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Live. Three people killed

and a policeman shot during a

siege in Adelaide. Tornado

terror - close to 300 now dead

in America's frightening

weather emergency. Holy crap,

guys, this thing is huge!

Till death do us part. The band

is tuned up and the crowd is

now waiting for the big show to

begin. It's part of being

British. So excited, so excited. And new images of

the wave that changed

everything in Japan. Hello and welcome to ABC News across Australia, I'm Ros Childs. On the local

Australian dollar is spooking sharemarket, the surging

some investors. The All Ords is

closed for a holiday, Wall 61 points lower, Japan is

Street is up and the dollar is

just below 109 US cents. More

finance and Alan Koehler later

been developments at a siege in

Adelaide, where three people

are known to have been killed.

The drama started in the early

hours in suburban Hectorville,

with a man holed up in a house.

One policeman has been taken to hospital after being shot in

the case. Scott Bills is

there. What is the latest? The

siege is over. A short time

ago, police arrested the man

they believe is the gunman and

he has been taken away for questioning. As yet,

much information about the man,

whether he was known to the

victims or even how old he is.

As you said, three people are

don't know their ages or if dead, two men and a women. We

they were a family or if they

had any association with the

gunman. Also injured was a

teenage boy who is in a serious

condition and a police officers

who is in a stable condition in

hospital. How did the siege

begin? It started at about

2:30 this morning. Neighbours

heard gun shots and called the

police. When police arrived at the

the house, they were met by

gunfire, and the policeman was

shot in the face. The officers returned fire. After the

shooting, the gunman went into

a house next door and was holed

up for much of the morning. The

siege ended up lasting for 8

hours from start to finish. What is the condition of the

policeman who was shot? policeman was taken to the

Royal Adelaide Hospital with a

gun shot wound to his face.

Police say he is in a stable condition, but it was a condition, but it was a serious

injury, but he should recover.

Scott Bills, thank you. Two

men have been charged over the

sex scandal of the Australian

Defence Force Academy in

Canberra. An 18-year-old and 19-year-old were arrested at

the ADFA campus this morning. A female cadet says she was

the academy and it was

broadcast live on the internet

by other cadets. Both men have

charge service to cause been charged with using a

offence, with a 19-year-old

facing an additional act of

indecentsy charge. They will

face the ACT Magistrates' Court

this afternoon. Since scandal probing, more this afternoon. Since the

allegations of bullying at the ADFA have emerged. The Federal

Government has launched several

investigations into the culture

of the Defence Force. The mother and stepfather of Kiesha

Abrahams have been in court

charged with her murder. The

6-year-old was reported missing

from her home in Mount

six months ago. Remains were

found in bushland near her home

last week. Reporter Karl Hoerr

has been at the court in west

Sydney. This was a highly anticipated court appearance

following the charges of murder

being laid a week ago. There

were many people who gathered outside the court, PM of the people who attended the vigil in support of Kiesha Abrahams, because the courtroom could only accommodate so many

people, only a fraction of

people were able to enter the

court. It was a very brief

appearance. In fact, it was only Kristi Abrahams that was brought up on the screen by audiovisual link. Of course, both matters were mentioned.

There was no bail application from either party, nor was

there a plea. The matter has

been adjourned until 24 June. Karl, there was a huge amount

of local anger against the

couple when the arrests were

made last week. What has security been like at the

court? There was certainly a

boosted police presence outside

the Penrith local court this

morning for the appearance. The officers, including some

officers with sniffer

walked through the court,

inside and outside, before proceedings got under way.

Police were also ensuring that

people were behaving in an orderly manner outside the

problems that developed. court. There weren't any real

However, there was certainly a

lot of anger and hurt that

could be seen and heard from

the people who gathered here

this morning. As I mentioned, many were at the

were very vocal about the

circumstances of this case when Kristi Abrahams and Robert

Smith were charged last Friday.

Karl, thank you. Overseas

now, where the worst storms in

decades have left nearly 300

south-east of the United people dead across the

States. Close to 200 were

killed in Alabama alone. A state of emergency has been

declared in seven states. President Barack Obama will to the disaster zone President Barack Obama will fly

tonight. More from North

America correspondent Craig

McMurtrie. Sometimes just

watching and listening

enough. The US national

weather service called it an

eruption of tornadoes. Dozens

tore through Alabama and Mississippi, lifting and

snapping buildings and snapping

power lines. We got down on

the floor and started praying,

minute. We are looking for our and it came through within a

loved ones. We hear people whining but we can't find

nobody. There were reports of

over 150 twisters touching

in a massive bank of storms,

strength from the south-east

all the way north to Boston.

Some over 1.5km wide ripped up

trees, cars and parts of homes. We have what I would call extreme damage,

devastation, that we are

dealing with. The city with entire neighbourhoods Tuscaloosa plam was worst hit,

shredded. Locals say they had

little or no warning. Hell, we

have been through hell, no

other way to describe it. With

rescue coordination centres in most emergency vehicles and

the area damaged or destroyed, the national guard has been

sent in. Overnight the death

toll across six states leapt

from 50 to 100 to well over

200. At first light it was easy

to see why hundreds more

listed as missing. Paddy Perez

says it took three men to pull

pull her out of the rubble. I

couldn't get out, they had to

move stuff off me, and I got

up. In many places the damage

to homes and businesses is

nothing short of catastrophic.

They are used to twisters in America's south-east. Fore coffers call it Dixie Alley.

Big tornado. Oh my god! But

the people here have never experienced an April At the end of a hellish 24

hours, many picking over the

wreckage say they don't now how

they survived. It's been

billed as the wedding of a

generation and it's now jut a

matter of hours away. Thousands

of well-wishers are already on

the streets of central London

and many more are expected to

arrive in the coming hours, all

hoping for a glimpse of history

in the making. This in the making. This report from

films Thousands camped out,

hoping for a glimpse of the

prince and his love, but they

didn't expect this. didn't expect this. In a surprise walkabout, Prince

William delighted the crowds.

The elation shared on both

sides of the fence. The groom

looking confident, relaxed, a

happy man. If the bride is

hard boring prenuptial nerves,

she certainly hid it well as she arrived at the her last hours as a single

woman. Along the route between

Westminster Abbey and the

palace the best seats are

taken, the patriotic fervour intent as the moment

approaches. It's a once in a

lifetime opportunity, something

to tell people about, that we

were here and saw Philippa

McDonald get married and we get

to see the dress. Even the porta loo man was It's great to be part of history. The enthusiasm is infectious. When Julia Gillard

met British Prime Minister

David Cameron, world affairs

took a back seat to a wedding. Something that is happening

tomorrow which we are all

fairly excited about. There

was time, too, to greet Prince

Charles, the father of the

groom. But this avowed

Republican was here to share

the romance of the moment.

It's a joyous celebration of

two young people in love. This

is not just more a celebration everyone can

join. That's the message in the

village of bucklebury, where

Catherine Middleton's family

live. The owner of pub has been invited to the

wedding. I'm not fussed with

seeing David Beckham, and seeing David Beckham, and I'm not into celebs. I want to see

Kate and her dad walk down the

aisle. The family Catherine Middleton is marrying into may

be in a class of their own but

in the backyards of bucklebury

and on the streets of this is very much everyone's

party. (All sing) Philip

Williams, ABC News, London.

Venue s across Australia Venue s across Australia are getting ready for the Royal

wedding. The Lord Dudley Hotel is putting up the bunting,

polishing the tiaras and

cutting the cue couple per

cent. Kate crouch is bracing

for a busy night. We have had

lots of phone calls and interest in the

so it is expected to be big. What preparations do you have

in place? I can see a few

tiaras next to you. We have pork pies and we are making

cucumber sandwiches, and jugs

of Pims and setting up the bear with

with bunting. We are all very excited. Are many people coming to the pub specifically

to watch the Royal wedding? Yes. We have two functions

upstairs and we will have on the big screens, and we have

quite a few groups of people

coming in tonight. One called

up yesterday, about 30 people

coming in to watch it specifically. specifically. An event like this is great for business,

because the time difference is

so good, it's all starting

early evening and going on into

the night. Yes, so we will

start at about 5 o'clock

tonight and I think at 8

o'clock we see her walk down

the aisle, so it will be very

exciting. You will well for another reason, you

are an English style pub. ,

very English, my father is

English, so we are getting

right into the theme. En-Ji

yourz. The local effort is nothing compared to what will

be happening across Britain, where it will be party, party, party. I'm at Clapham Common

in South London, usually the

home to joggers, families

having pick Nissan children

flying kites, but this weekend hundreds of campers descended on the common to

celebrate the Royal wedding. I

am from Bournemouth. Why did you decide to be part of the festival? Just being central London and being part of the festival atmosphere.

Coming to this is cheaper than

staying in a hotel and much

more fun. I found some Aussie,

Hamish and James from Sydney.

Are you here just for the

wedding? No, we are here for

six months playing cricket.

While you are here, you would be silly not to take advantage

of it. Have you been surprised

by how much attention it is

getting back home? Heaps. I've

never seen anything like

billion viewers worldwide is

phenomenal. Why not get

involved. It's not just these

people getting ready for the

biggant, lom businesses are

busy preparing chgt It will be

manic, we are opening at 9

o'clock for breakfast, all

cakes and sandwiches on a tea stand, and we are doing

cocktails and wines to go with

that. Will the pub be jam packed with packed with people toasting the

Royal couple and enjoying a wedding present from the

newlyweds, a day off. The

Royal wedding will be live on ABC1 from 6:00pm Eastern

Standard Time. Victoria is

once again the lead state for

building and population growth

in Australia, nearly half the top 20 hot

spots in the last financial year. A hot spot, according to

the Housing Industry

Association, is an area of rapid population growth, rapid population growth, and where more than $100 million is

being spent on home building.

More often that's Victoria,

according to Harley Dale, the

association's chief economist.

I think it's a reminder of

just how successful Victoria

has been over the last couple

of years, in terms of new home

building activity in particular but also but also renovations activity. Victoria has by far and away

been the strongest home

building state in Australia

over the last couple of years.

That shows up in a number of

the top 20 hot spot building areas around Australia, being located in Victoria, particularly around Melbourne, where there's a lot of

relatively new growth areas

where a lot of new housing

development is occurring.

Let's look at the top 5 of your

list. First up

North, then windham South, both

places in Victoria the next two

spots are in Queensland,

Pimpama-Coomera and Mango Hill

on Brisbane's northside, and then Packenham

then Packenham in Victoria.

This was the picture of the

last financial year, 2009-10,

when interest rates were at a

record low and you had

record low and you had the tripling in the first home

owner grant. Those stimulus

have now been withdrawn. I guess things must be a lot slower this financial year? I

think if we could look ahead and see precisely what the Twenty10-11 list would look

like, I suspect we would see

the same top 5, but this top 5

would probably have slower

rates of population growth, which is consistent with a

general slowing in population

at the current point in time,

and also a lower level

being approved, because we have a higher interest rate

environment, as you point out,

and of course we don't have

that tripling of the first home

owner grant boost that was a

very important part of those

Melbourne areas success in the hot

hot spots in particular.

Harley Dale, thank you. AFL boss Andrew Demetriou says the

players deserve a fair share of

the new television rights deal.

The $1.25 billion deal runs for five five years, starting next

season. Channel 7 has won the

rights to broadcast four games

each week and Foxtel will show

every game of the round. The AFL AFL says the players will not

be forgotten. We have always

said the flares should get

their fair share of what the

game can afford and now we have

the flexibility to look after the players and history shows we look after our players. The

AFL Players Association wants 25 to

revenue to be passed on to its

members. The big story has

been the unstoppable Australian

dollar which keeps pushing

higher and higher within a sniff of $1.10 against

the US currency. Here with his thoughts is UK, UK, Alan

Koehler, who joins me from

member. Is this a case of

Aussie strength or green yk

weakness? Mostly greenback weakness. There is some that interest rates will rise and of course there is the

commodity price story. It is really US dollar weakness, which was exacerbated by Ben

Bernanke having his first press

conference yesterday in which

he talked about continuing the

economic stimulus of both low

interest rates there and

printing money, what they call

quantitative easing. That will

continue on. Really the story

is more stimulus in the weak economy there, the US

dollar falling, and Australian

economic strength with interest

rates rising. That's causing

the difference between the two. The Australian dollar two.

would have got a boost from

this week's inflation numbers,

stronger than expected That's

right. The underlying inflation

rate was a bit higher than was expected, and clearly we are

seeing the turning of the

inflation cycle now. We are seeing the beginnings of inflation rising. look at it is that that means

the interest rate rises that

have already occurred haven't

worked, and to some extent

that's correct. But really it

just has informed the markets and us really that the Reserve

Bank has to keep putting up

interest rates, just to hold

back the growth in the economy,

the demand in the economy,

because the capacity is

beginning to be outstripped and

bottle necks are starting to show up in the inflation rate.

The next interest rate rise in the September be one next week, actually.

There's a bit of money being

punted on an interest rate rise

in May and in June. I think most of the money in the market

is on 50 basis points, that is

two interest rate rises this

year, and if that is the case,

if the Reserve Bank is thinking

that way, they might as well

get the first one out of the

way quickly and then sit back

and keep an eye on it and do

the second one towards the end year. What is coming up on

Inside Business? We are

talking to Grant King of Origin

energy about the carbon tax and

his big LNG contract and Paul blockson, the chief economist

of HSBC, in Beijing at the

moment, talking about interest

rates and what he thinks will

happen and also about China. Alan Koehler, thank you. Alan Koehler, thank you. The national broadband network boss

has defended his decision not to tell the Federal Government

about a bribery investigation involving involving his former employer. Mike Quigley worked for the French telecommunications giant

which was subject to a five

year inquiry in the US. Outside a public hearing in Sydney into

the role of the NBN, Mr Quickly

said there was no need to raise

the issue because he was never

investigated. I don't pay much

attention to it, and there is

no case to answer, and the SEC

has said that. Neither myself

nor the CEO

involved in any way, we don't

pay much attention to it. It is

clearly a politically motivated

article. Some of the other

stories making news: Fosters is

getting out of the wine business. Shareholders meeting

in Melbourne today have given

overwhelming support to a

demerger that separates the

company's beer and wine

decisions. A new company

Treasury Wine Estates will have

vineyards in Australia, Europe

and North America. The International Monetary suggested Australia save some of the revenue from the mining

boom to help deal with the

future challenges of an ageing

population. The population. The IMF's latest report predicts Australia's economic economic growth will continue

to accelerate, fuelled by Asia,

but warns increasing dependence

on mining will make the country

more vulnerable to future commodity price shocks. Could

the AFL rights deal help turn

Telstra into a major player in

the broadcast industry? Telstra

has won the

every game over its Next G

Network. Media academic Dr Mike

Minehan says this is the

beginning of a new direction for the for the company, opening up growing audiences on mobile

phones, tablets and fibre optic cable.

cable. Let's check the

markets with Sue Lannin. Investment

Investment bank Macquarie Group

has handed down its annual

profit? After tax profit for

the full year was down 9% from

last year to $956 million,

because of subdued trading on

global sharemarkets. Macquarie

expects continued uncertainty

of financial market, but it is hopeful earnings should rise in

2012, and chief executive

officer Nicholas Moore has a

salary package of $8.7 million,

down $1 million from last year. Macquarie shares

Macquarie shares are up by 0.5%. There's movement in the

property sector? The yes, the

big US private equity Blackstone plans to buy Valad

Property Group, which is a

listed real estate investment K its shares have jumped by half

today. Overall, financial

stocks are lower. And the

overall market? The market

fell sharply from the open.

Investors are worried about the higher Australian dollar and

the impact on company profits.

A lot of exporters are down. Bluescope Steel is off 3.5%,

and lower energy stocks and

resources have pulled down the market. The laudz laud has lost

1% or 52 points, the ASX 200 is

off 48 points to 4,825. Fosters

is on a trading halt after the

vote to split up the wine and beer divisions and Telstra is

steady today. Checking the

markets other big movers in the

ASX top 100, Goodman fielder is

bouncing back from its tumble, CSR CSR adding 2 cents, and going

lower is acurious platinum and

Ansell. On to Wall Street, traders managed to look past slowing economic growth figures

to upbeat company results. The

high price of oil has helped

Exxon Mobil's $10 billion

quarterly profit. The Dow put

on 0.5% boosted by a transport

sector which closed at a record

high. Paris and Frankfurt were up but London must have

distracted by all things wed,

adding just one point. Japan's

market is closed for a holiday.

A American man dubbed the

honeymoon killer will stand

trial for murder in the United States. Gabe Watson spent 18

months in a Queensland jail for

the manslaughter of his wife

Tina Watson during a sueba

driving trip off Townsville in

2003. He was extradited to his

home state of Alabama last year

to face murder charges.

Watson's US lawyers argue the

charges amount to

has are already been tried over

the death but the judge has

rejected their motion to

dismiss the case. It is now a

matter for the courts in the United United States to assess the evidence. It was all assessed here by an Australian jury,

which made their determination. If convicted,

Watson could be jailed for life. Foreign tourists have

been targeted in a bombing in

Morocco that has claimed at

least 15 lives. The blast

ripped apart a cafe in area in Marrakesh. It's

believed to be the work of a

suicide bomb. Apologies, we

don't have that report at the

moment. Let's moment. Let's move on to other stories making news around the world. Thailand and Cambodia

have agreed on a ceasefire

after seven days of clashes

along a disputed section of the

border that is home to two

ancient temples. The artillery

duels have killed 15 soldiers and forced thousands to and forced thousands to flee the area. He failed to get a

meeting with Kim Jong-Il but

former US president Jimmy

Carter has left Pyongyang,

saying the North Korean

wants direct talks with his

South Korean counterpart. The

south has insisted the north

apologise for singing one of

its vessels. A Naval air

strike has killed 12 rebels in

the Libyan town of Misrata. The

shelling came a day after

intense fighting around the

area, the city's with the outside world.

Dramatic footage has emerged of

last month's tsunami in Japan,

which shows what happened when the water hit the water hit Sendai airport,

where a large number of cars

and planes were swept away. The

water reached the second floor

of the terminal building. The

pictures show a fishing town

where 10% of the population perished in the disaster.

Across Japan, more than 25,000

people died or are listed people died or are listed as

missing. 130,000 residents are

homeless and living in

shelters. Back to the bombing

in Morocco, at Marrakesh. The

cafe in central Marrakesh,

moments after a deadly blast

ripped through it. Officials

talked of an exploding gas

canister, but it appears to be

the work of a suicide bomber. Investigators are searching the inside of the building for

evidence. The majority of those who

foreigners rather than

Moroccans. They were almost

certainly the target of the attack. One Briton who works

100m away witnessed the

aftermath. I heard a pretty

almighty thud around the whole first floor of the cafe Argana

had been wiped out, and waiters

were trying to help those

injured up from the floor, and quite a few pools of blood, a

chaotic scene. This was the

cafe before the blast, a

popular spot for foreign

popular spot for foreign tourists. 362,000 Britons

visited Morocco in 2009, many

heading to Marrakesh and

particularly the Djemaa el-Fna Square, filled with Square, filled with market

which the cafe overlooked.

It's been 8 years since the

last major attack in Morocco. In 2003, suicide bombers killed

45 in Casablanca, Jewish institutions as well as

restaurants and hotels. Since

then the country has been

largely peaceful. Casualties

today were taken to the main

hospital in Marrakesh.

seven were said to be seriously

injured. A regional group links total Kaye today is

reported to have threatened

Morocco just last week. The concern will be that they have

now struck, hitting a location

they knew would draw

international attention. A

look at the weather. The

satellite shows patchy

South Wales near a trough.

Skies clear through Victoria

and Tasmania due to a high

pressure systems. A cloud is stretching across WA and South Australia with a trough. A

weakening ridge of high pressure over New South Wales will bring scattered showers over the coast and age ranges.

In South Australia, patchy rain

and storms, and in eastern WA,

South Australia and Western

Australia, a high will direct moist wind on the to the south-west WA

for Brisbane and Sydney, partly

cloudy in Canberra, Melbourne

and Hobart, showers in and Hobart, showers in Adelaide

and mostly sunny elsewhere. A

final check on the markets. The

All Ords is 353 points lower,

Wall Street up and the dollar

at 109 US cents. That's the

news for now. There's

continuous news on ABC News 24

and also news online. Our next

full bulletin on ABC1 is at 7

o'clock this evening. I'm Ros Childs, thanks for joining us,

have a good afternoon and great weekend. See you Monday.

Closed Captions by CSI. ACCORDION MUSIC (LAUGHS) I think every one of them's mad. Hello. Do you make these yourself, Miss Lawton?

Yes. Do you like it? She does. I can tell. I love that one. It's really nice. Why don't you get a set? Six of those, do you think? This is a moving moment, George. It's the first time I've ever won anything. It'll be rotten inside. Just because I've got a coconut and you haven't. Hello, George. Simone! Who is that? Simone Hollingsworth and that bloke's her husband, Alan. What's he got we haven't, George? He's bought the mill. Going to turn it into a craft centre.

Potters, glass blowers... You don't sound overjoyed. Hello, George. Where's Cath? In the tea tent. Ooooh! Head straight to the marquee. Prithee, dost thou wish to partake of a beefburger? Um... actually ? Perchance a veggie burger is more to thy taste? And you, kind sir, a dog of the hot variety? Yonder, at the barbecue. Two sovereigns apiece. Gadzooks. Dad, that mutton dressed as lamb. Do you know her? That's a terrible thing to say. Although it's true. No, I don't. She's that actress... Freda somebody. You know... Come on... What's her name? Bad luck. Care to have another go?

Hello, there. Hello. Skittles. 20p a go. Don't be silly, the young lady's come to talk to me. I saw you asking your father, 'Isn't she that actress?' 'She was in... what was the name of that film?' He knows exactly who you are. And so do I. Elfrida Molfrey.

I am flattered. You waited because you think I won't make a fuss with this crowd.