Nick Cogcroft become

heavily reliant on the dofrs

to get their stock.. They

have kept us going. We have

had stock out twice in the

last five years. Uncertainty

about the future of the stock

routes was raised when it was

decided to transfer their

control from the rural lands

protection boards run by the

landholders to the State

Government sparking fears

they might

they might be leased out or

sold off to raise revenue.

But new a letter from the NSW

lands minister Tony Kelly

Robert Growth has provided an

assurance it will not

happen.. Over the moon! It

is more significant when you

have it in writing and you

cannot pretend you did not

say it.. All credit to my

wife and daughter, they are

out with me all the time so

they have had to take a fair

bit more weight. Before this

issue arose Robert Grove had

never been to Sydney. Now he

is accustom ed the beating

down doors in the city.. He

has taken it upon himself to

be a leader in the group and

now he has the commitment.

Everything going along

good. But even as he

celebrates the victory Robert

Growth stands ready to esoup

battle if further threats

come to the Long Paddock.

The spotlight is on the

big banks today to see if

they will join the NAB and

cut some of their much group

ld about fees. NAB says it is

axing its overdraft charges

on savings accounts to give

it a competitive advantage.

Reporter Simon Palan is

covering the story and Len a

bank decides to give money

pack the customers it really

is big news! Simon why is

the NAB removing these fees?.

These fees on overdrawn

saving goes are very unpopular. Customers are

sometimes slugged without sometimes slugged without

reof realising it until they

check the statement. Led by

the new CEO this is the most

unpopular. NAB charges $30

for this fee soy is a

decision to remove the fee

from October 1 will cost the

bank around $100 million a

year so it will be costly to

them. The hope I guess is

that customers who are currently with other banks

and who will still have to

pay this fee, they will

eventually knock on NAB's

door. Is there any indication

then that the other bank are

looking at following suit?.

It is difficult to say at

this stage. One executive

from Westpac I spoke to a

short time ago this morning

says that bank is keeping its

options open. As a industry

as a whole this particular

fee is worth around fee is worth around $1

billion a year so it is again

a nice little earner average

banking analyst I spoke to

this morning says he does

believe the other banks will

change their tune on this fee

as well. But either way

consumer advocates are

celebrating the NAB decision

as a big victory. The

consumer group Choice says the fact the NAB has decided

the remove the tee today suggests it was never suggests it was never

justified in the first place

and the scale of this

particular fee was completely

out of proportion with the

cost so they are very happy

and are pushing for the same

sort of changes to be made on

credit card fees. Now this

fee story comes on a day

where the NAB as announced a

major acquisition. The NAB

says it will acquire 80% of

Goldman sack assist JB

Goldman sack assist JB Were's

management in Australia and

New Zealand and will cost the

bank around $99

million. Macquarie Bank has

been before the cameras

forecasting a heavy fall in

first-hall earning.

Australia's biggest

investment bank says it is on

track for a first half profit

of $625 million down 28% on

the same period the year before but speaking

before but speaking before

today's AGM the CEO Nicholas

Moore says performance

improved in the June quater.

Macquarie says it has surplus

capital of more than $4

billion adding its funding

model is not broken but

evolving. New home sales were

at a virtual standstill last

month despite lower mortgage

rates and Government handouts

sales were up by half of 1%. The figures

The figures were weighed down by softer sales results in

NSW and Queensland. The

housing industry association

says a 13% rise in the first

half of the year still mark

as healthy turn aground the

year before. A big slice of

movie life has gone under the

hammer. Tens of thousands of

stage props from films and TV

shows including Titanic and

Cleopatra are being offered

to the public. It is not a

happy ending for Hollywood as

a good slice of the company

has been pushed out. They

came for a small piece of

Hollywood, from the

magnificent to the freaky,

props used the make fantasy come alive for more than 40

years. First item sold a

spaceship used in 'Men in

Black 2'. More than 90,000

items in all have to be

liquidated immediately. Bit

players in big fills and

shows. The nightclub door

seen in 'The Mask', a pair of

angels in 'Anchorman'. Dr

evil's pod in pow and a couch

from the 'Golden Girls'. The

Judy McLoughlin-Ryan a psycho-therapist from Los

Angeles came here the find a

new couch.. If you were

going to come up with tacky I

think you have it will the

jackpot. It has so much

style and character. Future

movie makers will not have at

their fingertips all the

little things like manual

type writers and change

machines that paint what life

was once like. Look at all

the old phone booths. These

are the 20s, 30s, 40s they

could make call with privacy,

right? Yes!. They could sit

her and the days of

privacy... Privacy is

over. A work of 40 years, the

totalty it leaving breaks my

heart.. The reason for the

sale, Hollywood left town.

Attracted by lower costs the

make their pictures. The old

props were left behind. You

are in trouble? In real

trouble. So notice is a fire

sale a bitter-sweet final

walk down Memory Lane. The global financial crisis has a

sting in the tail for the

Perth skyline. It is starting

to create a glut of office

space with one report

forecasting a huge slump in

vacancy rates and rents. The

cranes dotting Perth skyline

suggest the the effect of the global financial crisis is yet to be felt on the

yet to be felt on the CBD.

BIS Shrapnel says when

offices like this are finish

there will be a sharp spike

in office vacancy rates. The

problem that is the worst of

the negative impacts is yet

to come. BIS Shrapnel is forecasting the figure will

increase to 16% by mid next

year and 20% by the end of

2012. It blames the slowdown

in the mining industry. We

are forecasting average prime

net effective rents in the

CDB the fall from $720 a

square metre to $370 a squir

metre by 2013. While BIS

Shrapnel predicts pain the

view is not universally

shared. That is a worst case

scenario if everything goes

wrong you could get to those levels. The Property Council

which will release official

figures next week will show to

to say Canvey rate is rising

1.3% in January. 12 months

ago Perth was the most

difficult place in the country to find office space

with a vacancy rate of 0.3%.

Analysts say the increase in

availability of offices will

lower rents and encourage

businesses back to the CDB.

Let's check the markets with

Louise Crealy. The local

market seems to be taking a breather?

Yes t market is taking a lead

from Wall Street after

cautious trading in the US

overnight. There was

profit-taking this morning on

the back ever 11 straight

rises for the Australian

share market but stock are

now fairly flat. Around

lunchtime in the east the All

Ordinaries is up 3 point or

4177 and the ASX200 has

gained 3 points to 4172.

Meanwhile weaker commodity prices overnight have led

resources stocks lower. Rio

Tinto is down just over 2%.

Mining giant BHP Billiton is

1.75% lower and Origin is

down a similar amount. As we

have mentioned NAB will axe

its overdraft fees. Has that

affected the market?. NAB

shares are up slightly today

while other bank are

generally higher. ANZ is up

1.2% to $17.34 and Westpac

shares have gained 1%.

Meanwhile Macquarie Group are

reacting well to a trading

update that indicated an improved operational

performance for all its major businesses. The group shares

are up more than 3.5% or

are up more than 3.5% or $44.44. Transfield have had a

bounce after last week's as

yet writedown. Its shares are

up more than 7%. Let's look

at the domestic movers. The

other big movers in the ASX

top 100. Wall

Wall Street recovered from early session loss toss

finish just below the line.

Falling consumer confidence

was offset bay slight rise in

US house prices. The Dow

dipped but did Nasdaq managed

a modest rise. London's FTSE

ended a run of 11 straight

gains. Paris and Frankfurt

were down more than 1%. In

Tokyo tray is lack ining direction

direction as invest doors

wait for results if the reporting system. Hong Kong

has opened 1% lower and New Zealand is in the red.

The investigation into

Michael Jackson's death is

homing in on his personal

doctor. More reports suggest

Dr Conrad Murray administer

add powerful anaesthetic when

Michael Jackson died. For the

second time in a week drug enforcement

enforcement agents and police searched the home and office

of Michael Jackson's doctor.

. This is a search

warrant. Less an week after

raiding his medical practice

and storage facility in a

search for evidence linking

him to manslaughter

authorities seized boxes of

documents and records that

might contain evidence he

killed Michael Jackson.. It

seems like the net is closing

Onno deprr Murray so if he is

to be arrested could it

happen sooner than later. Dr

Conrad Murray was home while

agents seized cell phones and

a computer hard-drive. They

even intercepted a UPS

delivery package. Source s

tell that Jackson used

Propofol to sleep at night.

He received the drug at home

using an IV. Associated Press

say Dr Conrad Murray injected Michael Jackson with the drug

in the early morning hours

the day he died.

Investigators tell ABC they

believed this drug contributed to Michael

Jackson's death. Doctors say

it is unheard of to use

Propofol outside hospital and

without equipment to monitor

vital signs.. Propofol is

used when you want somebody

rendered unconscious in the

operating room. Using

Propofol in any other manner

is Frank negligence, no

question. Dr Conrad Murray's

attorney maintains his client

did not do anything that

would kill Michael Jackson.

The next part of the puzzle

will come when the toxicology

reports are released. It

seemed like perfect wildlife experience, playing in the

sea with a fendly dolphin but

for one New Zealand woman her

adventure with Moko turned

life threatening when the

m'ammal would not stop

playing. Moko is a much-loved

residents of Mahia on the

north island. In summer the

3-year-old spends his day

playing with any number of

tourists but when the water

is cold it can get lonely.

Enter Sophie Brown. Little I

would lie on my back and he

would shoot me along the

water so it was fun. There

might be plenty of fish in

the sea but Moko took a real

shine to this woman in a

wetsuit. When she got tired

and tried to return to the

beach Moko did not take the

rejection well. He circled

her, she pan yged.. He was

like "I want to keep going

with the game" but I did not

have the energy. Ian heard

her cringing and jumped in

his dinghy.. She was really

cold. Once we got her out of

the water and felt her feet

it was like pulling something

out of the freezer. Moko was

the local hero last year when

he guided two lost pygmy

sperm hails back out the sea

but recently Moko has lost

his mojo. Dolphin experts

believe he is very lonely.. We could end up in a

situation if we are not

careful where both the

dolphin or people are harmed

as a result of what really is

very well-intentioned and

playful interaction on both

parties. Sophie Brown blames

herself for what happened.

She says Moko is a lovable

larrikin who could be quite a

catch in the animal world.

For starters he loves the

outdoors and has no problem

showing affection. Let's have a quick look at other stories making news around the world

- the heaviest rain in more

than 50ers has left at least

6 people dead in bang bang. More than 33

Bangladesh. More than 30

metres of rain fell on Dhaka

snapping powerlines that

electrocute many in the

overcrowded city. In Turkey

floods have inundated

hundreds of themselves and

damaged roads in the Black

Sea region. There the deluge

was said to be the heave

whyst in 60 years. Thick

black smoke clouds have been

hanging over Western Athens

where a forest fire has been threatening warehouses and

factories. High winds fanned

the flames which closed a key

highway. The new Golders Green AFL club has landed a Gold Coast club has signed

one of the highest profile

players from the NRL.

Karmichael Hunt will enter

the league in 2011. The Australian international made

the announcement on the Gold

Coast this morning.. I would

like to say pretty excite would the opportunity that is

in front of me. Becoming an

AFL athlete for the Gold

Coast club in 2011. My time

Coast club in 2011. My time

at the Briton bon has been

own joyible. I have been

turning up to every training

session I could since I was.

I felt that it was time for a

new challenge. As you have

already heard my manager got

the phone call earlier in the

year by Scotty Clayton and

they offered the opportunity

for me to I guess challenge

myself in a different code

and I have let it sit with me

for the last tz couple of

months and only decide

recently it was the path I

wanted the take. A

frightening cackle,

possession of a broomstick

and knowledge ever spells. They are the qualities a

British tourist attraction

was seeking for its search

for a hitch and with an

annual pay packet of $100,000

there was no shortage of applicants. Any job interview

is nerve-racking but this

really was the selection

process from hell.. A

challenge, not often you get

a chance to produce your witch skills in

public. Waiting for your slot

you want to be as well

prepared as possible. You

want the look your best and

you need to keep busy. Knit

away those nerves.. It is

very difficult with tallons though that is the only

problem. They came on their

broomstick from all over the

world. 300 would-be witches

but only one job. (Crackle)

Have a breath a deep breath.

Who is going to get the job?.

(All - me!) I can't stand

the thought of going to the

office again.. The kids

think I'm a witch so I might

as well make a living out of

it. This is the prize,

liveing in Wookey Hole entertaining tourists but

earn incorporated 50,00 a

year. No wonder things were

getting a bit tense.. Go on

you hags, look at you! They

each had a minute to pitch

for the job of hitch..

(Speaking witch) What unique skills will you bring

to this role, Sir? I show

you. (

He did not win! She did.

'Calamity Carla' from Shepton

Mallet.. I into knew it!

The judges said they liked

her naughty side and she

comes perfectly qualified

until now she has been an

estate agent! To the weather

now. The satellite shows

patchy cloud over the

south-east in brisk south-westerlies, high cloud

over the north-west and a

bands of cloud reaching the

South West ahead of a front.

Strong cold south-westerlies

bring showers to southerns

the and southern Victoria

falling as snow on the Alps.

On-shore winds in the south

are causing a few showers, a

belt of high pressure has

kept the remainder of the

country clear. So isolated

showers for the south-east,

showers along the North

Queensland coast. Mostly dry elsewhere. Around the

capitals sunny for Brisbane,

Sydney and Darwin, mostly

sunny in Canberra, Hobart and Perth, showers forecast for

Melbourne and Adelaide. A

final check of the midday

markets around 12.30 in the

east. The All Ordinaries is 4

points lower. Stocks in Japan

are up, the Dow is down and

the dollar is at 82.6US

cents. That is the news for

now. Our next full bulletin

on ABC1 is 7 o'clock this

evening. I'm Deborah Rice have a good afternoon.

Closed captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned


VOICE-OVER: Today at the

National Press Club, the President of the Pharmacy Guild

of Australia, Kos Sclavos.

Ideas for health reform abound

at the moment, and keeping

medicines affordable is a big

part of that debate. Kos

Sclavos will offer his

prescription on the role pharmacists can play in the

great health shake-up in his

National Press Club address.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the National Press Club and

today's National Australia Bank

address. We're very pleased

today to welcome back in this

very active period of

discussion of the health system

Kos Sclavos, the President of

the Pharmacy Guild of

Australia. It's a year since

he was last here, but this is a

very timely moment to be back.

Mr Sclavos and his wife Effie