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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled CC Tonight, how rents are hurting Australians. Two people fighting for their lives a Gippsland bus crash. pilot of a Gippsland bus crash. The Flight 200 takes the stand, and pilot of the doomed Garuda

the Raiders management deny evening, welcome to ABC claims of a cover-up. Good

I'm Virginia Haussegger. If evening, welcome to ABC News.

thought meeting your I'm Virginia Haussegger. If you

repayments was tough, spare thought meeting your mortgage

thought for repayments was tough, spare a

the capital cities are marred in a rental crisis with jumping as much as 25% in the last year and there's more pain to come. Some analysts tipping to come. Some analysts are increase by as much as 50% over tipping rental prices to

the next few years. country's not quite so the next few years. The lucky

when it comes to putting a roof country's not quite so lucky

over your head. There is no doubt the rental market is latest numbers confirm it's deteriorating rapidly. The

been a brutal 12 months renters in most capital cities. been a brutal 12 months for

Unit represents streaked ahead in Perth -- unit rents streaked ahead in Perth, Brisbane was the only ahead in Perth, rising 25%.

where there was some respite. Brisbane was the only capital

Unit rentals rose at 3%, which interest rates are discouraging is less than inflation. High

home buyers from buying and developers from building their there were more developers from building so

and less new dwellings. their there were more renters

rising number of home owners and less new dwellings. The

facing mortgage stress is likely to swell renter ranks and there are some forecasts that 400,000 suffer serious by Christmas. We are seeing quite dramatic increases in number of people who beginning to struggle. It all number of people who are

points to a massive problem which won't be solved in hurry. We expect rental values which won't be solved in a

to increase by up to 50% in the next four or 5 years. Despite Government plans to subsidise private investment in 50,000 new units rental affordability Adding to supply is the key reducing the very high growth we've had in the rental component of the CPI. It helps but analysts component of the CPI. It all

nearly enough and it's hard helps but analysts say it's not escape the fact that nearly enough and it's hard to

whole host escape the fact that for a

investment isn't whole host of reasons, property

enough just yet. Another report investment isn't attractive

shows between 2001 and 2006, average gross household income rose 31%, yet rose twice as fast. It seems rose 31%, yet housing costs

home Two men are in home is where the burden is.

condition in hospital after a bus crash near condition in hospital tonight

Traralgon in Victoria. 17 people were on the bus when it collided with a truck on the Princes Highway. One man was trapped for three Emergency crews are amazed trapped for three hours.

no-one was killed. The bound for Traralgon no-one was killed. The bus was

collision occurred about 11:00. bound for Traralgon when the

A of the bus was trapped for A 28-year-old man in the front

three hours. His legs were crushed and cranes were needed to carefully separate the vehicles just dislodge him. The coach gone under the back wheels and sandwiched him. The bus driver, a 56-year-old Traralgon man, suffered critical internal injuries hospital in Melbourne. The bus injuries and remains in

driver, he virtually said them, "Don't worry about me," driver, he virtually said to

he was concerned with his passengers and as time went on he became quite ill. Karen Henry and her Adam were on the bus. She's glad her son begged her to sit at the screaming, people going - just at the back. Just babies

screaming, "Is everybody It was just screaming, "Is everybody OK?"

Henry will have surgery tonight to repair a gash on his lip. was a little bit scared. A baby to repair a gash on his lip. I

was also on escaped unharmed. Police was also on board the bus but believe the truck had just and was travelling at low when the bus struck it behind and pushed it 60m. You think the worst when you see that. Traffic on Police say charges may be laid. searching for the mother of Police in Victoria are

baby boy whose body was at a bus shelter. The infant was left inside a green shopping bag on a road near Shepparton in the shopping bag on a quiet country

State's north. The new-born clothed and wrapped in a blanket. He was two days old and appears to be blanket. He was no more than

Police say they're concerned delivered without medical help.

for the mother's welfare. She's got us. We want her to seek the She's got nothing to fear from

medical assistance she should and then we can discuss what went on. Police don't yet know how the baby died. A controversial IVF case has lost by two Melbourne women suing their Canberra obstetrician for the wrongful birth of 1 of their twin girls. The $400,000 compensation The couple claimed almost

cost of raising one of their children. Five years medical miracle became an children. Five years ago a

unexpected burden couple. They underwent IVF unexpected burden for this

treatment with Armellin when they were living in Canberra. The couple wanted one child but instead embryos were implanted one child but instead two

their fight for compensation. What did they say when you told them? They said that they're Bennett ruled that Dr Armellin shocked. Justice Anabelle

wasn't negligent. The system failed in that Ms G failed to confirm with fertility staff the number staff the number of embryos to be transferred and staff did not follow up that failure. She went on to say there is no suggestion suggestion Dr Armellin was of the view it was incumbent to receive receive from Ms G information of any of any change in the number of embryos to be transferred. My client is relieved at the decision but that the that the plaintiffs have a period of 28 days in which to grounds for appeal and they have a right and entitlement to determine what they intend to do in relation to do in relation to that. The plaintiff's have been ordered to pay costs. The couple's lawyer costs. The couple's lawyer say they're they're considering their options and haven't an appeal. Wild weather has forced searchers their hunt for a fisherman their hunt for a fisherman lost at sea yesterday off Queensland's Sunshine Coast. It's thought the 32-year-old fell overboard from a prawn trawler off the coast trawler off the coast of Mooloolaba. The boat then aground but two crew members managed to swim to shore. swam off the bay to try and tow it off but I couldn't it off but I couldn't do it. The search for the missing man had to be suspended over night due to high seas galeforce winds. Police say galeforce winds. Police say the fisherman is a poor swimmer fisherman is a poor swimmer and wasn't wearing a life wasn't wearing a life jacket. The pilot of a Garuda airline jet that crashed Yogyakarta last year, killing 21 people, has gone on Indonesia. If he's found guilty of the most serious charges of the most serious charges he could be jailed for 20 While the families of some victims say the pilot should victims say the pilot should go to jail, they fear it won't improve airline safety in Indonesia. ABC Indonesia. ABC correspondent Jeff Thompson Jeff Thompson reports from Yogyakarta. The wreck of Garuda Flight Flight 2Delete Space00 was still burning at the end still burning at the end of Yogyakarta's Yogyakarta's airport runway when being asked - why did being asked - why did the pilot land so fast? Today, former Garuda pilot captain come come came to answer that before -- Krapten Komar came to the allegation the allegation he deliberately caused deaths by destroying his plane but he remains optimistic. Do you hope able to fly again? Hopefully. Hopefully. That is my life. The sister of dead journalist Morgan Mellish does him to fly does she think a does she think a sentence of life imprisonment will solve the problem. It's a far greater issue in terms of aviation safety within Indonesia. This is Yogyakarta airport today, where a road embankments still sit at the end of end of its dangerously short runway. this was to happen again there was an overshoot runway, theeric would end up in exactly the same captain has told police it impossible for him to nose of the plane to go around and land again but and land again but the court heard today he should attempted that manoeuvre long observe landing so observe landing so fast became so -- long observe landing so journalist Peter Lloyd has journalist Peter Lloyd has made his first public appearance on the streets of Singapore since being charged with drug trafficking. He spent the day talking to his lawyer after he was released on bail. Greg Jennett reports. More than ever in this saga, becomes the reported. How are you coping? Did you do a stupid thing? Peter Lloyd was Any message for those back home? The trip to his home? The trip to his lawyer's down town offices was his first being released on bail. Friend and reporter Tim Palmer had im. Peter had im. Peter has no complaints about how Singaporean authorities handled the matter. ABC news director director John Cameron... Nothing more from yesterday. ..Lloyd faces at least 5 years in prison and five strokes of the five strokes of the cane for trafficking and using a gram of the drug ice. He must Singapore and be under Singapore and be under the care of his Singaporean friend who posted the $45,000. like to thank all of those who have expressed to him. The chance to see and talk to Lloyd and his lawyer hasn't eased the worst fears of those who came here to support him. He is, they say, in a rotten situation. And back in situation. And back in the dock tomorrow. An tomorrow. An inquest has been told there told there were warnings of seismic activity in the Beaconsfield goldmine in the hours before the 2006 Anzac hours before the 2006 Anzac Day rockfall. Facing to the court to tell of the massive rockfall that trapped him under that trapped him under ground for two weeks was something Todd Russell had Todd Russell had been dreading. The final chapter of the book is I can settle down to of being given a drink by Larry Knight just minutes before the rockfall killed his work mate. Brant Webb told the Coroner he's bitting the main failed to provide worker said he filed of rock noise 12 the collapse. Canberra Raiders officials are considering legal action over conspired to mislead police over the behaviour of a player. ACT police have confirmed they too into the allegations made by former player, Steve Irwin. Steve Irwin never played a first-grade game for Raiders. The former Brisbane bronco was sacked bronco was sacked by the Raiders last year after role in a resulted in fellow player Todd Carney being banned driving and ordered driving and ordered to do community service. community service. Ururwas a passenger in the car and claims he was told by a police Carney hadn't been drinking before he drinking before he got behind the wheel. The matter is the hands of the the hands of the club's legal team. He want to be careful what he says because it's of it. Late today, boss issued a statement saying at the time of the incident and with police present Irwin was advised by club officials to fully cooperate with police fully cooperate with police and tell the truth about involve would the incident including identification driver of the vehicle at the time. The whole thing is disappointing. We'll solicitors. Todd Carney and Bronx Goodwin are currently suspended after a late-night incident at a Canberra earlier this week. So far the off-field drama hasn't disrupted the players. disrupted the players. I don't think so. We have to focus on playing the Titans and well. The Raiders board well. The Raiders board will discuss the allegations and suspensions of Carney and Goodwin on Saturday. The ACT Opposition is crying foul over the Stanhope announcement that it will expand the Gunghalin extension just months extension just months after the single-lane road was completed. The Government says it The Government says it needs to build a build a second lane immediately to cope with the traffic. The Opposition says it was about to announce the same announce the same plan. 20,000 cars every day and only lane each way. Calls to duplicate the Gunghalin Drive extension began before it even opened. Just months ago the Chief Minister was singing its praises. Drive extension and Drive extension and the interchange are actually masterpieces of engineering masterpieces of engineering and road-building capacity within the ACT. Now he admits its flaws. There is flaws. There is a miscalculation miscalculation there, we accept that. Our planners envisage there would be the incapacity in the merge at Belconnen Way. The solution, full duplication costing million, that's more than the ACT's average annual capital works. Construction will start in the Government only has million left over from stage Caswell Drive bottleneck the rest of the the rest of the money still has to be approp riated. to be approp riated. They promised in 2001 to build 4-lane road. They failed to deliver that. They finally finished the road one lane each way. Despite months of community frustration over the road, the Government announced its duplication announced its duplication plans just hours, as it turns out, before the Opposition was due to make an almost election promise. election promise. The Opposition says it was gazumped. I knew of course gazumped. I knew of course the GDE would be an issuue of concern to the electorate in an election year. Only the eve of an election, on the eve of Liberal Party announcement get the Government coming get the Government coming on board. What would have been a major election announcement for the Liberals was old news before it even hit before it even hit the stands. Northern Northern Japan has been rocked by a powerful by a powerful earthquake that's injured about 100 people. The quake hit the north of the main island registering 6.8 on the Richter scale. Buildings swayed and power was cut off to thousands of homes. Many commuters were left stranded in trains. Ambulances ferried the injured to injured to local hospitals but there have been no reports of any deaths. The quake struck near the epicentre of another that killed 13 people in that killed 13 people in June. It took 12 years to catch him, it could take half as Serb leader Radovan is planning to against war crimes charges at the International Court in the Hague. Experts say Karadzich will try to use the his arrest has captured imagination of Serbs in Yugoslavia who want to know more about his bizarre secret life. Rafael Epstein reports from Belgrade. The man accused of orchestrating the worst of ethnic cleansing, who posed ethnic cleansing, who posed as a new-age healer now says he'll try another role as a barrister. He wants to defend himself at his war crimes trial. In Holland he'll years in a years in a cell like this, dragging out his case on a global stage. It will just be another stage set for an accused from accused from Serbia to rattle on about Serbian nationalism and use the publicity for own sake. Serbian own sake. Serbian newspapers are replete gossip of his hidden woman. It is clear woman. It is clear he created his false identity many years ago. He lived in a Belgrade suburb popular with nationalists. Those on his bus route scpat his local cafe they did want know who he even as he sat near his own photo and that photo and that of his military commander. What's still unclear is who de-B trayed him and why. There are lots why. There are lots of rumours, whether there tip from foreign services or maybe intercepted some of his mobile phone calls to his son to his son and there are some other stories. The new pro Western Government has Western Government has just taken over this parliament. They hope that the arrest They hope that the arrest will produce a sort of circle between the EU and Serbia, a financial future exchange for clearing up the past. Weary of being a State, Belgrade wants to State, Belgrade wants to be made an official candidate for joining State is weekual to that of nations like Croatia. I think this is this is true. Serbian authorities are completely pro European. goal is access goal is access to European Union. A formal appeal Union. A formal appeal against his extradition to the Hague will be launched on Friday. His lair says Radovan Karadzich has shaved off his beard and cut off his hair and off his hair and now looks like his old self. A British his old self. A British couple has been jailed for staging an ocean ocean tragedy to claim insurance money. John Darwin faked his own death in 2002. His wife Anne helped stage canoe accident so the couple could claim hundreds of thousands of dollars in benefits. Both received benefits. Both received jail terms of more than six years. Even their two sons believed their father had finance now and bank shares rose strongly again this time a drop in the oil price sent resources to re verse so the market as whole rose only slightly. The rally since the low of last Friday has reached just under 6% on the All Ordinaries but even more for financials and more again for property trusts. Having been slaughtered Having been slaughtered over the past few months, property trusts have and 17.3 last Friday's last Friday's low point which is not Energy stocks have fall couple of per cent which is of course because the oil course because the oil price has fallen $21 a barrel or 15% over the same time. Last night the price of light crude on fell another $4 and this is starting to affect wholesale prices here and the price the petrol bowser which is boun 7 cents to $1.63, that's 7 cents to $1.63, that's the national average. The national average. The All Ordinaries closed half a per cent higher with bankses rising and Woodside and BHP Billiton fell 6 and 3% modestly thanks largely to the falling oil price and the Australian dollar fell sharply for the second day this by a full cent. Obviously there's there's no expectation interest rates are going up in response to yesterday's CPI. The weak currency might be to do this graph. Although nation inflation is edging higher, it's far worse higher, it's far worse in developing countries such as China and can India. The problem is if inflation keeps rising will need to slow their economies to deal with economies to deal with it. Mobile phone sales have Mobile phone sales have tipped over - million and have now fallen million and have now fallen a bit so bit so things must be bad, although it's a bit although it's a bit early to draw firm conclusions. That's finance. Cadel Evans's Tour De France hopes remain France hopes remain alive despite an ambush in the Alps last night. Evans was forced to ride one out against the CSC Saxo Bank team. Frank Schleck made Sastre to grab the yellow jersey. Evans is fourth over all, 1 minute and 34 all, 1 minute and 34 seconds from the classic case of the power of the team in road the team in road cycling, supporting one, pampering another. En route to the last D'Huez. There is no D'Huez. There is no other climb like this in climb like this in France. Eff eff's main opposition for Cadel Evans's Cadel Evans's main opposition for glory sits team. They're trying to koydestroy Cadel Evans. Spain's Carlos Sastre made Carlos Sastre made his crucial move at the foot of the main climb, breaking clear at the second attempt. A great move by Sastre. The by Sastre. The 33-year-old had never worn the yellow never worn the yellow jersey on eight Tours but the support eight Tours but the support of the CSC team made any meaningful chase after Sastre a tough proposition. Evans was on his own. The Spaniard started the stage 41 seconds behind Evans and finished it 1 Evans and finished it 1 minute 34 ahead to take the yellow jersey. The 7th leader jersey. The 7th leader of the Tour De France. When you have in-10 best bike riders in-10 best bike riders on your wheel is & a 2-minute gap close, it's not easy. Barring a crash or other mishap over the next two relatively stages, the 31-year-old Evans remains the man to beat. The penultimate stage, the penultimate stage, the time trial, is his specialty. Australia's Australia's sailors believe the lessons of a lessons of a poor 2004 Olympic campaign have been top-ranked team has headed to Hong Kong for final Hong Kong for final preparation before moving to the yachting venue 500km south of venue 500km south of the capital. Make really spurred us on and made us more us on and made us more a professional outfit and I think come up. Competition will come up. Competition will be tough at a venue plagued by issues. Shifting wind as issues. Shifting wind as we saw and the algae, best-ever haul at Sydney 2000, Australia's sailors fail ed to win a medal in Athens. Pentathlete Angie Darby has retained her place on the Australian Olympic team. 'Grease' challenged her 'Grease' challenged her but an inter-- grease challenged inter-- grease challenged her but an international pentathlon tribunal has tribunal has rejeced the allegations. allegations. The mayor of Fromelles where the remains of Australian soldiers have been uncovered, wants to visit sight. He would like in Fromelles to become a focal point for Australian travellers. In a quiet field, up to 400 Australian and British soldiers lie buried, victims of a futile assault on a German stronghold. More a German stronghold. More than 5,500 men were killed 5,500 men were killed or injured in just 24 hours. The excavation of the site in a field called Pheasant now closed and debate now closed and debate starts on what is to be done with mass grave. The mass grave. The mayor of Fromelles wants the soldiers buried nearby. He wishes the soldiers would soldiers would be buried as close as possible to Pheasant Wood. different view. The Australian Government's position Government's position is that the soldiers remain in situ an official war cemetery Whatever the outcome, the mayor wants to be involved in ofringing a -- organising a mec orial for the diggers. He will offer his services to find a solution for giving a perpetual resting place to these Australian soldiers who have been buried by the Germans beyond Pheasant Wood. discovery has already sparked a beyond Pheasant Wood. The

lot of interest from and the final burial site is interest for Australians like expected to become a point of

to give the soldiers either at a memorial or cemetery. one of the happened one of the things that's these bodies is it's brought happened once they've found

the battle of Fromelles into Australia's consciousness and of through there will want to see it. For now, the difficult is to piece together evidence on who these soldiers were. Now with a whiff of spring about him, here's Mark Carmody with our weather news. Thank you and good evening. I'm not sure whether it's the cycling tour or the staff at the ABC on staff at the ABC on their bikes but the rack was full when I tries to put my own Spokesman in there this afternoon and it certainly was cycling weather today. Thick cloud associated with a low covers and northern NSW band of cloud in the ridge that has given us these cold nights and clear days has moved to the southeast of Tasmania. A low winds. Rainfall has been around the northeast. winds. Rainfall has been heavy

low covers southeast Queensland cold nights and clear days has band of cloud in the bight. The and northern NSW and there's a

havoc along the Queensland winds. Rainfall has been heavy This is the first king Alfred daffodil of the season. It was grown by our Jennifer. Has anybody else them? It certainly does very spring-like. Thanks, Mark. them? It certainly does look

A brief recap of our top stories - the nation's are feeling the squeeze stories - the nation's renters

rents rising by as much as are feeling the squeeze with

in the past in the past year. The rental market has been flooded by people who can't afford to buy and and householders who have had to sell. Two men have been critically injured in a bus crash in Victoria. In crash in Victoria. In all, 17 people were hurt. That's ABC News. Stay with us now for the '7:30 Report' up '7:30 Report' up next. We'll leave you in Sydney stars of Taronga Zoo's new ocean Arena. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

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