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friends and families pay tribute Young lives lost -

in the Sydney Harbour boat tragedy. to the six killed She was just such a good person. of how close he came to death. Nine exclusive - one survivor tells I was just in pitch black. and there was no help coming. I was screaming for help A Sydney woman's horrifying ordeal in front of her. as her dog is deliberately run over didn't deserve to die like that. He was a little dog - And the Aussie cossies most prestigious bikini show. heading for the world's Good evening. than answers There are still more questions boating tragedy on Sydney Harbour. about yesterday morning's climbed to six last night The number of dead Alex Nikakis when 29-year-old Balmain local injuries he suffered in the crash. succumbed to the terrible head all the victims - Police have now identified

at a Balmain hotel. young friends who'd been celebrating

Free spirited and forever young, of the Sydney Harbour tragedy. the faces of them, until their fateful journey. Six people with their lives in front from Wollongong. Stacey Wright came to Sydney and to make friends. She wanted a job The outgoing 21-year-old did both. she enjoyed her job She was just talking about how much and all the new people she met and she was really happy. and all these really new friends grew up with Stacey in the gong. Jennifer Thomson, They spoke only last week. sharing each other's secrets. Just normal girly things, the boat accident yesterday, Although she heard about Jennifer learnt only this morning was one of those killed, that her best friend on the front page of a newspaper. when she saw her face I was traumatised. I was just a mess, This is such a big loss to everyone. She was just such a good person. here at the Commerical Hotel Stacey found work as a bar tender wake here at the hotel last night. Stacey's friends had an impromptu was also from out of town. Jessica Hollway a permanent resident here, The American who became working with refugees. made her new home in Darwin,

today, A black ribbon marked her workplace to talk to us, her colleagues were too distraught but those she has helped did. support workers. She was one of the best housing

out. She helped a lot of young people her middle name Savannah, Jessica, also known by had stopped off in Sydney. to visit her family, She was about to fly to the States until she stepped on to that boat. Allison Langdon, Nine News. are still in hospital tonight, Two of the eight survivors one of them the driver of the boat, and will be there for some time. who has a spinal injury are recovering at home The remaining six together exactly what happened. and are doing their best to piece is still living the nightmare. Michael Tsimnadis I was just in pitch black. and there was no help coming. I was screaming for help I was starting to give up. in the middle of the Harbour It was just dead silence and it was pitch black so... Michael says there was no warning. We were just cruising along fine. I heard the hull split - I heard a bang, I was hitting the water - next thing I knew, under the water. I was rolling around swallowing water and freezing. Surfacing, he was stunned, Towards the end, I had given up. to be rescued. I thought I wasn't going by three passing fishermen. But he was - I was just screaming for help

"Who's there?" and I heard a voice say but they did an amazing job - I don't know exactly who they are, they fished me out of the water. My body was limp, get me into the boat, so I couldn't even help them my dead weight in stages They just had to literally drag out of the water. immediately began doing CPR Michael says the fishermen on the dying. The guys are heroes. they just did all the right things. I mean, under that kind of stress,

They knew exactly what to do. and some cuts and bruises, While suffering only a broken thumb is still extremely traumatised. the 32-year-old minor things happening to me. I'll be alright, I've just got for the emergency services. And there's been more praise Families of the survivors say have been lost. more lives could so easily Their quick actions, that they put in place the disaster planning - everything worked very smoothly. and they practise and practice for is still in hospital. 18-year-old Chloe Dickey Her father and sister at her bedside. in her back, She does have two fractures and one at the top of her spine. one at the base of her neck is intact and she will recover. But doctors say her spinal chord about the other side of things, Of course, we've got to worry not just physical injuries. from the initial shock, As survivors recover of how it all went wrong. they're beginning to paint a picture

One second before it happened, comfortable and just chatting away we were completely relaxed and all hell broke lose. and just from nowhere,

of the runabout was drunk. Michael doubts the skipper the driver of the boat was... No, as far as I know, from him was that was his job the impression I got and he was just in work mode. for the ride to Watsons Bay. He says he just went along As far as I am aware, some keys or some other items, the whole trip was just to drop off paperwork or something like that. and it happened on the way back. We re-boarded the boat Michael's nightmare is far from over. among them, Alex Nikakis. He's lost some good mates - the boat were my friends. A few of the people on board but it was an accident. It's a tragedy,

and upset myself any more. I don't really want to go into it for the last. I've had to deal with it Simon Bouda, Nine News. has brought calls once again The tragedy on our harbour. for tougher boating regulations

from the Government There is no response yet and there probably won't be all their investigations. at least until police have completed Survivor Gene Robson - he was aboard the runabout when it slammed into the side of the fishing boat He gave officers his version of what happened late this afternoon at the Balmain wharf

where both boats are tied up. Police have yet to talk to the driver of the boat, Mathew Reynolds. This is him minutes after the crash. The bodies of the five who died at the scene are just a couple of metres away in the front the boat. He once worked for the owner of the vessel and allegedly took the runabout without permission. The driver is still in a serious condition. Soon as that condition improves, we will do a formal interview with him. Bradley's Head today as Reynolds approached with 13 passengers on board, he would have seen the city lights come into view. For some reason he didn't see the fishing boat closing in on a collision course. But what is also yet to be explained - why didn't the fishing boat avoid the runabout?

Thousands of boats round this point every year without incident. The rules are clear. Keep a proper lockout and when passing, stay to the right - simple rules disregarded yesterday morning. Water taxidriver Ollie Kanawaty is on the Harbour day and night. The skippers weren't keeping appropriate watch, I'd imagine.

It wasn't a particularly busy night, and it was during the week. The view of police and boating experts - it's up to skippers to be responsible. I don't think there's a need and the present time

for any more regulatory mechanisms. The three fishermen who were first to the accident have been identified. They've been interviewed by police who are full of praise for their efforts They helped in a substantial way in the rescue of those people and we thank them for it. Mark Burrows, Nine News. Now to a story of unbelievable cruelty. A woman from Minchinbury has told how 3 young men in a car chased her and her 3 dogs last night before deliberately running over one of the dogs - killing it. For a distraught Jenny Patten, one last nurse of her beloved Vinnie. He was a tiny little dog. Didn't deserve to die like this. A death shocking, almost unimaginable - the playful Chihuahua-cross deliberately run down and killed. A 1-year-old, 1.2kg Chihuahua running to his owner, terrified, and they mowed him down. Jenny was walking her three dogs last night in Minchinbury when the car mounted the footpath and began chasing them.

I was just running in the middle of the road with my hands in the air, screaming "Why are you trying to kill my dogs? "Leave us alone! Stop it!" The 32-year-old says the car swerved up and down the street several times, hellbent on running over the dogs.

They were just laughing. and they were singing out, "Get that one! "There's another one, get that one!" But they hit only Vinnie. He was killed instantly.

So frantic was she to try and protect her dogs,

Jenny Patten didn't have enough time to write down the registration number of the car. She only remembers it was a small red hatchback carrying three young men. Like everyone, police are horrified and are now on the hunt. It's very offensive. and very cruel, obviously. It's one that we are treating very seriously. This was a tiny little dog that was terrified and they did it to him. Damian Ryan, Nine News. The man accused of trying to kill teenager Lauren Huxley -

has given evidence for the first time. Robert Farmer has told a jury - that he was playing the pokies at this bowling club at the time of the attack. He denied ever meeting Ms Huxley - and claimed the reason he fled Sydney after the incident was because he was depressed. Ms Huxley was bashed - doused in petrol - and left for dead

In her Northmead home 2 and a half years ago. The Sydney commando killed by the Taliban on Monday has been farewelled by his comrades in Afghanistan.

Lance Corporal Jason Marks was remembered as a man

who loved his family, his job and the challenge of being a soldier. Another Australian soldier begins his long journey home from the war in Afghanistan. BAGPIPE PLAYS Lance Corporal Jason Marks became the fourth digger to die fighting the Taliban. Four of his mates were wounded in the firefight. Today, they took part in Lance Corporal Marks' farewell to arms.

After a church service, Lance Corporal Marks's body was transferred to a special forces patrol vehicle.

A slow march past hundreds of Australian troops and other members of the multi-national Special Operations Task Group. BAGPIPES PLAY The casket, draped in the Australian flag, was taken on board an air force C-130 Hercules transport for the next stage of the journey back to Australia. Not far from the dusty airstrip, the four injured commandos,

together with another soldier hurt in action this week, will continue their slow but steady recovery in the base military hospital. Peter Harvey, Nine News. They've walked the walk for the past five days but tonight the models can party as Australian Fashion Week draws to a close. Karen Tso joins us from Circular Quay. Karen, it's been a big success with one Bondi label on the brink of an international breakthrough.

Around $200 million with exports

dealings has been done this week.

What is most exciting is that the

boss of New York and Miami Fashion

Week has been sitting for a rope

and she has decided that one of out

of the bikini labels should get a shot at the big time. Hotel Swim Bondi bikinis - very brief and home-grown. The Americans want a piece of them, so the designers have been invited to show at the most prestigious bikini parade in the world - Miami Swim.

We all know the photos from the front row of Miami Swim, with Madonna, P'Diddy

and every big name celebrity in the world. That's the part he's looking forward to. That's the bit I can't believe. They're hoping to break into the US market - like Sass & Bide. Worn by celebrities, their clothes have become too expensive for the average person so they've launched a cheaper 'Diffusion' range. Today Miranda Otto played muse to Jayson Brunsdon. His Ivory collection perfectly matched to a Sydney icon. No black, no, which is a change for me. Front row all week, fashion editors have noticed a few must-have items for summer. Shoe boots and ankle boots are very big this season especially with the summer twist - the cut-out toe is particularly good. The super-short mini is still in - especially if you have legs like Jennifer Hawkins. While the scooped back has replaced the cleavage. Hipsters are gone, the waist is high - from skirts to pants and shorts. While only for serious fashionistas - black latex leggings. Amongst all the tuille, sequins and animal-print And Karen Akira is holding the final show and I believe there is quite a shock in store ?

I am told the show will change our

perceptions of the tour is a gala.

He has been quite ethereal and the

models have barely any make-up. Bad

as you can see they have a hot pink

on their eyes tonight and a looking

very modern. In a short time they

will also reveal a shocking pink

runway there has been transformed

it will be a very specular - -

spectacular end to Fashion Week. In the news ahead - videos of the London train bombings shown for the first time. and Uma Thurman gives evidence against a stalker.

The natural enemy of any cyclist to going fast is wind resistance - it slows you down. The harder you pedal, the more it builds up. The big breakthrough with aerodynamics was that we dropped that down to almost zilch and that enabled the cyclist to shatter records. VOICEOVER: The breakthrough in the big Aussie 6 game was Toyota's Aurion. Its class-leading six-cylinder economy and F1-inspired aerodynamics set the benchmark in fuel efficiency. The game has changed. Oh, what a feeling. WOMAN: To make your mum's day, Right now, Target are taking 25% off women's knitwear. Excludes Hot Options and Free Fusion. Happy Mother's Day, Mum! When you're sick in hospital, you'd hope to be well treated and sent home healthy. But a medical summit in Sydney today has heard some alarming news how it's common for patients to die from blood clots which have developed during their stay in hospital. They're known as VTE - blood clots that form in the veins, and travel to the lungs, causing death. most cases are caused by hospitalisation. A report by Access Economics predicts - more than 5,000 Australians will die from the condition this year. Preventable blood clots claims more lives than breast cancer or prostate cancer. They cause more fatalities than road accidents and falls and they're 40 times more deadly than AIDS. The vast majority of people who are sick enough to get into hospital these days - are at risk of VTE. It's also costing the community $1.7 billion. They're dying in working age and that has a productivity cost associated with it. Visiting Professor Ajay Kakkar says 25,000 deaths a year are recorded in the UK. He says identifying those patients at risk, should be mandatory. That's what we hope to achieve in England by 2009

and I think it'll be an excellent target here. Doctors here agree, and say the issue should form part of the Australian healthcare agreeements. I think we have to ensure every patient who is admitted to hospital in Australia is assessed for their risk of VTE and receives treatment to stop it from occurring. Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. New images from the London terrorist attacks have been shown to a court three years after the transport system bombings which killed 52 people.

Some tapes show Hasib Hussain, who's train attack failed, when his bomb malfunctioned. After buying new batteries, Hussain switched targets to a London bus. Uma Thurman was in court today, giving evidence against a man

accused of stalking her for two years.

Thurman says Jack Jordan would loiter for hours outside her apartment,

sent suggestive cards and once tried to reach her inside a caravan on a movie set. Stephanie with sport next. And will tonight's City-Country game help the State of Origin selectors? Mark, selectors need help, especially with the crucial number 7 role. Also, rugby's growing interest in Sonny Bill Williams.

And Shane Warne takes a dive in the IPL.

NSW selectors are hoping tonight's City-Country game will help clear up

a number of positions in the Blues' State of Origin team.

Up to seven spots, including the vital half-back role, remain open and joining me now is Country coach and Origin selector, Laurie Daley. Laurie, a cool night in Wollongong Laurie, your assistant, 'Blocker' Roach, says the biggest country pack will monster their city rivals. Is that the game plan? Be as physical as possible?

We plan to actually move the ball

around I am keen for the forwards

to mix around their but we have an

experienced forward pack. What I

have really stressed to the ball is

denied is that we Disney to play

football. If we do that Habberley

be king get the result we are after.

Tonight and we are going to be able

to see and hear everything you do.

Yes I know why have to be a my best

behaviour which I always them. Yeah

it's great dove from rugby league.

He will be getting my thoughts on

the Cup - - contest. Hopefully I

can sit back and enjoyed and talk

about how good country and going.

All the preparation has been done

from outside of things and it is

down to the players now and they're

in this to enjoy it. They will handle themselves very well.

Country do start as Facebook - - favourites. The New Zealand Rugby Union says it would like to talk to Sonny Bill Williams after our revelation that he's open to an approach from the All Blacks. And former Wallaby captain Simon Poideven says the ARU shouldn't give the All Blacks a free shot. New Zealand is in a lather today at the prospect of signing the NRL's prized asset. And Australian rugby legend Simon Poideven would like the ARU to have a serious look at Williams as a Wallaby. I think the ARU should keep their eyes wide open on this one. Poideven has no doubt the Bulldogs star will be a smash hit, likening him to an All Blacks great. I think he would be the next Zin Zan Brooke if he went to rugby union. He's got fantastic skills, he's a really hard hitter.

And with the All Blacks still in mourning after last year's World Cup flop, Sonny Bill would be seen as a saviour in his homeland. We need a little something. You know, one man is not going to fix everything but he'd go a long way to drawing a lot of people in. Bunce is one of the great centres and thinks that's where Williams should play. He'd slot in perfectly at centre, I guess out in the backs with his off-loading and his strengths. The only downside - rugby's rules don't allow this. The one thing about his tackling tactic out there which he'd have to adjust and rugby union - his shoulder charges are out. The Bulldogs admit they'd be concerned if the All Blacks started talking to Sonny Bill but until that time comes, they won't be dragged into a bidding war to up his contract. Danny Weidler, Nine News. Shane Warne has added spice to the Indian Premier League with some angry words and bizarre deeds. First, Warne was run out when he had a brain-fade at the non-striker's end.

Commentator: Shane Warne, thinking about something else.

When Sourav Ganguly refused to walk for this catch, Warne accused the Kolkata captain of not playing within the spirit of the game. Warne was then involved in another near mix-up to win the match. Well, there is a collision, but there's still a catch taken!

To finance and despite higher interest rates, we spent more last month because of higher fuel and groceries prices. That may effect the Reserve Bank's interest rate decision due next week. The stockmarket ended the week strongly. Thousands of parents left their cars at home this morning to walk their children to school. It was all part of 'Walk Safely to School Day' - promoting health, safety and the environment. Lending a helping hand was our very own Jaynie Seal who was at Holy Innocents' Primary School at Croydon. Once they got to school, everyone was treated to a very healthy breakfast.

After the break, Mike Bailey with all the weekend weather details. Com g up on WIN News .. A massive budget surplus

raises questions about Rudd' s razor gang, And the B umbies to meet h Power tools for Mum this year and we'll have a fantastic lounge room. I love my garden.

My garden is my recreation. Plants. Hint, hint. Plants. Chrysanthemums, only $6.98. Kettle BBQ, $188. Heat set rug, $249. Desk lamp, $14.99. If you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item, we'll beat it by 10%. We've got gifts for every mum. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! #

Lowest prices are just the beginning.

Now the weekend weather details and Mike, hopefully you're going to give us the all-clear?

The fine weather should hold, Mark, but some afternoon cloud is likely and it will remain rather cold over the south of the State. Sydney's temperatures are gradually moving up after the chill of earlier in the week. The day began at 11 degrees - still 3 below average - but the maximum of 22 was back to average and recorded at most centres. A broad ridge of high pressure should ensure settled conditions for most areas this weekend. But more chilly winds were whipped up over the south-east as a front passed today, producing showers and snow about the ranges. Further showers are also expected tomorrow in that south-east region and along the north Queensland coast from lighter on-shore winds.

Showers are possible too in Perth from a trough through WA while Melbourne should be mainly fine. For Sydney, another rather cold night ahead, then a cool to mild and mostly sunny day. Winds will be freshening south to south-westerlies. On coastal waters - those winds will reach 20-25 knots in the afternoon, with seas rising to 2.5 metres.

The 2-metre swell is from the south'south-east. Clear skies will again mean it's cool tonight inland - with the city down to 12 degrees ahead of tomorrow's highs of around 20 and that's just a little below today's highs. Another change will move through the south on Monday, but with no real impact for Sydney. It should remain fine into the new week -

with temperatures not getting above the low 20s. Enjoy the fine weekend, Mark. That's the news for this Friday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia at the Wagga Cup. A massive budget urplus puts pr ssure o Rudd's razor

gang, Claims the ACT L bera . And plans for a ne Supreme court in the capital.

Good vening, It's hoped K vin udd's raz÷r ang will spare th commonwea th public service,