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(generated from captions) HELICOPTER

is one of the major targets The valley of Monzon to the drug trade. on supplying their coca leaves the farmers have become dependent in the West, With the explosion of consumption (Calls out) against the production of cocaine. in the US-financed campaign

Peru's leading national paper and instead No delegation has turned up to replace their crops. about programmes with the local coca farmers to negotiate to send a delegation The government has promised 23 September 2003. who terrorised Peru for 15 years. the Maoist guerrillas and remnants of the Shining Path, of drug traffickers, criminals and refuge to a mix a town with no police force At the head of the valley is Monzon, where few outsiders venture. These are the badlands LIVELY ANDEAN MUSIC

FLUTES AND DRUMS (Laughs) on the farmers' leader. has launched a front-page attack

for the first time in over a decade. to reopen the Monzon police station the government will attempt there are rumours on the regional capital imminent, With the coca farmers' march (Gives marching orders) (Gives marching orders in Spanish) a token of the state's presence. to raise the Peruvian flag, appear in Monzon Every Sunday, Army Special Forces

(Laughs) their daughter Dalila in education. and are struggling to keep teenage son working on the farm Now they're forced to keep their the paste needed to make cocaine. from processing their leaves into they had made most of their money Until recently, like many farmers, from the helicopters. by the fungus sprayed have been badly affected The Zavala family


at the regional capital, Tingo Maria. part of the centenary celebrations at the beauty contest, Dalila is off to follow her dream On the eve of the demonstration LIVELY BRASS BAND MUSIC

a representative to talk to them. the regional government finally sends by the bridge outside Tingo Maria, gathering for the demonstration With thousands of coca farmers MUSIC CONTINUES RHYTHMIC PERUVIAN MUSIC




CHEERS, APPLAUSE at the exit from the valley. Roadblocks are stepped up any negotiation with the farmers. the government avoids Throughout October


of US Special Forces. and under the watchful eye by the US government in helicopters owned the police strike... Two weeks after the demonstration HELICOPTER MAN SHOUTS ORDERS FAST LATIN DANCE MUSIC

MUSIC CONTINUES destroying 70 laboratories. The authorities claim huge success, GENTLE GUITAR MUSIC

Captions (c) SBS Australia 2005 SLOW, RHYTHMIC ANDEAN MUSIC in over a decade. their first major operation on a town near Tingo Maria - the Shining Path launched an attack Within months, and now owns two houses in Lima. He made 200,000 pounds this man cooked a tonne of cocaine. Two weeks later DING!