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(generated from captions) Rebels strike at the heart of

the Gaddafi regime, storming

the Libyan dictator's compound.

Washington gets the shakes, an

earthquake hits America's east

coast sending panicked workers

into the streets. It was kind

of mild at first and then the

next one came and it was really

intense. Bob Katter's gay half brother hits out at the

Independent MP 's attitude to

same-sex marriage. It's

hurtful, dangerous damaging and it's really inappropriate. And

the Australian Socceroos

captain Lucas Neill settles

into his new life in Asia. And

good morning. It's Wednesday 24 August. I'm Michael Rowland.

And I'm Tamara Odyn.. Those

stories this morning but first

11 people feared dead in a

tragic house fire at Logan City

south of Brisbane. It's

believed at least two Pacific

Island families were leaving in

the House at Kingston. Police

say the house was well alight

when emergency services arrived

around midnight. More

shortly. Now to the unfolding

story in Libya. Libya's rebels

have struck at the very heart

of the Gaddafi regime. They've stormed Colonel Gadaffi's

compound in the expect

Tripoli In dramatic scenes

rebels destroyed statutes of

the dictate other and fired

into the air in celebration. This is the moment

millions of Libyans have been

waiting for through six months

of bitter fighting and 42 years

of brutal dictatorship. The

Libyan leader's compound has

been smashed to pieces by NATO

bombing but the rebels still

found plenty to take their

anger out on. Early this

afternoon they had swarmed

around the compound walls as

NATO jets swept in and pounded

it again from above but with

his compound now in rebel

hands, there is still no sign

of Colonel Gadaffi himself. We

watched as the brigade set out

from western Tripoli at lunch

time. After yesterday's

setbacks their spirits are once

again high. They believe the

end is close. The relflag is

now flying over more and more neighbourhoods of Tripoli. Bit

by bit the rebels are taking

the control. So this is what

we've been finding as we've

drive wrep into the we were

part of Tripoli this morning.

These men have formed

themselves into a local

militia, they all come from

this neighbourhood, they all

know each other, they've armed

themselves, they're setting themselves, they're setting up checkpoints to defend their

neighbourhoods from Gaddafi's

militia. Last night they killed

a Gaddafi gunmen in this

car. You see this car? Then he taunts Colonel Gadaffi's son

Saif al Islam to come to this

neighbourhood. Come shoot a man

here. We die soon. I swear to

god we die soon. After months

of fear people are coming back

out on the to the treats here

including this British woman

out driving for the first time

in weeks. We hear there's been

heavy fighting in the middle of

the city. I'm sure there will

be because he's got his

hardliners there who will die

for him. Everyone's in their houses waiting to come out.

We're celebrating indoors. It's

frustrating, but we just - it's

bad news about Saif al Islam

but believe me, the Libyan

people are 90% with the

Opposition. Even military

officers have joined the

rebellion. Disgusted at being

ordered to attack civils. How

long do you think it will take

before he is defeated? Maybe up

up tonight, maximum two days.

Maximum. It has been a long

hard and bloody road for these rebels over the last six

months. They are now all

desperate for this bloody

conflict to be over. In other

news this morning, the former

head of the IMF Dominique

Strauss-Kahn is a free man. A

New York judge has dismissed

the sexual assault charges laid against him, prosecutors

decided to prop the case

because of doubts about the

credibility of the hotel maid

who had accused him of

attacking her. The Opposition

is keeping up the pressure on embattled Labor mob Craig

Thomson. Mr Thomson has

resigned as the chairman of the

house economies committee says

the controversy is distracting

from its work. He's continuing

to deny allegations he used a

union credit card to pay for

prostitutes. NSW police are now

examining the claims. Bob

Katter's gay half brother has

spoken about the Independent

MP's criticism of same-sex

marriage. MPs will be report

back to today after discussing

the issue with their

electorates. Advocates met the

PM last night while opponent

also deliver a petition signed

by more than 50 religious

leaders today. Turkey says it's

killed up to 100 Kurdish rebels

in northern Iraq over the last

few days. The air strikes were

Kurdish mill tans killed nine launched after suspected

members of the Turkish security

forces. They've been waging an

insurgency against the Turkish

State for 20 years. And British

singer Winehouse has no illegal

drugs in her system when she

died according to results of

toxicology tests. They found

she had consumed alcohol but couldn't determine whether it

played a role in her death. The

27-year-old was found dead in

her London home last month. The

cause of her death is still

unknown. A 5.9 magnitude

earthquake centred on the state

of Virginia has shaken the east coast of the US. The earthquake shook beldings and caused

people to spill on to the

streets across norkt and

Washington. For more, North

America correspondent Jane

Cowan joins us now from

Washington. Where were you when

it happened and are you OK? Hi.

I was here in the ABC with we

definitely felt the walls

shaking. It takes you a wile to

realise what's going on but we

all looked at eachor and said,

"Earthquake" and quickly exited

from the sixth floor of this building and foumeding the

streets here full of people,

the same thing was happening

all over town and in places

like New York City as well,

they are saying that this is

one of these strongest

earthquakes to hit the east coast of the United States in

possibly decades. It's 5.9

magnitude, and it was felt as

far north as Rhode Island, on Martha's vineyard with

President Obama is holidaying

and was on the golf course and

felt it as he was about to tee

off. There are even rors that

it was felt in Toronto which

which is pretty far afield.

They're saying that it was

centred on the state of

Virginia and it has caused

tiles to fall from the roof at

the Regan national airport for

instance outside DC, it caused

mobile phone networks to crash immediately afterwards, trains

have been disrupted, planes, so

it's certainlily throwing

everyone off balance and you mentioned Dominique

Strauss-Kahn and the collapse

of the case against him today

in New York and funnily enough the district attorney of New

York was in the middle of his press conference about that

when everybody felt the shakes

and ran from the room, leaving

him standing there. More on

that case, what was it that

actually brought it all undone,

holes have been appearing for

the last couple of months in

the argument of the claimant? That's right.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn arrived

at court for possibly the last

time today and there was as usual this huge international

media pack there. It was inside

where prosecutors explained

exactly how it's come undone.

They basically said that its

credibility problems with his

accuser, the house keeper, they

said that while they don't want

to be seen to be condoning anything that Dominique Strauss-Kahn did, that she

simply lied to them, they said

it that bluntly, lied to them

on multiple occasions about

things great and small and in

cases like there where it's really one person's word against another they simply

couldn't take it to a jury when

they weren't confident that

they could prove it beyond a

reasonable doubt. In terms of

Dominique Strauss-Kahn's

reaction in court today, he

smiled after it was all over

but he made a fairly low key

exit ducking into a waiting

car. He did speak to reporters

at his apartment later when

they threw questions at him and

he just said briefly in French

that he was eager to return to

his country. His lawyer

Benjamin Brafman though did

speak at court, he praised the

decision as a courageous one

although he said that the

district attorney basically had

no choice but to dismiss the

case because the reasons were

so compelling. He also paid

tribute to his client Dominique

Strauss-Kahn and his wife Anne

sin collar. Unless you have

been falsely accuse of a very

serious crime that you did not

commit, it is impossible for

you to understand or grasp the

full measure of relief that

Dominique Strauss-Kahn feels

today. This is a horrific

nightmare that he and his

family have lived through. And

jaep as it became increasingly

obviously that the wheels were

starting to fall off this

argument the accuser herself

took the unusual step of going

public. What's se been staying.

Still going to pursue her civil

suit? We understand that she is

pursuing that case and her

lawyer did speak outside court

today, again and he said that

he will be fighting that civil

case. I should remind you that

one problem here has been that

the accuser had told this story

that turned out to be

completely fabricated of having

been raped in her home country

before she came to the United

States in Guinea and her lawyer made reference to that today

outside court and he said that

he basically suggested that

somehow the power and influence

of Dominique Strauss-Kahn has

led to this outcome. Let's have

a listen to what Ken Thompson

did say? If Dominique

Strauss-Kahn was a bus driver

from the south Bronx, do you

really think Manhattan district

attorney or any of his

protesters would care about

what was in his asylum

application. If Dominique

Strauss-Kahn was a plumber from

the Bay rich section of

Brooklyn, do you really think that the district attorney

would be running away from DNA

evidence. If Dominique

Strauss-Kahn was a construction

worker from Harlem, do you

really believe that district

attorney would turn his back on a seven count indiektsment? Jaep, thank you

very must have for joining us

this morning. It will be really

interest interesting to see if Dominique Strauss-Kahn's

reputation can be healed to the

extent that he can return to

the political fray in

France. Thank you. More on that

fatal house fire in Logan in

Queensland now and the ABC has

been covering that story

overnight. Francis, good

morning. What's the

latest? Good morning Michael.

Very terrible tragedies

unfolding here at Logan City

just south of Brisbane. We now

know that at least 11 people

are unaccounted for according

to police. A fire apparently

broke out just after midnight

in Wagon Street in Kingston,

that's about 30 to 35

kilometres jut south of

Brisbane's CBD and what we know

officially from police is that

11 people are missing, one man

apparently made it out of the

house and he according to Logan

police tried to fight the fire

by himself, while neighbours

were calling, you know,

firefighters, but unfortunately

it's a very sad incident here

at Logan City and also one of

the worst I've covered in my

reporting that keer career.

There's a group of deeply distressed upset people at the

the scene, many of them Pacific

Islanders, and there's a lot of

crying, a lot of sadness here

this morning. And Francis we

believe we're talking about

adults and children in this fire? It's unclear at this

stage Michael. We don't know

ages and if and how many children may have been involved

but there's a fair chance there

are children involved here.

Just talking to one of the men

walking past,, you know,

possibly a mixture of Samoan

and Tongan member of the family

staying there and I've also heard that there was possibly

two to three families living in

the one house, but much of this

is unconfirmed at this

stage. Francis, thank you very

much for the update from Logan

there. Thank you. The front

pages of the major newspapers

appear the country. The 'Age'

says embattled Labor MP Craig

Thomson has quit the leadership

of the powerful committee. The

'Daily Telegraph' reports on

new claims about giving his

ex-wife a job. At the same time

the organisation was seeking

his support for Federal funding. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' says the Federal

Government is pushing back

against protectionism amid

calls to do more to protect

local manufacturing. BHP

Billiton's WA operation has

thrown a lifeline to hundreds

of BlueScope workers facing the

sack in NSW and Victoria says the 'West Australian'. Labor

has signaled a tough approach

to any private interest in

Qantas amid speculation of a

billion dollar takeover bid,

this that story in the

'Australian'. Treasury secretary Martin Parkinson has warned the Government not to

stand in the way of structural

changes to the Australian

economy. That report in the 'Financial Review'. The

'Courier-Mail' says the

Queensland Government has

sparked talk of an early

election by fast tracking wage

deals with State owned

electricity generators. The

'Canberra Times' reports the

ACT Government could be held in

contempt of court over efforts

to hide information about a

public service

whistleblower. The 'Herald Sun'

says serial killer Paul Denyer

has denied any involvement in

one of Victoria's most baffling

murder mysteries. The

'Advertiser' says unions have

thrown down the gauntlet to Jay Weatherill demanding wage increases to cover the rising

cost of living. Firefighters

battled a large blaze near

Darwin airport yesterday as the

territory's fire warning system

hit catastrophic for the first

time reports the 'Northern

Territory News'. And Tasmania's

enablely renowned taste

festival will get a new look

this summer taking over

waterfront roads and lawns,

that story in the

'Mercury'. Have you been to the taste. I haven't. It's

absolutely fantastic. Beautiful food. Have to get down there

one year and it's obviously

getting bigger and better. One

of the big issues nationally

and certainly in Federal

politics today is the issue of

same-sex marriage, 22 Federal

MP also today record back to

the parliament after tapping

the views of their electorates,

so we'd like to hear from you,

perhaps you were a consulted by

your MP but if you weren't what

do you think? Should same-sex

marriage be legalised. What do

you think about Julia Gillard's

strong stand against it. Do you agree with the church leaders

who this morning are arguing that only the marriage between

a man and a woman can provide a

safe and stable environment for

the upbringing of children? Of

course the case for gay

marriage has been pushed along

now by an interview given to

channel 10 last night by Bob

Katter's half brother. Carl

cater who is almost a spitting

image minus 30

years. Incredible leekness. But

opposed views, Carl Katter the

gay half brother, says he's

hurt and disgusted by his

brother's opposition to the

issue. They have little to do

with each other. It's fair to

say as well. Despite looking

and perhaps sounding just like

each other. If you'd like to join the conversation on that

or indeed any of the other stories we're covering this

morning, please send emails to -

A quick look at the weather

for today -

The stop stories on ABC News

Breakfast this morning -

Libya's rebels have taken control of Colonel Gadaffi's

compound in the capital

Tripoli. Rebel fighters stormed

the compound destroying

statutes and firing their

rivles in the air in

celebration. It's a decisive

blow to the regime but so far

there's been no sign of Colonel

Gadaffi. A 5.9 magnitude

earthquake has shaken the east

coast of the United States.

Workers in Washington spilled

into the streets, but the

Pentagon and the White House

were among several buildings

evacuated. The quake also

caused panic in New York. And

the gay half brother of

independent MP Bob Katter has

criticised his attitude to gay

marriage describing it as

hurtful and damaging. Federal

MPs will report back to parliament today after

discussing the issue with their electorates. More now on that

developing situation in

Libya. Middle East

correspondent Ben Knight is in

Zarzis on the coast of Libya

and he joins unow. We're seeing

some extraordinary scenes there

at Colonel Gadaffi's compound

in Tripoli? Well yeah and

obviously totally unexpected

scenes compared to what we saw

yesterday. It was a situation

where the Gaddafi regime was

very much fighting back, you

had Moammer Gaddafi's son out

there on the streets saying

"I'm here. The counterattack is

on and we're going to win."

That was obviously a lot of

bravado there, but it did look as though it was going to be

much more difficult for the

rebels to take the capital. A

matter of hours ago they

breached that compound. There

was a counter-attack, the

rebels started bringing in as

many troops as they could from

outside the capital to

reinforce that assault, and

indeed there they were, they

were inside, and it was

remarkable to watch what was

going on. So many times you saw

Colonel Gadaffi standing at his

window in front of that giant

statue of a fist holding an

American fighter plane and

there they were, the rebels

hanging off it and all of a

sudden they were in his house

itself. This is as you say

quite a decisive blow and it

was the one that the rebels

have been looking for. It's not

as decisive as it could have

been if they had of found

Moammer Gaddafi himself but it

seems very unlikely that he's

there. When the Gaddafi regime

was first kicked out of

Benghazi and we're going back

six months here and the people

stormed into that compound,

that Gaddafi compound, it very

quickly became clear that it

was a labyrinth that underneath

the ground there was a network

of tubbels and prisons and this

was in a compound that Moammer

Gaddafi only used very, very

rarely, so this his main

compound inside his capital

Tripoli you'd mam is even more

of a erk in of underground

bunkers and tunnels to it's

feezyible that he may be

there. I understand there are

still pockets of resistance

especially around the hotel

with a contingent of the

world's media are. What can you

tell us about the areas still

under the regime's control? I

would say inside Tripoli that

they may not remain that way

for very much longer and if the

rebels have taken over that

compound, then they will -

that's obviously a great big

momentum boost and morale boost

and they will start to exert

their control control. The

pro-Gaddafi troops have been

pushed outside of the city and

that the road some of the

northern roads in that part of

the country are now - the

rebels have lost control of

those, so a very, very fluid

situation, if the last of the

Gaddafi loyalists have been

pushed out of the capital, they

have to go somewhere. The question is are they going to

continue the fight. There's

been to seen so far of

obviously Moammer Gaddafi, but

nor his sons Saif al Islam

Gaddafi who had effectively

taken over the counterattack,

taken over the battle against

the rebels so no sign of him.

Is he out there? Are the

pro-Gaddafi forces out there

regrouping, are they going to

come back, or is this it? It's

night night here now. It's just

gone 9pm so very difficult to

say, but we should know by

first light. Ben, in his

bravado loaded appearance at

the hotel Saif al Islam claimed

that his family, his father and

the whole family in fact were

still in the capital. How much

stock if any by now is being

put in those claims? Well not

very much. As I say, it is

possible that Moammer Gaddafi

is still somewhere in one of

those bunkers in his compound.

There will be a lot of them,

they'll be very, very well

defended and reinforced. It

could take some time to find

him. Remember in Benghazi when

those bunkers first opened it

took days for the people of that city to find their way

into all of the rooms in that

compound and to release the prisoners that had been held

there in some cases they told

us the dead bodies. We're

talking about a much bigger

compound here. It is possible but unlikely you have would

have to think. It may be that

over the next hours we'll find

that Moammer Gaddafi has been

arrested or just against the

wishes of the rebel leadership

shot or killed on sight but it

does appear as though he's not

in that compound. Thank you

very much for the update and

take care, please. Thank

you. Very much an uncertain

situation there in Libya. To

the financial marks now and

Wall Street staged an

impressive rally on news that

the number of failing banks in

US has dropped.

The sport now and Paul

Kennedy, the soccer? Thank you.

Yes, and Lucas Neill the

Australian captain of those

Socceroos has spoken overnight

about his decision to go to the

UAE. There was some speculation

when he left his Turkish club

Galatasaray that he might even

do aar eye Kewell and play in

the A leek but he's settled in

Asia and there he is trainling

with his new club and as

Australia gets ready to go off

the long run and qualify for

the next World Cup, hopefully,

Lucas Neill spoke about his

decision to settle where his

now staying. I've thought about

it for a while. I've always

wanted to play in Asia, you

know, whether it be here in the

UAE or in Japan and even

Australia, so there are still

options for me and my career

but everything was right, the

timing was right, the offer to

come here was right, and then I

had no fear of coming here

after playing in Asia cup,

seeing how strong the players

are, knowing that the

competition is good, football

is good quality, some other

opportunities but like I said

the timing was right,fy name

and my family and I we want to

enjoy the life off the field

now as well and we feel that

this country offers a beautiful

way of life, my kids are ready

for school now and we can get

good school here and I know

that in this football team

welfare a chance to win and to

challenge for big

trophies. That was Lucas Neill

the captain of the Socceroos.

Switching codes to rugby, let's

take a look at the build-up for

this weekend's Tri Nations game

and the World Cup beyond. The

All Blacks have named their squad yesterday and it's an

they will outstanding squad, of course,

they will be strong favourites

at the World Cup. And Graham

Henry seems very confident with

his team that he's picked with

a good blend of experience and

youth. Let's hear now from the

All Blacks coach and also from

their star player Dan

Carter? We're pleased with the

side. We think it's got a lot

of experience and the most

experienced All Blacks side in

the history of the game but a

number of younger players who I

think will give real vitality

and enthusiasm and edge and

they're mainly in the outside

backs.A A lot of anticipation

around this World Cup, and to

have the side be named and just

knowing it's just around the

corner is very exciting. I'll

be working extremely hard

towards it and just can't wait

to rip into it. Obviously got a

job to do this weekend, so put

all my focus on that but once

we get through that,, you know,

there's it's something pretty

sort of special just around the

corner. Dan Carter there and

referring of course to that Tri

Nations match between the All

Blacks and the Wallabies this

weekend. The Wallabies do have

the chance funnily enough to

win the Tri Nations for the

first time in ten years,

disjointed build-up, disjoined although it has been a

Tri Nations really because

they're getting ready for the

World Cup and teams at

different times have been

running their less than A grade

teams. Let's look at the

distraction now, to put a full

stop on this one, there has

been a distraction with stories

about some unrest between the

players and so-called fight

between a couple of the young

guns in France last year. Let's

look at what was a peculiar press conference yesterday when

those young stars were put up

to talk about that issue and

answer some questionsment There's no issue

there. That's the whole reason

behind us being there, there's

no issue. Draw your own

conclusions, let's get on with

the rugby. REPORTER: It's been an

an argument. Nothing physical.

From just trying to be... The

questions not at me I presume.

It's at these blokes. Turn the

mikes around, mate. Physical at

all? No physical nature at all.

Just a disagreement. Like Quady

said, we're all good mates

here, if there was a problem we wouldn't be sitting here

talking to you blokes. That was

Kurtley Beale and Quade Cooper

and James O'Connor all sitting

next to their coach who looked fairly uncomfortable but he

always looks that way. It's an

interesting one for some public

relations university students

to look at and see which way

they would have went with that

one. I can see why the

Wallabies put up those young

players just to put an absolute

full stop it to. Nothing to see

here type thing. Didn't tell them how to deal with the

questions. It's a funny one, how do you deal with those

questions when there's perhaps

nothing to talk about. It's

such a long time ago and

they're talking about they're talking about some

incident where they're out on

the drink. It's almost a the drink. It's almost

privacy issue really. Stick to

those talking opponents or at

least they tried. I think they

probably were on a hiding to

nothing. The PR people, they

just wanted to get it done

with. Hopefully now that they

can look forward to the match.

It's an example of what

athletes have to go through

really, those extra distractions, can't just play

your sport. I've lost count of

the number of types I've seen

you two with the other in a

head lock during packages in

the program. We're

different! You say to your

friends... It's a Friendly disagreement. It always

happens. I always win. Thank

you Paul. Now ABC News

Breakfast can of course be

watched live on the web. Just

visit the main ABC News website.

We're all friends here. Really. Trust us. Vanessa

O'Hanlon joins us with the

weather and the fire danger

rating in the Territory farely

high at the moment? It has been

all of this week. The Top End

has had their highest fire

danger rating and lowest humid

levels in two years. A very

strong high pressure system in

the Tasman sea has been driving

dries and gusty south-easterly

winds into the territory. The

high has been also blocking out

any frontal systems from

getting through, the high is

also given the south-east Tim

were like weather. Melbourne is

on track to record its warmest

August in 150 years of records.

The high is breaking up and a

cold front is due to break the

pattern late tomorrow. Let's

look at the satellite image and

cloud along another front am

system is increase brrn and showers over Western

Australia's south-west, we've

got those south-easterly winds

driving along the coast affecting south-east Queensland

and north-east NSW. A low

pressure trough is still

causing dangerous surf

conditioning along the

north-east coast. Waves

yesterday reached 6m and this

week alone if Coolangatta

rainfall has been more than

double the August average A

weakening front page is

approaching the south-east and

will affect Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia over the

next few days. A severe warning

for dangerous surf between

Sandy Cape and Point Danger.

Isolated along the coast south of Bowen. You're watching ABC News Breakfast. Still Breakfast. Still to come we'll

have much more on that house

fire south of Brisbane where 11

people are unaccounted for. We

have a reporter at the scene

and the story promises to be

truly terrible if those reports

are true about 11 people

missing possibly involving two

families living in the one

house. And shortly we'll be

speaking to someone from the Libyan youth movement on

developments in Libya. Still a

very fluid situation in Tripoli

and also a review of some of the newspapers this morning.

We'll be joining by the former

editor of the the 'Age' turned

PR export Mike Smith. As

Michael just mentioned 11

people are feared dead in a

tragic house fire at Logan City

south of Brisbane. It's

believed at least two Pacific

Island families were living in

the house at Kingston. Police

say house was well alight when

emergency services arrived at

around midnight. Libya's rebels

have taken over Colonel

Gadaffi's compound in Tripoli

after a day of heavy fighting.

Rebel fighters stormed the

compound after it had been

pounded by NATO air strikes.

They've destroyed statutes and

fired guns in the air in

celebration. A New York judge has dismissed the sexual

assault charges against the

Dominique Strauss-Kahn. former head of the IMF,

Prosecutors decided to drop the

case because of doubts about

the cred yebility of the hotel

maid who had accused him of attacking her. The Opposition

is keeping up the pressure on

embattled Labor MP Craig

Thomson. Mr Thomson has

resigned as chairman of the

house economics committee

saying the controversy is

distracting from its work. He's

continuing to deny allegations

he used a union credit card to

pay for prostitutes. NSW police

are now examining the claims.

Bob Katter's gay half brother

has spoken about the

Independent MP's criticism of

same-sex marriage. Carl Katter

says his brothers comments are

hurtful and damaging. MP also

report back to parliament today

after discussing the issue with

their electorates. An earthquake measuring 5.9 has

United States. The quake struck the east coast of the

United States. The quake sent

panic workers into the streets

of Washington. The Pentagon and

the White House were among

several buildings

evacuated. Another horse has

died after a fresh outbreak of

Justine Henin, this time on the

Gold Coast hinterland. The

property has been placed under quarantine after the positive

test result. Two people who

were exposed to the sick horse

will now be tested. A warning

some viewers may find images in

this report distressing. The

hen dra virus has claim t

another victim. This time the

hand mall was from a horse

breeding property. The horse

was unsteady on its feet and

had a temperature. The vet

suspected hen dra virus, took

samples and ept it to the

biosecurities will be aer to at

Coopers Plains. The results

came back last night as

positive for Hendra Virus. 22 other horses on the property will be tested along with the

owner and the vet who answered

the callout. They joined the 6

h Queenslanders still awaitling

the results of blood tests to

clear them of the deadly

virus. We haven't had anyone

come back as we'd expect with a

positive result. The news is

taking its toll on the owners

as it has on horse lovers

across Queensland after a spate

of Hendra Virus outbreaks. You

would understand that the

people are under a bit of shock

at the moment and really coming

to terms with that It's the

ninth outbreak of the veerus in

Queensland this year and the

11th horse to have died. Last

month, the State and Federal

Governments pledged $8 million

for research. But authorities

still don't know why this

season has been a particularly

severe one. Although we don't

have all the answers now we

have been doing research for

quite a while and what we're doing is accelerating this

research and going into new

areas of research. But the horse breeding association says

the Government is not doing

enough to raise awareness of

the disease and should consult

more with industry leaders. The

Justine Henin task force is

meeting in Sydney. Now we are

going to be to be following

this devastating fire at Logan

south-east of Brisbane over the

next few hour, we can bring you

some recorded pictures from the

scene. The fire broke out in a

house just after midnight at

this stage there are 11 people

unaccounted for and we're

seeing fire crews and rescue

workers going through the wreckage of that house trying

to find survivors. It's

believed at this point that

there were a couple of families

living in that house in

Kingston. We spoke earlier with

our ABC reporter who said it's

one of the saddest scenes that

he's been called to in his work

as a reporter. And we believe

there may be a Queensland police media conference in

about an hour's time. We'll

bring that to you live with any

further developments from the site Labor backbencher Craig

Thomson has resigned as the

chairman of the house economics

committee. He says the current

circumstances would distract

him from the important work of

his committee. For more Susan

McDonald joins us now from

Canberra. Good morning. Craig

Thomson had been under intense

pressure to do just this? He

has been, for a few days now

from the Opposition. And he's

granted them what they wanted.

He has stood down as chairman

of the powerful economics

committee. It came just a few

hours after NSW police

announced that they are looking into whether a criminal investigation should be

launched into those allegations

that he misused his union

credit card that he used it to

pay for prostitutes. Craig

Thomson says despite him

standing down as chairman, he

still maintains that he's

innocent, so he is going to

continue that line. He doesn't

- he's denied those

allegations, but this does

still - he's under enormous

pressure here and certainly

some of his Labor colleagues

will be watching this closely,

because there are many ifs here

but the Coalition's mane game

is to bring on a by-election

and if happened then the

Gillard Government could lose

its majority. On another front,

a big day for advocates of gay marriage, MP also report back

to the House of Representatives

today on what they're

constituents think about the whole conkrpt of same-sex

marriage? That's right. Mothan

20 MPs are expecteded to speak

to this motion, put forward by

the Greens. The motion called

for them to talk to their

constituents and then report

back to parliament. One MP bhoz

views are very well known is

Bob Katter, the Independent

from North Queensland. But

there's been a bit of a family

drama that's unfolded. His gay

half brother Carl Katter has

spoken out over his brother's

views over gay marriage, Bob

Katter is very much against it

and his brother isn't too happy

about that. It's hurtful. It's

dangerous. It's damaging and

it's really in appropriate. It

doesn't give any support to his

argument by perpetuating hate

and... Is that the way you see

it? Jees that's what I see

it. That's Bob Katter's half

brother there and finally

advocates of same-sex marriage

really won't get what they want

because the numbers in the

Federal parliament at this

statement right up to the PM

are against the legalsation of

same-sex marriage? Look, it's

very difficult to get a handle

of where everyone stands in all this. Perhaps we'll get this. Perhaps we'll get some

more insights into in this

debate but as you say the PM is

against it. She met with some

advocates of same-sex marriage

last night and they were pretty

happy to get that meeting, but

also today we're going to hear

from some opponents, the

Australian Christian lobby is

renewing its campaign against

it. They're going to be

delivering a document signed by

more than 50 religious leaders,

they're going to be handing

that to MPs calling on them to

be very must have against say.

Sex marriage. Susan McDonald

thank you very much. Just on

that issue, we'll be joined a

little later by a reverend, one

of those church leader lobbying

MPs to oppose same sex marriage

and before we came on air I

spoke to Kerin Phelps the celebrity doctor in a gay

relationship. One of those

people who met the PM last night calling for same-sex

marriage. She had to catch from her point of view a

disturbingly early flight from

Canberra back to Sydney but

we'll bring you that interview

as well as the interview with

the reverend a bit later to

canvass both side of very vexed

and sensitive issue. The

British singer Amy Winehouse

had no illegal drugs in her

system when she died according

to the results of toxicology

tests but they found she had

consumed alcohol but couldn't determine whether it played a role in her death.

(Sings) # Meet you

downtaries Amy Winehouse east detective was accompanied by

many headlines claiming it was

linked to drugs. Her drug use

was no secret. At time her

family has despaired at what

they feared was a downward

spiral and while it was claimed

byler father that she had

managed to stay free of drugs

in the months before her death,

the suspicions remained. But in

a statement issued by her

family, they say toxicology

tests have shown there were no

illegal substances in her body.

There was alcohol but whether

that had any role in her death

cannot yet be determined. The

area in front of her home in

London has now become a bed

ragled shrine to the sirpg.

Each day a handful of fans pass

pay to pay their respects but a

most on the 'cause of her death

is still unknown. A statement

from the coroner today simply

added that they had disclosed

the results of toxicology tests

to all properly interested

persons in the inquest into the

death of Amy Winehouse. Disclose your of further evidence will follow in due


Nevertheless it doesn't erase

the excesses, the self-destructive behaviour

during her life time. Her

father said she'd been clean of

drugs for three years but he

wants to remember her with a

foundation, tellingly, a

foundation that aims to help others with addictions. Opposition naus

Libya say they now have control

of more than 80% of Tripoli

including a key Gaddafi

compound. And around the world

supporters of a democratic

Libya have welcomed the fall of

the regime as a fresh start for

the country. A member of the

Libyan youth movement Jones us

now from California's Bay area

via Weather Bureau cam. Through

so much for joining us this

morning. Thank you very having

me. You must feel very far away

from the events taking pleas at

the moment in Tripoli. What do

you make of the pictures we're

seeing at the moment? From

really are no words. They

always say a picture is worth

1,000 words but it's so much

more at this point. What are your contacts in your contacts in Libya telling

you about the situation there

at the moment? Everything seems

to be fairly under control. My

family is from Benghazi which

has within under freedom

fighter control for about six

months so Tripoli now after the

events that happened today -

they're just excited,

celebrating, everything seems

to be calm. Apart from the

rebel movement, are we seeing

more mobility for the people

who live there. Are they able

to get outer do what they need

to do or are they still trapped

indoors. I think people are out

now about the streets. It's not

a 100% safe due to, you know,

Gaddafi soldiers still out on

the street, the last ones of

them who, you know, are willing

to fight till the end. Members

of the national transitional

council had planned to fly into

Tripoli from Benghazi to begin

the process of forming a new

Government. How confident are

you that they'll be able to do

that given the mosaic of

different rebel groups there? I

don't consider them as a rebel

groups at this point. From the

beginning we have said these

are the real freedom fighters,

not the rebels. If anything, we

have full trust in them.

They've done an amazing job for

the past six months. Keeping

control of the freed areas, no

chaos has broken out, they have

given the Libyan people hope

and so we have full faith in

them. You say no chaos has broken

broken out but we're looking at

some pretty chaotic scenes at

the moment. What further - what

do you can't to happen in terms

of the situation there in the

next couple of days? Well, this

is just celebration, within the

next two, three days Libya

should be 100% liberated. The

few cities that have yet to be

under our control, the NTC has,

you know, made statements that

they are willing to work with

the leaders of those areas and

those still loyal to Gaddafi,

not to harm them and to just

have them surrender, the end of

their... It's up to them

whether they want to go peace

fle or not. Colonel Gadaffi has

continued to elude capture.

What would you like to see

happen to him if he indeed he

can caught? He is a war

criminal and he should be

tried. The Libyan people

deserve justice and he needs to

face the most severe penalty,

whatever it is, that the Libyan

people decide is best for him.

Along with the criminal

court. Thank you so much for

joining us this morning and for

your insights. You're welcome,

thank you. Now, we are going to

be bringing you shortly the

latest from the scene of that

house fire at Logan in Brisbane

where we believe that 11 people

are unaccounted for, possibly

members of two families living

in the one house, reports are

coming in thick and fast this

morning, a neighbour living

either next to that house or

quite nearby said she believed

quite a number of children were

living in the house. She walked

past and often saw a lot of

kids playing in the back yard.

The house was well alight.

We'll have an update on that

situation very soon. You're watching ABC News Breakfast,

the top stories this morning -

and 11 people are indeed feared

dead in that house fire at

Logan City south of Brisbane.

Police say they believe three Pacific Island families had

been living in the house. The

fire broke out about midnight

and at least one man managed to

escape from the burning house.

Libya's rebels have taken

control of Colonel Gadaffi's

compound in the capital

Tripoli. Rebel fighters stormed

the compound destroying

statutes and firing their

rivles in the air in celebration. It's a decisive

blow to the regime but so far

there's been no sign of Colonel

Gadaffi. And a 5.9 magnitude

earthquake has shaken the east

coast of the United States.

Workers in Washington spilled

into the streets, the pent gone

and the White House were among

several buildings evacuated.

The quake also caused panic in

New York. More on that fatal

house fire in Logan in

Queensland. ABC reporter

Francis TapI many joins, what

is the latest there now. Good

morning. The latest is

according to police that there

were 13 people living at this

house. Initially we were told

one person made it out, a man

and he attempted to fight this

fire at the house. It's a

house, it's a high set house at

Logan City just south of

Brisbane, about 30 to 35

kilometres jut south of

Brisbane, and it's a very, very

terrible situation. A lot of

upset people, a lot of people

crying, people are waking up

now as the light is up and it's

one of the hardest stories I've

had to cover, just people are

walking past me everywhere

crying and apparently there are

children involved, as you

mentioned earlier, I haven't

actually spoken to those

neighbours but that report has come in from officials around

the place, that there were many

children at that house. It's a

terrible situation here at

Logan City this morning. Just

clarifying Francis, police are

saying 13 people lived in the

house. What is the number

unaccounted for at this

stage? 11 people unaccounted

for and definitely 13 people

living there, but the situation

has been changing all the time.

11 unaccounted for, 13 were

living there and apparently two

people made it out. I only know

of one man at this stage but

it's understood another person

made it out. Francis, we'll be

joined by you as the morning

goes on. Thank you for that

update from Logan. Thank you. Nor a look at the national

papers today we're joined by

the former editor of the taedge

and now PR districtor Mike Smith. Good morning. Good

morning. We're going to WA

first? There's a theme in the

papers this morning, and I

think it's the most starkly

illustrated on the front page

of the 'West Australian' where

BHP Billiton one of the sort of

giants of the resources boom is

interested in offers job jobs

to the thousand workers who

have lost their jobs at

BlueScope which used to be a division of BHP Billiton. The

catch is that these workers

will have to move interstate to

Western Australia and

Queensland. That sort of sums

up a dilemma in the Australian

economy. And also it's probably

going to be one of the big

political debates over the next

12 months. How do we manage the

boom and whether we prop up

manufacturing industry or

whether we go where the action

is in the resources boom, and

this sort of dilemma, it's an

economic and political dilemma,

it's reflected in different

ways in many of the papers this

morning It's a social dilemma

too because if you do take those workers from their initial location to where the

boom is happening, what happens

to those town, they'll just

wither and die? That's

absolutely right. But with a

boomkms costs and this boom has

been described by the Treasury

sectary as the biggest

opportunity the global economy

has given Australia sense the

Goldrush of the 1 850s and you

look at the sort of social

change that that caused but it

also caused great wealth but it

is going to be a huge political

debate that's been under the

surface for quite a while and

has erupted with these high

profile sackings at Bluesteel.

The 'Sydney Morning Herald'

probably cam tured the

political debate better than

anyone else this morning they

describe how the Government

will come under pressure from all kinds of groups including

its own backbench, the union,

the Green, the independents,

the Opposition, to do something

to help manufacturing industry,

because the pressure is on, but

the Government will be

resisting and the Government

will be helped by Treasury f

you look at the front page of

the 'Financial Review', the Treasury secretary last night

was sending a very strong

signal that we should not get

involved in artificial

assistance, old fashioned

protection. He says it will be

futile and costly. And will

undo many of the good economic

reforms that Australias had We

should go with what is convinced happening? Treasury is

convinced that this boom is

long lasting and will last for

decades and will help the decades and will help

Australian economy and we

really do have one of the best economies in the world at the

moment, what some people are

worried about is the boom will

be short lived, all booms do

eventually get pricked but

Treasury's view is that this

one is for keeps, this one is

based on India and China, half

the world's population, and

it's going to keep rolling and

we'll prop up the Australian

economy. We hope they're right. Also a lot of commentary about

the how the Government is

handling these economic

challenges including today in

the 'Australian'? Paul Kelly

taunts editor at large, he puts

puts the political focus on

this debate by saying that the

Government is looking at a

night mayor scenario in 12, not

just the introduction of the carbon tax and all the heat

that will bring but rising

unemployment as manufacturing

takes the hits from the

conditions that are caused by

the mining boom which pushes up

the dollar which makes manufacturers less competitive

and Kelly's view is that the

Gillard Government has

mismanaged the boom, they've

focussed too much on the carbon

tax and not on managing this

great opportunity and he makes

the point that boom does have

costs. He says it's already helped bring about the downfall

of two prime ministers, Howard

and Rudd, and has really

hurting a third one in Julia

Gillard. The 'Age' has well,

buys into this? Ross gittens

who is an economics columnist

for the 'Age' and the 'Sydney

Morning Herald', his view is

get over it. He says the boom

is just overwhelmingly a good

news story. Of course there are

costs, but basically he say he

should stop whingeing. We've

got this gift from the rest of

the world, from India and

China, living standards are

high, our unemployment is low,

we're travelling more than ever

before, we're buying consumer

goods and that we should no way

go back to old fashioned

industry assistance and tariff protection. On a totally

different topic, page three of

the 'Age' you're interested

in? Story that caught my eye

this morning. In the 'Age',

there's some pretty hefty

research out of NSW showing

that - obesity which is the

epidemic of the century so far,

there's is a00 million people

who are overweight or obese in

the world at the moment,

Australia has one of the

highest rates and there's more

people now overweight and obese

than there are who are

malnourished. This research

shows that not only does it

obesity bad for your health but

it makes you dumb. That's a

gross oversimplification but

there's some research that show

s that obesity works on a part

of the brain that controls deep thinking, reasoning and executive decision making the

corollary of that is that lose

weigh and get smarter, there's

been all sorts of strategies

that have failed to get people

to take... That's the answer to

the praft crisis? Take notice

of the obesity epidemic. Still

rising but maybe lose weigh and

get smart will work. Maybe. You

you for coming in this never know. Mike Smith, thank

morning.. This u Now Vanessa

O'Hanlon join us for a look at

the weather? On today's

satellite image cloud along

another front is increasing the

winds and causing some showers over Western Australia's south-west. We've still got

those south-easterly winds that

have intn driven up on to the

south-east Queensland coast and

north-east NSW. A low pressure

trough is still causing

dangerous surf conditions along

the north-east coast. Waves

yesterday reached 6m and this

week alone in Coolangatta the

rainfalls have been more than

double the August average. A

weakening front is approaching

the south-east as a high over

in the Tasman weakens, for in the Tasman weakens,

Queensland today, isolated

showers along the coast south

of intoen, will be be a between

day across the rest of the

state apart from the ÷ness

chance of showers along the

north-east tropical coast. We

still have that severe warning

for coastal communities. A top

of 22 degrees in Brisbane.

That's the latest weather.

Thank you. Now we can bring

you the latest we know from

that house fire at Logan

souther Brisbane. What we do

know is that a fire broke out

in a house in that area just

after midnight. 13 people were

living in the house and as we

go to air, 11 of those are

unaccounted for. We do believe

there were a number of children

living in the house and also

that three Pacific Island

families were living under that

very same roof One man is said

to have escaped the blaze and

was attempting to extinguish

the fire when energy services

arrived. And the zser victim identification squad is

parently now on the scene as

are a police chapla