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(generated from captions) A huge chemical fire in the

nation's capital - nation's capital - Canberra

indoors. residents to told to stay

This Program is Captioned Live.

The stepmother of Australian

girl Zahra Baker pleads guilty

to her murder. It's a fair

statement to say we would not statement to say we would

have been at those locations

had she not shared information

that she had that lead us

there. A rescue under way for

four British mine ers trapped

underground by flash flooding

in Wales. And a shock move in

the AFL - St Kilda loses Ross

Lyon to Fremantle.

Good morning, it's Friday, 16 September, I'm Michael Rowland And I'm Virginia

Trioli. The top story

Trioli. The top story -

firefighters are battling a

massive chemical fire in the

Canberra suburb of Mitchell.

There have been a series of

explosions sending flames 200m

into the air. Residents within

a 10km radius of the blaze have

been told to stay indoors and

Evacuation centres have been keep their windows closed.

set up at the Canberra Stadium

and at nearby Dickson

College. So residents within

10km of that fire have been 10km of that fire have

warned to stay indoors. They

have to keep their windows

closed. If you're in Canberra,

that is the advice you're

having biffen and you have the

evacuation centres at Canberra

Stadium and Dickson College. No

reports at casualties. And

firefighters stress the blaze firefighters stress the

has been cob fined to one

building. Mix is a largely

industrial suburb of Canberra,

so that is one thing going in

the firefighters' favour. From my recollection there aren't

too many houses within cooee of

that factory or the operation

that is going up in smoke. We

are now joined, we're told, by

an ABC reporter on the scene.

Troy, good morning. What can

you see? What I can see at the

moment is the fire is still

raging completely out of

control. What is actually

happening is there's been a

series os of explosions in the

past half an hour. Those

explosions actually began at

2am. The fire started around

midnight and has been actually

of hours it was under - in fact for the first couple

control. Then those explosions

happened. This is a chemical

factory and whatever those

chemicals are in there begun

exploding at 2am. That

initially forced firefighters

to retreat for about 20 minutes

while they regaerntd then they

went in and attempted to get at

this fire. As you can see over

my shoulder this fire is still

well and truly out of control

and they have no idea when it

will be under control. Do you

to neighbouring know how close that factory is

to neighbouring houses? Look,

it is actually about 500m or it is actually about 500m or so

from a suburb called

Franklin. The suburb that the

factory is in is called

Mitchell, about 5km from the

city. And that entire suburb

has been evacuated. It is an

industrial suburb. The industrial suburb. The near

houses are about 500m away.

Those residents have actually been given an emergency

warning. They've been told to

stay inside, close their doors

and windows and also - and also

turn off their air conditioning

and not go outside. In fact,

that warnings ohhing has been

given to residents 10km around

this zone. That is simply

because you can see the black,

acrid smoke that is coming off

that fire. They've done some atmospheric testing and at this

stage the tests are clear.

They're just taking every

precaution for the residents in

that 10km zone in the northern that 10km zone in the

suburbs to stay inside. Until

they're told to come they're told to come out. We're

talking a fairly large slab

talking a fairly large slab of

inner Canberra there, aren't

we? We. Are and we're also

embarking on the peak hour here

this morning and peak hour out

of these suburbs is an area

called Gungahlin and to be

frank with you it is very

difficult on the best of days

to get out of Gungahlin and

there are road closures right

across this area. There are

roads closed about 2 to 3km

away. I am about 3km away from

the fire. And I am at a roadblock and there are going roadblock and there are

to be cars trying to get to be cars trying to get into

the city this morning and

they're not going to have a good time doing that. Have

firefighters been telling

reporters how toxic these

chemicals potentially are that

are spewing from this factory? At this stage all

they're telling us is that it is toxic. They are warning

people to stay inside. From my

general observations, I've been

out here since about 1am and I

honestly haven't smelt

anything. That is not to say

that there isn't actually

something toxic in the air. And

observing myself and this just from what I've been

morning as the dawn has broken,

that smoke is firely high up

there in the atmosphere. They

that have been doing

atmospheric testing and so far

they've come back clear. Troy

Cuthbert son in Canberra, thank

you for the update. Thank you. Now here is Virginia with

the rest of the day's news. In

other news this morning - the

American stepmother of murdered

Australian girl Zahra Baker has

pleaded guilty to second degree

murder and obstruction of

justice. Elisa Baker showed justice. Elisa Baker showed little

emotion as she entered her

plea. She admitted to

physically, verbally and psychologically abusing the

10-year-old. E lice a Baker now

faces up to 18 years in jail: An operation is under way

in the south of Wales to free

four miners trapped

underground. The men became

stranded 90m below the surface

following a flash flood in the

coal mine in the Swansea

Valley. Three miners manage ed

to esz cape and one is in a to esz cape and one is in

critical condition in hospital. Dave cave divers have Dave cave divers have been

working to free the men for 12

hours. Police in London have

suspect add rogue trader

million from UBS. Kweku Adoboli accused of lose ing almost $2

was arrested at his home and is

believed to work in the bank's

equities division. The bank

shares fell 8% after this was

announced that it was

investigating rogue trades. UBS says customer accounts are says customer accounts are not

involved in the alleged fraud.

A bomb attack has killed at

least 20 people in north-west

Pakistan. The bomb exploeded

during a funeral in a village

close to the Afghan border.

Police say a suicide bomber

blew himself up as mourners

were gathering for prayers. And

Optus is going to the Federal

Government today over a copy

Wright dispute with the - Wright dispute with the - copy

wriet dis#350u9 with the two

football codes #679d football codes #679d they're

planning to sue Optus for

broadcasting their games online

with as little as a 2-minute delay. Britain's delay. Britain's program David Cameron and French

President Sarkozy are in Libya this morning to show this morning to show their

support for country's interim

Government. They're the first

foreign leaders to visit Libya

since the fall of the Gaddafi

regime. Thousand of people

turned out to greet them. Early

in Tripoli the pair pledged

their ongoing support for the

new Government. The United

States Government is calling

meanwhile for all US citizens

to leave Syria immediately amid

fears the situation there is

about to get much worse. Kweku

Adoboli 's - Bashar Al-Assad's

regime has killed thousands of

people in his attempt to hang

on to power. But he is unlikely

to face the same situation as

Libya. The crowds in the

street are still protest and

Russia's flag along with's is

burned foyer its stubborn

support of Syria's regime,

despite a Government that has

killed thousands. Borough sha

has no time to have sanction.

We must not idealise this situation, says Dmitry

Medvedev, we must approach it

from a balance of strong est

interest. Russia's interest in

Syria has everything to do with

arms. It hopes to sell Damascus

new fighter gels, new fighter gels, missile

systems an artillery. In all,

about $4 billion worth of

contracts. Moscow is not about

to lose another Mideast

customer, says this analyst,

without a fight. All other

countries, they are not our

kind of clients. They are

clients of the United States,

France, Britain. And if Syria

also will follow will lose

almost all our clients in almost all our clients in the

Middle East. The Arab Middle East. The Arab spring

has not been good to Russia.

Its ties to Muammar Gaddafi go

back decades and Moscow only

reluctantly recognised the new

Government. That they put

billions of dollars of

construction and oil contracts

at risk. Now many say the same

scenario is playing out in

Syria, where Russia has

billions invested and a major

naval base. Russia has a lot to

lose in Syria. That's why

Russia wants to find out less

the stabilising way out of the

situation. More than anything,

the Kremlin wants to be seen as

standing by Syria. Russia has

already halted missile sale

toirs ran and it failed to toirs ran and it failed to veto

UN Security Council action in

Libya. Any fear fear when Libya. Any fear fear when it

comes to repairing Russia's

reputation as reliable arms

supplier, the damage is already

done. Now, Palans have launched

their bu - Palestinians have

launched their bid to become

the world's newest

nation. They're expected to

find plenty of support at the

UN general assembly but there

is also strong opposition to the move. From Israel, the move. From Israel, the

United States and also from the

militant party Hamas which

croms part of the land that

would become the nation of Palestine. Middle Palestine. Middle East

correspondent Ben Knight

reports. This man is a Foreign

Minister without a country. But next week his government plans

to ask the world to accept pal

style as its newest nation. The

Israelis are not interested in

peace and in negotiations with

the Palestinians. In this case,

we have decided to take the

fight back to the United

Nations, where it belongs. And

to ask the United Nations to ask the United Nations to

take full responsibility. For

two years Palestinians have

been busy trying to build the

foundations of a nation. While

peace talks with Israel have

gone nowhere. Now, Palestinians

are ditching the entire premise

of those talk s under which

they've become a nation only

after reaching a deal with

Israel. They say that while

Israel continues to build

Jewish homes on the land

Palestinians want for their

country, the time for talks has

run out. When Israel decides

one day to sit and to negotiate

with the Palestinians, there

will be nothing left for to

negotiate about. But Israel negotiate about. But Israel is

warning the Palestinians

against going it alone to the UN.

(Speaks foreign language)

On the streets of Ramallah,

the flags are flying in

support. But some say that

trying to become the uven's

194th - UN's 194th member is an

empty stunt. Others warn it

will lead to even more tension

and possibly violence. The vote

is almost certain to pass the

UN general Assembly. But it won't get past the Security

Council. Where the United

States has already said it will

use its veto to stop it. You

will often hear reference to

what preem say tong Arab Street

as if all public opinion across

the Middle East were the same.

At the moment, there is a

common thread running through -

deep annoy iance at the United

States. . (Speaks foreign

language) (Speaks foreign language)

Two years ago, the Two years ago, the US

President Barack Obama tried to

change America's image in the

Arab world with a speech in

Cairo. It all seems a very long

time ago now. And we

apologise to the non-Arab

speakers out there, we're speakers out there, we're yet

to get translations for those

various parts of Ben Knight's

story, they will be there later

in the show. If you're in the show. If you're just

tuning in, the major story tuning in, the major story this

morning is a huge chemical fire

has that has erupted at mix,

which is north of Canberra.

There you see some footage

taken overnight. A chemical

factory has gone up in smoke.

That fire is still rage ing

this morning. The great fire

this morning is residents

within a 10km radius of that

fire which essentially takes in

all of inner northern Canberra,

include ing Civic, the city

centre of Canberra, have been

told to stay indoors for fear

those residents may inhale those residents may inhale what

could be potentially toxic chemicals We spoke to our

reporter earlier, or you did a

moment ago, who is on the

scene. So remind us of the

nature of that factory. What

sort of factory It's a chemical

factory. Firefighters weren't

able to explain what the potential chemicals were

involved but tfsz vr it was a

chemical factory. It was a fire

that broke out around midnight.

Firefighters had it under control initially but something

happened inside, whether there

were chemicals or oil barrels

that went up in stroke that went up in stroke that

triggered the second and more destructive wave of the fire.

That is still burning this

morning. The other big fear for Canberra residents that the

fire is one thing but gungallin

the area of - Gungahlin is the area of - Gungahlin is the

area of northern Canberra is

usually a bottle neck in the

morn an there's fears of

traffic chaos as workers from

the north of Canberra try to

leave their homes, if it is

safe to leave, to get to

work. . Melissa Clarke joins us

now. This fire and those

explosions - woke you up? Jee

they did. I woke up hearing a

series of booment and it was

like a wave. There were several

booms that came in multiple

waves, so it was clearly something competent significant

going on. I live several

kilometres from the site so the

fact that sound is travelling

that far makes it clear how

destructive and powerful this

fire is in Mitchell. It's

certainly concerning to hear

that 10km radius and the people

who have been suggested to stay

indoors because that does

include a very significant

portion of inner Canberra, if

you go to Civic, if you go to

the full 10km radius. So the full 10km radius. So that

shows the power of this fire. The politicians fire. The politicians have

headed out as they normally do

of a Thursday evening so at

least the traffic problems

won't be affecting the pollies. I shouldn't pollies. I shouldn't affect

most of the pollies. Most of

them high tail out of Canberra

as soon as Parliament rises.

Most will have left last night

but it will affect a large

amount of commurters that come

in not only from Canberra's

north so from some of the

feeder suburbs from across feeder suburbs from across the

border in NSW, there's a lot of

people who will do a people who will do a commute

into Canberra. So it will

affect those people. Julia

Gillard is one who is still in

Canberra because she is giving

a speech here today talking

about re forms to the Labor

Party. I am sure there will be

meant yf y of people check ing

routes to make sure she doesn't

end up anywhere she is not supposed to be. This speech

that Julia Gillard is going to

give today, this looks like a

significant one. Is it finally

that review of the Labor Party

that was written how many years

ago now? This particular one

was done after the was done after the 2010

election by the former election by the former premiers

Bob Carr and Steve Bracks, and

current senator John

Faulkner. So this was the

internal review into what had

gone wrong for Labor Party in

that dreadful 2000 election

that saw them only just hang on

to power. The Government has

had plenty of time and had plenty of time and the

Labor Party itself has had

plenty of time to look at plenty of time to look at the

recommendations and now we're

seeing somg of the first of

them - some of the first of

them to be adopted. Julia

Gillard in her speech today will announce some of the

recommendations they will press

ahead with, in particular

setting targets for membership

growth because of concerns

about the declining membership

base. We expect they will aim

to get 8,000 new members each year, which is double what

they're getting at the moment,

and they will start to look at

implementing US-style primary

votes when it comes to preselecting cannediates for

See seats that are open or

aren't currently held bay

sitting member. So they are significant changes but of

course there are also a raft of

other recommendations put

forward by Carr, Bracks forward by Carr, Bracks and

Faulkner that we we are not

sure the Labor Party will adopt

or if they will adopt them

later on down the stage. So I

will be interesting to see just

how far Julia Gillard how far Julia Gillard is

prepared to go at this

stage. In the meantime, what do

we know that Tony Abbott might

be up to? What we have is Tony

Abbott getting a briefing today from the Government and

government officials government officials about

their legislation that they are

drafting to try and salvage the

Malaysia solution. So this Malaysia solution. So this is legislation is that legislation is that would give

the Government power to the Government power to send

asylum seekers to third

countries for pro countries for pro procession.

Tony Abbott will get that

information about the

legislation today and then take

some time to

some time to consider whether or not the Coalition will

support it and the indications were from yesterday it will

have to be are & very

convincing speech to get him on

board. Thank you so much, Melissa. Let's check out what's

makes news on the fraintion of

the major newspapers. Let's

start with the 'Age' that

reports the former drug squad

detective Paul Dale paid

gangland figure Carl Williams

$150,000 to kill a police

informer. The 'Courier Mail' says Queensland Premier Anna

Bligh has slapped down calls

for an early election after her

deputy said he would quit

politics at the next politics at the next poll. The

'Canberra Times' says Julia

Gillard will outline a plan for

major reform of the Labor Party today. As part of her reform

plan, Julia Gillard will try to

broaden the party's base by

trialing US-style primaries to choose candidates. That is choose candidates. That is in

the 'Australian'. The 'West

Australian' reports St Kilda's

Ross Lyon is set to become

Fremantle's next senior coach

after Mark Harvey was sacked un ceremoniously ceremoniously yesterday. The

'Herald Sun' says St Kilda is

in turmoil after Lyon's

sensation ally quit

yesterday. The 'Financial

Review' reports a talent war

among law firms means partners

salaries have leached $2

million The NSW chief planner

says the State's entire electricity grid should electricity grid should be

privatised that's in 'The Daily

Telegraph'. 'Advertiser' says

Senators from all sides Senators from all sides of

politics have voted unanimously

to ject ABC plans to dump SANFL broadcasts 'The broadcasts 'The Mercury'

reports that the Tasmania University Union is calling University Union is calling for

increased police patrols after

a spring oi attacks. And a spring oi attacks. And the

Northern Territory News reports

on a croc who ate a hog. There

you are, pork on the wild side.

That is a nasty looking dead

pig. Do you think these

photographers hang around the

billabongs and pool s and eddies of the Northern

Territory waiting for this to

cam come. There's a small elite

band known as

coocarazzi! You're a nutter! We

do seem to have a few technical

difficulties this morning - so

please bear with us. Do you

have a reflection on have a reflection on what the

Labor Party might need to do to

make itself more of an

electable organisation. It

doesn't seem to be if its state

at Federal level either. These

are recommendations quite wade

rienging that were made by two

earth Augustus members of the

Labor club. Their - awe gust

members of the Labor club. They

are wanting to less en the grip

of the union moment of the - moment of the Labor Party. Is

that a good thing? I have my

doubts about this option of a

primary contest for Labor Party

canned dated? You don't like

it? In America and if it Combet

s here it almost l come down

down to the candidate who has

the most money and we have a potential corrupting of the

process here. You mightity Thi

that is a better way of opening

up the process to grass roots

members. Or you might think the

process is corrupted

anyway. How low can we go? If

you have a view on that, please let us know.

Alright, now we will be joined by Paul Kennedy very

shortly talking about sport. In

the meantime, let's take a look

at the top stories on ABC News

Breakfast. A huge chemical fire

is burning in Canberra,

is burning in Canberra, there

have been several have been several explosions

send ing flames 200m into the

air. Residents within 10km of

the blaze are being told to

stay indoors and evacuation

centres have been set up. The

stepmother of Australian stepmother of Australian girl

Zahra Baker has pleaded guilty

to murdering the 10-year-old.

Elisa Baker pleaded guilty to

second begree murder and

obstructing justice. Under a

plea deal Baker faces up to

plea deal Baker faces up to 18

years in jail And a rescue

operation is under way to free

four coal mine ers trapped

underground in the south of

Wales. The men were stranded

90m below the surface after a

flash flood. Three other flash flood. Three other miners

managed to escape: The head

of the im fr, Christine Lagarde lag, is urged lag, is urged advanced countries to take bold countries to take bold action

to break the cycling of weak

economic growth and high dent

that is threatening to that is threatening to derail

the global economy. She says the economic crisis in

developed economies has entered a dangerous new phase. But

overall growth is continuing to

slowdown, the advised economies

in particular are 'Face to

Face' ing a bumpy recovery are

unacceptably high levels of

unemployment. The euro debt

crisis has worsened, financial

strains are rising and again

without collective bold action

there is a real risk the major

economies slip back instead of

moving forward. Despite the very gloomy picture that very gloomy picture that we

have at the moment, I believe

that there is a path to

recovery. It's indeed a narrow

one and it is certainly

narrower than it was three years ago because the volume

and the mment of munition is

different - lower. But there is

a path and it will require

strong political will across

the world, not just in one

country. But in many countries

and it will require decisive

action on the part of some central banks. IMF central banks. IMF chief Christine Lagarde there. Let's

go to the markets now and the

Dow has gone up 186 points


Do you think Lagarde goes to

the same solarium as Silvio

Berlusconi? I had that

suspicion. They both sort of

like thash they suss scribed to

the burnt ricotta school of healthy looking skin. Get out

of the sun, honey! European

winters can be fairly cold. So

they have to try to keep up

their vitamin D levels. Have

you never heard of melanoma in

Europe! Let's look at the sport headlines. Paul Kennedy, what

the hell is going mon the the hell is going mon the AFL

Kofi Annaning ranks? It's hard

to keep track of. If you didn't

stay up with your football news late yesterday and last

evening, I can tell you evening, I can tell you that

Ross Lyon is on the & plane

this morning and head ing to

Perth because he has quit hz

position as coach of St Kilda,

which blind sided the club and

his management because his

management was in charge of the

Fremantle coach, Mark Harvey,

who has been sacked. So Lyon

goes over to WA, this is a

skilled wra Football Club late

yesterday. That is the chief

executive Craig knelt fold, he

is trying to work out what is

going on as well because seem

ingly Lyon had been in talks

with the Fremantle team for a

couple of weeks. Mark Harvey,

who yesterday was having a

function with his boss and then

all of a sudden he was all of a sudden he was sacked

at the end of the day after

having quite a good couple of

years. They had injuries to

blame for missing this year's

final and last last year they

won a final. So Mark won a final. So Mark Harvey

would be shaking his head. He

is the biggest loser out of all

of. This we're yet to hear from

those key players in that

football drama in this week of

football finals. So let's touch

on the finals now. And Lance

Franklin would have been big

news on any other day but it

was almost secondary news

yesterday that he has recovered remarkably from that knee

injury last week. What looked

like a season-ending 2012-ending injury, turns 2012-ending injury, turns out

to be OK and Franklin will

play, it seems, against the

Swans tomorrow night. Daniel

hanterberry will play as well

despite a shoulder injury.

Carlton has gone west too, they

might see Ryan Ross Lyon over

there but they have bigger

things on their plate.

things on their plate. They're

playing the West Coast Eagles without Bryce Gibbs and without Bryce Gibbs and then

there was the drama with the AFL Players Association knocking back a deal from the

AFL, the AFL offered them a pay

keel over five years and the

players Association says they

want a three-year deal. So

plenty happening in the AFL. Of

course there's a rugby World

Cup going on at the moment and

the Wallabies preparing to the Wallabies preparing to play

Ireland on the weekend. James

O'Connor is back in the

starting steam. James O'Connor's redemption is

complete. I am stoked. Can't

wait to play against

Ireland. He will join the

run-on side for run-on side for Saturday's clash against Ireland as the

Wallabies lead goal kiber. No

sprie, but has the 21-year-old

learnt his lesson about

sleeping in? He's less likely

to take that jersey for granted

in the future: The bench will

be bolstered by the return from

injury of winger Drew Mitchell. I would prefer to Mitchell. I would prefer to be

lacing up the boots than the

tie. Off-field, Quade Cooper continues to draw publicity.

Apparently for all the Yong reasons. New Zealanders haven't

forgoifen him for his run-up

with the All Blacks captain in

the Tri-Nations. Even Nick Farr-Jones says Cooper lacks

respect: No doubt it could come

back and bite you. I won't be

just him, though, it will be

the whole squad impacted.

Someone should tell boofheads

like that. I don't have any

comments on that. It's great to

have Craig with us and he is

commit Dodd 2 best interests of

the team. As for the boofhead

tag - Just have a look at him!

But Cooper insists he But Cooper insists he is

feeling the love. I rather

look at the positives and the

positives there are that people

are backing up us to make the final. But before then it's Ireland this Saturday: Ireland this Saturday: To

rugby league now because rugby league now because there

are two big finals this weekend

also in that competition. The

warriors are hoping to have an upset tonight when they upset tonight when they play

the West Tigers. They were

splashed last week by Brisbane

with too many turnovers and too

many offloads that didn't find

their man. Ivan Cleary says

they won't change their

stie. We will go back to what

we did to get there in the

first place. We deserve to be

here, if you look at that game,

that is questionable, but certainly in our

certainly in our form leading

up to the finals was good and

against good teams. And that is

really what we have to focus

on, going back to what got us

here in the first place. So

lots of football news around

and it must be said that Robbie and it must be said that

Deans is sitting up on the

frontbench with boofhead Quade

Cooper, Kurtley Beale and James

O'Connor who had his problems

doing a remarkable job keeping

those young guys who have those young guys who have these

tendencies to go a little bit

off the rails every now and

again all on the same page and

they're such stunning players

when they're doing it well.

That is one of Robbie's

strength s it seement. I know strength s it seement. I

Jim Middleton is coming in to

do the paper review later this

hour, I will leave it for him

to make the comparison s

between the Labor Party and the

AFL - ALP and the AFL because

there's strike k similarities

between what happened between what happened yesterday

was high drama. It's like that.

And completely unexpected. Yes,

nobody saw it come, not least

of all Harvey, who is jobless

this morning afterdoing a

respectable job this year. That

now raises questions about the

very, very long on-field speech

that he gave his players at the

owned end of their last game

after this home and away

season. It just went on and on

and it was so surprising and

everyone had left the field. I

want to know now. I must say

when he was making that speech

I think Lyon was gone. Vanessa

O'Hanlon joins us for a look at

the weather. Good morning.

Cloud associated with cold

fronts are causing blustery

showers across WA's south-west,

also Victoria and Tasmania.

This band of cloud between the

fronts is quite high,

connected to a trough but fronts is quite high, it's

connected to a trough but not

causing any showers. The slow moving high is keeping the rest

of the country clear as it

generate ing warm north-west

ler ly winds. There will be

showers about the North east

tropics and warm north-westerly

winds will strengthen over the

south-east after an approaching

front. Early Sunday morning a

moderate cold front is expected

to reach the WA south-west

capes. In Queensland, strong

south-easterly winds along the

coast north of Cooktown, a

mostly sunny day for NSW, mostly sunny day for NSW, with south-west to north-westerly winds, tending west to northers witherly. In witherly. In Canberra,

firefighters are dealing with

very light south-easterly

winds, Sydney heading for 24

degrees. Victoria, isolated

showers will extend across most

of the southern and of the southern and mountain

districts with light to

moderate North westerly winds.

Certainly warming up a top of

29 in Mildura. Tasmania

scattered showers about the

west will extend across the

State. Strong westerly winds in

the south. A mostly sunny day

for SA with warmer

north-westerly winds, higher

temperatures as well, 24 in

Adelaide. A top of 30 for

Whyalla. WA - isolated showers

south-west of Geraldton to

Israelite Bay. Afternoon and

evening showers south-west of

Perth to Ravensthorpe. Sunny in

the north, a few showers are

likely along the Northern

Territory's north coast and

another total fire ban across

the Top End. For the weekend, a

fine day in Brisbane, it will

be sunny in Sydney and

Canberra. Rain at types in

Hobart with a top of 18


You're watching ABC News

Breakfast - still to come - we

will keep you updientd the huge

chemical fire is still burning

in Canberra. Toxic smoke is

billowing into the air and

there's a 10km exclusion zone

around the fire. And we will

look at the Friday look at the Friday newspapers.

Join s ing us on the coach will

be Jim Middleton. The be Jim Middleton. The lead Leeding the news this Leeding the news this morning

explosions are continuing to

rock Canberra from a massive

chemical fire that is stilling

burning ute of control in the

suburb of Mitchell. A huge

plume of black smoke is

drifting over the area.

Residents within a 10km zone of

the blaze have been told to

stay indoors and keep

stay indoors and keep their

window s shut. Evacuation sent

erts have been set up at Canberra Stadium and Dickson College. The stepmother College. The stepmother of Zahra Baker has made pleeded

guilty to second degree murder

and obstruction of justice.

Elisa Baker has also confessed

to desecrating and hiding the

girl's body. She now faces up

to 18 year s in jail. Rescuers

are trying to free four coal

miners trapped undergrown after miners trapped undergrown

a flash flood in the south of Wales. Three other Wales. Three other miners

managed to escape. One of them

is in a critical condition in

hospital. Rescue teams include

ing Dave cave livers have been

working frantically to free the

men. Police in London men. Police in London have

arrested a suspected rogue

trader accused of losing almost

$2 billion from Swiss bank UBS.

31-year-old man was arrested at

his home sand believed to work

in the bank's equity in the bank's equity division.

The bank's shares fell 8% The bank's shares fell 8% after

it was announced it was

investigating rogue trades. And

Britain 's Prime Britain 's Prime Minister,

David Cameron, and French

President Nicolas Sarkozy are

in Libya to show their support

for the country's interim

government. Thousands of people

turned out to greet them when

they arrived in Benghazi.

Earlier in Tripoli the pair

pledged their ongoing support

for the new Government. Now we

are going to take you back are going to take you back to

Canberra in a moment to update

you on the situation at that

fire, according to our

reportiner Canberra our political reporter Melissa

Clarke to whom we speak every

day Rowe roads in itch el are

closed as well as Wells Station

Road, Flemington Road, Old

Wells Station Road. So they're

some of the road cloesh nurse a

very large area as that our

reporter told us early was

going to cause some problem s

this morning. Troy Cuthbertson

is back with us. is back with us. Do

firefighters have any idea of

what is in that smoke right

now? Look at this stage they -

if they do know and we

certainly hope they do, but

they are not telling the public

at. It is a chemical fire and

they're warning anyone in this 10km exclusion zone (PROBLEM WITH (PROBLEM WITH SOUND)

And also with their air

conditioning off . There are

some evacuation centres. They

be have been be have been using (PROBLEM WITH SOUND)

Troy, we seem - I am so sorry,

we have a bit of a problem with

your audio this morning. We

have you there on a digital

link and we're just struggling

to keep your sound going. So we

will come back to you in a

tick. These pictures were taken

overnight, and show #2e678 tent

of the fire and the incred - ex

the extent of the fire and the

incredible explosion and our

ear witness we can call her ear witness we can call her -

Melissa Clarke - who was woken

by it around 2am and many by it around 2am and many other

Canberrans as the flames went

dozens of meeters in into the

sky, just extraordinary

scenes. We were talking about

potential traffic chaos given

that area of Canberra is a bit

of a traffic bottle neck. of a traffic bottle neck. But

the situation could be about to

get a whole lot worse. Action

Buss has just announced that

all buses in the north of

Canberra have been suspended

until further notice and we

know there are no trains in

Canberra. Buss are the sole

form of public transport.

They're a very popular way of

getting kbran 'Canberra'ians to

work but in the North of Canberra until further notice they won't be operating this

morning I think Troy is back

with us. A few problem s with

your audio. I don't know if

it's interfered with by the toxic plume! Tell ussant the

exclusion zone. I was reading

out a couple of road

closures. Probably about a 3km

exclusion zone for cars around

this area in this area in this (PROBLEM WITH (PROBLEM WITH SOUND)

No, Troy, I am so sorry we

will leave it there. Sorry to

put you through it and put you through it and my

apologies to the viewers for

putting you through that as

well. Once we get that line

fixed we will go back to him. A dranlatic rescue dranlatic rescue oferation is

under way to try to reach under way to try to reach four

miners who are trapped

underground in a colliery in

south Wales. They were trand stranded after the mine

flooded, three other flooded, three other men

managed to get out. Hidden

in the trees the small

privately owned pit is one of

only a handful left in south

Wales, they've been mining coal here for decades. This

morning, seven men who were

working underground Game became

trapped. Three managed to

escape and one was air lifted

to hospital. Rescue teams

were scrambled around 9:30,

they say they face a

challenging situation

underground. Everybody that

needs to be there from the

emergency services, including

the mine rescue teams are

there. They've got all the

support from the other

emergency services. Including

the local authority as

well. The colliery is a small drift mine, bored straight drift mine, bored straight into

the ground and running deep

under a hill. One description

from a few years ago talks of

severe water problems. We don't

know what happened underground

today but the four miners are

trapped behind water in the

shaft. A few miles away, relatives are being looked

after at this community centre

where they wait for news. The

water came in and just water came in and just four

people still down there. Where

were you? I was were you? I was working out. You were out. You were underground? No,

I don't work there. Friends of

yours under there? My father.

Alongside the rescue

operation, an investigation

into what happened is under

way. Members of the team

working underground say they

won't stop until they get the

four miners out. That was

the BBC reporting. We will try

a third time lucky and try to

go back to Troy Cuthbert son

who is at the fire in Canberra.

What can you tell us? As you

know, the fire has now been

burning for about 6.5 hours,

they really have not brought

this under control. As yet. We

were talking earlier about the

evacuation zones in the 10km

raid wrus around this area, in

the northern residential

suburbs. Residents are being

asked to stay indoo, keep their

door s shut and keep their air

conditioning off but most

people are starting to

ventsdsure out into what will

now be traffic grid lock in

this area as they try to head

to work. There are evacuation zones here in Canberra. There

are actually two and at last

report there were about 100

people, most of those from a

camping ground at the Canberra show grounds called Exhibition

Park. They're n here in

Canberra for a horse show and

apparently we've got horses

apparently we've got horses and

dogs that have had to go to

these evacuation zones as

well. About 100 people being

looked after. There This fire

it has died down a bit.

Although we have seen a series

of explosions. We're now

probably sentdering 30, 40

explosions since 2am. Those

explosions have been sending

that toxic plume of black smoke

into the air. And at this stage

the fire does awe peer to be -

it's not under control, but it does air peer to be does air peer to be contained

within this factory area

itself. This is the suburb of

Mitchell, which is an

industrial estate, there are

other fact ritz and other light

to medium industrial factories

in the area plus some storage

sheds as well. At this stage it

does appear to be contained.

Luckily within that area. Do

you have any idea of how many appliances, how many personnel

are there on the

are there on the scene attempting to get that blaze

under control? Earlier as you

know I had been moved back from

this area in the last couple of

hours but certainly when I hours but certainly when I was

there earlier this morning when

they initially did the retreat

after the first explosions, I

counted a dozen fire aflien s

appliance ABC we're talking

from has plat to the bronto

which is the aerial

firefighting as well. And with

those appliances we're talking upwards of at least 50 and upwards of at least 50 and I

would say more than that

firefighters, not to mention

all the police manning tall

check points as well. With road

closures and buses not running

as well and clearly that fire

taking a long time to get under

control, this is a day-long 23

not even longer than that - if

not even longer than that

procedure? I think. So In the

conversations I've had with

fire authorities this morning,

they're not even hazarding a

guess as to how long this fire

will actually continue to rage

for. We spoke earlier about for. We spoke earlier about the

chemicals in there. They have

not told ution yet what the

chemicals might be. I

understand the business that

this blaze is contained to is a

business that has some oil and

other minerals in drums which

is what has been exploding. And

it's something to do with

electricity trans formers.

Beyond that, I don't know. But

the smoke is certainly the smoke is certainly they're

saying is toxic. And they have

been doing air monitoring but

at this stage those air monitoring - that monitoring - that air

monitoring is clear, although

that warning to residents that

they put out via the emergency

warning is still in effect and

that is in that 10km radius

around this area. Thank you for

that, Troy. Thank you,

Virginia. Just looking at that

black smoke it will be some

time before it's put out: Huge

fire. You You can see it from everywhere, and Parliament

House and there are still

photos being sent through on

twitter. That plume will be

seen all through southern NSW

as well. We can take you back

to the UK now where a suspected

rogue trader has been arrested

in London accused of losing

almost $2 billion from the

Swiss bank UBS. The bank's

shares fell 8% after it

announced it was investigating

these rogue trades. Phillip

Williams has this report. It was supposed to be a thing of the past - the Swiss the past - the Swiss Government

had to bail out the massive bank during bank during the global

financial crisis, tight new

regulations were supposed to

prevent what is alleged to have

occurred here in London. UBS trader Kweku Adoboli is accused

of running up $2 billion in ent

dents. - in dents At 1am, the

police was contacted by UBS

about an allegation of proud

fraud by one of their employees

an at 3:30am & the an at 3:30am & the detectives

arrested a 31-year-old man on

suspicion of fraud. It's suspicion of fraud. It's not just the immediate losses that

are likely to hurt but the

damage to the giant's

reputation after so much was

made of reform and

restructures. The problem is if

you're employing intelligent

people and they want to get

round these system hs there is

a chance they will find a way.

That is why what is needed is a

moral compass from the top of

the organisation so people know

what is right, know what is

wrong and they don't even think

of doing these sort of things

in the first place. If in the first place. If the

losses are as reported, it

still doesn't put this case still doesn't put this case on

top of the rogue traders'

league. That dishonour be league. That dishonour be long

longs to a man arrested in 2008

after running up losses of more

than $6 billion while working

for Society general. At problem

s perhaps the most famous of

all, Nick Gleeson, the man who

broke Bairings Bank in 1995.

That was supposed to be history

but it appears back practice

dies hard: If you stamp out

that. The British Government

says it is going to politic

Split the risky investment arms

of the banks from their retail

sections but that is years

away. In the meanwhile, away. In the meanwhile, it's

clear rogue traders can still

cause chaos. The stop story -

top stories - explosions

continue to be heard across

Canberra as a huge chemical

fire burns out of control in

the suburb of Mitchell. A big

plume of black smoke can be

seen billowing from the site.

Residents within 10km of the

blaze are being told to stay

doors and doors and evacuation centres

have been set up. The

stepmother of Zahra Baker stepmother of Zahra Baker has

admit ed to kill ing the 10-year-old. Elisa Baker has

pleaded guilty to second degree

murder and obstructing justice.

She faces 18 jaers in jail. And

rescue workers are trying to

free four men trapped in an

underground coal mine in the

south of Wales. The men were

stranded 90m below the stranded 90m below the surface

after a flash flood. Lee other

miners managed to escape. We

will take a look at the

national papers and we're

joined by the rent present over

the ABC's Newsline program, Jim Middleton. Goofrmt Good morning

to you both. Nice to see you.

There's a fair bit bit going on

in a city you spent a lot of

time on in Canberra,. It's a

pretty awful business and it

will be extremely disruptive

indeed. Because that is a major

industrial centre of the

northern edge of the city,

buses as you noted, Michael, a

moment ago, are the only real

form of transport beyond

private cars of getting

about. People won't get to

school, won't get to work. The

wheels of government will grind

to a halt but maybe that means

they're not spending

our00! There is one upside. Not

many complaints about. many complaints about. That

Julia Gillard is finally

turning her attention to that

Bracks and car review that was

done - Carr review staen done - Carr review staen Done

in the wake of the last

election. And John

Faulkner. Of course. A couple

of the large or the big papers

- the 'Canberra Times', the

'Australian' notably - have led

on this story about an over

haul of preselection haul of preselection and

membership in slight of the

close to debacle of the last election. Julia Gillard has

embraced it to a degree. She

will have a speech this morning

in which she says this is -

this proposal for US-style primaries which will enable

people from outside the ALP to

have some participation in at

least some preselection, she

says, or she will say, not brought down from a mountain

and written in stone &

and written in stone & although

John Faulkner and Steve Bracks

and Bob Carr are ex- cathedra

but brought up from the members

through an election review I

initiated, a process I tbe e

began. A lot of Is but not many

wes. If this goes through later

in the pro se, it will be zest

tested in seats that the ALP

doesn't hold, which will doesn't hold, which will be

interesting because these are

the seats that they need to win

back, if they are to gain

majority Government again,

unlikely as that seems from

this distance. So it will be a

real risk and a real test too

to see whether this to reduce

central authority union

domination and get the people

in much in the style that in much in the style that the Greens have done so

successfully and also imitating

and mimicking to a degree the

Get-Up-style of grassroots of

management - online, management - online, digital, et cetera, et cetera. Just

before we go on, we have

before we go on, we have some

news that is coming from n from

Canberra. This is a great

importance to a lot of Canberra

- schools in North Canberra

will be closed today because of

that fire. That is care of our

correspondent Melissa Clarke

who has just tweeted. That it worsen s the problems worsen s the problems for

Canberrans in the wake of that

huge fire which is going to

take a long time to pull

out. At least they won't have

to get out and about to get out and about nit. What

do you think of the primary

concept? Ice interesting. The

system the ALP has been using

is broken and it's interesting

too there is considerable talk

of doing this within the Labor

Party as well. - Liberal as

well and as you see the rise of the Independents as well who

have better connection with the

grassrootings - Andrew Wilke -

in Tasmania. So obviously the

major parties do recognise they've got serious problem,

whether there is the way

through it, whether it actually

throws up better candidates

than those that they have, is

really a test that that will

only be revealed in practice.

But obviously something has to

be done when mass parties of

the past are losing membership

hand over fist and there's

considerable greater alienation

of voters from their elected representatives than I representatives than I think

has been at any time in Australia's political

history. Let's turn to history. Let's turn to the

front page of 'The front page of 'The Telegraph'

Daily Telegraph. Who are they

having a go at today? They're

not having a go at the not having a go at the jutting

Gillard Government but to a

degree at the new o O'Farrell

Government in NSW. That is a

nice headline. That Nicked' is

relating to Nick grieber. He

headed for an infrastructure

outfit in NSW called

Infrastructure Swales and as

the - NSW, and as 'The Daily

Telegraph' he says he's put the

blow torch to Karen Barlow on

the thorny issue of electricity

Privatise's. So it will go Privatise's. So it will go the

whole hog in NSW that will

raise $20 billion. Without it, much needed infrastructure in

NSW cannot go

ahead. Interestingly, Nick

Greiner says Barry's Barry, he

is not Nick, he is not Jeff

Kennett. He has a more measured

approach. He's got an approach

to government wi is likely to

lead him to become Premier for

a lot longer than Jeff Kennett a lot longer than Jeff

or myself. This would suggest

while she giving this advice

that the more measured approach

on the part of Barry O'Farrell,

which is to be softly, softly

about electricity Privatisation

that maybe he won't take Nick's

very kind advice because if he

does he might end up like Nick

or Jeff! Both very short terms

as Premier. That seems like an

optimistic figure at this

stage. It does. They missed the

boat on the big money. Talk

about yell zeling - this has

been the big problem for NSW

and indeed for electricity privatisation round the privatisation round the country

is that the longer you hold

off, the value of Tay off, the value of Tay set

declines and the less you get

back, but the bigger apparently

the controversy. Now let's just quickly skip ahead if we quickly skip ahead if we can.

We will look at the front page

of the 'Financial Review'. of the 'Financial Review'. I

looked at the front page looked at the front page of the

'Fin Review' this morning and

thought Tony Abbott would open

this this morning and this this morning and think

Peter Reith, go away! Indeed he

would. He would have been on tenter hooks about Malcolm

Turnbull turns up on 'Lateline'

last night where the only

advice that Malcolm really gave

was to if ALP, saying they was to if ALP, saying

should bring back Kevin Rudd

which is like that old Greek

quote about know Thyself. Was he talking about himself he talking about himself or

Kevin Rudd? Peter Reith, who is

a thorn in the side of Tony

Abbott and determined to go

hard at every opportunity, he

says that on the question says that on the question of

industrial relations the public

still needs to be convinced

that the alternative party

could do a better job, especially managing the

economy. While the carbon tax

and asylum seekers are

important issues, they are not

more important than labour

market reform. Shhh! Damned

with faint praise by Peter

Reith. But still on politics,

footy politics, isn't it. It's

interesting. Of particular

interest to the 'West

Australian' where they've been

considerable ruction s within

the Fremantle Dockers, a bit like Kevin Rudd and Julia

Gillard, it seems to me. There

was poor Mark Harvey at lunch

sitting nebs to the chief

executive of the Fremantle

Dockers and saying announcing

and suggesting his plans for

next year. And didn't as Peter

Costello once said in a

different context say he didn't

last from lunchtime to

'Lateline'. In the afternoon,,

in comes Lyon, deemed to be

paid many, many more times more than Mark Harvey is getting than Mark Harvey is getting and

Mark Harvey losing the Mark Harvey losing the chance

to have another year