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live. Tonight a minister

warns stop the Telstra

sniping it is turning off

investors. The 9/11 attacks

return to haunt the White

House. The Thailand military hand power to one of their

own and riders on the storm,

the Broncos return home in

triumph. welcome. The

Federal minister charged with

selling the new Telstra float

wants an end to the bickering

between the company and his

colleague also in government.

Senator Nick Minchin does not

want the squabbling to deter

investors. In the latest

Salvos Telstra has accused

senior ministers of vile and

vicious attacks. While the

Deputy Prime Minister has

warned the telco not to cut

rural services. The big sell

has begun. The government's

$20 million advertising blitz

promoting the latest Telstra share offer kicked off this

morning. With it came than appeal from the minister

responsible for the $8

billion T3 float. I'm urging

all parties to now focus on

T3. It is important to the

government, the country and

the company that it is a

success. So far the sales

pitch has been overshadowed

by the very public bickering

between Telstra and the

government. Last week alone

both sides fired shots

overboard nominations t chief

executive salary and pay

phones. I'm disappointed

there has been some

static. Today the Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile

entered the gray with a stern

warning to Telstra that any

deterioration of mobile phone

services in the bush cannot

be accepted. We can't stand

for that and the people of

regional Australia will not

tolerate their dove radge go

backwards. According to

Telstra it is part of a vile

and vicious campaign. During

press brief ises senior

government ministers were accused, including John

Howard and Peter Costello of relentless attack on the

company and its people. Think those comments are

mistaken. I don't think

Telstra sudden take it too

seriously. Despite all this,

Nick Minchin says investors

are more likely to focus than

the fundamentals of the

company than the public

stoush. John Howard and his

ministers have trashed

Telstra for months, now they

have to spent $20 million of

taxpayers money to is the the

sale after turning it into a shambles. Hat investors think

will become clear when T3

shares go on sale in three

weeks. It seems 8 out of 10

Australians do not share the

Federal government's

commitment to the conflict in

Iraq. An independent poll of

1000 people also shows the

vast majority don't believe

the war will reduce this

threat of global terrorism.

But the Foreign Affairs

Minister says the survey did

not ask the most important

question, whether Australia

should pull its forces out of

Iraq. National security

correspondent - the poll was

conducted for an interest end

international affair think

take and it finds Australians

have a negative view of the

war in Iraq. They have made up their minds that it has

not had the effect that was

claimed when we went in.

The problem with the poll is that they have clearly decided that there are

certain answers they are

looking for. The survey shows

84 per cent of Australians do

not believe the war has

reduced the threat of

terrorism. Two-thirds say it

will not spread democracy in

the Middle East and 91 per

cent said has damaged our

relations with the Muslim

world. Australians have

transferred their concern the

the US. In other words, Australians blame George Bush

for the war not John Howard.

The poll shows Australians

have a love-hate relationship

with the US while most people

believe the alliance is important for national

security two-thirds also

think Australia pays too much

attention to US views in its

foreign opposite. Australian

think the government's

concerns should be the environment, Australian jobs

an stopping the spread of

nuclear weapons their lowest

priority is spreading de mock

a so around the world, one of

the justifications for the

war in Iraq. It has turned

the into a rolled, gold,

national security disaster

for Australia and has cost

the taxpayer $2 billion.

The bol does tot ask whether

people are in favouring of

surrendering in Iraq and

allowing the terrorists to

take over. Most Australians

think the lesson of Iraq

should be greater caution to

use military force in dealing

with rogue states. The US

government is also facing

tough questions over its war

on terror, a new book by veteran journalist Bob

Woodward says the White House

ignored warnings of a terror

strike just months before the

9/11 attacks. Adding to the

pressure a new video has

surfaced featuring two of the

al-Qaeda hijackers of this is never before seen video of

two of the September 11

hijackers, the ring leader is

on the right, changt and

laughing with fellow hijack

er and they grow serious,

apparently reading their

wills on camera but with no

sound on the tape it is

difficult to deceiver. The

footage shows Osama bin Laden

addressing a crowd. Listening

is another of the September

11 planners who is now being

held at Guantanamo Bay. The

video has been posted on a

British newspaper's web site

but it dates back to Jan

2000, more than 18 months

before the attacks in New

York and Washington. The

White House does not know why

it has surfaced now. If they

could relish in the fact that

at they were going to kill innocent men, women and

children is a stark reminder to the American people about

the nature of the enemy we

face. Yet the White House

about been accused toing for

a warning the attack America.

A new book from Bob Woodward

says CIA Mr tenant sounded

the alarm to Condoleezza Rice

but she brushed him off. The

White House says that is in

the how Condoleezza Rice

remembers it. She believes

this is a grossly inaccurate characterisation of the

meeting they had. Bob

Woodward's book also feels

that the President is getting

advice from former US

Secretary of State who served

presidents before the Vietnam

war again. He is fighting

the war again because in his

sue the problem is that we

lost our will in Vietnam,

that we didn't stick to

it. For Henry kissing gear

victory is the only strategy

in Iraq. Police in the Solomon island are questioning several youths

over attacks on two Christian

missions. They say six men

invited the home of the

couple yesterday and held a

man at knife point while his

wife was raped. On Saturday

an Australian man was injured

when a gang of more than 20

men ransacked the Christian

reformed churches of

Australia based in Honiara.

They were armed with knives

add hurled rocks. I've a

gash in high forehead which I

think came from a stone, I

really do not recall all that

well. I have a gash in my

foot which came from broken

glass that required

stitching. I have some west

across my back from a knife. A Solomon Islands man

also required stitches but four other Australians were unharmed. Money, credit

cards, passports and heckal

goods were stolen. The

Department of Foreign Affairs

says tension has been rising

ahead of today's resumption

of Parliament. The newly

appointed Sol been island Attorney-General is on the

run tonight from police in

Papua New Guinea. Julian Moti

had been arrested on child

sex charges at the request of

Australian police but the

Australian-born lawyer jumped

bail at the weekend and has

not been seen since. PNG

correspondent reports.

Julian Moti was ordered to

appear before a Port Moresby

magistrate this morning. The

Australian Federal Police

turned up but Julian Moti did

not. His lawyer Z little light on his client's whereabouts. The new Sol machine island attorney

general was arrested last

Friday by PNG police at the request of Australian

authorities. It is alleged

not Moult paid a court

magistrate to dismiss the sex

case involving him and a

13-year-old girl in 1997.

Australia wants to extradite

Julian Moti but he

disappeared soon after he was

released on bail at the

weekend.╝white Do you know

where he might be at this

moment? No. No. We don't have it, there are

speculations but

no. Authorities fear Julian

Moti may flee to the Solomon

island, a traditional border

crossing agreement means no

passports are required. The

Australian Federal Police are

keen to intercrept Julian

Moti here in PNG because

there is no existing extradition arrangement

between Australia and the

Solomon island. Australian Foreign Minister Alexander

Downer believes Julian Moti

is hiding here at the Solomon

island High Commission in

Port Moresby. He says the

jurisdiction of the Papua New

Guinea court must be

respected and the authorities

must hand him over. Julian

Moti is a close friend of the

Solomon's leader who says

Australia was violating its

sovereignty. In Thailand the

miltary junta has install add

new Prime Minister and

imposed a constitution that

gives it a tight grip on the

country T man they have

chosen as interim leader is

himself a veteran general.

Thailand's new Prime Minister

started his first day on the

job with a blessing from a

senior monk. But I was at the

US embassy where the required general really needed

approval from the most vocal

critic of the military take

over 13 days ago. It is not

just about saving face, the

Americans withdrew 32 million

dollars-worth of military

funding last week. The

general seems to have made a

good impression. We had a

very good discussion. I think

it is very well-known that

the IS urges a speedy return

to democraticly elected

government. The tanks are

largely gone from Bangkok

street and so far the

generals have lived up to

their promise the appoint a

new government within to

weeks of the coup but bigger

questions remain about how

much influence the miltary

will have over the new

Cabinet and when democratic

freedom will be restored. The

general will assemble his

Cabinet zoo and enjoy early

support. Many are ready to

work with him as opposed to

past coups because of his

background and association

was the intellectual

circles. But he will have a harder time it when it comes

to ending the divisions in Thailand society which forced

this military coup. The

people who love de mock a Si

and freedom, liberty do not

agree to the coup. The man

who once said the army sudden

stay out of politics is quickly having to change his

tune. The people of central

Vietnam are cleaning up after

a savage sty phone which

killed seven people and

caused widespread damage. The

storm made landfall in

Vietnam after causing havoc

in the Philippines. It for

through four central

provinces bringing down trees

and power lines and forcing

the evacuation of hundreds of

thousands of people. For of

those killed wish the coastal

cities and homes were

destroyed as the wind whipped

up coastal flooding. The

storm is easing as it heads

into Laos. Still to come - a

new pitch to counter falling

attendances at the Don

Bradman museum in Bowral. The

Democrat Senator has had

emergency surgery for an

eptopic pregnancy. She will

be absent for three weeks

from public truthies. A

former consultant for

packaging giant Amcor has

revealed it infiltrated the

Labour Party and spied on

environment group to help

secure woodchip supplies in

the 90s. It would not comment

today but green groups fear

big companies are still using

similar tactics. 'Four

Corners' has revealed that

from 1989 until 2001 Amcor

wage add covert campaign to

secure its supply of native

hardwood and to discredit

green groups. Leading the

campaign was political

consultant Derek Amos a

former Labour MP. He says his

tactics mirrored those used

by environmentalists in the 7

30s and 80s. They set up

green cells in Labor party

branches calling tit Green

Network so I figured two could play at that

game. Derek Amos formed the A

team a group of Amcor

employees who stacked the

Labor Party's environment

policy committee. They had a

fair deal of influence on determining what the Labor

policy was going to be in

terms of for rest triand

environmental issues. I was

foot aware of that. There was

a lot of contest forestriest

policy and policy more

broadly in our native for yes

its in the 90s, particularly

the early 90s. That period

had finished by the time we

got to government. The team

also spied on groups posing

as protest doors and lobbied

the government on wood

chipping helping the map out

the regional forest agreements. They got

everything they wanted, it

was to cement in wood

chipping for 20 years. The

Greens fear similar tactic

are still being used. The

this is the tip of the

iceberg add I think before

next year's federal election

we need to know the full

extent of how the logging

industry has maintained the

level of logging it has in

the last decade. Amcor said

paper links required all its

business records meaning it

has no access about information about the A team. The Federal government

has alaid the fears of

environmentalists announcing

the boundaries and management

of the Great Barrier Reef

will stay same for the next

seven years. Green groups

were concern add report might

recommend the abolition of

the marine park authority

with responsibility turned over to a government

department. But the

Environment Minister says the

body's headquarters will

remain in Townsville. Senator

Ian Campbell also says there

will be regular checks on the

reef's condition. So every

five years there will be a

picture take yeb of the reef

and say where is it getting

berth and worse, where are

the risks and do we need to

make changes as a result?

While con very South Asia is

in its have welcomed the news

the fishing industry is

disappointed there is no

change to the green zones in

which fishing is band.

Lawyers for Melbourne terror

suspect Jack Thomas are going

to the High Court to

challenge the control orders

imposed by the Federal police. They were given the

all-clear to proceed with the

challenge today. The orders

restrict Thomas yes movements

and bar him from contacting

other terrorist suspects. His

lawyers say this is

unconstitutional and seek to

have them quashed. The case

is scheduled to be heard in December. The local share

market began the new month on

a positive note despite

Friday's fall or Wall Street. The Australian share market

does have a bit of catching

up to do. For the three

months ended on Saturday the

All Ordinaries rose 1.6 per

cent versus a 5.2 per cent

rise in the US and 4 per cent

to Japan and the world as a

hole but there was a wide

variety of performances on

the local share market. The

stand out per former was

utilities dominated by AGL

which rose 20 per cent in the

quarter. Property trusts and

consumer staples also did

well but the latter was all

about Coles Myer and to take

over that never comes. This

graph shows that those who

invested in financials

basically banks, property

trusts and wealth management

firms kept World Cup the Rest

of the World in the quarter

rising more than 4 per cent.

Commodity prices went down

quite a lot. Today they went

up so did the financials like

ABC and CBA leading to a half

per cent rise in the All

Ordinaries which took it back

to where it was in mid May.

The mining and energy stocks

rose because prices of

products went up. Oil, copper

and nickel all went up, gold

eased. The Westpac Bank

subsidy Hastings diversified

utilities fund as bought

south-east water of the UK

from Australia's Macquarie

Bank for $1.7 billion. Finally, the Australian

dollar continues to sink

slowly. It was down to 74.5US

cents this afternoon. That is

finance. Car bra researchers

have reopened the hobbit

debate backing claims a tiny

skeleton found in Indonesia

represents a new sposhies of

human. In 2003 Australian and Indonesian researchers

unearthed the remains of a

hob quit-like species in a

cave on an Indonesian island.

The humans grew no taller

than a 3-year-old child, with

sculls the size of grape

fruts and lift as recently as

12,000 years ago but some American experts believe the

bones are those with a very

small person with a brain

deformity. However, in this

month's journal of human

evolution scientists at the Australian National

University argue the hobbit

is indeed a new species.

Aspects of the shape of the

scull are completely outside

modern humans, the shape of

the're hole in the scull t shape of the forehead and the

back of the scull. Professor

Groves believes his paper is

unlikely to be the last word

on the controversy. Zblfl

Wayne Ben yet just can't lose

when it comes to NRL finals.

He led the team into six

premiership deciders and has

not been beaten yet. The

northerners arrived home this

afternoon after their win

over the Melbourne Storm. It

has been six years since the

premiership trovy has come to

Brisbane but for the prong

close faithful it has been

worth the wait T players were

swamped by supporters at the

airport, thousands more

converged on the club's home

base. The biggest cheer was

left for retiring prop Shane

Webcke who as inspirational

in helping to secure

Brisbane's sixth premiership

win. I think from a team

point of view it was the

sweetest one we have won, the

Broncos, no-one gave them a

chance. The 15 to 8 victory

brought a sense of relief for

the Broncos and ended years

of frustration for a club

which had faded from

contention. Satisfying, a

relief, everything at the

moment but I think a reward

for a lot of hard work from a

lot of players. Its the Storm

who made the early running

thanks to the skill of

veteran 5/8 Scott hill. Brilliant. His opposite

number set up the Broncos

first try three minutes

later. The Storm drew level

after the break when Matt

King cashed over but Broncos

again moved clear when Brent

Tait scored in his first

grand final. You dream of

this moment when you start to

kick a footy around made on a

stage like this. I can't

explain it. The close call

seemed to run against the

minor premiers. King was

disallowed a second try.

Instead the Broncos

respondent-row we're put

Lockyer into position to end

Melbourne's hopes. To finish

on this note is quite an

honour and I guess it will

sink in in the next couple of

days but at the moment it

does not feel real. At the

end of the day what happened

tonight will not tick away to

the season we have had. Tease

young guys have done a

wonderful job for this club

this year. The storm mayors

arrived moment if a warm

response. With such a young

squad Melbourne is confident

of emulateing the success of

the Broncos in the years to

come. Manly centre Jaimie Lion is the surprise

selection in the Kangaroos

Tri-Nation squad. He is

returning to the NRL after to

cease Johns in the English

Super League. There are six

rookies and 8 members of the

premiership-winning Brisbane

Broncos in the squad. The

first game is against New Zealand on Saturday week.

World golf is in the grip of

another hot streak from Tiger

Woods. He registered his

sixth stroke play trophy in a

row with an easy win in

England. Woods finished 23

under par, 8 shots clear of

Australia's Adam Scott. It

is hard to find a week n

Tiger Woods record when

leading a tournament into the

final round is a constant

reminder for his peers of the

41 times he has been in that

position he has won 38

including all 12 majors. The

one consolation for Adam

Scott who shared with the

Brit is that his world

ranking will improve but the

No.1 target is a moving one.

Woods sixth consecutive

stroke play title win was

achieved with total of 109 under par and he is

threatening to improve his

game. The Australian netball

coach Norma Plummer has made

two changes to the squat for

this series in New Zealand.

Natasha Chocolate has fought

her way back in to the side

and the under 21 captain has

been selected the make her

senior team debut. For

Chocolate it is some

consolation for missing

selection for if Commonwealth

Games. That was absolutely

devastating and I was totally

shattered about that and it

has taken me a long time to

get over it, all this year. I've only just started to

play well towards the end of

the season. Michael

Schumacher's prospects of an

8th world title look brighter

after beating Fernando Alonso

to move to the top of the

championship standings. The

Chinese grand bring was all

about tyres and pit stops

with Fernando Alonso left to

lament. Somewhat symbolic of

the standings Fernando Alonso

was anchored for nearly 10

laps as Michael Schumacher's

tyre glam l paid off. Both

drivers are on 116 point with two races to go but Michael Schumacher leads courtesy of

7 wins to Alonso's 6. We go

do the last two races, and I

believe that we will have to

wait until the last one

before a decision can be reached. Australia's Troy

bailies has won his second

world superbike title. His

fifth raise at I'm la was

enough for him to clinch the

title in 2001. He celebrated

with an emphatic win in the

second race lead financing

start to finish. I said to

my guys it is death or

dishonour. I was not going

the loose. He will take an

unbeatable 98-point leading

go into the final round in

France. It may be rich intra

division but tradition does

not pay the bills T Bradman

museum in Bowral is in

financial strife because of

falling attendances. Now this

monument to Australia's greatest sportsman is looking

to the future to safeguard

the past. The numbers may be

down though you wouldn't have

known it today. The October

long weekend is traditionally

the me sum's busiest all

year. It is the normal

weekend that have seen

support slump. We are

halfway between Sydney and

Canberra. From 85,000 a year attendances have dropped to

half but costs have gone up

but some who made the family

dive here today seemed unable

to grasp the nature of the

game or the legend. People

paid homage to what has

become a shrine in part of

the attempt to rename the

place the Bradman Mew see.

Cricket not just the Bradman

museum. They tried their hand

at what Bradman did but the

generations seemed to have

knocked Bradman off his

pedestal. They have their own

contemporary heroes. Ricky

Ponting then Tendulkar. It is

hard to reconcile the legend

of a man who used to bounce

golf balls off a corrugated

iron wall with today's

integrated technology but

that is the way it is

heading. As Bradman may see

it, I is not exactly cricket

You can do all that with a

computer and technology and

we believe that is the sort

of thing that will bring kids

into the museum with their

mums and dads. It is already

here in a small way and can

only get bigger, virtual

cricket, virtually

unthinkable. Now with a look

at the weather here is John Ringwood. Ringwood.

Finance and mostly sunny in

the capital. Wind were

north-westerly and the

temperatures 8 above average.

An easterly wind arrived at

5.30 this evening and brought

the temperature down from 24

in an hour and a half. The

temperature is 13 with a lot

of humidity and winds from

the east and the barometer

rising. Cloudy but fine on

the coats.

It was warm and mostly

sunny in Sydney, mostly sunny

in Melbourne, cloud

increasing in Hobart, fine

and sunny in the other

capitals. The satellite

picture shows frontal cloud

over parts of the south-east.

High to middle-level cloud

over central and Western

Australia and cloud with a

front south-west of Perth. A

weak front has moved in to

the Tasman. A high-pressure

ridge over the south-east

should maintain fine weather

over the next few days.

Showery winds and isolated thunderstorms are forecast

for south-west BA. Thunder

inland and showers on parts

of the central east coast.

Windy in per, a few showers,

local fog and shine in

Melbourne, fine in Brisbane,

a overnight shower in Darwin

but possibly sign in the

other capitals. Fine and

sunny along the coast with

temperatures cooler.

A fine day again tomorrow

with cloud in the morning and

a sunny afternoon. Light to

moderate south-east winds

turning north easterly later

and temperatures from 4 to

21. The outlook is for a weak front the pass to the south

on Wednesday leading to some

unsettled weather on

Thursday,, and there could be

a shower about then but not

much in it before fine conditions continue. conditions continue.

Our top stories - the

minister charged with the

Telstra sale has called for

the company and the

government to stop their

public bickering. Nick

Minchin says it is scaring

off investors. The American

government is under pressure

to say what it knew about

terrorist plans in the months

before the 9/11 attacks. Watergate journalist Bob

Woodward said warnings were

issued and ignored. That is

ABC News for now. Stay with

us for the '7.30 Report'

next. I will be back with the news update later this

evening. For now, goodnight. Captions by Captioning and

Subtitling International

This program is captioned live.

Welcome to the program. Tonight we consider the latest

opinion polling which shows

that Australians are deeply

sceptical about the war in

Iraq. But first, imagine

reporting for work each day

only to find there is no real

work to do. That's the

situation facing remaining

employees at Sydney's Tristar factory where a strike to

secure a lasting redundancy

package nearly shut down the

car industry back in 2001. Now

since then most of the workers

have been made redundant and