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Sleeping on it. Kevin Rudd

gives the cold shoulder to gives the cold shoulder

leadership dreams. I think

people are in a fre nettic

overdrive. They should calm

down. We have real work to

do. Ayman Al-Zawhiri takes over

at al-Qaeda. It barely matters

who runs al-Qaeda. Because

al-Qaeda is a bankrupt

ideology. The pressure gets too

much for a disgraced US

Congressman. Today I am

annoyancing my resignation Congress. Yay! Some starting

success in cutting cervical

cancer rates in young women. All the indications program is working as expected.

Welcome to ABC News. Welcome to ABC News. I'm

Ros Childs. On the share


More finance later in the

bulletin. A tense meeting

between rivals has sparked renewed questions about Kevin Rudd's rim with Julia Gillard.

The two were seen in heated

discussion yesterday about the

cattle trade to Indonesia. The

Foreign Minister rejects claims

it was a shouting match and he

is equally dismissive of

rumours he wants his old job

back. Homeless again. Good

morning everybody. Kevin Rudd slept rough for charity,

others in the middle of a rugging up with hundreds

Melbourne winter. Did you get

any sleep, Mr Rudd? Not a lot.

I blame these guys for snoring. His first task of the day -

answering to claims he is

restless at work too and

dreaming of a comeback. I

think everybody needs to pop a

Mogodon. The answer is

no. This is the moment that

sparked the question. A tense

meeting between rivals,

described by some as a

screaming match. Of not. That's just

fabrication. But the meeting

did take place and there is no denial of a policy split.

What the Prime Minister and I were discussing yesterday at

some length was the challenges

we face with Indonesia over

live cattle and how we move

that forward. That's what the

conversations were about. If

the Foreign Minister and the

Prime Minister of the country

can't have a constructive

working relationship, obviously

that is a disaster for any

the sleep-out in Sydney the sleep-out in Sydney and

woke seething over the

Government's $12 million

advertising effort for the

carbon tax. This is another example of grotesque carbon tax. This is yet

inconsistency from this

government. The Independents were

discussions are becoming more were equally annoyed. The

frequent, the need for a deal

more urgent but no-one can say

when it will be done. Talk of

a stalemate between Greens and Government is dismissed by one

participant. The talks

haven't stalled, not that I've

seen anyway. There is

goodwill in the room. But how far will it stretch? Will

there be a deal in two weeks'

time? I don't know the answer

to that. I'm being as honest

as I can. Hopefully there is

but if it takes longer, so be

it. If it falls apart, well, that's the way of the

world. The talks will go on

into the

Hundreds of mourners have gathered for the funeral of

Rowan Robinson, the 27th

Australian soldier killed in

Afghanistan. being held in St Anthony's Afghanistan. The service is

Catholic Church in Kingscliffe

on the far north West Coast of

NSW. The 23-year-old zapper

was killed in small arms fire

with insurgents. He was with special operations patrol when an

they uncovered one of the

largest weapons depot s found

this year. Rowan Robinson was on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan. A day after the

shock resignation of Victoria's

police chief, questions are being asked about his

departure. The State Government

won't say whether it pressured

Overland torf resign. The man

in charge of the 11,000 police

officers says his priority is

new chief is found. Yesterday to be a steadying hand

a kept did, Ken Lay finds

himself filling in as chief

commissioner of police. It is

a job I never aspired to but my

focus in the next few months is

ensuring the police on the

street know they are supported.

Those officers and the public

still don't know what caused

Simon Overland to quit. The

Government isn't volunteering

information. That was a confidential conversation and

I'm not

Are we not entitled to know?

No. The State Ombudsman had criticised Simon Overland for

releasing unreliable crime

statistics prior to last November's November's elections, figures

which the Labor Party used to

bolster its campaign. Now in

Opposition, the ALP is blaming

the government for Simon Overland's departure. This Government has got caught

red-handed undermining, double

dealing back stabbing Simon

Overland. Mr Overland was under scrutiny from a State investigating police command in

general and the sudden departure of one of his

deputies, Sir Ken Jones in

particular. The man who become the top cop, acknowledges politics acknowledges politics and

policing are hard to separate. Obviously at the Chief Commissioner level, it is

politicised to a certain

extent, that's a part of the

game. That's one of the many

things we need to work through.

The Victorian Government has rejected a call for parliamentary committee. selected by a joint

Four people have been taken

to hospital after being savaged by two dogs at a shopping

centre in Sydney's west. A

routine late night shopping

outing for most customers

turned dangerous when the dogs

broke free from their leads.

10-year-old Jasmine Hamman and

her mother were mauled by the

animals believed to be pit pit. started biting me

everywhere. The little girl was

the most seriously injured with

deep cuts to her arm. The dogs' owners came become'

restrained the animals. Police

are looking for him. The first study into cervical cancer study

suggests the vaccine could be

having a dramatic effect. The

rates of lesions in girls under 18 is has halved. There is

more work to be done to find

out if it is the vaccine or pap

smears behind the results. The Australian girls and women were Australian girls

the first in the World to take

the Human part in a vaccination preem for

the Human Papillomavirus.

Since it started in 2007, there

has been a dramatic drop in the

incidence of genital warts.

We have gone from about one in

100 of

are being screened having a high

high grade cervical abnormality

diagnosed on a biopsy to now

less than one in 200. The study

involved examining more than 6

million records at the

Victorian pap smear register.

The results most startling for

women under 18 The vaccine is

effective if you haven't been

exposed to HPV. Once young

women become they get infektsed quickly.

Researchers say the study is further evidence young girls should be vaccinated. These

results are in line we expect. All the indications

are the program is working as expected. It is unclear whether

it is down to the vaccine or

because they'd had pap smears.

Experts say it is too early to

make too much of the study.

Because we don't know which of

these girls were actually

vaccinated and weren't, and how

many of these many of these girls who came up with abnormalities had been

vaccinated, we haven't linked

the data yet. That's the next

step - linking the step - linking the national vaccine register with the pap test register.

Overseas now and the Pentagon

has warned al-Qaeda's new

leader to expect the same treatment as Osama Bin Laden.

The terror network has appointed eye-man Ayman Al-Zawhiri, a long-time Bin Laden as its Laden as its leader. It is vowing to continue Jihad

against the yaitds and

Israel. Here he is last week.

His appointment has been

largely welcomed on web sites.

Bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawhiri

collaborated closely. Both

have been fugitives for years,

hiding out in Afghanistan and

Pakistan. Al-Zawhiri, the

natural success wror to Bin

Laden, is now named the FBI's

most wanted terrorist, the leader of al-Qaeda. leader of al-Qaeda. It is not a surprise from my perspective

that he has moved into that

position and as we did both

seek to capture and kill, and succeed in killing Bin Laden,

we certainly do or will do the

same thing with Al-Zawhiri.

So, what do we know about

Ayman Al-Zawhiri? He is a

lifelong Egyptian extremists.

He will be 60 this Sunday. He was

Osama Bin Laden back in the

1990s and got him to think

global. He was the operational

brains behind the 9/11 brains behind the 9/11 attacks. The US has long had a $25

million bounty on his head.

Al-Zawhiri was radical ised

long ago, imprisoned by long ago, imprisoned by the

Egyptian State after president

Sadat's assassination. The

violence perp traited by

al-Qaeda is contributed to his


more such attack. As Arab

populations call for an end to

dictatorship, al-Qaeda's

critics say he will struggle to prove it has constructive to offer. Financially its resources are

drying up, operational spaces

confined by the drone strikes.

Al-Zawhiri has inherited an

organisation that is struggling

to carry out trans-national

attacks. Yet this al-Qaeda

operative, killed last week, was carrying early plans for

attacks on London's rit hotel

and Eton College. The plans

were not advanced. It is not

known if the new leader knew

anything about them. The

prominent New York Democrat has

resigned. The series of highly

embarrassing photos on social

media web site are the source

of Anthony Weiner's woes. admitted responsibility after first claiming he had been

hacked. The pressure from

senior Democrats has forced the

inevitable. Today I am

announcing my resignation from

Congress. Thank Christ per

vert. So my colleagues can

get back to work. Anthony

Weiner apologised again to his

pregnant wife and supporters

and hasn't ruled out a return to politics. Emotions to politics. Emotions are

running high at NASA has

workers are laid off and last spate International Space

Station is readied for launch

next month. It is warned until Congress identifies the

next mission, it will be

difficult to engage Americans in space exploration. The 50-year-old native of

Philadelphia was originally on

a stand-by mission. Chris

Ferguson never expected this.

I would like to think we were picked. There were to be in the position we are

now. On paper it is a resupply

mission to the space station

but it is so much more. NASA

families were invited to

witness the last Shuttle roll

off. More workers and

contractors will be laid off.

Thousands have gone already.

After 30 years, the Space Shuttles will soon be museum

pieces. For Chris Ferguson and

his three crew mates, every test test is a milestone. We

probably did about 200,000

practice Shuttle approaches at

the White Sands Missile Range

in New Mexico and yesterday was

the very last one. He plans to

stay with NASA even though it

is far from clear where human

exploration goes next. While

the US space agency dreams of a mission to Mars, in Washington,

funding and a rocket to carry humans there are far from

certain. That's the most

we have made such an abrupt

change and we had the Shuttle

and now we really have nothing.

Chris Ferguson says he is too busy to busy to be sad, counting the

days to his scheduled July 8th

launch. Probably the high

light will be that last final

wheel stop call when the

Shuttle has stopped rolling on the runway for the last time.

Trying to come up with the

right words when it is all over. The true challenge is going to be capture dreams and history of 30 years

in a short line or two. It

will be practically impossible.

As a child he followed the

'Apollo' missions, now he has the best ticket on the Shuttle's last ride. Speculation and fear drove

markets around the world as the

Greek Prime Minister struggled

to form a new austerity government. The a record low as time runs out

for Greece to map a plan for

its soaring debt. Emma

Alberici. This was not a happy birthday birthday for George Papandreou. The American-born Prime

Minister of Greece turned 59

today, surrounded by his socialist socialist party colleagues.

But it was far from a

celebration as two more of celebration as two more of his

deputies deserted the

Government. A cabinet reshuffle followed as an

economic crisis erupts into a political

At this very difficult moment,

there is only one goal for all

of us - stability, to keep the country and its country and its economy on its

feet. A new team of ministers fighting to defend fighting to defend policies

that will see $50 that will see $50 billion

stripped from the economy. The Square where The Square where thousands protests are continuing. The

biggest problem is also their

biggest hope - Europe united to

save a currency shared by 17

countries. The Euro, at a

record low, while debate

continues over a plan to

restructure Greek debt. I'd

like to be cautiously

optimistic that Greece still has

has a chance to pull through,

but I'm time is running out and options are running out. German

and French banks are keeping Greece Our task is to defend and

safeguard the Euro, without the Euro there is no Europe.

Without a united Europe, there

is no possibility of peace and prosperity. A meeting of the

Eurozone Finance Ministerses

will almost definitely decide to

to shift some of the debt

burden to the private sector.

The banks who took a gamble on

Greece might be about to learn

their luck has run out. Greece

is one of the reasons why the

markets here have been so in the dumps. Shares have lost

over 10% in value over the last

couple of months and there is

no sign of good news on the hor sons from either Europe or

US. Here is Martin Lakos lack from Macquarie Private Wealth.

Worries are about the Greek

debt are growing especially

with the former head of the US

Central Bank saying a default

by Greece is almost certain and

that could drive the US economy

into recession. It is

starting to get serious. It

is being priced in by markets

as one of the key risks for the global economy. Alan Green

spn also said if there is no

default, there is no recession.

At the end of the day, we are

seeing Greek bonds, two year

bonds, are currently yielding

29%. Portuguese bonds about 13

and Spanish bonds, two-year

bonds, about 3.5. There is no

doubt markets are pricing in

the risk. The key is whether

the Greek Parliament does go

ahead and approve the packages being proposed. There

is no doubt the French and

German banks' exposure is large

and would want more time to work through it. Surely financial authorities will not

allow grees to default. The

last time they didn't see the

global financial crisis coming,

now they have an opportunity.

╝Yellow)You would like to think

they had learnt a lesson with

regard to the regard to the gfks global financial crisis. financial crisis. Since the

GFC we have seen de-leveraging

of risk and debt. In the US,

corporate America is corporate America is at a low

level of gearing and is at this

timing on about $800 billion of

cash. We are in a slightly different environment in that respect. There is no doubt as

per the article that came on

before I was speaking to you,

the Europeans will want to

defend the Euro and they should

probably do something about

that and will defend it vigorously we think. Our

market has lost over 500 points

since the middle of April the

back of this. Is the bottom

in sight? That's the $64,000.

I will polish off my crystal

ball, ros. . We are in the

hands of what happens in Europe. A 10% fall is

significant. We are of the view

view the United States recovery is intact.

is intact. We are in a mid

cycle slow downbut the second

half of strong. All the commentary

about the slowdown in China has

stopped. The Chinese came out

with strong economic numbers

this week, inflation seems to be under control at 5.5%, industrial production growth

strong. There are drivers out

there helping the world

continue to grow. If that is

the case, we will see a rebound

in stock markets. There is not

doubt some value out there.

If you are looking Australian banks, which are

rated in the top 8 around the world, yielding 7% to

shareholders plus fran

kilogram, that has to look attractive, as is attractive, as is BHP. It is

signifying strong sustainable

earnings coming through. Martin Lakos, thank you.

Thank you. If you got a desk

job, you might want to review a

thing or two. Experts say

sitting from four to six hours

a day put yous at 80% higher

chance of early death. People

who sit more are more likely to gain weight and to be obese and

people who are obese are at a

higher risk for cancer and for

heart disease. Researchers are

looking at a range of options

to help people improve circulation on the job and

believe these practices are the

way of the future. Time to

check the markets, here is Sue

Lannin. How is looking after yesterday's big

sell-off? Bargain hunters sell-off? Bargain hunters have

moved in today so stocks are

seen as cheaper. Good economic

data out of the ugs that helped confidence. Yesterday we saw

the market ended at the lowest

close since September last

year. Today it is up about

half a per cent on light trade.

The All Ords Index has gained

23 points. The ASX 200 is up 26 26 points. Martin Lakos was

saying the banks are holding

the market higher. Yes, the

index is up nearly 1%. The

boss of the Commonwealth Bank says he thinks the Greek debt

crisis won't force it to raise

interest rates above official

increases. The cost of

finance is rising because

finance is rising because of the credit problems in Europe,

but Ralph Norris has told the

ABC he won't pass that on to

borrowers, but he has borrowers, but he has warned

the situation could cause

another credit crisis.

Commonwealth Bank shares are up more than lapping in the resources

sector? That is also holding the market up. Rio Tinto has won control of Riversdale

Mining. So that's after the

Indian steel giant Tata Steel

sold its stake to Rio for about $1 billion. Rio Tinto shares

are down slightly.

BHP-Billiton is higher. The US

hedge fund Leucadia has continued its sell-down of Fortescue Metals. Fortescue Metalses Metalses has gained nearly 2%. Telstra's last ground. It is

yet to finalise the $11 billion

with the government over the National Broadband Network.

Let's take a check of the other

big Mao movers. Thank you. On to Wall

Street and uncertainty about

Greece added to a volatile

session. S&P index session. S&P index swung more than 1% from high and lows.

Traders welcomed a drop in

jobless claims and growth in

housing starts. The Dow led

the way up half a pars.

The weekend is just around the

corner and for many people it

is time to get out Doing the weekly shops, Doing the weekly shops, sports

matches or vividing friends.

So many are hopping in car over

the weekend that traffic on days is growing five times

faster than Monday to Friday.

Figures from the NRMA show

congestion in the big cities is

just as bad during peak. Mark Wolstenholme Wolstenholme is the NRMA policy you the roads are congested at

weekends. That's not news to

anyone. The real issue is how

we manage the roads at

weekends. They are not managed

very well. We really very well. We really don't

have a handle on what the

issues are out there. If we

are not measuring it, it is

hard to manage it. Do we know

why the roads are so clogged

and why so many people are jumping into

jumping into their cars on

Saturday and Sunday? It is

certainly increasing. One of

the main reasons is that people are are dropping kids at sporting events, people have more leisure activities these days.

Shopping is almost a leisure

activity as opposed to a

necessity. So there is a lot of congestion

of congestion around shopping

centres, sporting venues.

There is a lot more major events on at weekends events on at weekends as well.

More people are working at the

weekends too, that must impact the whole situation.

Absolutely. I guess, though,

the working patterns at weekend

is different to in

tends to be the retail trades

who tend to start later. From

10 o'clock in the morning to 3

o'clock in the afternoon or

longer, the roads con Jessed. You con Jessed. You mentioned the figures just aren't available,

official statistics aren't

available on road use at the

weekend, because it is not seen

as a problem at the moment. The

focus is really on the morning

and afternoon weekday peaks.

That's when the consequences of something something happening can be

fairly catastrophic in our

major cities. We really need

to start looking at how to start looking at how we

manage roads at weekends. Obviously Obviously we don't have the same clear ways and parking

restriction s and those sorts

of things, and the traffic

engineers at the RTA and the

other road agencies don't work

at weekends either. Really,

the only people that seem to

know what's happening on the

roads are the people driving on

them. Is road rage more likely at the weekend given, when we

are in traffic at the weekend,

it is our time, not the boss's?

That's true. People put quite

a high cost on their leisure time. I have got young kids

myself and if I have kids

screaming in the back of the

car, it plays on your mind.

It is certainly an issue. You

don't want to be stuck in

traffic, the more we can do to

keep people moving, the better.

Thank you.

Thank you. Thank. Northern holds the lead after the

opening round of the US Open.

McIllroy is three shots in

frond of YE Yang and Charl

Schwartzel. Scott Hend is leading Australian. The

22-year-old McIllroy has made a habit of being in front after

the first round of the majors.

His round of 65 included six

birdies. To go Birdy, Birdy, to close

to close out. In it goes! Sdos Stosur continued Stosur continued her Wimbeldon

build-up with a win over top

seed Vera Zonerava at the Eastbourne event. Eastbourne event. The Australian moved into the semi-finals. It was an

Antarctic trek with a Antarctic trek with a tragic

ending. Robert Scott and his four colleagues reached four colleagues reached the

south Pole but died miles from south Pole but died miles from

safety. 100 years later, a new exhibition on that fateful

jump ny journey was almost destroy ed in the Christchurch

earthquake. These artefacts survived the Antarctic but anxious

anxious curators at the Cantebury museum in

Christchurch feared the worse.

When we went

When we went to where the

objects were being prepared for

shipping, our hearts were in

our mouths. But incredible.

Some things had fallen off

shelves but nothing had broken.

It is just so lucky. Not so lucky

and his four colleagues. They

made it to the south Pole only

to die on their return. On display, display, vs there is a virtual

copy of his diary and copy of his diary and the

actual sled. There is rare

film and the camera used to

capture the exhibition. It

focuses on the scientific

nature of the exhibition. The

explorers took the first

weather data and collected

40,000 specimens.

evidence of the tectonic

plates. At the time the theory

plates. At the time the theory

of continental drift was not

believed at all. As you walk through this exhibition you

also walk over the exact layout

of the hut where Scott and of the hut where Scott and the other exploresers lived in

Antarctic. It was a tight

squeeze. Inside they would

listen to the gramaphone at

night and play cards after

dining on rations. There is the first the first over posthumously and back then, the

exploration was expensive.

They endorsed products in

return for sponsorship. To the

weather now: Patchy cloud is

being pushed over SA by cool

south-west winds and clear

skies elsewhere. Cool

south-westerly winds directed

by a low will generate showers

from NSW to Tasmania. A bringing showers. A high bringing showers. A high will

direct cool winds over the

eastern interior. Around the


A final check of the markets:

That's the news for now. Our

next full bulletin is at 7

Childs. Have a good afternoon

and a great weekend. See you

Monday. Closed Captions by CSI



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