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(generated from captions) CC Tonight, drama on the

high seas. Front-runners

battered and broken. We

smashed the deck and knocked

guys down. Appeal lost.

Saddam Hussein the hang in 30

days. Twin tonnes to Hayden

and Symonds rub salt into English wounds. English wounds. Species

recovery. Two tiny babies

born at the Canberra zoo.

Good evening. Craig Allen

with ABC News. It has been a

day of broken boats and

battered bodies in the Sydney

to Hobart race. One yacht has

been abandoned and seven

others have given up racing

after a dramatic night of rough weather off the New

South Wales coast. Three

injured crew men were winch

from one stricken yacht while

8 others were rescued from

another which began taking on

water and was left to sink.

Late last night Wild Oats XI

was being Championship end

for the lead by Maximus but by day break the New

Zealand's Maxi's race was over. Maximus was tacking

when the mast snapped and

fell on its crew. The whole

aft went and everybody was in the middle of

the middle of the boat

waiting for the tack and you

can see that is exactly where

the mast and the, um, boom

fell. So, um, some of the

guys were pinned underneath. Five crew members

were injured. Three were

winched to safety and flown

to hospital. Their injuries

were not serious but they

admit they were lucky. They

have come out of it okay and

the service we got from the

helicopter crew from Canberra

was fantastic. Maximus has

limped into Jervis Bay but

the crew cannot help thinking

of the lost opportunity. We

were shows disappointed to

end on the first night in the

position we were in - I don't

know if it would have been a

mile or a half in

mile or a half in it. ABM

AMRO was renowned for difficult conditions but the

race proved too tough. It

also lost its masts last

night and is making its way

back the Sydney. The guys

did a great job. The news was

not as good for the veteran

view timber yacht Koomooloo. It's

view was rescued by Adventure. Koomooloo won the

race in 1968 but in the big

swell there were no thoughts

of trying to save it and it

was left at sea to sink. The

crew members are spending the

night at Eden. Defending

champion Wild Oats XI is well

into Bass Strait tonight but

it does not have everything

its own way. Skandia is just

4 nautical miles behind

Tasmania pair heads for mow

part where they are expected

to arrive tomorrow night. I

spoke to ABC reporter Matt

Brown a short time ago. Matt,

we have heard about the three

dramatic incidents in your story there but how many

other yachts are no longer in

the race? 8 yachts now are

yacht out of this Sydney to Hobart

yacht race. It has been a

pretty tough one but as we

expect the first 24 hours

were going to be the toughest

of the weather and it turned

out that way. Living Doll one

of the handicap honours

chances is out with a radio

problem and Mr Kite has

limped to shore with a riging

problem so 8 yachts are

already out of this race T

skipper of Illusion has been

picked up by a police launch

with broken ribs and has been

taken into Eden on the same

boat as the 8 crew men from

Koomooloo are on. We are

seeing a very high attrition

rate and we have heard

Skandia has lost part of its

front rudder so its steering

has gone, it is struggling

the keep up with the same

speeds and it place right

into the hands of its opponent Wild Oats XI which should stream across Bass

Strait and come into Hobart

sometime tomorrow night to record a second consecutive

line honours win. With Skandia in trouble how does

that leave the race for

Hobart? It will be tough

overnight. We were expecting

the conditions in Bass Strait

to be better than they are

but Wild Oats XI is as it

proved last year when it

broke the race record, it is

a very, very fast boat. It

has led them around the heads

and it has been in front all

the way. Maximus was pushing

it when it came to grieve and

Skandia was going flat out

when it had its rudder

problems so we would expect

Wild Oats XI would be almost

a certainty to take tout

looking go into Bass race. How do conditions

Strait? We e pecked the low

to move to New Zealand and

for better conditions in Bass Strait tonight but our

chopper pilot has reported it

is pretty choppy, grey, wet and cold so Wild Oats XI is pretty choppy, grey, wet

might have a comfortable lead

but it will not be

comfortable for the crew, it

will be a pretty chilly run

into Hobart. That was Matt

Brown. The former Iraqi

dictator Saddam Hussein is

expected to hang within a

month. An appeals court has upheld his death sentence

saying he should be executed

within 30 days. Human rights groups have condemned the

trial as seriously flawed.

They have urged the Iraqi

Government not to carry out

the execution. According to

the Chief Judge, for Saddam

Hussein there is now no hope.

He will soon be moved from

death row to the gallows.

According to our law the

sentence must be implemented within 30 days. Saddam

Hussein's lawyers have already dismissed the appeal

court's findings repeating

the claim Saddam Hussein has

often made in court, that

this was little more than a

rigged trial for political purposes. But Saddam Hussein

is now less than 30 days away

from execution and the Government has said before

that it wants to hang him as

fast as possible. This man

is going down by his own

people, being judged by his

own people, been executed by

his own people. People volunteer to do that free of

charge, obviously, they just

want to do it. As the appeal

court was handing down its

decision the Shiite residents

in south-western Baghdad were reeling from yet more

slaughter. A triple car bomb

attack killed around 20

people and injured scores of

others. Saddam Hussein has

been sentenced to hangover

his role in the killings of

148 Shiite villagers from the

town of Dijail. His visit

there in 1982 was captured on

film. The townsfolk put on a

desperate display of loyalty

Tasmania dictator rolled into

town but some of the locals

tried and failed the assassinate Saddam Hussein.

After the attack he was

filmed personally interfaithing some of the by

standers. His hench men

followed up for during then

executeing their victims.

Now, the tables have turned.

The new Iraqi Government

execute add group of

prisoners last week and the Government released this

video as prove that those who received the ultimate

sentence will pay the

ultimate price. Like the

killers and kidnappers before

him, Saddam Hussein will soon

also be standing waiting at

the gallows. More than 250

people have been killed after

a fuel pipeline explosion in

Nigeria's largest city Lagos

T blast happened as people

were collecting fuel from a

pipeline punctured by

thieves. Another 160 people

have been taken to two

hospitals suffering burns. A

number of houses have also

been destroyed along with a

mosque and a church. A

tsunami alert was triggered after two major earthquakes

off the coast of Taiwan T

quakes were felt throughout

Taiwan and as far as way as

China and Hong Kong. To

people were kid and dozens

injured. Residents fled in

panic as the tremors hit.

Several fires broke out

apparently caused by fallen

power lines. Two hours after the tremors the tsunami

warning was lifted. The

quakes came two years to the

day after the Asian tsunami

disaster. After 16 months of

widespread criticism few

customers and debts of more

than half a billion dollars

Sydney's Cross City Tunnel

has been placed into

receivership. The receivers

say the tunnel will continue

to operate normally but they

will look at ways to make it

more popular. The Cross City

Tunnel has been widely

unpopular since it opened

Moran year ago and now after

lingering financial and political difficulties receivers have been called

into rescue the business. We

certainly intend to work closely with the State

Government and the RTA to

ensure the success of the

project. With barely one-third of the expected

90,000 cars passing through

the tunnel each day its financial viability has

always been in question T

cross-city consortium was due the make a large interest payment payment in the next few

days. The administrators say they believed they were

unable the make the payment.

It is yet another headache

for the State Government

which has always said would

it not buy back the tunnel.

The tunnel will remain open

and operation l and there is

nories the the taxpayers of

New South Wales. The this

deal is evidence of the problems the Government has

problems the Government has

had. A syndicate of 16

domestic and international

banks are owed $560 million

by the tunnel's owners. The

wiggest share holder is a

Chinese billionaire. Westpac

Bank also has an exposure of

$50 million. Certainly I'm

optimistic they will be paid

in full. The receiver says no

significant changes to tunnel

will be made immediately but

all ooptions to ensure growth

in the business including

lower tolls will be

considered. It has been

another bloody day on the

nation's roads with 31 people

having died since the holiday

period began last Friday.

Most of the fatalities have

occurred in the three eastern

States with speed a factor in

many of them. The woman

driving this small Ford did

not stand a chance. Her car

caught fire after a head-on

Coalition in Sydney's south-west overnight.

Rescuers could not get to the 23-year-old because of the

flames. Four people in the

other car were taken to hospital. Today police

fronted the cameras to make

another appeal. Fatigue, drink driving and speeding

are still our killing factors

on our roads so I'm asking

everybody to slow down. But

slowing down they are not.

Last night in New South Wales

a learner driver was caught

doing 200 km/h. This morning

police in North Sydney

clocked a P-plate motorcyclist travelling at

220 km/h. He was 140

kilometres an her above the

speed limit. The State Government has urged drivers

not toying nor safety

warnings. Unfortunately it

only take as very small minority of stupid idiots out

there on the road not to get

that message and to end up

killing themselves or killing

other people. In Queensland

two people have been killed

on a notorious stretch of

road north of Rockhampton T

machine and woman died this

morning when their car was

flattened by a removalist

truck on the Bruce Highway.

Police say the truck drover

had drove over the top of the

small Holden when he hit head

on. It is the worst thing

I've seen. Victoria's toll

continues to climb A two-car

smash west of Bairnsdale in East Gippsland claimed the

life of a man in his 60s.

Three other men were flown to

hospitals in Melbourne with

serious injuries. A Sydney

court has been told a

teenager was trying to get

himself killed when he shot

at police and bus passengers

in the city's west overnight.

Todd William Kearney was

chased by police after

refusing to stop for officers

on the M2 motorway. He pulled

over and it is alleged he

fired at police. As well as a

police helicopter and a bus

with seven people on board.

The 19-year-old's lawyer told

Parramatta local court his

client's intention was to

have police shoot him dead T magistrate refused bail

saying it was in the man's

interest to be kept in

custody and understanding a

psychiatric assessment. Australia's

forestry industry believes

bushfire control in national

parks and reserves is

suffering from a lack of Rangers. The industry stays

communities are being put at

risk by the lock up and leave

mentaltive state and

territory governments.

Reserve and national parks are increasing in are increasing in seize but

we are not necessarily seeing

an increase in the level of

staffing that goes into

managing these national parks effectively. The call for

more hazard reduction burns

during the off season is seen

as a golden opportunity the

train firefighters. The more

we can do the better. It is

to bring in new recruits and teach them while we have

still got a bit of still got a bit of experience

around and we are certainly

running thin on experience

these days. The forest

industry says park ranger

numbers across Australia are

already well below the

international average. The

number of migrants coming to

Australia has jumped to

131,000 with the UK still the

largest single source of new

arrivals. Figures released

today show the majority of migrants sell in New South

Wales and Victoria but there Wales and Victoria but there

has been a sharp jump in the

number of people calling

South Australia and the ACT

home. Migration experts say

that is due in part to

well-managed, skilled migrant

and migration programs. If

you get a sponsor shin a

month or two months time

which probably other States

take 6 months to give a

sponsorship. While Britain is

still the single biggest source the bulk of

Australia's migrants are from

Asia. A retired judge

appointed to head a review

into the Palm Island death in

custody case has stood down.

Pat sthan a Hahn's decision followed mounting pressure

over a perceived conflict of

interest. The Queensland Premier Peter Beattie now admits the Government may

have to look interstate for a

replacement. The judge's

decision to step aside came in a in a telephone call to the

state's Attorney-General. He

has told me this morning that

after he has examined all the

factors he has decided tot to

proceed further. The etired

district court judge was last

week aappointeded to review a

decision by the DPP tholt to

prosecute Senior Sergeant

Chris Hurley over the death

of Mulrunji on Palm Island in

2004. The judge was on the

selection panel which

recommended he been given the

position of DPP The judge

has done the right thing. But

the Government still does not

accept this was a conflict of

interest. If he wantsed to

stay on it would have been

with our support. Pat sthan

a Hahn should never have been put in this position

whatsoever. A very quick

search by the

Attorney-General would have

revealed a potential

conflict. The search is now

on for a replacement and the

Premier admits it will not be

easy. There is not a lineup

from here to Cape York. Civil

libertarian Terry oh Gorman

says the Government should

look interstate. That

person's opinion is likely to

have much more credit billty

than someone seen to come

from the judicial, police or

legal elite in this

state. Aboriginal elders

agree it would be better to

have someone from outside the state. The Government is

still hoping to have the

eview of the Palm Island decision finalised before

Parliament resumes in

February. Still to come on

ABC News, Canberra zoo in a

breeding program to save the

cotton top tamarind monkey. cotton top tamarind monkey. Finance - investors return

from the break with a bang to

another new high. 70 wickets

for Shane Warne, you call

that a record? 56 16 is a

record high for the All

Ordinaries Index which picked

up another 38 points.

Investors were buying retail, hardly surprising given the reports that this year's

Christmas shopping season

went well. Retailers like

David Jones were up nearly 3

per cent and Woolworths

finished higher. Asia Pacific

rose as it agreed to buy the

Hong Kong Life business for

about $311 million T world's

second biggest miner Rio

Tinto announced a rise in

iron ore price toes China. It is

is a far cry from the

increases won since 2004 and

well below the craziness of

2005 when miners extracted a

massive 72 #3ers increase.

Japanese producers were

calling the shots in those

days, now it is the Chinese.

Tensions between Iran and the

US helped drive the gold

price higher to just above

625US $an ounce. The

Australian market was helped

by positive markets around

the world. Markets in Asia

reflected the positive trend.

It is very much a case of

cash needing to find a home.

On foreign exchange markets

the Australian dollar will

buy just over 78.5US

cents. The lure of the

tourist dollar has proved the

undoing of a big spending

local council in Japan. It is

now bankrupt after blowing

hundreds of millions of

dollars trying to turn the

town into a tourist

destination. The ABC's north

Asia correspondent Shane McLeod reports it is not

expected to be an isolated

case. Winter is bleak in this

part of northern Japan and

for the former mining town.

Yubari this one is especially

bitter. When the mines closed

in the 1980s city officials

saw tourism as the town's

salvation but their strategy

of spending subsidised

millions on museums, hotels,

resorts and theme parks

failed. Ybari built it but

the visitors simply did not

come. Now after years of

covering up the losses it is

only the second Japanese city

ever to declare bankruptcy

with more than $300 million

in-depth the financial

medicinisticly harsh for the

tonne's 3000 residents. Taxes

have been hiked and

Government services are being

slashed. This is one of the

city's 11 schools that will

be merged into just two.

Exchange teacher from

Melbourne says people are

resigned to the consequences

of the city's over spending.

They did not have the Monday

which but they still wanted

to tie hard to, you Noi, keep

the traditions going I guess. This man has run his

chemist for more than 30

years watching the town's

decent from its heyday. He is

angry that the city officials

behind the big-spending

tourism land are not being

held to account and he is

worried taxes will drive away

more customers. The more the financial burden increases,

he says, the more people will

feel they cannot live here

which will accelerate the

movement of people out of the

city. It is a big blow for

shop keepers like me because I will lose customers. The new administrators hope they

can pay down the city's debt

within 20 years. The troubles

are a lesson for the many

other Japanese towns facing

financial difficulties. The

perils of trying to spend

your way out of trouble. With

Japan's population shrinking

and its economy still weak

Yubari will not be an

isolated case. Shane McLeod,

ABC News northern Japan. Gerald Ford Japan. Gerald Ford who only

last month became the longest

surviving former US President

has died. He was 93. The only

unelected president he took

office after Richard Nixon

resigned in disgrace over

Watergate in 1974. The

following year America

conceded defeat in Vietnam.

He then lost the 1976

election to Democrat Jimmy

Carter. Gerald Ford was an accidental president accidental president and also

accident prone. Critics

ridiculed his occasional clumsiness but he has been

praised by President Bush for

helping to heal America and

restore public confidence in

the presidency. If English

cricket team is reviewing its

locker room security tonight

after its bowling plans were

apparently emailed to ABC's

radio web site today.

Officials are investigating

whether there was a leek.

Australia in in a commanding

position on day two of the

fourth Test after centuries

from Matthew Hayden and

Andrew Symonds. Australia had

lost early wickets before the

duo steadied the ship and

then began to dominate. Their

partnership was worth 279

runs. Resuming at 2/48 Ricky Ponting and Hayden negotiated

the first half hour of play

before the captain chose the

wrong ball the try to lift

the tempo. Can he catch it?

Yes, he does. Flintoff gets

three. At 3/63 it was the England skipper for once able

the anigh pressure to the Australians. After drinks

Matthew Hoggard took the ball

and found enough swing to get

through the defences of

Michael Hussey T cracks were

starting to appear when

Michael Clarke all too briefly joined

briefly joined Hayden in the

middle. Andrew Symonds enter

the fra with the score at

5/85 determined to show a more measured approach to

suit a critical moment in the

Test match. Together the Queenslanders nursed

Australia passed the English

total before the right-hander

started to flex his muscles.

Approaching a century his

partner was not to be out partner was not to be out

done. The senior partner

continued to plunder as he

approached his 27th Test

century a theme that carried

through to the moment he

reached triple figures. Over

the top goes Matthew Hayden.

What a century that is! The

partnership was already the

game's most productive.

Symonds was typically brutal

in giving himself the chance

to reach his maiden Test 100

before living out every

cricketer's dream. Symonds

has it! And what a way to get

it! A maiden Test match 100

for a dream entertainer!

Hayden eventually fell for

153 by which stage the

partnership of 279 had taken

Australia within sight of a

4-0 lead. Symond unbeaten at

stumps 154 not stumps 154 not out. Competitors in the

Melbourne to Hobart and

Melbourne to Launceston yacht

races have had a copy start

but they are yet to tackle

Tasmania's fear some West

Coast. Fresh from a win in

yesterday's cock of the bay

Shogun was the first out of

the heads at port sea.

Squally conditions shoulded

the 35th start of the event

known Tasmania yachties yacht

race. 10 to 15knot winds

produced a rough 2 metre

swell Fit was easy anyone

could do it. That is what ocean racing is all

about. Unlike the Sydney to

Hobart this course takes races down Tasmania's treacherous West Coast. Within minutes there were

close shaves and new

collisions at the first

marker. Laden with an

experienced Mornington crew

the favourite No Fear got a

good start. We are really

serious with this race and we

want to take it out.╝white

But it will have to beat the

Spirit of Down Under. This is

a character building race,

that west coaster with the

known westerlies can be a

very daunting place. All the

more so for the two-man crew

of Deck denied competing in

the shorter Launceston race.

A lot less sleep and more

work so you only have 50 per

cent of the workload instead

of 1/12th of the workload.

Attempting his 25th race

there were fans on if pier.

The fleet is expected to

reach Hobart on Friday or

Saturday. New South Wales

shortly star Ben Kirsten has

won the invitational Kieren

on the second day of the Latrobe carnival in northern

Tasmania. He was too strong

in the event after finding it

difficult off scratch in the

handicap races yesterday. It

was pretty horrible. Every

day your evaluation of the

day as a result of the

handicap and if you do not

even get close you get upset

with yourself. It was a photo

finish in the women's 1000

metre handicap with Liz

Williams beating the

Queenslander. It was like,

hello? I will speed up then. The 17-year-old

Launceston cyclist Tom

Robinson won the 2000 metre

wheel race off 80 metres.

handicap. They are Grant Page won the 800 metre

handicap. They are cute, tiny

and have been brought close to extinction by their

resemblance to a movie

characters of the 1980s but

two baby cotton-top tamrinds

could help make their species

bring a comeback. The babies

were born just two weeks ago

and until now were so small

visitors could not see them.

The baby cotton top tamarins

are part of a regional

breeding program. Their

mother came from New Zealand

and their father from a

Sydney zoo. Originally from

South America there are now

less than 3000 in the wild.

They are critically

endangered in the wild so it

is important to have a

breeding program in the zoo and regionally and

internationally. It was their

resemblance to the movie characters Gremlin thanks was

almost their undoing with

more than 30,000 taken as

pets. There was such a great

demand to have them as

people's own gem Lyn everyone

wanted one so it was a big

part apart from habitat

destruction why they are so

endangered. The babies will

stay in the Canberra zoo

until they are 2 years old when they

when they will move out to

join other breeding

programs. Turning now to our

weather. It was a sunny day,

warmer than previous days

with a top 26 this afternoon

after 8 last night.

Mostly sunny in

Mostly sunny in the local region tomorrow although

Goulburn will have cloud

increasing and 27. Some

showers in Batemans Bay 23,

Bega 24. Canberra tomorrow

fine apart from the chance of

late showers. Mild to warm

weather with moderate

westerly winds heading for a

top of 28 after an overnight

minimum of 10. Onfy and

Saturday a few showers then

the chance of afternoon showers right showers right through to the

middle of next week. We are

only hope! New a look back at

the top stories. It has been

a dramatic day in the Sydney

to Hobart race. One yacht has

been abandoned and seven

others have given up racing

after a night of rough

weather off the New South

Wales coast. An appeals court

has upheld Saddam Hussein's

death sentence saying he

days. should be executed within 30

days. That is ABC News. Stay

with us now for the '7.30

Report' coming up next. Thank

you for your company. Closed Captions by CSI Goodnight.

People can't afford to

live here with their

families. Tonight - the down

side of the mining boom. The Queensland town that says

enough is enough. I've been

here for 22 years and it was a

family town. I brought my

family up here and now all we

are seeing is more single

people living in the people living in the town. And,

no poison, no predators. The

high-tech effort to wipe out

Australia's most damaging

pests. After a while you run

out of females in the

population effectively

disappears. CC

Welcome to the program. I'm

Scott Bevan. Those stories

shortly, but first, the legal